10 Years Later and Still LOVE It Every Day!

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I had a breast augmentation (saline) about 10...

I had a breast augmentation (saline) about 10 years ago when silicone was still off the market. I am still happy every day I look in the mirror. I am a large woman and went from an almost A cup to a D cup.

My final results may not be to everyone's liking; my breasts do not stand up on my chest like melons... they sway and move very naturally and flatten out to the sides when I lie down on my back. They look and feel like natural breasts. If you want tight upstanding "stripper" boobs, don't use saline. Mine are over the chest muscle, so they bounce around more than some other women's I've known that are under the chest muscle. But I love mine because they look and feel natural.

After the first surgery, my breasts settled in uneven (one nipple pointed out too far) so I had to have that one adjusted (had to repay the anesthesiologist fee, but not the surgeon's fee). I really freaked about that before it was redone. I then spent months worrying about every little strange feeling, lump, uneveness, size, color, you name it, I obsessed over it and cried and worried it wasn't "perfect". It took about 6 months before I was really comfortable in my own skin again and realized what a great result I had. After a year, I just felt like I'd been born with really great looking boobs!

Pain: yeah, right after surgery it hurt like heck for about 5 days (Vicodin made it all better, but I sure couldn't work right away), then it was a just a little sore for a month or so.
Bruising: really bad on my chest and stomach after the second surgery, but went away after about 3 weeks.
Scars: probably my only dissapointment; I have 3" scars in the curve under each breast (visible only when naked and I lie down or lift my breast). Wish I'd had him go through the armpit though.
Cons are relatively minor: had to have one redone to even them out; lost some feeling under the nipple of that one, which feels wierd when I touch it but doesn't really bother me anymore; my areola are much larger now; also, when I do a breast self-exam I can feel little bumps and ripples, but they don't show through the skin.
Pros: Did I mention I LOVE the results? I had to buy almost a whole new wardrobe too (darn it) because none of my shirts fit.

What I'd do differently: ask more questions about specifically how the procedure would be done; where and how big the scars are; how long for implants to "loosen up" and fall into place (your skin is really tight at first); how long they last (will you have to get them replaced in 15 years?); what is cost if you have to have a second surgery; what is the recommended followup (like massaging them) and doc visits; do a LOT more research on the short-term emotional impact of cosmetic surgery so I'd be better prepared.

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