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So I've been considering breast augmentation for...

So I've been considering breast augmentation for at least 15 years, ever since puberty failed pretty much. I've always suspected that it's my own fault that I'm built this way because I started taking hormonal birth control at age 13. I don't have the same body type as almost anyone else in my family. I'm glad that I'm a healthy weight, but have always felt that I was robbed of my genetically owed curves! I'm currently 33, 135lb, and 34aa. I've worn super padded bras every day for at least 10 years and can't stand for anyone except my husband to see me without one. Swimsuits, sexy dresses, darted dress shirts for the office - so many clothes that are just impossible to fit to my body and it's so frustrating!

Anyway, it's time to pull the trigger on this thing. I'm terrified of course. I'm not very tolerant to pain at all, and naturally everyone around me is going to know I had this thing done. Not all of them will judge me kindly, I know, especially the super religious side of my family. But I'm not comfortable in my own skin. Even though I've learned to fake it pretty well with the padded bras, I know that in certain clothes that it's obvious, or if I turn a certain way you can see a gap between my breasts and bra, and there are plenty of things I still just can't wear. Even when I'm intimate with my husband, I find I'm constantly trying to push them together or turn so that they're more flattering. I don't even have enough to push them up with a corset or anything.

Enough of that negative ish. It's time to do something about it and own this body on my terms. I've already had three consults with Drs. Christian Prada, Marissa Tenenbaum, and Richard Kofkoff. All three are fine surgeons and I think I would be in good hands with any of them, but they have wildly different attitudes and bedside manner.

Dr. Prada was my fist consult, and I really felt like he was spending the most effort to get to the heart of what I'm looking for. He did the full 3D imaging on the initial consult and was very thorough going over all my options. He clearly had opinions on what would look good on my body and wasn't timid about sharing. It's both a bit odd, and a bit reassuring, to have a surgeon who so obviously appreciates the female form both personally and professionally. The office was modern, vibrant, and large. It is also attached to a spa facility and felt the most relaxing.

Dr. Tenenbaum was very straight forward and professional, and I had the utmost confidence in her skills. She took a more hands-off approach however, and pretty much gave me the impression that whatever size or style I wanted, she could make it work and look good. The consult and financial overview was all in the one exam room and felt the most "doctor-ish" of the three. She was also the only one that operates in the hospital by default rather than a surgery center, which I liked.

Dr. Kofkoff was somewhere in between the two in many respects. There were a number of "creature comforts" to help keep you relaxed, like ultra plush robes and a pillow chocolate. After the initial exam the consult was conducted in a sitting room. The whole experience had a very "old money" feel, if that makes any sense. He was very thorough, almost graphic, in explaining how the surgery is performed. He also had some preferences that he wasn't afraid to share about different kinds of implants and what he would recommend. His answers were all carefully considered and supported and was generally very personable.

In the end I decided to go with Prada because I felt he was the most concerned with getting me a great pair of breasts, frankly. I have my pre-op and sizing appointment tomorrow, and my surgery is scheduled for 4/21. Tonight I'm going to go through all my wish photos and try to narrow it down a bit better. Right now everything looks good!

Wish Pics!

Got it narrowed down a bit. Will show these to Dr. Prada this afternoon.

Pre-op & sizing

Had my final pre-op appointment yesterday. Have some issues to work out with my primary about blood thinners.

Tried on sizers for 375 and 400 and couldn't tell much of a difference between them. I gave Dr. Prada the OK for anything in the range of 375 mod to 450 HP. I trust that he'll put in the ones that will look best on me. There will be him and three female nurses in the OR judging the adjustable sizers in my body before making the final selection. I feel better with the decision being made like that than just picking something without anyone actually seeing how my body reacts to it.

We are sure about textured round silicone. He said he does over 90% smooth but it's exactly my case that he likes textured. In someone fairly active with very little natural breast tissue they can tend to travel with certain movements and the texture acts like velcro to keep them in place better. There is also a lower incidence of capsular contracture. Between those two things they should last longer than average before needing a revision.

It's starting to feel very real now. Anxious. Excited. Scared. My husband is too. Says he might even be worse than me because he likes my boobs already. I'm getting a little teasing about the very real possibility that I'll wind up in a D cup if I get the 450's. I'm trying not to get hung up on the cup size. Bra manufacturers don't know how to use a damn tape measure anyway and vanity sizing has destroyed any hope of consistency. I'm just looking forward to having a chest I can be proud of for the first time in my life. ????

