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I have been wanting a BA since i was 18 years old....

I have been wanting a BA since i was 18 years old. I come from a family of heavy chested women. My aunt is a 56 JJ! As I was developing it was "they will grow in," "just wait till your 20's." Now its "just wait till you have kids." Finally it's time to take matters into my own hands. I know I am just starting out actively interviewing Drs. RealSelf has been a lifesaver. I have a short list of 3 Drs with 2 more if I am still on the fence. A lot of pre work has gone into this search as well as me upping the ante in the gym to prepare for the surgery. Based on the experiences I have read, I have decided not to go into any appointment with a size in mind. Even with all the research, I am not a doctor. Besides I have a really wide chest and broad shoulders so what I think is huge may not look the same on me. I do have images in mind though and a bunch of pictures. And plan on wearing and bringing clothing that I typically wear because I know how I want my breast to look. Currently I am a 36-b/c depending on who makes the bra, 5'9" and 177lbs. Overall measurements 36-31-43. I am trying to achieve an exaggerated hourglass think Marilyn Monroe in "Niagara" or "How to Marry a Millionaire."
Well the journey is just beginning. I know that due to my career, I must have the surgery completed in June before the back half of the year ramps up. I will keep you guys posted.

Research over...

So its been awhile since I have updated. Since my last post, I have visited all three of my top picks. I went back to Dr Mills for a second time just to talk with him again and allow my BF to meet him. After talking with Dr Mills. I booked my apt for Jun 17th its a tentative date due to I had to take some unforeseen trips and I have to clear the additional time with my boss. Oh my goodness its really happening. I tried on sizers again. I didn't ask for the cc's. I am not interested in the cc's just yet. I don't want to get fixated on a number. I want to see how my clothing reacts to the sizers. I wore one of my pinup dresses and I liked what I saw. I think I will get a handle on the cc's closer to the pre op date. One thing in addition to my BA, I added lipo to my abs and flanks! The goal is an "exaggerated hourglass." Dr Mills think that my goals are very achievable. I will post pics soon.

Changed the date

So due to work and needing to go out of town later in the month. I've changed the date to June 10th. I am not ready as in I still don't know what size. My preop is May 29th and they booked me for 2 hrs so I can really dig down and figure out the best size for me.

8 days away...

So a lot had happened. I have already did my pre-op roughly two weeks out from the surgery because I am out of town this week. My pre op apt was over 2 hours long. I finally decided that my upper limit is 500cc. Anything more I felt made me look heavier than I was. Dr mills is going to make the final call. I made sure my pictures were consistent to what I wanted. I am confident that Dr Mills knows exactly what I am looking for, since I have been explicit about look I was trying to achieve. He is going to address my asymmetry which you can see in my pics that my left breast is noticeably smaller.
Anyway my prescriptions have been already be picked up, so it's really sinking in that this is happening.

Having issues sleeping...

Ugh! The past few nights I have been going to sleep around 12-1am. That's very unusual for me being I am typically out cold by 10am. The stress is starting to get to me. I think I am going to start working out at night to tire myself out. I should have had a plan in place for this. But I honestly thought I would be fine until 3-4 days out. The nurses told me that feeling like I lost my mind is totally normal.... That's good to know. She let me know that most don't take in account their mental compass and how involved everything is. Its a bit eye opening how vulnerable I feel right now. Well at least I will be so busy this week, that I only to be alone with my own thoughts very early in the morning and late in the evening.

New boobies!

So yesterday was the surgery. To my surprise I was able to go in early. After being marked all over I was place back in bed and one of the nurses injected me with "I don't care medicine" her words not mine. I don't remember anything after that. When I came to, I was very emotional, I think I cried thank you to every nurse and assistant at the surgery center. I even choked up my boyfriend. I was told that the dr went over in surgery time due to my body reacted very well to the liposuction fluid and was able to remove more than they originally thought. Yay! Anyway last night was rough. My pain management schedule was thrown off because the nurse gave me one pill instead of 2 and I had to wait 4 hours until another pill. I had to call my doctor twice because I woke up from a nap an my pubic mound was swollen twice the size it should have been. Apparently this is normal as the fluid that is being compressed is trying to go to any area that is not compressed. He warned me that the swelling might get worse and include bruising. I had to call the dr again because my pain was out of control. The lipo areas was sending sharp shooting pains through my abs and flanks. My sternum had a deep throbbing pain. The dr allowed me to double up on the muscle relaxers. Bliss I tell you! I slept on the recliner surrounded by pillows and my boyfriend woke me up every 2 hours to raise my arms and administer mess.
I haven't seen my stomach but my breast look better than the pictures I have the doctor. Once my dizziness passes I will post pics. I have and apt with my dr later on this morning to see how everything is going. Wish me luck.

