Breast Revision

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I had surgery with Dr. Lawton on August 29th...

I had surgery with Dr. Lawton on August 29th everything went amazing like it did when I had it 9 years ago. I developed an upper respiratory infection a week after I had the surgery. I live out of town about 3 hours away and had to go to the emergency room because of bleeding. Dr. Lawton and his staff did an emergency surgery on me on September 10th and replaced my left implant on a Saturday night his whole staff were there to support and take the best care of me. This whole ordeal was one of the scariest things that has happened to me in regards to my health. Dr. Lawton was very concerned and attentive through each and every follow up appointment I have had with him!!! I will refer him to everyone!! Thanks again Dr. Lawton and to your staff.

Two weeks since stitches are out

Hopefully my new review went through I am on my way back to see Dr. Lawton after 2 weeks of my stitches being out I am feeling more like myself. He did an emergency surgery on me on September 10th, hopefully all of you have read my previous review. I thank Dr. Lawton and his staff and probably will continue to write rave reviews about him!!!

Almost at my 6 weeks

So just an update I saw Dr. Lawton on October the 3rd and he released me to work, I have been on light duty. Everyday I am feeling a little stronger on my left side I will see him again in a month my left underarm where he had to go back in is healing well. Amazing doctor and staff I can't ever say enough about the amazing care that I have received from him and his staff!!!

12 Weeks Post Op

Exceptional care, I am 12 weeks out from my surgery and I feel amazing. Dr. Lawton and his staff have been there for me every step of my recovery and healing process. I have referred him to everyone that I have come in contact with and owning a salon that's a lot of women!! What I went through if you read my other reviews you will know.

Thank you again Dr. Lawton

Breast Redone

Dr. Lawton did 2 separate procedures on me. The first surgery went great. However I developed bronchitis and because of my coughing ruptured some blood vessels. I live in San Angelo so it was a scary ordeal. Dr. Lawton and his staff came through he redid my left breast with a new implant. I see him again on the 15th of May. I am feeling great and am very happy with my results. Listen people if you want a surgeon that actually cares about the health of his patients Gary Lawton is it!!!

Feeling amazing

So I just finished 40laps in my pool, and as I was in my happy place my first thought was of Dr. Lawton. Thanks to Dr. Lawton, I am healthy and happy. He did surgery on me last August I developed bronchitis and busted opened cauterized vessels in my implant. He redid my left implant on September 10th whitch happened to be my 39th birthday. So I am sure I will think of him on several birthdays to come. Dr. Lawton and his whole staff are amazing. I will never have enough to say about him!!!!

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

Amazing, can't say enough about Dr. Lawton. His whole staff is wonderful and accommodating. He as a doctor is patient and caring. In my book he has the highest recommendation I could ever give not only as a doctor but as a genuine human being that cares about his patients.

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