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Hello everyone, I'm an almost 35 year old, SAHM to...

Hello everyone, I'm an almost 35 year old, SAHM to 4 kids. My stepson is 17, my oldest is 10 and my twins are almost 7....all boys! I'm 5'5" and 145 lbs. Between pregnancies and weight loss, my midsection is a mess. My first son was 9.5 lbs and 23 inches twins were 6.5 lbs a piece and 20 inches long. I was HUGE pregnant! Since the last babies were born I have gained and lost over the years, losing 90 lbs in total at this point. I promised myself that once I got to my goal weight and maintained it for a year, I would get a tummy tuck so here I am.

My surgery is scheduled for April 23rd and I'm so anxious and nervous, I just want the day to get here so I can get it over with. My family is supportive, in fact one of my sister-in-laws had her own TT in January. My husband currently works out of state but will be coming home to be with me for the surgery and at least 3 or 4 days post-op. Then my MIL will be coming to stay for about a week. My own mother was supposed to come but she broke her hip at Christmas and can't get around well enough to deal with all the kids and the dogs (2...also boys.....there's alot of testosterone at my house LOL).

4 weeks from today I'll be on the flatside! can't...

4 weeks from today I'll be on the flatside! can't wait to get it over with!! Pre-op next Wednesday and I've learned so much since my consultation....have a whole new list of questions that I didn't even know to ask the Real Self community!

Had my pre-op appointment yesterday....finished...

had my pre-op appointment yesterday....finished paying, spoke with the Dr and the nurse again, nothing too there's just the waiting left! 19 days to go......

Two weeks to go!!!! starting to really get in...

two weeks to go!!!! starting to really get in preparation mode...there's tons of laundry and house cleaning to be done (of course when you live with 4 boys, you can't clean too early or it just gets all messed up again). Planning on buying and preparing some meals to freeze over the weekend. Booked my hotel room for the night before surgery (I live 1.5 hrs away from the surgery site).

Added a picture from my last pregnancy...but I was...

added a picture from my last pregnancy...but I was over 200 lbs before I even got pregnant that time so I can't blame all my stomach damage on the twins

So...tomorrow is the big day!!! in about 24 hrs, I...

so...tomorrow is the big day!!! in about 24 hrs, I will be on the flatside....its surreal, I've been waiting and waiting and now its here and it doesn't seem real. I'm feeling all over the place with my emotions today, scared, excited, apprehensive, nervous, name, I'm feeling it!

Ok...yesterday was surgery day so I'm going to try...

ok...yesterday was surgery day so I'm going to try to get down all the details

Arrived at the surgery center at 7am...gave my urine sample, got my iv in and got all marked up. Then the anesthesiologist came and put something in the iv and they started wheeling me to the OR. I never saw the OR :) thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery. I was so lucky and I didn't get sick at all or have any nausea. Was in recovery for about 3 1/2 hours because I had trouble going pee but it finally happened, I ate a little soup, they gave me a valium and we were on our way. My drive home was 1 1/2 hours and it wasn't that bad....I had lots of pillow and ice packs. The worst part was the walk from the car to the house. We park at the curb and I don't have a very big front yard but it felt like a mile LOL. Up the stairs of the porch and then went ahead and went to the bathroom before going to bed. The best thing has been the nice to be able to lean my weight on it and I think its a must have!! Getting up out of bed isn't so bad, my husband helps me but laying back down and twisting from sitting on the edge to laying is HORRIBLE....I hate it every time! The meds really help...I'm on Robaxin (muscle relaxer) and Vicodin and I can really tell when they start running out. I did get up during the night to take them but pushed them out to 5 hours instead of 4 hrs and was definetly hurting this morning.
Haven't seen the incision but it looks low. I have some swelling but I can tell that I look very flat. My PS does progressive tension sutures so I have little dimples and bruises all over my torso (I have a pic). No drains and no binder so that's nice (I mean, I can't compare it to anything cause I've never had those but they don't sound fun). Post op on Friday and then I start wearing spanx and I can take a shower.

2 dpo...feeling ok...last night was horrible!!...

