One Month post op brachioplasty, bra roll lift and lipo of hips/flanks scars from LBL BL/BA 13 months post op

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Well after stalking this site for a couple of...

Well after stalking this site for a couple of years, I am finally ready to make my dreams come true. I am 49 y/o 5'5 170 hoping to be 150 by surgery or close to it. I work out 6 days a week with beach body programs, but really feeling deflated by not seeing the results of my hard work.. I have gained some great muscle in upper and lower body, but my abdomen is not showing any improvement except I can suck it in further. :( I have had two c sections and 2 other laproscopic surgeries, I am looking forward to a new me... And I have confidence in my Surgeon and can't wait to see the end results. I made the down payments to secure my date. Now I wait :(

I am a Surgical Nurse I work in the OR with some wonderful surgeons but I chose to go outside the box and go with a surgeon I didn't know, Not because I don't trust their work, but because I work in surgery and I know things can happen, that are not planned.. And I value our working relationship not to let that get in the way if something were to happen. That would make for difficult working relationship afterwards.

I had my three consults all with very professional Board certified in plastic surgery Surgeons. The first one was more conservative and wanted to do procedure in two parts, more anesthesia more OR time =$$$$. Second one has done many lbl, which is my main concern, yeah you can mess up boobs but in mho they are easily fixed. My biggest concern is the body lift. I have so much loose skin on my abdomen and hips that I was afraid if I do just the tummy tuck I will have pan handle hips. If I am going to go through the pain I would just as soon do it all at one time. Third surgeon was super nice very honest and told me I would not be happy with just the mommy makeover by the way I pulled on my skin. He does not do the LBL but could refer me to someone who done many.. He said Christian Prada he does great work, performed many of these procedure every year and has fantastic outcome.. Well my gut was right, Dr Prada was my second consult and I pretty much knew when I left there he was going to do my procedure. Such self confidence in his work great profile pictures with great results. Felt like he was easy to talk to and think he will do what is best for me. I do know I will probably have 6 drains 2 pain pumps, but he does not use experal injections, and I understand his reasoning don't want you to stand up and pull something it like going to the dentist and biting your jaw don't hurt while it is numb but when the numbness wears off you will know it. So I get it and I am ok with that.

After care ok this is where I get scared. I chose to do this when my husband who is a farmer is out of the fields and will be around to help me.. If this don't work out I may be staying with my sister. Just not sure he can handle it. And it is a slow time for us at work, I knew it would not be a problem to get the 6 weeks off. Although I am trying to keep it on the down low of being out... Makes it hard when I am so excited and I want to talk to someone about it and I can't :( I know my hubby is tired of hearing about it, he said he loves me the way I am, but it's me that is not happy .. I am getting to the best years of my life and I want to feel good. I want to workout with a purpose. Next time I do insanity I want to see muscle in my abdomen. I plan on doing Insanity Max 30 in Dec and January up until surgery. Hope that is helps me heal faster.

If anyone has any suggestion on supplements or a list of supplies feel free to share them with me.. I am looking forward to this journey and trying to keep two steps ahead as I am a planner, My next apt is not until 12/30 for my pre op visit.

The journey begins now

This are photos that were just taken a day or so ago. I sure never realized how fat I look. My mirrors must be lying to me all this time. I have gone from 236 to 129 and now at 170. I am happiest around 140ish so hoping to hit 150 prior to surgery in January. That is an obtainable goal. And I am going for it. It is nice to actually have a date and I can start moving forward. Those of you who have posted before photos are an inspiration and I hope to be one as well.. I am ready to start the next chapter in my life :D

Such an emotional roller coaster ride... Who knew it would be like this?

I am still about three month away from my procedures with Dr Prada. And holy cow this is to much time to think about all sorts of things. So many highs and lows it is unreal. I am sure I will be totally thrilled when it is all over said and done. And I have the utmost confidence in my Surgeon, I have spoken to other Plastic surgeons that I work with and gotten stellar reviews. His work and reviews speak volumes. I truly do want to be one of his finer piece of work.. I want him to say yes I did that!!.
But then I find myself saying, you are pushing 50 is this really needed? Is it really going to impact my life that much? Well I have to say the answer keeps coming back as a yes. as being someone who has struggled with weight my entire life, gaining and losing only to be left with tons of loose skin. I work out 6 days a week using programs like insanity, t25 and p90x3. Not like I just walk the dog a mile or two everyday. But although I have gained some tremendous muscle in my upper and lower body I see not much change in the middle area. And that is a lot of work to not see progress. I did lose 13 lbs with just insanity alone. I can't wait to do it again after surgery when cleared. I have been doing this more than a year and while on vacation this year I finally decided this is the year I was going to get the ball rolling. I am in good health quit smoking over a year ago, started working out any my health in general is great, my lab values are fantastic so now seems like as good as time as any..
Now the guilt this is almost 30,000 total like 28,300 and that is with a nurse discount?? that is more than my new car I bought. More than a 1/2 years salary I am spending on myself and by the time it is all said and done will probally be more than that, But I do have enough time in to still get paid while I am off work and I also have short term disability. So I will still have income coming in. Which puts me a little at ease. The money is not part of the issue at all, if I get the results that I invision in my mind it will totally be worth every single penny to me.. The scars do no intimidate me, I am not afraid of them I know I will suffer a great deal of pain, but not more than the emotional pain of facing myself in disgust when I look in the mirror and feel like a failure and wonder how I can have puddles of sweat on the floor after a workout and still have this image looking back at me. I need to feel like I am truly accomplishing something or I am going to become just an old person with no purpose. I want to look as good as I feel.. I want to look good for my husband although he says he loves me the way I am.. He didn't like it when I was too skinny at 129 nor at 236 now I am and have been 157-170 over last year when I quit smoking I gained and went up to 184 now back down 171ish hope to hit 150-155 by surgery day end of January very doable..
I have booked the date, my pre op is Dec 30th Happy New Year to me right :) 2015 is going to me a year of changes for me in many ways this is just the biggest one and I just hope the results are as amazing as I imagine.. When I say that please don't think I have unrealistic goals, I know I am not coming out runway model beautiful. When I lay down I want my skin to stay in one place, not have my boobs in my armpits and my stomach around my hips.. That is my real wish ... I don't want to spread like rising dough over the pan.. So over that already.. So ready for Dr Prada to work his magic :D excited yes, scared oh hell yes.. but going to do it anyway umm yep.. cause I am worth this, I have worked hard to it, and it was not a decision I came to over night.. Thought long and hard, visited my three consults and here I am..

