31 Years Old, 3 Children, Much Needed Augmentation to Restore Volume - Salisbury, MD

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I have been researching having this done for...

I have been researching having this done for several months now and have finally come up with the courage to post and share since many reviews have been extremely helpful to me. I am 30 years old, about 5'10" and 155lbs. I have a consultation booked for March 28th. I am hoping I dont need a lift, as when i had volume they were fine. After breastfeeding all 3 of my little ones, I am left with an empty space in the top portion of my bra and significant stretch marks. My pre-pregnancy size was 36-B and during pregnancy/breastfeeding, they were 36-38 C/D. After my 3rd child, they never restored to their original shape and I ended up with a lot of loose skin. I am not wanting to go too big but I would like to be a full C/small D. I am taller and it seems to me that taller women can go a little bigger but Im a little concerned with my breasts being spaced too far apart, im finding it hard to find someone similar to compare to. I also was going to bring in a bra to the consult to help with sizing (its a 36D from Aerie), is this is a good idea? I have a friend who got 500cc saline and she tells me she wishes she went bigger, she also started a little smaller than me. I am thinking silicone would be preference because of my loose skin. The doctor I am going to also does the keller funnel technique, does anyone know anything about this? Thanks for your help!

consultation on hold :(

Well, what a let down, called today to see what time my appointment is for Monday and he is in surgery all day and they had me for April 28 (not March28th) he is also in surgery on the April 28th so they had to cancel that one as well...Its on hold until my husband's May schedule is posted

Plastic surgeon recomendations in Maryland

Does anyone have any specific recomendations for surgeons in Maryland? I am from the eastern shore so I will have a some travel time and want to make it worth my while to cross the bay bridge. Thanks!

band width

Any ladies out there that are are larger bra band width, like 36 or 38??...I cant find too many and I think the results would look different than someone who is a 32 or 34. Thanks!

finally a consult scheduled!

I finally have a date scheduled for my consult on June 21st, excited and nervous at the same time. This surgeon is local to me and he is the only one in the area, how many other consults should I book for other opinions or if I really like him is there no need?

Consult is done, finally!

Went in this morning for my 1st ever consult and I feel Dr. Perotta is definitely a great fit. He at first felt I should get a lift then said he would leave it up to me if I wanted one at a later date he could do that under local and he recommended a lollipop lift because he said it would not make my breast flat. I have enough tissue to work with so I could go with either saline or silicone but silicone is my 1st choice. Because I'm almost 5'10" he said a minimum of 500cc but that scares me a little. I'm a 36 A/small B and I would like to be a 36D at max. I told him that I was ok with my breasts when they were a 36D while breastfeeding and I know the nipple placement is not ideal but it doesn't bother me. I've seen good results from similar cases on here without a lift. I also had him look at my stomach, he informed me I have an umbilical hernia which my insurance would pay for and I also need my muscles brought back together if I choose. I have stretched skin but not a lot so I would need a horizontal incision along my bikini line to tighten that up. I also am going to add in laser on my stretch marks on my inner thighs with whatever procedure I decide to get since the PA I spoke with said that it will be much easier if I'm already under anesthesia, thats about 650 extra with the melanin cream. Any suggestions would be helpful pertaining to either procedure but especially the breast Aug. Thanks!

Hi, I have also posted originally under just a BA...

Hi, I have also posted originally under just a BA but after my initial consult this past week I am almost certain that I would rather have 1 recovery vs. 2. I was told by the PS that I have enough breast tissue for either saline or silicone but I am opting to have silicone because I think they feel much nicer. He also said no less than 500CC because I am tall, almost 5'10" and also 160lbs, hopefully I can lose at least 5 lbs soon!. I'm starting with a size 36 A/smallB, very deflated and I am opting not to have a lift at this time, I can choose to later on with just local anesthesia. I am also a size 10 but once I lose a little wait sz 8 will fit perfect. I breastfed all 3 of my boys for varying amounts of time but altogether for a little less than 3 years. I also gained a huge amount of weight with my first son, over 70 lbs. the lowest ive weighed in the past few years is 138. I am paying extra for the Keller Funnel technique so my incision is smaller. I need a full TT, with muscle repair and I also have an umbilical hernia which my insurance will cover some of the cost. I am also waiting to hear if the PA is able to do Laser on my inner thighs for very large and purplish stretch marks at the same time so I wont have to come in for another appt. and have Local, she said its pretty painful. if you have any questions or any suggestions please let me know! thanks