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Thinking about shopping for the girls already...

Getting really excited for my new chest! I'm thinking about hitting Victoria's Secret already. They're having a sale through Tuesday on bralettes for $20. Plus I have a few reward cards so they would be $10 each. I wouldn't try to guess a cup size yet but most have S-M-L sizing, and a couple styles are just what my nurse recommended for the period between surgical bra and real bra.

My husband thinks it's a terrible idea to try to guess not just my post op size, but what style will look good and feel right. I would be able to exchange the size pretty easily if I guess wrong there, but would rather not deal with the hassle of exchanging the style. Looking for advice from the community here. Did your "style" change much? Or can I reasonably guess what I'm going to like a month or so out?

Whoops ...

I may have made this harder on my surgeon. Spent all weekend doing yard work and didn't use enough sunscreen. Picked up a wicked sunburn. Hopefully it's an even enough line that it won't throw off his judgement making them even in the OR. :-\

The Dynamic Duo

Almost forgot. My new boobs have a nickname before they're even here. My husband has taken to calling them "The Dynamic Duo" and is suggesting I get a Batman & Robin tattoo for them. Ha!

On my way!

Awake at stupid o'clock after going to bed at no-sleep-thirty. Between the anxiety and the sunburn I just couldn't sleep well. Excited. Scared. No going back now!

Done deal!

Done deal!

Home now. Sore and kind of tired. Got some food, a vicodin, and a nap. Up and about now to try to get active so I don't get stiff.

Dr. Prada went with the 450cc HP Natrelle Inspira. They seem soooooo big! I know a lot of that is dressings and swelling, and I still trust his judgement. I already feel more feminine with this silhouette, just want it to look proportional and natural too.

Having a mild reaction to the anesthesia. Nothing concerning, but it tastes like something died in my mouth. Yuck! I'm pretty sore, but nothing l can't handle so far. And it's difficult to take deep breaths because of the pressure on my chest. I don't think I would want to anyway though because it seems like it would be painful to stretch out my chest wall like that.

Ive got 5 days off work total, so I'm hoping for some fast healing! :-)

The Wa-aiting is the Hardest Part!

I cant take off any of dressings for 72 hours. I'm at about 50 hours now and it's soooo difficult not to unwrap everything and take a peek!

Still having a bit of the nasty taste in my mouth from the anesthesia. The pain is very much like a kiddie carnival rollercoaster. The peaks aren't too terribly bad, but there's just enough constant pain to keep you on your toes. Every once in a while I get some pretty sharp burning pain in my nipples, but I'm taking it as a good sign that the nerves are still working.

I'm also realizing that I have practically nothing that I can wear to work the is front-close. I'll be borrowing clothes for a bit I think. Way too early to go shopping for stuff.

Free at Last!

Finally got to unwrap everything and take a real shower. The Dynamic Duo still seem awfully big, but very high and tight as expected. They seem pretty even so far too. I'm currently measuring at a 34D, though I know it's still way too early to bank on that. FWIW, I was measuring the same while my dressings were still in place, so the gauze packs and dressings were cancelled out by how much the wrap was smashing everything down. Tried on a couple bra options for a little down the road. Looks like a couple of my existing sports bras will work in a pinch, although they are definitely smaller than they should be. I also ordered a cheap multi pack of front close sports bras on Amazon that I expect will get a lot of use in the first 6 months or so.

Pain has gotten a lot better. I do have pretty rough morning boob, but a muscle relaxer and an ibuprofen knocks it out pretty quickly. Tomorrow I'm going to try going without the muscle relaxer at all. I would like to be able to go back to work drug free, with the exception of OTC meds. And I still have to watch myself as it's pretty easy to strain a little too hard and get a stabbing or aching pain. It goes away pretty quickly. I don't think I've done anything really damaging since I have absolutely no bruising despite being on blood thinners.

So far so good! Now just to wait on the agonizingly slow drop period.

Waiting Game and Back to Work (Day 5)

I'm pretty well back to my normal routine. Pain is minimal and I'm able to do about 75% of my everyday activities. My belly bloat is almost gone and my GI system is back to normal too. The Dynamic Duo is still high and tight, but the right one is starting to drop just a bit. I guess since it's leading, that one will be Batman. :-)

My surgeon didn't think I'd really need a strap, and my nurse said I don't need the ACE wrap anymore technically. But she said it might not be a bad idea to wear a small piece of it at least while sleeping to just encourage a quicker drop. I figure the more I am able to wear a strap the better and quicker I'll get to my end result. I'm going to try to wear the regular ACE while sleeping, and I have a black one that I'll try to wear at least part of the day too. The black one just looks like I'm wearing a black cami and prevents the surgical bra from peeking out, so that's all good.