Are you afraid you will want more?

I have not thought about this too much but as I continue to read stories and I am having most things taken care of. I am wondering if a total body lift would not be more fitting then I have everything taken of. My arms, thighs are an issue as well, but near as much as my stomach is or as saggy as my boobs are.. My husband is afraid I will continue to want more, I guess that primarily depends on my results the first time in.. I guess all we can hope for it too look good for our age, I am pushing 50 what should I look like? I am not even sure, I am by no means intimated by the scars ad I would not hesitate to get a full body tattoo around my waist. There are many very tastefull tattoos for just this purpose, but when you come up with your own design it makes it that much more meaningful. Any way just rambling tonight wondering if this will become addictive as I do have an addictive personality?? I guess time will tell, but the main reason I went with the LBL and BL/BA is so I didn't have to have another surgery..

Only one more month until my Pre Op 6 weeks 3 days till LBL/MR with BL/BA

Wow, what a roller coaster ride this is eh??? Well I received my file explaining every detail of my surgery and what to expect.. I am on OR nurse so much of this I knew already the list of medication you can take would surely be short than the ones you can't..

Speaking of which any of you that have/are taking bromelin and arnica did you start using them prior too or after surgery? Is there one brand perfered over the other? Pill or cream /gel work best ? Did they seem to help in your honest opinion or maybe they did maybe they didn't.

Those of you who work out regularly do you feel it helped minimize the pain afterwards or increase you healing time? ( I am doing insanity max 30 right now want to know if it helps afterwards)? I workout 5/6days a week with beach body programs plan to continue until the morning of my surgery which is 1/28/15 getting closer..

that last week is going to be busy for me, I was actually scheduled off the Monday and Tuesday before my surgery and I asked to be put on the schedule I don't want to just sit around and wait for the day to get here I would rather stay busy. My surgery is scheduled at 0715 I need to arrive an hour and half earlier so 545.. No biggie I am usually up way before that anyway. I will pay my fees that day for the Surgeon, pain pumps there will be two and my atraxia blood thinner ,

Did anyone use or the TNS scar repair my Dr offers it but it is an additional $237.00 which I guess all things considered that is not much right? Just wondering if anyone would or would not recommend it and what your experience with it was/is? Is it worth the cost? Is it any different than the TNS tape you buy off Amazon? for $20.00 Just a silicone base tape from what I can tell and find out about? I am excited and want to tell everyone yet don't want to tell anyone.. There are a couple of friends I work with who know my bosses and my sister and immediate family. So 6 friends all but two have has some sort of plastic surgery done themselves.

I am so thank ful for this site and the updates and pictures that are posted how all the RS sisters , the support is overwhelming to those of us who really don't have anyone else to talk to about the same procedures we are about or have undergone ourselves. I will keep you updated please do the same and if you have any answers for the ??? above I would love it if you would share them :)

Happy Healing to all those who have gone before and good luck to those that are going

My wish pics.. Do you think it is just wishful thinking?

I have been boob shopping and I have found what I would like them to look like just not sure it is possible. I will see If I can upload the picture, Then I wonder if I am too old to have nice boobs like these.. to many concerns with getting this done, Then again I am paying good money for these boobs what difference does it make as long as I like them :D And what I am hoping to look like in the long run.. What do you think to much for 49 year old?

My dream boobs..

Am I asking to much???

Down to 18 days!! What about Arnica tabs and Broehmelin? Do they work? Yes or NO

It is finally getting close, waiting almost three months from booking it seems like it has taken forever. Just wondering about the Arnica and broehmilin tabs do they work or is it a joke.. Any advise ladies or gents.. My surgeon only recommended and Iron tablet 30 days prior to surgery.. Just want some info thanks..

Final Pre op!! 1/13

This is it, I am off to see my surgeon for final decisions on breast and procedures photos etc.. Should take about two hours, so glad my husband is going with me.. SO excited I wish my surgery was today!!.. So I could be on the road to recovery.. Soon though real soon.. Happy healing to all my RS sisters that have braved the storm.. I will soon see you on the other side :) Update later

So excited for Dr Prada to work his magic.. So much good news today So READY!!

Well I had my final pre op today with my surgeon.. Did my sizing and really liked the 450cc under the shirt, but Dr Prada will make the final decision in the OR.. He is ordering in 6 sizes so there are choices.. Also thinks it will not take him the full 7 1/2 hours. More good news.. Less time under anesthesia.. Got my Rx to have filled Percocet, valium and antibiotic. Signed all my papers and consents found out there will only be 4 drains two in the pubic area and one on each hip the ones on the hip come out first post op in a week, the others not for at least 10 days to 2 weeks. Two pain pumps one for the abdomen and one for the breast.. No showers for three days but when the pain pumps are empty I can shower :) That was good news... I am so excited I can hardly contain myself and they are only a few close friends (some who have had something done themselves ) 6 friends total and my immediate family and all of you girls :) I don't fear the surgery, it's the recovery I fear.. But I already know it is going to hurt.. Really can't be any other way.. I ordered some bras from Wal Mart order 42 I wear a 38 now. If they don't work I can always take them back. So glad to have this forum and all of you who have posted their journeys for us to yet go.. I am going to wish these next two weeks away so it's my turn. :) If only,, I know there are many of you to go before me this week yet.. I wish you the best of luck and happy healing. xoxo

FMLA denied??

Just want to know if anyone had their FMLA denied because this was an elective surgery even though you are having major surgery and will require a night stay in the hospital.?? Just wondering if it is just this company or if others have had it denied as well? Not that it will matter I will still have my surgery and hope that after 15 years on the job I will still have a job once I am healed up and ready to return to work. My supervisor have agreed to me having this time off and already have me scheduled off .. Surgery is next week.. Not much notice was it??

Tic, tic tic, My day is almost here this time tomorrow I should be in recovery!!