Second Consult

ok So I'm going back and forth and lots more questions so Laurie, the office manager said they had a cancellation today and she fit me in for a 2nd consult. I'm worried because the first available surgery date for the TT and BA is Aug 9 and I need to go back to work Aug 22(I only work 1 day a week now and PRN for another job) Mu husband was able to take off that day but he works the day after and I have no idea who can help me with my boys yet. I'm second guessing the TT because of the amount of down time and the large scar. Found out my insurance wont cover my umbilical hernia because he is out of network and I have a deductible that wont be met. Bummer. I made an appt with a surgeon next week for an eval to see what they say, I'm pretty sure mine is very minor. I also felt for me personally 1 appt wasn't enough, I really want to try on sizers and get a feel for what it will really look like, Ive gotten so use to what I have now I hope that I can get use to them. He wants me to go no smaller than 500cc . I have several specific questions I want to ask about the TT from research ive found on here specifically related to pain relief and drains. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. thanks! ill post any pics later when I go to the office.

Consult and sizers

Went for my 2nd consult today and I got some more questions answered. The doctor and I decided this was just not the time to do a TT with the BA and I wouldnt have enough help with my 3 boys at this time. So the BA was my main focus and the TT, maybe next year. Ill.look into my umbilical hernia repair soon by a general surgeon thag takes my insurance. He did suggest liposuction to my hips but I'll think on that. I need to call Monday to schedule in time to heal before I have to start work again. I'm hoping if it all works out, August 8th. I got to try on sizers with Jen and I did Allergen mod+ in 492 and 533. I really thought the 492 look ideal and natural but I know I was told by him I'll lose 10% going under the muscle and I don't want to regret too small. The bra they had me use was a 38 C, but it worked. That's what I wore when breastfeeding and I was a ltitle heavier, I think it's similar to 36 D. She couldnt find both of the 492 so I couldn't see how they looked together so the pics of 2 sizers are 1 of each size then I took 1 out to see what I am now. I also brought a strapless bra but it didn't work well with the sizers, it's a 36 D. I asked about the Keller funnel again and he really didn't think it was necessary but I also like the idea of a smaller scar, he charges $300 extra for it. I'm not sure if I should or not. Any suggestions would be great, thanks!


The sizers are 492 and 533 allergen mod+ Any suggestions would be great!

some BA cases that I like

I found a surgeons site which listed a lot of details and found some women in which I like their after or their before's are similar to me now. what I find confusing is the bra size mentioned on the site. I found a lot of women on Realself use VS and also have a small band width which makes for the big cup sizes of DD, DDD etc. I'm getting so nervous about choosing a size!

Consult today for umbilical hernia

So I had my consult today with a general surgeon for my small umbilical hernia. he said he wouldn't do surgery, its just not bad enough and I'm in no pain. Actually ive lost 5lbs recently and it looks a lot better in that area. he was very honest and informative about it all and was very surprised that my plastic surgeon would charge extra for that, he said its literally a couple stitches and should be a part of the TT and total price. he said if he did it he would only get around 300 from insurance. ive asked this question on the "ask a doctor forum" and several said what this general surgeon said and also that they don't charge extra. he told me today if I was him, he would tell the PS that I had an eval and exactly what I was told to see if that would make him rethink the extra charge ($1600+). my PS doesn't take my insurance so that's why I went to a surgeon that does, to get a 2nd opinion. just thought I would share, any thoughts??

Preop was today!

Tried on the same sizers again aND am still so undecided but I ultimately chose 492. I can call within a few days and change to 533 if I change my mind. My bwd ended up 13.5 instead of 14 so I don't want to be too wide. If I went hp I would need to go up to almost 650 for my width! So moderate plus is what works for me. I also need a cardiology clearance and some blood work. I went to VS to be sized before my appt. to just make sure I'm correct on my band width and I'm actually a 34 but I'm in between a B and a C. So the 36 B fits so much better. I am aiming for a big D but even the 492 sizers didn't fit into my old nursing bra which is a 36D but it's also hard to judge the cleavage factor. I'm so torn between sizes. I also brought a sz large zip front bra and it wouldnt even stay zipped up lol. Dr. Perrotta popped in while I was paying and he said, you ended up picking the 533 right?? I can't decide! Help!

Surgery is Monday!

Had a long week of cardiology appts( I went mon-thru Thursday). I had an echo done and 24 halter monitor and all the results came back normal so they are sending over the medical release today. the surgery center has called me with instructions and I need to be there at 10am, surgery is at 11. my husband will have to drop me off since he will have all 3 boys with him then they will call him to come get me. The surgeon is about 35 min away so not too far. I have filled my RX (just pain med and antibiotic) but that's about it other than purchasing a large pillow. they said I don't need anything else. any suggestions. getting nervous but excited, but more nervous! I also haven't told anyone in my family I'm getting this done and im hoping everything goes smooth.

