My Accutane Story. Salisbury, NC

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Hi everyone! I am a 19 year old female who suffers...

Hi everyone! I am a 19 year old female who suffers from cystic acne. Before last year, I had never suffered with acne to the point where I needed to see a dermatologist, it never made me that insecure. Within the past few months, though, I had developed cystic acne around my chin and mouth. I read online that the cause of this could be hormones, but either way nothing would help it and I began to scar. So I made a trip to the dermatologist finally and he put me on accutane. At first I was really nervous about the medication because of all the horror stories that went along with it, so I did alot of research to see if it would be worth the journey or not. This very blog/review site helped me in making the decision to be put on the medication! I was prescribed one 40mg pill a day for the first two weeks, then two 40 mg pills (80mg) a day for the rest of my treatment. Currently, I am on day 12 and have experienced quite a bit of symptoms.
Symptoms that I have experienced include: extremely chapped lips I have to reapply Aquaphor(lip balm) every 15-30 min it seems
-Excessive dryness and peeling throughout my face, which I expected but wearing makeup is such a losing battle while on this medication, my foundation around my T-zone(chin and forehead especially) never fails to be flaky I love doing my makeup but I'm starting to feel very insecure about it.
-This one I didn't expect but I am tired 24/7, I find myself to be sleeping so much and constantly feel fatigued even after taking naps throughout the day.
-My scalp, skin, and face itch constantly even though I reapply lotion throughout the day.
-My skin on my face is extremely sensitive.

I was in the middle of a breakout when I started accutane, but I believe I am starting to have my initial breakout because I am breaking out in places other than just around my mouth and chin.

I feel hopeful about this medication and believe it will be worth all the side effects! I will keep anyone who cares to follow along updated :) The reason I am blogging about this is because I wish to help someone else, like these same reviews did, on whether to start the treatment or not and if it's worth it.
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