After all the anticipation and waiting and reading everyone stories, I am about to embark on my own journey. Got my pre op phone call, LOA has all been finalized. I think I am ready taking a pair of scrubs and a pair of yoga pants to the hospital to come home in. I am anxious but not nervous does that make sense? I so bad want it be over with so I can start to heel.. In just 12 hours I will be on my way.. I have to check in at 545 am and surgery is at 0715 he has me scheduled for 7 1/2 hours and may or may not take that long.. I am not concerned about how long it takes or the scars for that matter, I know he keeps them low.. My goals are for perky and pretty boobs not (porn star boobs) for my stomach to be as flat standing up as it is when I lay down. I guess nothing to do but wait must pack take antibiotics yet do a pre op shower with the betadine scrub and repeat in the morning. I am excited, to say the least. See you all on the flat side. I will post and add photos when I can.. xoxo Thanks to all who shared the journey before me.. Which has helped me prepare.

on my way!!

So ready for this may prayers guide Dr Prada today see you on the flat side xoxo

Day 2 post op!!

I can't believe how good I feel today!! I am super amazed and afraid that when the pain pump wears off sometime tomorrow I will feel everything.. Most say days 3 and 4 are the worst.. I guess I will see. I get to shower as soon as the pain pumps come out. .. My first night was aweful I was so nauseated all night even trying to talk on the phone make me ill. I did not want to hurl.. Today I sneezed for the first time.. YIKES that hurts a bit. My Dr had me laughing right away the next morning.. and gave me the pic of the skin he removed I don't know if he weighed it but it is quite impressive.. I do hope to get some photos soon.. Yep I am up 10lbs but I am sure that has a lot to do with the 8 liters of fluids they gave me and I only gave them 200 back in the foley, My guess it was kinked somewhere duiring the procedure.. Up moving almost upright getting up there is a bit of a challenge to start but once I am moving I am fine.. Still have all four drains only one producing much so maybe next week the other three will come out. Walking pretty normal.. Although I am finding my drains leak and run down my legs when I get up which a pain in the but, My youngest son has been wonderful all day today to help me, Other wise been pretty much on my own... He has even given me my shots so proud of him. Hubby has been running with his parents back and fourth to Dr Appts. I ended up with 325 and 385 on implants. From what I can tell they look nice have not had a real look at them yet. Afraid I am biting the bullet carring on how well it has gone so far besides the first walk.. It has been pretty easy, again may be the pain pumps so we shall see. I will continue to update and should get a shower tomorrow and be able to get photos.

skin removed

Photo update last day as old me pre op and 3 days post op

I think I am really going to love the boobs

5 days PO Finally a BM

I am actually doing really well, I can't complain about pain, my nipples are starting to wake up a bit at least that is what I think it is feels like electric shock don't hurt just different. Boobs are way swollen and tight and back is the only real thing that hurts. I keep my compression binder on tight. For all of those who have taken the stool softners and Colace, skip it go straight to mom and you will find relief, no cramps not a lots of gas pain just relief and the cherry is not so bad tasting. I am off all pain meds for two days now taking just Tylenol and the valium for back spasms. I have not tried the ice pack on the back yet but I may do that today to see if I get some relief. My appitite has not been great, oatmeal, protein shakes with pineapple cottage cheese greek yogurt peanut butter keeping it simple and things I can manage on my own. Pain pumps came out on Saturday and breast one didn't hurt the abdomen one stung a bit like you could feel where it was coming from was a burning sensation. Other than that nothing new to report hope you are are healing well, I am excited to see my belly button this week when the dressing come off. Drains are all serous drainage no blood. And decreasing in amounts every day yesterday my highest one was 30cc all clear. I think I am going to be totally happy with my results. More and more areas are starting to come alive I feel my ab muscles I never even felt them when I worked out every day . Now all I a have to do is get up or even at rest I feel them pretty awesome. :) Keep healing all my RS friends, we worked hard for this and we deserve it.

First Pre op visit today

Hope to get the cotton tutu off today it is such a PIA breast feel really tight this morning, was a work out just getting myself dressed, Drains all produced less than 5 cc over night and have been for the past couple of days so I am hopeing the come out.. Will update when I return home.. Back is the only thing really giving me any problem I am actually down 16 lbs that does include the 10 I brought home from the hospital from fluids.. So everyday gets better, I am not real concerned what the number on the scale says. I am concernced how I feel and how I look.. With all the extra skin people always looked at me like yeah right you work out 6 days a week.. I will be so glad to get back to working out and see the definition I get now.

Skin is flakey, and red blotches, boobs are warm and tender? 8 day post op

I have read that the skin issue can be from anesthesia, but it is so itchy and flaky, I am putting polysporin on my face . My boobs feel like this surgical bra is too small. I think I will take some aleve tonight so see if it helps with swelling. Right one is soft but the left seems quite tight maybe it is just high. I don't know I have never had boobs before so this is new to me. I was just at the PS office yesterday told me all looked great I am 90-95% upright no more pain pills since day 2/3 I do still take the muscle relaxers, today I did dishes and made dinner tomorrow I will start to wear my fit bit again to keep track of my mileage. I am totally happy with my recovery this far hope this is normal for the breast. Cause I do love them!!! and they are perfect. I guess time will tell or if it becomes bothersome I will call the PS office xoxo keep healing friends

12 Day P.O feeling really good but.....

I am 12 days post op today and I feel really good, my boobs are still numb, not sure how long that will last getting a few sharp zaps every once in while through them but not enough to make me feel like it is going to happen soon. Emptied my two drains this morning both less than 5cc have been like that for more than a week they will come out tomorrow morning YAY!!!! Taking care of my dressing this morning I noticed there is a small piece of the tape coming up that was applied during surgery looks like it just rolled up from the CG and dressing pulling up, I applied a little ointment and tried to roll it back down and applied a new dressing, Not going to make a big deal out of since I see the Dr in the morning. Just wondering about showering tonight, I guess I will shower but use betadine scrub over the incision line. I will post some new photos tomorrow after my post op visit number 2. I got to sleep in my bed last night can lay totally flat I do have to remain mindful not to just flip my body around but to use my legs to help turn, I am so tired of sleeping on my back that is somewhat a relief to sleep on my side, I do cradle a pillow for my breast but nothing under my legs. Even though my bed is high I used a step stool prior to surgery and was able to do so afterwards without any trouble. I am not going to lie I am afraid of dehiscence of the wound when the tape comes off tomorrow maybe if I was not a OR nurse I would not even be thinking about these things.... They have always said nurse's make the worst patients.. Must be true for a reason, eh? I have read many reviews on here sounds like those with the most pain and trouble are coming from those who have had liposuction at the same time. My worse day was day of surgery and day 4 other than those two days I have felt really good. I have not taken pain meds since day 2 as I did not really think there is a lot of pain. Mind you everyones' idea of pain is different, it is a discomfort and sneezing = Ouch, my breast are tender but not painful actually still mostly numb and swollen.. I was afraid when the pain pumps came out life would be miserable but it wasn't . I was so afraid of the recovery portion of this surgery on how bad it was going to be, I really expected much much worse to be honest. So far it have been uneventful, and I pray it stays that way. It has been so exciting to see how some of my RS sisters have progressed and how amazing they look I can only hope that my results turn out like some of theirs. But I have to keep my faith I have not really even looked without the CG on as I am afraid I will be disappointed. The only thing I can say is I can wear my CG tighter each time I wear it, by where the straps go... which now they are on the back side of me :) Progress I guess I will see tomorrow.. Till then ta ta..:)