I can't wait to get these steri-strips off. They itch like crazy! And I want to start getting some scar treatment on the incisions. I'm already using anti-chafing nursing gel on my nipples and stretch mark cream over the rest of my breasts. Both seem to be helping as I have minimal discomfort there.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror while I was washing my hands in the office bathroom. And I didn't see a crazy bra, or a weird gap, or feel self-conscious. I just saw some pretty normal inside-boob curve. Felt pretty good. Not stellar cleavage yet, but it only gets better from here. :-)

Post-op blues ...

No photos today, not much change there. Just want to vent a bit. I thought I was in a really good place mentally before the surgery and I wouldn't fall prey to the mind games that so many women have after BA. I guess no one is immune. The last 24 hours or so I've taken a step back with my pain management and I'm feeling really self conscious.

This morning I tried to do a different wrap style with my ACE to help with my posture too. Took forever to get it right by myself. Then went through 11 outfit changes before I could get out the door. I don't know if it's just the 10 lb I've put on on the past year or if I still have a bit of belly bloat, but I don't have the arm strength to button most of my work pants. Obviously a bunch of my tops don't fit right now and many of those that do don't fully cover my surgical bra. Plus not much looks very flattering because of my belly.

And then by the time I had driven most of the way to work the combination of the drive and the new wrap had me in so much pain. I was literally halfway undressing myself to tear the wrap off as soon as I got to the off ramp stoplight. My chest has been aching all morning despite taking painkillers and using ice packs. I'm just frustrated practically to tears and I thought I would be stronger than this. I hope this phase passes quickly.

10 days down!

Glad to report that things are looking up from the last time I posted. TMI ahead: I think that most of the emotional and physical junk I was going through last time I posted was related to my cycle. I knew it was coming up but didn't think about how it could affect my recovery. So watch out for that! I actually started feeling better about it as soon as I realized what was going on. Even if the symptoms were still there at least I could justify it.

My 1 week post-op was actually on day 8, the day after my last post. That appointment was actually with the nurse, not Dr, Prada, and thanks to a scheduling mishap it wasn't his regular nurse. Boo. Everything seemed fine for the most part, and I should be "released" for lifting up to 20 lb and doing light cardio and leg workouts as I feel up to it this week. Plus, no more surgical bra as of my 2 week mark (YAY!) She said that everything is looking pretty good for the stage I'm at. I did have a little bleeding at one of my incisions on day 7 so she replaced the clear bandages with steri-strips rather than leaving them uncovered just yet. I also have some hardening in the vein used for the IV, so I'm applying a warm compress and massaging a couple times a day to try to break down any new scar tissue there.

She seemed confused that Dr. Prada hadn't given me a band at surgery, and gave me one with the recommendation to wear it 24/7 through the 2 week mark. When she put it on me at first it seemed tight, but bearable. By the time I had gotten home it was really starting to get painful, and I wound up having to loosen it twice that evening. I tightened it back up before bed thinking that if I wasn't moving I could stand it to be tighter.

The following morning (Saturday) I tried to go about my normal day, but the band was really causing a lot of pain. I found myself at the point where I had to start heavily medicating again or lose the band, so I reluctantly called the 24/7 exchange around noon. Dr. Prada called me back about 30 minutes later and said not to wear the band after all. He said he doesn't really think they help anyway and that he would make sure that the nurses who may need to fill in for him about his feelings on it. I know the strap is really uncomfortable, but I am still not sure why it was causing so much pain. Maybe because I hadn't had it that first week, so my muscles were totally unaccustomed to that kind of pressure rather than easing into it while medicated and everything is most malleable? Or because the texture on the implant has already started to bond to the tissue? Anyway I'm just glad to be out of the thing.