First pictures

So these photos are of the day of surgery. The dr said everything went great. He was able to remove 2 liters of fat from my flanks and upper and lower abs. Both of is were shocked at the amount that was removed. I won't post a pic of my abs because it's really painfully not to be in the binder, so that will have to wait a while. My breast are everything I wanted in shape and width and everyday they look better and better. I hope they fluff up more and protrude out more. So here is some day one pics.

Day 2

So today I was crazy swollen with a low lying fever, which the dr made me keep an eye on. On top of that Aunt Flo decided to visit. So lipo pics are on hold till further notice. My breast look great. The are wide and have that nice valley between them. They're perfectly full and Dr Mills even figure out a way that both nipples are pointing in the same direction and are perky without the use of a lift. They're still firm and I do hope they fluff out more and provide outward a bit more. It hard to tell with the binder on but it sucks putting that thing back on and the compression around my section feels really good. What do you guys think? Oh yea, recliners are your friend! I have yet to migrate to my bed since before the surgery.

First week in the bag... sorry so long

Sorry it took so long to write, life got in the way really quick. I have been making sure I have been eating well and in the right portion since the gym is a no go right now. Tuesday I had my lipo stitches taken out. I also got a chance to find out what implant size I received. I am the proud owner of Naterlle Style 15 moderate- plus.. Right side 492cc and left 533cc. I got the ok to start massaging though i have been lightly doing that already. I have been massaging with Aquaphor all over except my incision scars. My skin doesn't feeling its on fire and they have a new applicator tip thats like a sponge so I don't have to worry about cross contamination or anything. I order more Arnica Montana and the gel to help out. I just started bruising when I finished the last arnica pills. UGH!!!! I find that I have to lift my arms early and often and it really relives the pressure. I have been icing down every night at bed. Dr Mills cleared me to start wearing a compression bra. Those surgical bras are the devil! Every time I hand washed the thing as instructed, the fabric felt thinner and thinner. It has absolutely no support.
Anyway. I preordered some garments from Design Veronique. In my research they had the best reviews and best customer service. I ordered the Yesmina style 457z, it is so well made. It has hooks in the back for the swelling that occurs on the band line and side boob, plus it zippers. The back is higher up, so it helps you get your posture perfected as you adjust to your new breasts. Its perfect for work when support and comfort are a premium. I also went to Walmart and purchased 2 Simply Basic bras. the band is very wide and it stretches more than the Yesmina so I sleep in it. The Simply basic bras were $5.98 a piece! I also got the all clear to start wearing spanx-like garments with my foam pads for another week. I really don't like spanxs, I feel like the compression is just not there, and I feel like they roll down a lot. So from Design Veronique I called and they helped me choose the Zippered Rubenesque high back body girdle. It stops above the knee and works with the foam I still have to wear. This garment is serious compression if you have had lipo in the flanks, hips, back, or abs. The best thing about this garment is you don't have to break a sweat putting the blasted thing on and you can put it on with your pads with it all by yourself!!! It works as a stage 1 and 2 garment but I will be ordering a size down in a few weeks to use as a stage two because it is that good. and hopefully my swelling will be even less. But that's a ways off because this thing is tight 360 degrees everywhere you need it. It zips on both sides and has hooks to really buckle this garment down for more compression. Add the foam and you wont look crazy while wearing your traditional binder in public ( I still use the binder when I am sleeping. The website even have kits that include stage 1 & 2 garments for those that need it. If you use the discount code REAL 20, you get a really good discount.
So its been exactly 1 week out from the surgery I had a work trip I had to be at. Thank goodness Dr Mills said it was safe for me to go but to be very careful. I didn't take pain killers because I need my wits about me. It was seriously painful day. I didn't dare take any painkillers till I was back at my hotel. My new garment felt really tight on the sides because my beast are so swollen, coupled with lack of movement be on a plane. The best thing about the garment besides it being easy to put on is you can change the side straps to change and become sternum compression straps. Pure bliss I tell you. Really don't stress yourself too soon like I did.
Anywho still very swollen. I really want to see what my final lipo results will look like. My breasts are coming along. I am hold final opinions for 3 months. i am going to start on a stationary bike soon because I need to be in a gym. Right now I am seriously depressed from lack of cardio but also, over the years I have aquired a beautiful collection of Pinup couture dresses from Bettie Paige, Lindy Bop, Laura Byrnes, Pinup Couture, Tatayana, and Bernie Dexter and I couldn't fit my clothes!!!! The swelling wouldn't let me get into anything. So it was a mad rush to buy a weeks worth of clothes that were biz casual, but not too expensive because I won't be able to wear them in a few weeks. Still I still know in my heart of hearts that in a few months I will have to have a pinup clothing auction sale because my boobies are not going to fit in a good bit of it. I seriously cried for like an hour. i feel like my emotions have been running amok since the surgery and I have been completely irrational. I called my dr and he said that I will feel crazy and irrational for a while and its part of the process. I have to take deeper breaths. Final lesson of the day... stay on top of the meds or you're going to be in a world of hurt, and I found the lipo was the wort pain of all.