Almost two weeks PO Second post op visit/pics

First let me say how much I really hate early morning traffic!!! bumper to bumper for most of the trip... Signed in went to my room changed into their paper gown and panties. Got the sutures removed from my belly button, tegaderm still on the breast for added support. The mesh around my waist still there, :( I thought it was all coming off today nope not for another two weeks. Did take some photo when I got home I will try and get them posted. DRAINS are gone!!! such a feeling of freedom... Allowed to have the binder off for two hours a day one hour in the morning one hour at night I will probably return to work the first week of march. I am pleased with my results so far.. I wish I had that program that did side by side photos of before and afters.

17 Days post op Happy Valentines Day!! Or maybe not?

I am sure hoping that I am not falling into the slump that I hear everyone talking about. My beautiful boobs have started to drop, swelling is way down on them still not much feeling in them, I get some zingers and a sharp pain here and there.. some tingeling sensations they still have the clear tegaderm tapes on them help with scar reduction.
I had my compression garment off this morning for my hour and I did a lean forward in the mirror, the upper abdomen seems pretty loose to me, it is one area that is not numb. I can't really tell much difference in my thighs and butt at all, But trying not to be disheartened by this since I am only 17 days post op. I seem to have some real fleshy skin at my upper thighs just below my hips, my stomach is flat and tight, and my mons is still swollen although he did tell me he used some lipo there which was news to me I didn't think he was going to use any lipo and if that was the case and it was out why not use it other places too to help contour like the outer thighs.? Surgery was done and 1 1/2 sooner than anticipated, I am having to fight with the hospital to get a refund since you have to pay for it up front. I would of rather been told less time and paid for the extra if need be. But then again, I got what I asked for.. My wishes were pretty and perky boobs, and for my stomach to be as flat when I stood up as it was when I laid down. I got both of those. Maybe I should of asked for more? Maybe it will get better? Maybe I am just tired of being in the house all day. I don't want to start feeling the doom and gloom!! I have not brought myself to tears yet.. Notice I did say yet? I am just wondering if I would of gotten the same results with just having the extended tummy tuck and saved myself the extra 10,000$ I guess time will tell I don't go back until the 24th so that gives my body time to adjust some more and hopefully start to seem more improvement in my contouring. I sure hope so. I would hate to think I spent all this $$$$ and not be satisfied.. Well just tried on my low cut jeans and while they fit way better the scar will show when I bend over guess I will just have to wear a tuck In shirt all the time. Sorry to vent, just aggravated today.

3 week Post op

Not a lot of changes this week, I still have a super sore area above my belly button feels really bruised and very tender to the touch. Breast still feel numb and very warm to the touch. I am able to be out of my CG for two hours a day one in the morning one in the evening. Finding I really like to comfort of having it on. My mesh tape is starting to fall off in places so I have just been cutting it flush to the skin, I can see my incision line, very thin. I started walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes a couple times a week. Just to be moving. I find out Tuesday about going back to work the first part of March. I wore a pair of my low cut jeans over my binder this week to go out to a dinner. I can't seem to find any good sports bras I am measuring a 38D boobs are still numb for the most part doing massages now on them starting the third week.

4 weeks post op lower body lift extended tummy tuck and bl/ba Sientra implants!!

Well saw my PS yesterday got all the dressings removed, cleared to start scar therapy, and breast massage. Put the scar away on last night. I was cleared to start back at work next week for my full 12 hour shifts. Still have to wear my binder for a couple more weeks, Which I don't mind I like the comfort it adds to my movements. Can use the Treadmill and elliptical nothing more strenuous than that. My boobs are still numb and I hope that all sensations come back, I took that risk and it was a fear they wouldn't. So I guess I have to wait and see. The nipples and the areola have NO sensation what so ever... Would be very sad to have great breast I don't enjoy... The playground was free to open which make the hubby very happy!! LOL. I don't have another follow up until June for my 3 months pictures. I am going into the book of fame in his office.. That is sorta exciting to know I will be used as an example of what can be accomplished. I am going to drive for the first time today it has been a month since I drove..!! My husband drives everywhere.. I finished all 6 seasons of SOA while I was recovering. Awesome show WOW.. Still have the final season to watch which just got delivered yesterday. I am on a mission this week to get the house back to pre surgery state before I return to work. Get up early and get a workout in even if it just walking on the TM for 45 minutes before I hit the shower that is my routine and I need to and I am ready to get back to it. Has anyone used scar away strips..? Did you like them? results good/bad? A couple of photos from yesterday not much change from last week.

5 weeks Post op... And back to work???

Wow this has been an eye opening week, first off I didn't tell a lot of people I was having anything done, And after 4 weeks I went back to work my full 12 hour shift.. Holy hell batman, I was not quite ready for that.. But I survived and it is probably the best thing for me. But I can tell you I slept like an old man in the back of church.. Of course we got the worst snow storm of the year and I despise snow with all my being.. So my husband took me to work and picked me up both days. And I am suppose to be on lifting restrictions which I could not tell my bosses or they would not let me come back to work yet. I work In the OR and I got the biggest kids the first day and the second day was a little easier until around 5 and my last two were over 230 lbs each.. Thank heavens there was some extra staff there yet to help move them when we were done. I am hoping to keep my page updated I see so many that went before me have just disappeared from here.. I hope they are all doing well with their recovery and getting life back on track one more week and I can start working out again.. I am ready...

Really felt good today !!

