40 in 24 Days, Mother of 3 15.5, 13 and 7, Military Wife and a Health Coach, 5'5 155 - Saint Louis, MO

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Basically I wanted my breast back. I have had 3...

Basically I wanted my breast back. I have had 3 beautiful children and nursed all of them for at least a year or more. Have gained and lost lots of weight through the years. Finally got my self on a weight loss plan that helped me finally loose weight and have kept it off for 1.5 years. So I told my self my reward would be to have breasts again. Well that time has come! Dr. Pravda out of St Louis was who. I was recommended to. I got up the nerve to finally go in for consultation. He was awesome and very honest but listened to what I wanted.
I was close to 40 he wanted a mammogram first. Ok no problem. Did it and it came back with some calcification deposits that needed magnification view.
Got that done and sent radiologist review to Dr Prada and he was not happy with the wording from the radiologist. Long story short I started this process on Sept 16 2013 and finally after a biopsy a hematoma that developed from the biopsy.
I finally got my crescent lift and 500cc under the muscle implants on Jan 15, 2013. Not sure yet if I got mod + or HP implants my hubby was overwhelmed with all the info he was told by my PS about my procedure. Apparently I had a mass amount of milk ducts that still had milk in them and they started popping like pimples when he was in there. Sorry if that was TMI. Plus my blood vessels in my breast were abnormally large so I had a lot of clean up going on.
I am wrapped up like a mummy and have a lot of swelling all over my mid section. I jumped on the scale at 155 day of procedure and weighed in the next day at 166.
YIKES, I get to take out my pain pump tomorrow morning which is bitter sweet I think it has been wonderful have had no pain just lots of pressure and swelling pain. I will also get to see them for the first time and shower! So flipping excited. I am hoping some of the pressure goes away from the mummy wrap. So I am on day 2 at 11 pm. In about 11 hours I can take all this off. Very happy. Will keep everyone posted. I might post pic. I am a very private person.

pre pic and day 4 really hard to do

Finally got to shower but before that I had to remove the pain pump. As I was very excited about this it was a bit more than I thought it would be. As my hubby took the first one out it was ok. Then for some reason the second one even though it was the same I passed out. No pain or anything. Once my hubby handled the situation got me stabilized he called my PS on his exchange. Called within 5 minutes. He explained that in half of his patience this happens and they are not sure why. Whether your bodies reaction to removing something or your reaction to seeing this. Eithet way a normal thing. My hubby handled it like a pro.
Day 3 was by far my best day thus far. Felt so amaxing to shower and finally see them. They look beautiful!!
I have a ton of swelling around my mindsection. I have no collarbones and look like a marshmellow from boobs down. I gained 11lbs from day of surgery to next morning. I am down 5 as of day 4.
Today I felt OK. My Valuim helps so much with muscle aches other than the girls. I still feel nothing with them. Pain pump is an amazing benefit. I highly recommed it if you can have one. I don'thandle pain medication like percocet very well. I hate that passes out no good cacan't do anything feeling.
Breathing was hard til mummy wrap came off. Then was a relief. So far So happy.
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Kind and considerate. Listen to your wants and desire and honest about what he hopes to accomplish. He treated me as though I was a long time patient that he cared about. I mean how many doctors tell you he wants a second opinion from a breast surgeon about your mammo results because of the wording from the radiologist. Then when heading into post op visit sees all the bruising from the biopsy and feels around my breast and says you developed a hematoma and that needs to all but be gone before we get inside of there. He is all about honesty and getting the final product that you want and paid for. I still have lots of recovery ahead of me but so far I am SO very happy with Dr Prada and his wonderful staff.

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