Some more before pics, surgery is monday!

I wanted to keep track of my progress and before photos. The teal bra is VS 36B. The light blue Bralette is Aerie sz medium, neither have any padding.

All done and home!!

Well my nerves were high at first but the anesthesiologist sat and talked to me a while about random things with my kids etc and that helped, he even text me a link of a video with excercises for my son to help with his apraxia of speech, so nice of him. Went into OR, last I remember was laying down and a warm blanket and booties...felt very sleepy then drifted off. Think it took almost and hour for me to be fully awake and aware afterwards, surgery started around 915 I think. I get dizzy easy so they were very patient with me. Wheeled me out to hubby and the drive home, about 30 or so min wasn't too bad. I just still had anesthesia effects. Drank some water and ate a little bit of a granola bar. I bought everything for homemade chicken noodle soup so hopefully hubby can Figure it out lol he's not a cook. But he took me up 2 flights of steps to our attic which is now a finished bedroom so I can get quiet time. Drinking some more water and trying to nap but as you can see, not really working ???? . I did take 1percocet on the ride home. Chest feels very tight and sore, especially sternum area and when I breath in deep but as far as true pain or incision pain...I don't feel any of that, yet...I finally Have cleavage and am happy so far! All that anxiety and I think I made out great. Just for women who have breastfed before, I think BA'so may be a little "easier on us" but it stills hurts. The woozy feeling is starting to go away mad the percocet is kicking in. My hubby has been great, I just feel bad he has to entertain the 3 boys but he is great with them. He dropped me off at 745 or so and the. Took them to breakfast and then the zoo (boys are 9, 6 and almost 3 end of august). Dr. Perrotta and his anesthesiologist were great along with all the nurses, they really put my mind at ease and the nurse that put my IV in was vurtually painless, my husband is an ER nurse so I can appreciate that. The last time I got an iv it took 6 sticks. Hope everyone is doingoing great with thears and Imy grateful to be able to share my experience with all of you as yours have helped me so much! Xoxo

Sorry meant to post more and accidentally hit submit!

One more pic! And be careful texting lol!!

Just realized implants are up to my collarbone, just wanted to show reference pic, I know it's normal. Also have some dried blood under left incision, he mentioned he may lower my fly under left breast since it's droopier. And I thought I was texting a friend who had hers done 2 years ago by same doc and I wanted to update her...ended up being another friend I hadn't told yet with the same first letter of her name...be careful texting lol. I was going to tell her anyway but the message was awkward since she didn't know! The drugs are wearing off but they are still in effect.

More pics to upload, posted too soon

1 day post op

Well this morning was rough! Very, very stiff. Didn't take a pain pill last night so I had a lot of trouble getting out of bed, my husband also elbowed me 2x in my right boob in his sleep, ouch! Ate some toast and some fruit then took my keflex and a pain pill. Just called the surgery center and she said everything sounds normal but I could come in if I wanted to. I don't think I need to, I'll wait till.my preop Friday. Also asked about ice, she said that constructs more so she said use a hot pack for about 15 min or so. I have one that cloth that you put in microwave. I just want to use it up high by collar bone where it's tight, I'll see if that helps and let you know. I haven't been nauseous at all but I am going to start taking physillium husk tablets I've had in my cabinet so help get my bowels going, it's just fiber, not a laxative. Hope everyone has a great day!

Swelling Question

well, its day 2 post-op and this swelling hasn't gone down, at all...has anyone else experienced swelling into their armpit area, its so tight its a little numb or at least I cant really feel a lot when I touch there, and a burning sensation comes and goes. I also still feel like I cant take deep breaths or like I want to cough but I cant. any advice would be great! my post-op isn't until Friday but I may see if something has opened up for tomorrow, I haven't taken this surgical bra off, they told me not to so I haven't even peeked :)

Day 2 post op pics...Swelling!

First day out.

Well I decided to ride with my husband and boys to my youngest sons appt. It's about a 30 min drive. Didn't realize opening doors and getting a seat belt on would be so tough I feel like the swelling has gone down some. I haven't taken any pain pills since yesterday morning. I was able to put makeup on and my husband pulled my hair into a bun. It's just nice to get dressed and feel semi normal. We stopped into a local bagel shop and maybe I just am overanalyzing but I felt like I got stares...you can kinda see my straps of the surgical bra, my appt is tomorrow at 845 so I'm excited to see what's going on under there. Still very numb in 2 areas, right side by my armpits and my entire left nipple. Happy healing everyone!