First day without a binder on and I think the swelling is much less today Wore these jeans all day and had to keep pulling them up.:) the legs still feel tight but the waist is to big by a lot. Hope all is doing well.. xoxo

New cut and color

Got into my size 6 550 levi's at 6 weeks post op.. No binder today and this pair did not rub my incision line. they sit a little higher. Would like to know if most of my friends received lipo with your lower body lift? I think I am going to need some over my flanks in the back , but I am still numb from belly button down and above and below my incision upper thighs at hips. My boobs are still totally numb.. Like a few shooting pains once in a while mostly a a dull ache is all I feel and they have totally settled. I liked them better before they did :( But still by far better than they were and look great in a tight shirt.. I am starting piyo tomorrow gotta get to doing something and want to see what I can do before I go back to my next follow up in June. I want to see some real definition in my abs, surgery did good, but hope to make them better. I have lost maybe 8 lbs since surgery plus the 10 I came home with from fluids . I order some new jeans 7/8 from Maruices they fit like a dream the kaylee's fit like they were made for my body awesome.. I hope every one is feeling good and healing well.. xoxo

6 weeks two days post op.. First real workout done :)

Started my workouts again this morning a day earlier than I was planning, but figured what the heck it's only one day.. I decided to go with piyo since it is a yoga pilates program lots of stretching which I thought would be good just getting back to it after 6 weeks. It's not my heart pumping cardio that I love but still worked up a good sweat. I will do this for 30 days then add pump along with it. Amazing at the balance that I have lost , it will come back in no time, but other than walking I have not done anything, I feel good that I got a real workout in and worked up a sweat once. Back to my 6 days a week.. Woot.. Excited.... :) Happy healing all

7 Weeks post op, not much curve??

Been back to work for a couple of weeks now this week was my first week without my CG on get a few spasms throughout the day, and of course some swelling by the time my 12 hour shift is over esp since I get up at 345 am to get my workout in before I leave for work at 0530 returning home at 2000. Just getting back into my workouts and after 6 weeks off it is like starting all over again, my body hurts for hours and days afterwards but I know I must work through the pain. I can't do a lot of ab work yet, I thought I would be able to do piyo, but there is a lot of core work in that.. So for now I am not doing any specific program just doing cardio from T25 . I get pinches and pangs in my stomach throughout the day and sometimes just feels sore just above or around my belly button. I am still not happy with the skin above my hips on the back side def going to be addressing this with my ps on my visit in June.. I feel this is in need of lipo don't seem like there was enough taken from my back side.. I fully understand it's easier to take more out than to take to much out. I am almost 50 and was not looking for a rock star body, but I do expect to not have this much skin left.. I was over charged by and hour and half of surgery that I can't get any money back from the least he can do is fix it.. And I hope that is how it turns out. I pointed it out at my 4 week appointment he said we should wait to see if it is just swelling.. ?? So I guess a couple of more weeks we will see. I have not lost a ton of weight maybe 8-10lbs tops, my boobs have softend but still numb, still numb around the waist and lower abs. Have to be careful to tie my scrubs tight enough they could wind up around my ankles esp with my phone on my hip lol.. Have been lucky so far. I hope all my friends are healing well, and those whom have just gone know it does get better and pain is temporary. xoxo

7 1/2 weeks lots of swelling past two days...

It is really like whoa,, I can feel myself swell I have stayed in compression most of the day today again, and yesterday was on my feet in the OR all day and wore a lead apron for the last two hours of my shift. Back was killing me and the swelling is so uncomfortable.. I am super concerned about next weekend, as I have a bachelorette party with the girls and will be out Friday and Saturday night with them, already knowing I have to keep the heels low, and try to wear some sort of compression.. Or I will never last.. Not planning on drinking much, but I know no one ever plans on it. Water will be my friend, I am thinking just because I was on my feet some much yesterday. I am going to have my first 24 hour shift since my surgery on Wednesday which will be exactly 8 weeks from my surgery. I hope it goes well.

9 week post op lower body lift bl/ba no lipo ( but need some)

Not to many changes this week, been a blah week not feeling like I got my moneys worth.. So many imperfections, maybe I had higher hopes I just don't feel curvy I feel boxy.. I do still swell a lot and maybe that has something to do with it, But seems like there is lots of skin left on my flanks more than I feel should of been left behind. Work is going well, workouts have gone ok.. Have not done pure abs yet. I am starting les mill pump today I realize I am not young and I am aware of looking better than I did, but I really want some curves.. Hope he suggest some lipo over my hips and flanks when I see him again..

oops more pics

Bruise been there since surgery?? Old blood, suture?

11 weeks post op lower body lift, BL/BA still waiting for the wow factor!!

Today marks my 11 weeks post op, and I am still waiting for the wow factor. I am not sure what to think, I have only had one person even say I look like I have lost weight. One person.. That just does not seem to be a great improvement to me, I am feeling pretty deflated over the whole process and wonder why I spend so much money to have this done. I did do my homework and went with the surgeon I thought was best for me.. Has awesome reviews and he makes you feel like he done a great job when in his office?? He brags on his own work.. Maybe if I could put my photos side by side it might make a difference.
I just noticed my left hip has a divot my hip is over the scar and then there is a dip inwards not like that on the opposite side? Noticeable in and out of clothes. My scar is purple there is suture in my right breast. Still numb in my breast with only some shooting pains once in a while. I am still numb around my suture line feels like everything is asleep.

Get a deep pulling sensation on the right side of belly button that hurts. Been doing Les Mills Pump and that is going well, the ab work I have to modify a bit but I can stretch fully out do a plank but not with exstention of any extremity. I do wear my bind or spanx when I work out or do any physical labor. I have not been wearing any to work. Still wearing stretch clothes for most part as the jeans seem to rub along the incision line and after a while it is painful and irritated.

How long does this numbness last? Are these my final results? I still swell quite a bit exp after exercise and working long hours. I should be thankful that I look better than I did with all the extra skin, but I think even more work needs to be done look at the pics see what you think? Was I expecting too much??

