The Long, Slow Road toward progress..

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I booked a consultation for Smart Lipo on my chin....

I booked a consultation for Smart Lipo on my chin. When doing my research, Chin Lipo should have been about $2,000 and only a week of downtime.
I have received 1 round of Kybella for $1,000.00.
At 2.5 weeks later, I look worse, than I did before the shots. All my research shows that I will suffer from the same Bull Frog Throat with the second shots.
To be honest, I have felt UGLY for 2 weeks. Why would I want to do this again? Oh, and I had a nasty bruise for 8 days with the shot. My husband was mortified and didn't want me in public.

Going in for my 2nd round of Kybella tomorrow

Am I crazy? Its been 10 weeks and I feel like I am back to baseline. I am unsure I see any difference. Oh well, I better see a difference after this 2nd round. Promise to post a follow up.

Kybella - not seeing much of a difference after 2 rounds of shots and 5 months. Today I went in for my third round of shots.

First round of Kybella Mid April (just under .4).
Second round of Kybella Mid July (just under .4)
Today, Sept 14th, had third round of Kybella.
My doctor said they have seen dramatic results after even 1round of shots. I guess my body isn't participating. I am very hopeful that the third round of shots will show a marked improvement.

Two weeks after 3rd round of Kybella

Two weeks after my 3rd set of shots, see any difference? I'm hopeful.....

3 weeks after 3rd round of Kybella

I still see swelling. No change for the better, yet. Trying to remain hopeful.

4 weeks after my 3rd round of Kybella

No change :-(

8 weeks after 3rd round of Kybella Shots

Another photo 8 weeks after 3rd Round of Kybella

2.5 months after third round Kybella

I see a difference after 3 rounds of Kybella

Picture on the left is from Oct 19, 2016
Picture on Right from January 14, 2017

Kybella after 3 rounds

Very slow change. I am starting to see a tiny difference.

3 rounds of Kybella over 8 months

I expected faster results.
Just now seeing some. I am tall and lost about 4 pounds over the last 8 months.

Today I received my 4th round of Kybella Shots

At the follow up visit today, I saw a definite difference in her photos of me looking directly at the camera. Too bad I've only been taking photos at home of my profile.

We decided that I may be one of the clients that needs 4, 5 or 6 rounds to accomplish my goal.

Today I received about 17 tiny shots (this is my 4th round of Kybella).

I'll update you all with photos in a few weeks. It didn't burn as much as it did last time. Perhaps I'm used to it now? Or less sensitive.

2 weeks after 4th round of Kybella

Still swollen, not at baseline yet.
Interesting to compare the 2 week photo after 3rd round of shots to the 2 week photo of 4th round of shots.
Bruising went away by 7th day.

After 4 rounds of Kybella

3.5 weeks after my 4th round of Kybella.

3.5 weeks after my 4th Round of Kybella

3.5 weeks after my 4th round of Kybella

A month after 4th round of Kybella

Pictures After 3 rounds & 4 rounds of Kybella

Kybella 4th round (5 weeks after)

Swelling is still there.

Kybella works

Just returned from vacation. In the photos I took with my family, i noticed that I actually looked good in MOST of them! A year ago, I would have hated my chin in 80% of them. The photo above shows 8 weeks after my 4th round of Kybella versus 8 weeks after the third round.

4 rounds of Kybella is not enough

Well, it's been over 12 weeks since my 4th round of Kybella. I think I have had about a 20-25% decrease in fat. Not good enough results for the time and money spent.

Kybella is a waste of money and time!

Do not waste your money.

2 Cool Sculpt + 4 Rounds Kybella

2 rounds of Cool Sculpting gave me faster results, less painful and less downtime than 4 rounds of Kybella. I should have had Chin Lipo instead of either.

Okay, I had my 5th round of Kybella

Today I had my 5th round of Kybella. This time the doctor injected 2.5 vials, complimentary. That was extremely nice of the doctor. The way Kybella works for me, is it will take awhile for the swelling t go away. I'll post photos later.

5 weeks after 5th Kybella Treatment

I am still swollen in these photographs. For me, it takes about 3 or 4 months to really see the difference.,

The photos here are both about 5 weeks after a Kybella Treatment. It will look better at 10 or 12 weeks. I'll update again then.

Before and After 2 Cool Sculpting and 4 Treatments of Kybella

I had a 5th round of Kybella done on May 9th, 2017. This time, I had just under 3 vials done. My swelling is slowly, slowly going down after the 5th, but largest treatment.

I will post follow up pictures from session 5, in a month or so. I'm not at baseline.,

My profile photos leave much to be desired. I'm happy with my photos facing forward.
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