32 aa now 32 double d. Saline unders

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Hello world! So I've been thinking about breast...

Hello world! So I've been thinking about breast implants since I was probably 18. I am barely a 32 a. I'm not quit sure what size I want to be I just know I want boobs! A co worker of mine got silicone (she is 26) about 3 months ago and now I think I'm finally ready seeing as though hers are beautiful! I scheduled a concultation with her dr on June 19th!! I've been researching like crazy !!

I'm obsessing....

I've been looking through reviews, searching pictures and what not and I've found my wish boobs. I don't want them to be to far apart, I want them to look pretty and juicy ( do you know what I mean?)

So how am I paying for this?

I have a really good paying job, but I don't have the full amount upfront, I have 1,000. I can save for it but I'm really impatient. I've been wanting this for so long and I've finally found the guts to just do it! My plan is to pay what I have and then use Care Credit! With care credit there's no interest as log as I pay the remaining balance in a certain amount of time. I have excellent credit and it won't be a problem for me to pay it off! Am I the only one doing it this way?


Nothing fits right. Everything g hangs off me and my bra shows. A empty bra isn't cute!!!!

Consultation day!

I loved my dr and everyone else there! They were so nice and understanding, they were even funny!! I did some sizing and I liked the way the 350cc looked on me! They answered any questions I had and went over prices and payments! I have temporarily scheduled my surgery for August 25th I just have to make sure it's okay with my job! Bottom line I'm excited and I can't wait!!!!!!

Wish boobs!

44 days to go!!!

30 days

30 more days and I'll actually have cleavage, I'll actually have boobs! At this point the only thing I can obsesse about us the size! At my concultation I said I wanted to be a c. But do I really? I really don't know what a c will look like on me? Will it be to big? But wait I want big but not to big.... I just want boobs!!!!!!! Ahh. I guess we go more in depth about it in the pre op appointment? Which is in 18 days!!!

Perfect wish boobs!!

I almost have boobs!!!!

20 more days and from looking at reviews of lady's similar to me I think I know what how many cc's I want! Between 300 and 350!!! My pre op is on the 12th! :-)

Pre op! 2 more weeks!

I am so excited! Went in today and got my prescriptions! Paid my money took pictures and finally decided on my sizes! 350cc left and 400cc on my right! Saline! Here is a picture of the sizes I tried on. You can't really see because of the shirt I wore but it looks proportionate. I look curvy!

Monday is the big day!

I picked up my prescriptions today! It's getting real!!!! Im so excited and I really don't know what to expect! All thought as anyone probably was I'm worried about the size! I think I'm going to big!!!!!!!! I don't know! I'm just ready to have boobs and not have to work for 5 days! Lol

Before picture!

So tomorrow at 7am I will officially be a women with boobs!!!!!!!!


Today was the day! Surgery went well from what I was told! I experienced vomiting because of the anesthesia! Actually I'm still experiencing it everytime I get up! Sucks. Pain, but it isn't unbearable! Just really right and uncomfortable! No pics because I can bearly life my arms lol

Day 2

Not feeling my self yet because of the tightness and the meds but I'm happy with what I see so far!

Changes from pre op

Dr mills ended up going bigger than expected because of my frame! I took a shower today! It was really awkward, my armpits have never touched boons before lol. I stopped taking perks during the day time because it made me to druggy to function so I'm only taking them during bed time. During the day I take extra strength tylonal!

Not sure if I'm doing what I need to do

I've been walking around. Trying my best to lift my arms and get things myself. I get tired so I lay down for a bit and watch it tv. I rub on my breast occasionally and I keep ice on them all the time. Does that sound about right?


I can honestly say the pain is not bad at all, I've only been taking extra strength tylonal and my Valium! I can't deal with this surgical bra any longer. It hurts my shoulders, back, armpits and my induction! I was told by my dr that I could go out and buy a sports bra that zips or buttons in the front I just don't know where to get on from! Help!!!!!

I have boobs!

I know this sounds weird but this was my first time looking at myself topless since my surgery on Monday. Alittle bigger than I thought but they are swollen of course!

Sports bra

Finally went out and got a sports bra! It's making my life so much easier. The surgical bra was cutting into my sides and shoulders and I wasn't able to do my arm exercises!

Quick pic

I have a rash, I don't know what's it's from but I've had it since surgery. It doesn't itch or bother me! I'm liking the way my boobs are looking! He went bigger because of my body frame but I think he made the right choice! I just can't wait for the morning boob feeling to go away! I stopped taking all of my meds except for my stool softener and tylonal occasionally!

1 week tomorrow

They are getting nicer each day! Only thing bothering me is my back (because my job is over working me without breaks, standing for 8 hours) but that will soon come to a end because I am contacting cooperate tomorrow about it! :-) other than that just alittle weirdness whenever I lay on my back. I have to get use to the pressure!


My back is gettin better and they are getting softer! :-)

Two weeks tomorrow!

So I love my new boobs! They are perfect! They are dropping so fast! My scars are so little! And they are getting softer everyday! I'm finally starting to get use to them being there! I'm so much happier and comfortable with my body now! I finally look and feel 21! It's fantastical!

Going smoothly!

So today I noticed that the swelling had gone done tremendously. I actually could feel and move my implants for the first time! And they are getting softer! Of course I felt rippling but it actually wasn't that bad. I Only felt it when I pushed down really hard. Whenever I moved or massaged them it smoothed out . If anything it just felt like veins. Overall I'm still happy I got saline. My insicions are really small! I had a check up on Monday and he said everything was healing perfect! And that he had no concerns!

Trying on old swims tops!

I was doing laundry and came across swim suit tops that I never would wear because I looked like a 11 year old in them. And now.... BOOM BABY I don't look 12 anymore ! :-)

Update! One month tomorrow!


Finally I can upload pictures!

My boobs are 1 month old!!!! They are fabulous, I just recently bought a actual bra! I am a 32 double d. Bigger than I wanted but I am fine with it! They are the perfect size for me!


Scars and fun stuff!

Hey realself!!

So I love my boobs! Only complaint I have is that there's a gap between them! But the gap was there before so it's no biggie! I'm still at 32 double d! :-) I'm in refusal bras! (No push ups yet!)

Hey there!

I can't even imagine myself with out these babies! I love my body even more! I have way more confidence and I feel like a women! No complaints they keep getting better, falling in to place! :-)


Sorry I've been neglecting you guys! Still happy! They get better each month! They are soft and bouncy!!! I still wear bras to sleep because I don't have much tissue to hold them up. The bra just keeps them nice and perky as they should be :-) I'll let you see my face!


Loving them! Not too big, not to small, a little extra dropping because my frame was so small but no complaints!
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