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I had my implants done in 2003 by Dr. Kofkoff. We...

I had my implants done in 2003 by Dr. Kofkoff. We went with 300cc o/f to 330cc under the muscle with a periareolar incision. 9 years and a second pregnancy later, its time for a revision. I had my original surgery after my first child but in 2007 we decided to have a second child. Several months after giving birth I noticed changes in the symmetry of my breast. I was able to live with the changes for a while until about a year ago when the unevenness was noticeable thru my clothing. I dont have any significant pain but you can feel that the right breast is much firmer than the left. My left also seems to have a larger pocket as it moves more freely. So I have seem 3 different surgeons including Dr. K as I was not 100% sure whether the right had Capsular Contracture or if the left was Bottoming out. Dr. K is leaning towards the right having CC although I was told by the doctors it could be a little of both, CC on the right and slight Bottoming out on the left. In the end, I trust Dr. K and have scheduled the revision for this Friday. My nerves are getting the best of me as I am obsessively researching and reading and flipping through 100's of before & after photos searching for peace of mind.

As for the revision surgery, we are switching from the 300cc smooth round salines to Mentor 350-375ish smooth round silicone gel. Dr. K said he would go with Moderate or Moderate Plus profile. I am excited to have silicone but nervous as to how even they will look when all is said and done.

Only a hours left before my revision. I a...

Only a hours left before my revision. I a scheduled to arrive at the surgical center at 9am with the procedure scheduled for 10:30. I'm a bit nervous, but more ready to get it over with. Keeping my fingers crossed everything goes smooth and the contracture doesn't return. :)

Good morning ladies. My surgery went smooth...

Good morning ladies. My surgery went smooth yesterday. Dr. K ended going with 375cc (he was thinking either 350 or 375) smooth round silicone. I can't remember what profile he chose. I will some pics this afternoon. He didn't put me in a bra as he wants the right breast to settle. I do have a drain coming out from each underarm. As for pain, I haven't busted into the pain pills. Tylenol has kept everything manageable plus the little pain have keeps me from over doing it, lol. My throat is also very sore and OMG the bitter taste i had in my mouth was unbearable! Recovery was a bit rough as I ended up puking a couple of time. The moment I worke up I was bombarded with instant pain. The nurse gave me a Morphine shop which worked great. Because Im not in a bra, I can see the bottom crease of each breast and so far they are even.

Thanks all for your kind words. Although this was my second surgery, it wasn't any less nerve racking or easier, lol.

I forgot to add that the incision was periareolar....

I forgot to add that the incision was periareolar. He did implant replacement for each breast with silicone and a capsulectomy on the right breast.

Here are 1 Day Post Op pics.

Here are 1 Day Post Op pics.

3 days Post-Op today and feeling more and more...

3 days Post-Op today and feeling more and more like myself. The drains are very sensitive but I found wearing a snug tank keeps the drain tubes from moving around and therefore eliminating most of the discomfort. I also added updated pics but as you can see there isnt much change. I have zero bruising. I havent taken off the bandages over my nipples so Im not sure what the incisions look like. There hasnt been any pain at the incision site, just the occasional tingle which is normal. I mostly notice this sensation when I get goosebumbs. I am doing very soft mild messaging just to keep everything loose and soft.

Oh I also wanted to add a few suggestions for those ladies with upcoming surgeries. Make sure to throw a blanket and/or pillow and a bottle of water in the car for your car ride home. I cannot even begin to explain how dry my mouth and throat were. I would go with a squirt bottle so you dont have to mess with taking the cap on and off. Plus it just felt good to cuddle up with a blanket and pillow and sleep all the way home. Sometimes its just the little things that make all the difference ;)

10 days post-op I had the drains taken out...

10 days post-op
I had the drains taken out Tuesday 4 days post-op. Drains totally suck ladies! Everything is trucking along. I am now able to sleep on all sides including my tummy. My breast still feel tender pretty much like right before my period. My ps wants to trim the ends of the stitches this Thursday. This will be the first time I see the incisions. I do still feel a bit of swelling in the breast tissue and have noticed changes in settling on a daily basis. Although I had a revision and seem to be recovering much faster than the original augmentation, I suspect it will take 2-3 months to see final results. I have been given the go ahead to massage. I do notice the right looking slightly higher than the left in these pics. Everything feels soft and even so Im hoping this is just settling.