12 weeks not much change New pics on Wednesday :)

12 weeks this past Wednesday not much has changed, back to workouts and sometimes the abs hurt so bad I can't continue. I have been doing combat which is a lot of core work but not directly abs also some weighted workouts.. Started tanning today covered my scar with paper tape and wore a bikini top.. Gotta start slow but if I got to Jamaica for my summer vacation I need to start getting my tan on. I have healed really well, scars are flat still purple in color esp over my hip area. I do still swell esp after workouts and work.. My scars seem high to me not that I am concerned about the scars I plan to do a full body tattoo when the time is right. I am happy but not in awe of my results. You can't really tell unless I am naked that I had anything done. My clothes fit better no muffin top.. Although on the back there seems to be too much skin left and we are talking about lipo yet wanted to wait until it had time to settle. I think these are probably my final results. I will continue to work out and try to get past the fact that I had any surgery done. I still have a retained suture in my right breast, He will have to take out yet.. I do love my Dr ad I am sure he will do what ever to make me happy. Seem my boobs have dropped a lot. almost to much if you ask me I really liked them when they were up high :( But it is what it is , I want to get my thighs done, but not sure how that would work since they have changed how we use our benefits at work.?? I do have to say that I like waking up to flat abs in the morning the best feeling ever. I will post new photos this week on Wednesday.. I hope you are all healing well xoxo

3 months post op Lower body lift with Breast lift and Aug 325/380 Sientra gel

Wow, it's hard to believe it has been three month already since my surgery. I have mixed feeling on my results. First the good, I no longer can lay in bed and squeeze the fat on my stomach, my clothes fit so much better there is no muffin top, When I lay down it's flat no question about it. But I am not sure it's as good as he could of gotten had he used all the time he allotted for. So now for the bad, I think my boobs dropped to much while they are fuller they still seem sagging to me.. Nothing like before but even my husband mentioned this.. They are still numb no feeling what so ever in them, when I hold my hands over my head I love them the look I would love to have all the time. But I would look pretty ridiculous doing that 24/7.. I have more skin on my left side than my right like noticeable amounts. I know at my age I can't ask for perfection I never will be.. but I did expect a little more. When I can grab an handful of meat on the left and can't even get an inch on the right seems to be a problem to me.. Maybe I am wrong. But we will see what he says when I go in June. I still have a suture buried under the skin on my right breast not attractive at all.. My scars are pretty flat not doing anything special just lotion they are still pink and seem sorta high to me but to late to do anything about that now. I don't really feel sexy or pretty in anything I wear, it was just a matter of making my clothes fit better. Now on the brighter note now that I am a little futher into recovery, and my workouts are full blown again, I am noticing a little definition in my stomach , maybe you can see In the pics maybe not. And my favorite time of day is early morning when I wake up flat put my workout clothes on.. I am doing Les Mills combat right now and this targets every aspect of your body, so in 60 days I will re evaluate again . Maybe it's just work I need to do? We shall see.. I hope everyone is healing well. Please keep posting no matter where you are in your process.

something new this week pics with clothes on :)

Not much excited as the past weeks went by, I can say these are my 7/8 jeans I am wearing in this photo. Don't look bad only bad things is my incision line is right at the waist and it is still numb so being low waisted jeans I can't tell if my but is hanging out.. Whale tale on a 50 is not attractive just saying.. The girls look good still numb getting some shooting pains in them more often this week, I hope that means they are starting to wake up.. Heaven knows I rub them enough they should be lol.. They are super soft and unless you see the scars you would never know they are implants.. Getting closer to seeing my PS only three more weeks. Need to discuss my hip areas that is truly the one thing I am unhappy about. There is some extra skin around my rib cage but it's not awful esp for 50 lol!! I am not sure even lipo would help it I don't want the vertical incision can't hide that with a tattoo *gasp* I can say the pulling around my belling button has gotten a lot less with exercise hardly any pains in abdomen at all anymore every once in while I will get a zinger or sneeze real hard that will do it.. Anyway until next week Hope you are all healing well.. xoxo Please keep updating no matter where you are in the process it is so very important for someone looking to have the same thing as you have had done.. :) TTFN

Ugg did'nt upload

Lets try this again :)

4 month update

These are my 4 month pictures scar is maturing well the right hip still gives me some trouble burning sensation sometimes. I have my follow up this week on Tuesday and I will get my pics from him then and be able to put my before and afters together.. That may help put things into perspective for me,, In all honesty when I stretch out or up, I am 100% satisfied with my results. It the poof over the back of jeans and the spread when I lay down, there is no real curve. But I do love my Prada's they are still numb but the scar area is getting tender around the nipple area so they may be waking up I feel more than I used to but not sensation yet I have pains and pressure to work with right now.. So they look good, but that is about it for now. lol.. I hope you are healing well, Keep posting these photos and updates mean something to someone who is either looking into the same procedure or comparing their procedure.. xoxo all

Before and after

went for my follow up today, found out a few things, one I am an idiot the area on my breast that I keep saying was a suture, is a piece of my old tattoo?? that I swore was on the other side... I will be going back in January for a follow up an to schedule the liposuction to my flanks and back and my arms as well while we are there then follow that up the thigh plasty. It was my choice to wait since now is a busy time at work gives me time to make all arrangements as well. The lipo I can get done at any time he said would heal over a long weekend.. I have heard others say that is so NOT true.. Anyone had it offer some advice here??? anyway here are the photos from my before and after as of today ;0

20 weeks post op. Lower body lift with BL/BA no lipo Breast still no sensation!

Well here I am 20 weeks post op. and just not feeling like it was worth it. I still have loose skin when I sit and a muffin top, there is a roll under my breast. Even though I continue to workout every day I watch what I eat keep it to 1300 cals a day. And get a min, of 5 miles in walking a day. Wondering if lipo would help, or if it would be a waste of money also.. Wondering if I should continue to wear the compression garment to sleep in, if that is not what happened that the skin pulled away from the muscles since I stop wearing at 8 weeks but still wore it bed .. Wondering if this is all I can expect for my age, if the Dr could of done more or is it all me, Still dwelling on the fact that I paid for 7 1/2 hours of surgery that I didn't recoup anything from and he finished in 6 hours. Not sure if I have more done if I want him to do it? He says I look great and would use my photos in any Magazine for results... But how do I know he don't tell everyone that? I still have contractions esp after I eat. Maybe it just needs more time.. I don't know, but I would think that the results have settled in. I have seen better results from women who just had Extended tummy tucks than my body lift. On the bright side when I lay down on my back and I am flat however when I am on my side you can see a roll of skin,.. I will take photos of that on my next photos.. I am not posting this to lead anyone away from their decision. and Others say I look great , but who is going to get on her and say you look like hell??? You know what I mean.. I think this may have been the wrong procedure for me.. TIme will tell I guess in the mean time I keep hoping for something drastic to change.. My boobs are still numb there is nothing back yet except the incision line around my arerola hurt. Hope it comes back at some point. So Keep posting you are helping others. keep healing all xoxo