Pretty uneventful since then. Not much change visually. This morning I managed to get into the pair of pants that started my meltdown last Thursday (HA!) I also tried on several swimsuits last night and discovered I don't own much that would work in a pinch. All my old favorites look ridiculous and lewd now. Not that I'm planning on doing much swimming this summer, but you never know. :-)

2 Week Tittiversary!

2 weeks baby! I can get out of the surgical bra FINALLY! But I haven't actually picked one out yet. Soo many options! I'm supposed to get a sports bra with individual cups and no underwire. It seems that the range of bras that fit the requirements are everything from "hairband with straps" to "full on battle armor." I've never actually had to buy a functional sports bra before and this is a whole new experience for me. Before I had one consideration, namely, "does it make me look bigger?" And now that's the only thing I DON'T need, right? :-D

I'm still a bit sore most of the time, but totally manageable. A good day feels like I got kicked in the sternum by a donkey while wearing an adds-2-cups push-up bra. A bad day used to feel like I was a piece of jumbo sized bubble wrap in the hands of a toddler.

My IV site issue is actually getting worse and I've been instructed to get more aggressive with a heating pad, elevating the arm, and taking aspirin. It's very very unlikely to develop into anything serious though.

Mostly I'm just enjoying the new view, though I just can't hardly wait for the D&F. It's so agonizingly slow!

3 Weeks Down!

Not much change from last week, but uploaded some new photos. Really happy with the size. I put on my clothes in the morning and the new shape is everywhere from totally unremarkable to "WOW! Look at those things!" so I should have a lot of flexibility going forward. They look great in clothes, but I look like I'm wearing an invisible push up bra naked and it's a little freaky to see still. Switched into a sports bra, sized 34C and finally cut low enough that I can wear most of my clothes without it showing. I might have fit a 34D but it wasn't available to try and this one is plenty comfy. 36 C&D were both too big.

I can sleep on my side again too, but I still wake up on my back, which is pretty much the opposite of what I used to do before the surgery. And I'm trying to get back to exercising, sort of. Lowers only, body weight resistance only. Who knew there were so many variations of squats and lunges? ;-D And very low effort, low impact cardio. Glorified walking, pretty much. Very little pain left, just some general achy tightness most days. And nipple sensitivity. Blech. 1 month follow up next week and lots of questions for Dr. Prada, mostly "can I do X yet already?!?" Still battling the blot clot but I think it is starting to get better.

1 month post-op, and DD?!?! cup?

I’m officially 1 month post-op today! Looking and feeling great! Really there’s not much change from last week. Still a bit of skin and nipple sensitivity. Still a bit of a blood clot in my arm. Both are slowly getting better. My breasts are still VERY firm, but I’m trying not to be too worried about it. I know that since I had so little to start with and got the textured implants that it could take up to a year for them to reach “final form.” I can’t imagine having anything bigger, and have no sign of developing boob greed. I feel these are just right and proportional, actually.

I had my 1 month visit at 3.5 weeks. The last bit of surgical tape FINALLY came off. It was getting kind of gross, frankly. I’m surprised how small the incisions are. Dr. Prada got some huge implants into those tiny cuts! The left one is healing near perfectly. The right one, which is the one that bled a bit around 1 week post-op, is a little redder and has a small bit of scab left. It also had one suture that hadn’t fully dissolved and just had to be pulled out. I’ve started using my scar treatment and massaging, though I don’t know that the massages are really supposed to do anything non-psychological in my case. I confirmed with Dr. Prada that there’s not much I can do about my wide cleavage. But I’m OK with it. I understand that it’s my own anatomy causing it and not his surgical skill, and I can totally accept the awesome side boob I’m developing as a consolation prize. ? I’m on full activity release with just a couple exceptions like roller coasters and swimming, and even those I should be good by Memorial Day weekend. And by then I’m clear to wear anything I want, including underwire bras!

So on that note, I went bra shopping this morning, and it was so much FUN! I was on the hunt for a super supportive sports bra, a really comfy T-shirt bra, and something strapless. Of course, I did the obligatory Victoria’s Secret sizing and measured a 34DD. I wasn’t too worried about it. We all know that VS inflates their sizes pretty badly right? So I took a couple 34D’s into the dressing room to try on, along with a 34DD sample from the attendant. Not surprised, the DD was just a bit too big. The one thing I will never put up with again is cup gap!! Scored big with a double layer sports bra. It has front close soft underwire like a T-shirt bra, and then a double wrap top layer that clips in place. Also found a great strapless, though I did have to size up to a 34DD in that one. No matter, black lace is always welcome in my wardrobe! And it has a 3 hook closure. That’s new!! And, triple score, they were both on sale for $20!