2 dpo...feeling ok...last night was horrible!! muscles spasms and so tight that I could barely move to go to the bathroom but today has been much better. Have figured out how to get myself in and out of the bed mostly on my own and don't need the walker so much. Most of the pain is soreness up high (near my boobs) and some burning around the stitches. Took a peek under the bandages and the incision looks nice and low...ugly right now but I was expecting that.

One more ice pack is my new best...

one more ice pack is my new best friend....nothing fancy, just a ziplock filled with ice....pretty much been using it constantly since I got out of surgery

4 dpo....its been an up and down roller coaster......

4 dpo....its been an up and down roller coaster....I go from feeling super good and walking around to crying and can't get out of bed without it feeling like I'm dying
Yesterday was my first post op appt. The doc took off the bandages and cleared me to shower and start applying lotion to the incision. Supposed to start wearing spanx...which I'm not really enjoying, its hard to find the right size, so that they are tight but not too tight cause I put on one pair and it made everything burn and I just couldn't handle it. I was out of the house for over 7 PS is an hour and a half from my house, then my husband and I went to lunch and Target to kill time before we picked my MIL up at the airport....its hard when you live out in the boonies! Today I've been taking things really easy. Had my first official BM..YAY.
I'm really happy with my results so far....I'm bruised and swollen but I can see the potential of how I will look in a few weeks.

So pod 6...feeling good as far as pain and I'm...

so pod 6...feeling good as far as pain and I'm slowly trying to ween myself off the vicodin and the muscle relaxers....would like to get to just tylenol and ibuprofen. lower belly is tight and swollen...I swear I look 3-4 months pregnant...which is totally normal and expected but its hard on me mentally to see that big bulge. I'm afraid I've let myself get constipated...had good BM's on Saturday so kinda laxed on the stool softener and MoM and now I'm having trouble. I'm really kinda shocked at how well my body is handling all this....I so thought I would be layed up in bed not wanting to move for at least a week...I was worried about my MIL leaving at Day 11 but I'm really up and moving really well. Been able to make short trips out of the, walmart, my son's baseball practice. Once I'm off the drugs and able to drive, I don't think I'll have trouble taking care of my family (the house might not be as clean as she's keeping it but that's ok)

Been an up and down couple of weeks....I've had a...

been an up and down couple of weeks....I've had a couple of major breakdowns, one at day 6 and again at day 11-12. Still swollen but my doctor assures me that I look good for this stage of recovery. My MIL has gone home so I'm back on full time mommy duty, its exhausting! Posting a few pics...its hard for me to see any progress.

Recovery seems to be moving ready to...

recovery seems to be moving ready to get to that 6 week mark (like its magic or something :) )...I think I can see a difference in the swelling with this week's pics but I'm still not happy with the pooch between my incision and my bb (looks like a baby bump to me). Feeling good most of the time...still can't fully sleep on my sides so still uncomfortable at night.

POD 27---can't believe its been 4 weeks!

had my 4 week post op this morning (27 dpo)...I had one spot in the middle of my incision that kept oozing so he opened it up a tiny bit and pulled a loose stitch out, hopefully it will heal up better now. He also pulled the tiny stitches out of my belly button. I still have a good amount of swelling and recommended a smaller cg and said I should keep wearing one for another month. Cleared me to bath, swim and exercise. Said to just take it slow getting started and listen to my body as far as what its comfortable with. Go back in one month. I have new weekly pics but my computer is not wanted to read my SD card.

almost 6 weeks post op....still waiting on the swelling to go away

so for the most part I feel really good...still annoyingly sore sometimes but nothing that slows me down, just reminds me I'm not 100% yet...posting pics from 4wks po and 5 wks po...I think they look mostly the same

day 58 po

Saw my doc this week....he said that while I may still have some swelling, my skin is so stretchy that I probably won't end up with a totally flat result. I'm not thrilled but I'm working on accepting the results I have vs the results I wanted. I've also gained a few pounds since surgery.

recent pics

feeling really good...still dealing with some swelling but learning to love my results for what they are at this time

one year later

so I have my one year post-op appt next week....hard to believe this time last year I was anxiously awaiting surgery day. Feeling great, working out alot and love how strong my abs feel.
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

I found him online. I had no one to ask for recommendations so I just started researching and googling on my own.

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