1st post op appt.

So I finally got to see them, I think they are what I envisioned size wise and I know they will drop and get fuller so I'm good with that. I did ask about the left incision area burning more, in surgery he lowered the fold then realized it would give me a double bubble look so he closed and redid it how he did the right side. He said absolutely do not push on the right side, so no band for me, and keep them very supported in this surgical bra for 2 weeks then switch to one which covers lower than my incision. No lifting my arms more than 90 degrees up either. When the tech took my bra off if was a very weird feeling, like I was going forward lol, didn't realize how much this bra holds them in. I go back on Aug 19th for another check. All stitches are either internal or will fall out on their own. I can finally shower. He did put some cushy type tape under my left incision and also used the tape to bring my nipple up on the left. He said if I need a revision it will be no charge to me...hopefully I don't but nice to hear

I'm not a great boob photographer...but I'm learning slowly lol

I think these are better angles than the ones in the surgeons office this morning. And as a side note, this tummy bloat is a real thing...it's awful! Plus I took a pic of one of my incisions, the right side. Left side has lots of tape across it . Sent s pg13 one to hubby while he is at work at the hospital. He was in the vehicle with kids during my appt so he hasn't seen them yet either

Quick update because....I just feel better today!

About to leave for a peach festival at a local orchard (free peach ice cream, yay!) Last night I handwashed my surgical bra and hung it up to dry so I tested out a zip front genie bra sz lg...it was very tight but it worked, nice back support and also coverage below my incisions like they told me. So I slept in that. Also just for fun tried on a 36d bra and it fit ok, large gap between the bra and my skin in the center but my boobs don't move much now so who knows if it will still fit later down the road. I'm getting more range of motion back and the swelling keeps going down daily....I rubbed vitamin oil on them last night because of my existing stretch marks and also I noticed my nipples were peeling! Don't know if anyone's experienced this before. Ive also most definitely gained ay least 5lbs and my stomach just feels bloated..I may try a veggie/fruit 1day cleanse thats in my fridge, my brother gave me to try for my bday and he loves their products. hope everyone has a pleasant Saturday! Thanks for reading my review????????


So I have a top I love, wore it whike I was still breastfeeding my youngest and it fir, but never really filled it completely out, I think they looked saggy. Anyway, found the pic of me wearing it a couple years ago and tried it on tonight for fun. It's a large and the cups are pretty decent.

Bra malfunctions!

Well, I decided to let my surgical bra take a break and put on my front zip genie bra. Did fine until I walked into my old workplace (a dental office) I chipped my tooth at lunch, biting the fork! Ouch. Anyway the dentist is a young guy and my front zip bra decides to COMPLETELY unzip, haha so i run to bathroom to fix it and it took forever for me to get it together enough to zip. Question is, this bras says it fits to a 36dd. So when I d&f will they be even more fuller where stuff won't fit as well ..and I think I got some stares, I only wore scrubs there so that hides alot, the regular t-shirt I had on i think accented them more. Only 1 girl there knows I've had it done and she was laughing at me, it was funny. I may have to retire this bra and go find a hook close one, they just aren't very flattering unless anyone has some recommendations. Thanks! Happy Monday;)

A pic by request and I took off the tape surgeon placed (just for pic, looks like it helped my left)

Went to the beach and boardwalk for games and rides today with hubby and boys. They start school soon and we are running out of time! I honestly didn't think about my boobs very much today, only on a few rides with my kids. I guess that's a good thing. I wore my genie bra today because it was going to be a 100 and that surgical bra I can't wear with most of my summer tops. Anyway, I used a very small safety pin to hold it together at the top in case it decided to unzip like a few days ago, it actually worked lol. Got a dress from zulily that is kind a of a babydoll type top (if i am saying that right) and its a large but i feel like it looks strange because the top part doesnt go under my boobs and become fitted it just sits on them and then flares from there so it almost looks maternity style, maybe i can get a belt or use a thin scarf to tie under there. I go Friday for my 2nd post op. Hopefully I can see my scars and ask him a few more questions.