Then off to Aerie, where I found the MOST comfy bra I have EVER owned, a microfiber T-shirt bra in 34D. Also on clearance (YAY!) Again, the whole experience was so different and so much more enjoyable than bra shopping before. Where I used to be afraid, no matter where I went, that I wouldn’t be able to fit anything in the whole store … now I feel confident that LOTS of things will fit me, even if I have to go up or down a size to find it. It’s just so exhilarating and empowering to have that anxiety lifted.

My husband was gracious enough to tag along during all this and gave me a good bit of ribbing about the 34DD measurement. I didn’t really want to be in that big of cup size, TBH, and didn’t believe it anyway. So this evening we got out the tape measure and re-did it ourselves. I can’t explain it, but where a couple weeks ago I was measuring 34D, now I’m measuring 32DD, maybe even a little bigger. I know they’re sister sizes, but still. As far as the band size goes, I know before I was rounding up from 33 and I have lost maybe 5 lb since surgery because I want to get in AMAZING shape for this summer and show off a whole new body. Plus, I’m wondering if as things stretch, maybe some of the tissue that was around my ribcage is getting pulled up into by breast area. I don’t know, whatever. Again, I’m trying not to get hung up on it. And I’m pretty sure if I put on a 32DD bra it would be REALLY uncomfortable around the band, so I’m still going to wear the size that feels and looks good, which seems to be 34D.

And then I tried on a top that I had really good photos of me wearing about 8 months pre-op. And wow. Just. WOW! I’ve got comparison photos up. What a huge difference! That’s one shirt that isn’t going to hide the duo, that’s for sure. And just for laughs, I also tried on one of my old 34AA strapless bras. Literally I went into giggle fits. It might even be worth keeping one just to remind myself where I started if I ever do somehow start to develop boob greed. Really though, I’m expecting pretty smooth sailing from here. I’ll try to update at least monthly, but from here on I’m expecting the progress to be CRAZY slow. I’ll keep checking in on all you lovely ladies on here, but I won’t bore you all with the minutia and day-to day updates that might just lead to my own paranoia too. I’m just going to have an awesome summer with my awesome new body, and hope you are all doing the same! Lots of love to you all!

2 Month Photos are Late

Completely missed my 2 month update. Sorry guys! Took the pictures but never edited them or wrote anything up until now.

3 Months and Cruising

3 months out and everything is settling in nicely. They’re still firmer than I would like, and have a bit of upper pole fullness yet. Both should continue to improve for several more months. I am getting some rippling, only on the outer edge and only when I lean fully forward. Annoying, but I kind of expected it. It’s difficult to get a photo of but I’ve got one up there that sort of shows it. I feel like the shape is much more natural now than the last time I posted though. Making the comparison photos really helps me maintain perspective on that. I’ve uploaded a video too to show how they move, or don’t. They can be pushed around quite a bit, but they don’t yet have any inertia of their own. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue making the vids and that will also help me see the improvement for the first year or so. I don’t think I would have even been comfortable making the video before now because they were so firm in the beginning.

I’m getting to the point that I don’t really think about them anymore. Except when I pass the lingerie or swim section in the store and have to hold myself back from buying one of everything! I will be doing a little swim suit shopping soon though to take advantage of end of season sales, and so I have something really great for a pool party in a couple weeks. It’s been really hard to find something in between porn star and grandma so far. But it’s so much better than the problems I used to have!

Swimsuit Shopping

Did a little swim suit shopping last week. Not keeping everything, but couldn't decide in the store. They all look so much better now than before!

4 Month Photos

Nothing to really report, just enjoying the view.

5 Month Photos

I think they're getting much more mobile now. I'll post a more in-depth review and updated video with my 6 month update. :-)

6 Months!

Sorry this is so late! I had trouble finding time to get all the photos and videos edited.

Wow, 6 months already! Or more like, “only 6 months,” because sometimes it feels like I’ve always had this chest. They keep getting just a bit more mobile and softer with time, but still much firmer than natural breasts. I can feel quite a bit of motion when I run or jump. My husband says he can’t really see it though. I’m still finding clothes in my closet that have to be retired because they just don’t fit or look right anymore. Oddly enough, I think the rippling on the sides might actually be decreasing. I’ve added about 5 lb of “winter fluff,” so maybe there’s just a tiny bit more fat there to camouflage it? I’m hoping that’s not the case and it stays gone when I slim back down.
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