24yr, 2 Kids, was 34 B before kids and after breastfeeding i was a barely 32 A. Chose an Allergen Inspira SRX 470

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I breastfed 2 kids. I was a 34A and I'm now a 32A....

I breastfed 2 kids. I was a 34A and I'm now a 32A. I am looking at doing either Mentor 400 UHP or 425 - 475 HP.. Those were two of the suggestions that I was given by two different doctors. Going to do Vectra 3D imaging on July 20th, 2016. I currently am flatter than a 2x4... I'm hoping to achieve a full C or D. I don't want them looking too sloped or natural either but I don't want like Victoria Beckhams round boobs either.

Pictures from my consultation with Dr York Yates

Pictures in the white bra are me with 450 CC. We tried on sizes before playing with the Vectra 3D imaging. I also tried 475 CC in and we didn't notice too much of a difference. We decided on the Inspira SRX 470 cc. Based on my wish pics that I showed him, he recommended I get the Inspira extra full profile. Surgery is Aug 11 and I am thrilled!

Chillin in the waiting room!

Just got to Dr York Yates office for surgery!!! I'm so nervous and so so excited!!! Excited to finally have boobies!!! My husband took a few before pics that I will upload in a bit so that I have something to compare. Here is one of them :)

Just got out of the clinic. Literally 5 minutes ago.

A few other pics my hubby took post surgery

Doctor said I was fine to swap into a more comfortable bra when I got home. The Victoria's Secret wireless bra that I got was comfortable to try on for now. Here are a few pics. I had that bra on for about 20 mins before putting back on the bra they gave me.

This dumb review won't let me change that my surgery was 8/11

I just pushed my surgery on the review to 8/18. But I did have surgery 8/11/16. Best decision ever! Debating on starting a whole new review so I can actually tag my dr and rate him... Good idea? Bad idea? Anyways here's some pics from today that we just took :) also please excuse the kindergarten handwriting on the board. My husband had to write it because of my limited mobility. Feeling much much better today though! I still am having some shooting under arm nerve pain.

overdue update

Life gets super busy.... here are some updated pics finally!

A few more pics off my phone

Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Dr Yates was so amazing. I went to two separate consultations with two different doctors. Both doctors I did like but I wasn't completely sold on. I had a consultation with Dr Yates on July 20, 2016 where he was able to do Vectra 3D imaging on me. It gave me a good idea of what I could be expecting. I was able to choose from a few different sizes. overall I just felt so completely comfortable with him that before we even left the Drs office I had leaned over to my hubby and told him I found my doctor. I couldn't be happier.

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