2 Weeks Post-Op Here are a couple update pics.

2 Weeks Post-Op

Here are a couple update pics.

5 Weeks Post-Op I am now 5 weeks PO and feel...

5 Weeks Post-Op

I am now 5 weeks PO and feel pretty much back to normal 100%. There is still the bulky scar tissue behind the incision and a little itching around the incision area, but all will subside in time. I added a couple of pics.

Original Pre-Op Pics - Tuberous Breast. While...

Original Pre-Op Pics - Tuberous Breast.

While digging threw my old BA folder, I came across my original Pre-Op pics and took a picture to add for those ladies with tubular breast. As you can see I started off with banana boobs. Although I had tubular (Tuberous Breast) my ps never opted for a lift which I have read is common with tubular shaped breast. Anyways, just wanted to add to my vast collection of photos, lol. Happy Holidays ladies!

6 Month Pics-375 Mentor Silicone HP

Just adding update pics. Everything is still soft and bouncy.

Almost 1 year PO - 375 HP's

Good evening ladies. I just wanted to do a quick update as I am almost a full year post op. Everything looks and feels awesome. I am so in love with silicone over the salines I had previously. I added a few clothed pics although the quality isn't great. Never really knew how hard it was to take pics with an IPad until now, lol.

I also wanted to add a quick note regarding the emotional process I experienced throughout all this. I noticed some up's and down's in learning to love my new breasts. This occurred 10 years ago as well with my original surgery. I feel it's important for others to know this emotional love and hate roller coaster some go through is totally normal. It takes time for our minds to except a permanent change to our bodies. I think it's also VERY important not to become obsessed with bra sizes. After having my implants, I personally do not like how VS bras fit. But of course everyone's body is different so please take that with a grain of salt.

Best of luck to all my Boobie sisters out there!!!

1 Year after revision for cc

Hi ladies. So I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary for my revision.

To recap:
I had 375cc smooth round mentor silicone implants and a capsulectomy for cc in my right breast. I swapped my salines (300cc filled to 330cc) out for the silicones. My original implants were 10 years old. The cc developed after having my second child. Once my milk dried up, I was left with lopsided boobs.

Love my silicones. They are SO much softer and I have way less rippling. I can feel my breast bounce and move when I walk. The salines were like plastered to my chest, felt harder and less natural.

Considering downsizing to 300cc Mod+...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I am actually going to see my ps to discuss a slight downsize. I'm feeling the HP has too much projection for me. Although it's hard to tell in the pics, the 375cc HP silicones turned out larger than the 330cc salines. I want to consider the 300cc Mod+ silicone as this implant has the same diameter as the ones I have now! but I would have much less projection.

Concerns are:
- skin tightness
- cost for revision
- incision site

This has been a really tough decision as I like the feel of my current implants, I just wasn't looking to go up in size. With 300cc o/f 330cc salines I measured 32C. Now I'm a 32DD/34D. At VS I measure 32DDD, which doesn't really phase me as I don't really like their bras anyways.
I will update after my consult.

Still getting use to them...

Well I met with PS regarding possible downsizing. After weighing out all options, risks and cost, I have decided to just keep the 375cc Silicones I currently have. The funny thing is when I was driving home from the appt, I started to recall that after my first BA 10 years ago I did the same thing. As soon as I got home I pulled out all the paperwork from my original surgery (10 years ago) and sure enough I began questioning my size 6 mths after getting the 330cc saline implants. Remembering this was actually comforting as I realized it takes me a while to truly get use to any change to my body. The silicone implants feel different, move different and react differently in a bra. I still love them and now understand the issue is me being overly critical. I really appreciate everyone's input and support.

Dr. Kofkoff did my original surgery 9 years ago. Dr. Kofkoff is very honest compassionate. He calls his patients at home before and after surgery to answer any questions and see how you're doing. He's very personable and kind hearted. I would recommend him to anyone!

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