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I am 21 years old and I breast feed my child who...

I am 21 years old and I breast feed my child who is gonna be two years old. I was always in shape before my pregnancy and was a full B. I never wanted bigger breast, I was in gymnastics and they would only get in the way, but after I had my daughter my body changed completely. I have stretch marks on my stomach from one end to the other and saggy skin. The same goes for my breast they dropped almost 2 inches and I have a B if that. I didn't know your breast could get smaller but they inflated all the way. When I was breast feeding I was a 38D. Now a 36B. I wanted a size that would fill out my breast again but not over do it.

I went to Dr. Young's office and everyone was very very nice. The lady that helped me pick a size and type answered all of my questions, no matter how dumb. Then when the doctor came in, I also asked him a load of questions. I asked so many questions because I plan to have more children and I still want to breast feed. I wanted to make sure that is possible and that my breast wont sag again with the implants, or if I should just wait.

I chose 475 cc's. Saline. Under the muscle so the cut will be in my armpit. They said I have to wait 5 days before I got back to work, and that I will need alot of help doing normal things(washing clothes, bathing, etc.) for two weeks.
I am schedule for my pre op August 10, because the doctor is having a special in august for this price. My surgery is scheduled August 22! I am very confident in Dr. Young he came highly recommended.

Just wanted to make some corrections, I wrote this...

Just wanted to make some corrections, I wrote this late last night and their were some typo's. I meant breast FED lol and also its 375'cc. I want a full C.

I just finished my pre op today. I had to put the...

I just finished my pre op today. I had to put the surgery on hold due to work and school. Now Im tried of waiting and its now or never. I went and resized my self for 500cc's. I have lost more weight and lost more sixe in my breast. I barely still fit my 36B. I want a 36 full C/D. I have my appointment next thursday. I have to take vitamins now moring and evening, 3 pills each time. Their is five others but are covered through my insurance. oh they are saline incase I didnt mention it. I also have to draw blood today at the lab downstairs, free of charge also.

I rescheduled my breast augmentation to February...

I rescheduled my breast augmentation to February 16 due to work. I went with the saline 450 and 475cc’s under the muscle. A week before the operation I went to give blood at a lab down stars from Dr. Young’s office, the price was included in the quote. I also was given a vitamin pack of four pills to take 3 times a day, included in quote. I was given prescriptions for an antibiotic, muscle relaxer, pain, anti-vomit, and one medication for anxiety for after the surgery. My insurance paid for all except the anxiety pill which was $40 but the rest were $3 all together. I was the first surgery that morning and I made sure a brought a larger button down shirt. The bigger the better so you don’t have to bend your arms that far back. When the nurse woke me up after the surgery they asked me to take a deep breath. It felt like an elephant was on my chest and felt it a lot of pain from the pressure. I was given pain medication and an hour after surgery I was sent home. I realize how hard it was to breathe once I tried laying down. I slept almost sitting up with pillows in back and front of me to hold up the weight. They pain only lasted 3 days. After that it was just the weight I felt no more pressure. I ripped one of my stitches trying to put on a shirt. Don’t force any clothes on. Hot showers felt so good. I started massaging my breast after the 3rd day. They started to feel softer and lighter the more I massaged. At first it was painful but after two days it was painless. The antibiotics lasted a week then the pain medication was two weeks and the muscle relaxers with vitamins lasted a month. I never took the anti- vomit pills. I put Neosporin on my stitches so they would close faster with hope of no scar. My left ar, is where the stitch ripped, I have a scar there and a line scar on both armpits. I am dark skinned and have purple scaring. After two weeks I noticed I could not extend my right arm. It was pulling something inside and was extremely pain to reach for anything. I stretched every morning and after 1 ½ months it went away. I am on 7 weeks now and still have scarring with scar tissue. I think I am going to use my mederma stretch mark cream to see if it can take them away. I noticed that I also do not have feeling on the very tip of my nipple on one breast. I am going to wait till my 3 month visit to bring this up to the doctor.

It has been 3 months since my breast aug. I feel...

It has been 3 months since my breast aug. I feel alot better. I have sharp pains every once in awhile in the underarm area. I think it is because of the stiches. I am very happy with how they turned out. They are saline and are very round on their own but I think becaue of my extra skin pre-op ( I was a 36B then breast fed for 18 months at a 38D) they fall down but look round. I think it is pretty cool cause my friends never even noticed ...haha.....I wore very padded bras before. Now I wear sports bras at work and regular non padded bras when I go places. I lost sensitivity in my left nipple, I wouldnt say feeling because I can feel pressure around the nipple and on it just like when your mouth is numb from the dentist feeling . I noticed this after 2 weeks but I never got full feeling back. This is also the nipple that has sharp pains in it often, maily when standing. My right nipple is normal though. I also had alot of stretch marks after breastfeeding, a complete 360 around. The breast implants hid them well. I am so happy :) I also keep using Vitman E (the pure oil) it was $7 at GNC. Its lasted all 3 months and I still have half left. Just to avoid stretch marks and when I started the massages it makes it easy. I have not yet had my doctor appointment due to school but I am going next month.
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Everyone at the office was very nice. The staff and Dr. Young answered every question I had. They are very professional and even their finance staff is very helpful.

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