6 months post op from LBL BL/BA 325/385 no lipo, Still no sensation in breast. :(

Well it has now been 6 months today, and I really don't know how I feel about my results... I would love to say I am 100% thrilled but at this point I am not. I feel this surgery would of been more beneficial for someone has more than 100# wt loss. I think I would of had just as good to have a extended tummy tuck and would of gotten the same results. I can't really tell much difference in the back at all. Is it because my expectations were too high? Maybe, I did expect more, when my surgeon told me I would no long have a muffin top I believed him, Well I still have a handful of loose skin on my abdomen and the more I work out the looser it seems to get. Maybe I should of lost more weight before the surgery, I do have some really nice breast now, they are still numb no sensation what so ever. While I feel super tight when I lay out flat I have hanging skin in a plank. Not sure if this is normal.. I have asked the Dr.s on here seems the skin does loosen again. I will continue to work out and hope that things improve, maybe look into some lipo of the hips and flanks, maybe under boob area. I still swell after my workouts. Not sure how long to expect that. I do hope to get sensation back in my breast I do have pain around the areola at the incision line and shooting pains through them so I hope that means the nerves are waking up. I guess time will tell.. I hope all my RS sisters are healing well.. Please post your journey you never know who you may help along the way. I wish you all speedy recovery's.. Happy healing

First vacation, since surgery..

We took our first vacation since surgery in Late August I spent my 50th birthday on the beach in Punta Cana.. I felt pretty good in my bikin's. Yep even at 50 I am pretty please over all somedays depending on my diet I am flatter than others. But I am about to embark on another round on Insanity Max 30 starting on the 14th which goes for 60days I will update again after that..

Lower body lift 8 months later. High hopes for breast sensation to return yet !

Well I am 8 months post op today, I continue to heal which has gone very well.. I still struggle doing burpees and planks at times.. I just started Insanity Max 30 again for the second round.. I am planning on some lipo to my hips and back possibly in Feburary we will discuss this more on my follow up in January. I am hoping to lose 20-30 lbs.. I may do a thighplasty at some point but seems that many have dehisences makes me leary. And I am not 100% sure on the lipo since it makes skin more lax? Anyone have and feedback on the lipo I would love to hear it I want my hips flanks upper abs arms and inner and outer thighs done. Will two weeks off work be enough to recoup and be able to do 12 hour shifts again? Again any input would be great. Did'nt take a pics today I will get some soon not much change since vacation last month.. Hope you are all healing well. And enjoying your new bodies or getting the much needed information before making that final decision. My breast are getting a little sensation back, more pain but a little feel good it has a ways to go before it is all good again,, But the fact that there is even pain, which my opinion is a sensation) means that it will come back. It seems to be taking a long time but I still have hope..

9 months post op and here is where I am

Well I just passed my 9 months post op date on the 28th still feel pretty flat still workout at least 4 strong days a week with Beach body programs about to start a double of combat and pump I feel I need to start lifting heavier weights.. I am pushing to get lipo done early 2016 flanks inner thighs upper back, arms outer thighs.. I am only going to be able to take about two weeks off of work I am hoping this is long enough to heal to be able to perform 12 hours shift in a busy OR.. I would love some insight from anyone who has had it. Another reason I want to start lifting heavier weights prior to my next visit in January I am hoping to firm up at much as I can.

For this one some of my scars are looking great some are still quite pinkish/purple looking have the slightest sensation in my breast more painful sensation than pleasurable, I am still hopful thou since any sensation is better than none and it could very well take a super long time , I have been told up to two years for normal sensation.. I will keep updating weather there is changes or not I hope the rest of you do as well. keep healing if you have questions please ask..

One year post LBL with BL/BA Sientra implants getting ready for round two March 9

It has been a year and I will be going for my second round here in March to have braichioplasties and bra line lift (so I guess actually it is an upper body lift) I will also have lipo over my hips since I was not happy with that area since day my first post op visit. Not sure if I want to start a new review or just tap on this one??? Anyway here are my thoughts, I am starting to think that this is a never ending journey, While I know I am aging, my skin now seems to relax way more.. Even though I work out six days a week and just started lifting heavy. Once the bottom was pulled up the top seemed to fall down.. Maybe it is just me , maybe not... But I now have back rolls that I promise you 6 months ago I did not have if you look through my photos you will see the difference.. But I am having it all taken care of and hopeing then all I have left to do is my thighs.. I would love to have it all done at the same time, but I only have 13 days off work for this next procedure and hope for no complications so I can return to work on time.. Afraid that is not enough time to return to the OR.. While I can get by with the lifting restrictions I do have push and pull motions to do.. So quite worried about that, but not worried enough to not go through with it.. I am not looking forward to not working out or lifting for 4-6 weeks again. :( So I hope you are doing well and healing wonderfully.. Best wishes on your journey.

Brachioplasty's, Bra roll lift and liposuction of the hips!! March 9 2016 Many questions

Going in for round two in a couple of weeks, I am most afraid of the brachioplasty as I only have 11 days off after my surgery date. I have had my hours changed and work more shorter shifts however my first day back is a 12 hour shift... Hoping it will be fine.. I was doing weight lifting program Hammer and Chisel but the muscle is building so much I decided to quit today as I don't want the skin so tight that he can't remove the skin that needs to be removed.. I can build the muscle afterwards. I will stick to cardio for the next three weeks until surgery is over..

I have not obsessed over this procedure like I did my BL/BA LBL last year I guess then I didn't know what to expect. I don't expect perfection but for the money I paid for these surgeries I should be blown away with my results not just ok.. I think I could use lipo in a few other areas but not going to force the issue, seems my stomach has so much loose skin for having a lower body lift and working out 6 days a week? It's tight when I lay flat and I still swell after workouts and it have been more than year. I will again update as I go through the process and as I return to work.. I have seen some phenomenal results of arms on here recently that look amazing..