2nd post OP appt./bra and bathing suit difficulties

Went for my checkup and he took all the tape off and said my incisions were healing very nicely. They look long to me but I can't see them so it doesn't bother me. Also I mentioned again that my left nipple is still numb, he said he has never seen it before but one of my nerves ran right down the center and it had to be cut...but he says I should get feeling back within 6 weeks, I just am concerned and I always worry so I'm hoping what he says is true. He said I can wear a regular bra without underwire for now until I get feeling under my right breast. Went to a local store in my town and they hardly had any selection, ended up not buying any but I posted the pics and let me know what you think, they were sizes 36d and 36dd. I also got a nice dress on clearance that I going to wear tomorrow for my 11th wedding anniversary, I just am going to put nipple covers on, hope a night without a bra is ok?? I got a bathing suit from amazon, it just came today and it's a sz 10, I'm thinking I may need a 12, looks a little small to me. Hope everyone has a great weekend:)

Some more progress pics

I'm up and down

I sometimes get depressed I don't have feeling in my left and spots on my right. I also bent over today and my left implant felt like it moved all the way up and when I stood up and it came down it kinda throbbed, not sure if anyone has experienced that. It's like there's air or fluid still trapped, my right side doesn't move that much. Overall I don't notice them a whole lot during the day. But when I got home I got thinking about my incisions and got a tape measure out, one is 4.5in and the other is 5in what in the world?! I thought they looked long, now I'm wishing I did the Keller funnel but maybe it wouldn't have mattered. Thankfully I can't see them but still, that's a long incision to heal. I've seen such small ones on here. And then I wonder if that was one reason why I got more nerves cut. Anyway I hope all this stuff I'm worrying about now, heals in time.

Yearly exams and bra shopping....and the rest is history lol

So I decided since I was kid free, seriously never happens, I would go to VS and figure out what I could find in a non underwire that's comfy for work...ended up trying on probably 25 bras, they sized me so wrong at first, I've always worn a 36 band but it's wrong, I need a 34 which they did get correct but the cup size they said I needed was a C, no way that was going to fit. So I ended up being between a 34dd and 34ddd depending on how much cleavage I want but even some of the 36DD fit so it just depends on the style. The push up bras looked ridiculous on me, way too top heavy and wide. I tried on a dream angels navy demi bra, slight padding and I loved it but wasn't ready to spend almost the 70 price tag yet since I may change more over the next few months. Apparently when some of the the staff saw me in that bra in particular one girl ended up asking me if i had implants because they looked too perfect...I guess thats a conpliment but i wasnt aiming for the really round top look either. I ended up getting a push up non underwire bra and some clearnace bras I won't wear yet since they have undewire. Oh and I had my yearly exam with a new office and a woman doctor whose youngest is in prek with mine and also whose husband, and ER doc, works with my husband who is a nurse. Small.world. but anyway she said to be patient with the numbness she had the same thing with her csection scar and she said my result looked very, very nice. It was nice to hear a positive from another woman, even though it was my Ob/gyn lol.

Bathing suits

So I've ordered a dozen bathing suits off of Amazon. I tried the 50's high waist style and although I think it's cute, it makes me personally look even heavier than I am. I am really liking Jessica Simpsons suits. Let me know what you all think?? I also need to be conscious since most of the time I'm with my kids, nothing with tooooo much cleavage;) my husband asked me why I feel the need to hide them, he liked the white one where half my boob was out lol. I also have some progress pics and a sports bra I've been wearing that has a nice thick band that doesn't bother my incisions, it's a Danskin sz large

Incision problem, anyone experience this before???

Any ladies have this happen? I go to my PS on Wednesday and just noticed this looking tonight in a mirror. I have stitches in all 4 ends and they are suppose to come out on their own, none have fell out yet and in the middle of this open area I can feel a stitch. There's also a small amount of drainage.

Incision update/ bras/swim top and progress :)

A couple days after my original post I'm thinking it looks better and it has closed, though it's still red. I also went several days ago to VS because they had a PINK clothing sale and ended up buying 2 bras. I also finally found a modest swim top off amazon I wore today for a large family bbq. Hope everyone doing great!

More updates

Incisions are healing nicely and the spot that was abscessed is closed. Also tried on some more bras at VS, decided not to buy anymore yet though :)


They feel like I've always had them, no more pain just areas still numb but slowly feeling more senstation.

More bras

First picture is me in my favrite wireless push up bra in 34dd from VS. The rest are all Wacoal in various sizes, some fit me well in 34ddd and 1 in 34dd. The 36dd was a little big in the cup. I feel like a couple aren't as flattering under shirts, especially with the lace or they flatten me.

My bra addiction, scar update and fluff!

Took some bras back to VS(wrong sizing) and they happened to be having a flash sale so I got some I have been eyeing for a while for only 19.99(bras that are normally around 60. they all 3 are 34dd, also a scar update, you can see when I raise my arms they aren't noticeable but from underneath they are dark. Also showing how squishy they are and movable. I never did true massages, my PS never told me not to and said it was unnecessary. Yes, I could've handled more CC's, yes I could've had a lift but I decided at this point in my life I wasn't ready for all that. I'm happy so far:)
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