Pre op complete

Had my pre op today pictures taken and plan set, Lipo of hips and bra roll excision brachioplasty's.. Got my scrips and I am ready to go the only thing I am uncertain of is the little time off before heading back to work. I can get away without lifting anything over 10 lbs just not sure how much I am going to be able to do. So that has me a bit worried but I will get by I am sure I will figure it out.. Ready for the next two weeks to be over. :)

Almost time 3 more sleeps before round 2! Afraid most to have lipo :(

Well I am finishing my last night of call before my procedures on Wednesday.. I have a 12 hour shift tomorrow and a 8 shift on Tuesday and then it's here... I am not quite sure how he is going to approach this.. The plan is for brachioplasties, bra roll lift, and lipo to my hips.. However if there seems to be a lot of fatty tissue once we get in there we may stage the brachioplasties and lipo now and go back at a later time to do plasties... As long as I get all the OR time I paid for I don't care I just want to have the best possible outcome possible. I have not lost any weight like I wanted to I was doing Hammer and Chisel through Beach body, that is a hellofaworkout! And I can't wait to do another round after these procedures are done.. I am new to lifting and I like what this has done for me. I did stop like two weeks ago with workouts because I was my skin lax so they can take out as much as possible.. ( Sounds ass backwards for what I am trying to accomplish here) but was afraid if the muscle was pulling it to tight I would have sag sooner.. not sure that makes sense or not. But I will post when I can.

I am up and ready.. today is the day wish me luck!!

Feeling a bit nervous this morning, I know one of the nurses that will be in my room. Not really sure how I feel about that, but then again having someone speak for you can be a good thing. Took some final pictures after my shower, Feel bad not being able to put lotion or deordorant on,, And I really want a large cup of coffee for the road.. I have a hard time being in the car without a drink.... Put on a pair of sweat pants and tank top with a zip up jacket, cause I am sure I will not get anything over my head to come home. Taking a front hook bra to come home in thought may be much easier.. Next post will come from the other side wish me luck

Whew this is no joke!!

Surgery was promptly at 0715 Wednesday morning and even a nurse they freaked me out when they put my IV in my neck?? Really did you have to tell me that? And do it while I was awake?? Well it was not that bad at all and I never even felt it... Just the thought of it freaked me out.. First night was rough surgery took the whole 3 1/2 hours he planned on. I was throwing up everytime I moved.. I could not keep anything down.. They forgot to give my scopolamine patch. Not sure that would of helped but considering I did't get it.. I can say it did not help lol.. Itching in my back , no leaking from the lipo bruised but not terrible My arms are burning I get to shower today so hope to get some photos up. Not taking to much pain medicine not real pain just discomfort and burning sensation.. Esp my lower left forarm.. I hope it was all work it I have 4 drains I am dealing with no fun there.. My husband has been wonderful taking care of me and emptying my drains. Keep healing my RS sisters I will try to get photos up later today after the shower ..

intra op photos

4 days post op Brachioplasty bra lift and hip lipo?

Ok well it is early in the recovery stage and I am not real impressed with my results.. I do think I will be very happy with the lipo area's the arms look uneven to me (again it is early) my upper back looks super fat to me? I hope over time it looks better but right now not impressed. :( I can't tell a major difference in my arms again due to swelling I am sure, and I sure was not aware of the stabbing pain in the forearms prior to this procedure.. Holy shit they hurt. Still have all four drains until Wednesday and hubby tries to be super helpful but afraid to touch anything, but doing the best he can. Love that man. Just keeping it honest here.. I am sure as I heal it will get better this is what it looks like as of yesterday evening...


So it has been a little more than three weeks and I think I am healing quite well, I have a small area in my arm pit that is a little open but overall I think it is minimal compared to some I have seen Still wearing compression until 4/20 but I get to have it off for three hours a day and a extra hour every week after so next week I can be out 4 hours. Still wearing my binder for compression for the lipo amazed at how much some spots on my back hurt at times it like wow... The bra line has not been bad at all feel it mostly on twisting motion, The sides right under my breast on each side are what hurt the most they are tender. Range of motion is pretty good .. I don't see my Dr again until 5/10 so when can I start massaging the scars and using bio oil on them.. Right now I am only putting polysporin on them due to the open area in the pits. Anyone got words of advise for me?? For massage and scar therapy? All is appreciated Thanks in advance. :)) hugs to all keep healing..

One month out brachioplasties, bra roll lift and liposuction hips and flanks :)

I can't believe how quickly this month has gone by?? I swell like crazy yet and what is funny I seem to swell more with my compression on than off. I am allowed to have it off for an extra hour every week post op so this week I can have it off for four hours,., Feels funny to have it off like the incredible hulk feel everything on the sensitive skin underneath your arm.. My scars are going to be hidden very nicely can't see from the front or the back only if I lift my arms :) They are smoothing out very nicely I have been using polysporin and bio oil on them where there is not open areas.. I have a few monocryl sutures in my back yet that need to come as they are starting to fester, guess I will have to have one of my nursing collegues remove them for me.. As they are clear sutures no one here can see them and since they are on my back I cant remove them myself.. blahhh... Anyway the pain I was feeling in the forearm is becoming less and less and itching has become more.. Even the liposuction areas holy cow I want to rip my skin off sometimes.. Including some pics of my scars from lbl and breast lift/augmentation only the thighs left to do... Hopefully next year will have it done. If you have any questions please feel free to ask..

Been a while since I had a update on here 1 yr post brachioplasty and bra lift 2 yr LBL with BA/lift

It has been a while since I left an update here .. Not so sure my scars are as nice as others and feel like alot of things have fallen. But I still workout now I am lifting weights which has made a great impact on my shape and muscle even without a lot of weight loss changed my eating to follow IIFYM My last set of photos if from a 90 challenge I participated in.. From a distance they don't look bad. I hope to encourage some one please ask any questions you may have..
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

I truly think I had the best surgeon for my procedure. very knowledgeable, professional, charming, and a great bed side manner, witty, and confident at the same time. I do love my prada's. I asked for pretty and perky and that is what I got. I will update this review as time goes on. but Dr Prada and his staff are above and beyond professional and thorough in answering questions. I would not hesitate to recommend friends to Dr Prada for any cosmetic procedure. As time passes I am more and more pleased with my results.. Thank you Dr Prada for doing what all the exercise in the world would not do for me... I now feel like I workout with a purpose and really has brought out my new shape. He made the final decision after listening to what I wanted for breast size and it could not be more perfect for my frame... I will be seeing you again and looking forward to it :D

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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