Flew out of town exactly 1 week after surgery...not the best idea.

I was in my compression garment and foam from 6 am to 12am, before I took it off to shower. That would be fine and dandy but I was in client meetings and I was sitting the majority of the time. Towards the end on the day driving back to my hotel I kept feeling a pinching sensation. When I took the binder off, I had hard crease lines in my skin on both sides. it was super painful and a bulge on my stomach. I think its a dual issue of the binding not being tight enough and sitting. So small panic attack, I though I maimed myself. A hot shower softened it up a bit and I really tried to massage it but it was really painful. I re-wrapped the binding and hopeful when I check in the morning it will be better. I will be using the Veronique garment with foam tomorrow and see how that goes. I has been trying actively to stay positive because you have to use your imagination of what your body is going to look like 3-6 months down the road and it is difficult, especially when you get freaky weird stuff like hard creases from sitting or me having difficulties putting the binder on myself. I know mentally I am leaning a lot on my support group because I know i am too close to the situation to really see the big progress and changes. I just need to keep repeating "keep an open mind for 3 months." I am needing all the well wishes I can get ladies the pain is rough, but the mental anguish of not having immediate satisfaction and trusting the process is a completely different form of pain. Its hard because I know my eyes can process the change that side by side pics I look different in the stomach. But my brain isn't registering that it was for the better.

Here are some photos of my weird fat creases.

I unexpectedly fell and pulled something

So on Saturday night, I fell going up the stairs in my house. Naturally, I reached out and tried to catch myself. When I caught myself I felt a sharp pull in my left breast and almost immediate swelling. I literally started crying because I thought I ruined myself. I hurried and took a shower and did my massage. I put on my compression bra and added one of my old sports bras on top of it. In my brain I was thinking "no matter what, protect the pocket." I took some painkillers and called Dr Mills who answered at 10pm. He told me to stop panicking and I I felt like wearing two bras it was up to me. He said if it was really serious it would be a little bit of swelling but a massive difference between the two breast. He told me to rotate ice packs and keep an we on it. I have an apt with him on Tuesday and we will see what happens.

Two days without painkillers!

I feel like a champ. Despite my fall on Saturday I haven't had to use any painkillers in two days. I am still taking my vitamins, arnica Montana tablets, and arnica gel.
My scars are even going down, and are feeling flatter.

Investment in post surgical garments

So due to the fact I travel for work it's near impossible to wash my garments and have them air dry like they are suppose by the next morning. So I purchased a few addition garments. HourglassAngel.com is awesome. I purchased a vedette Ariana. You really need to be honest with your measurements. I put lipo foam behind the hooks to make sure it doesn't print in my skin. I also purchased a pair of spanxs assets 231, this model is very high waist nearly under the bra line and low on the thigh. It sucks rolling up and down to use the restroom, but you are sucked in like nobody's business. This is on top of what I already have because it's the summer and I am sweating so I need to be able to rotate my garments while on trips. My swelling is getting better daily in fact I weighed myself at 188lbs and my measurements were 41DD-33-46! My breasts are still high and softening and my abs are still very swollen, but hot damn I am super happy! I can't wait to get back to the gym.

Friday freak out!

So it's Saturday, but I was in too much pain to update on time. So yesterday morning I woke in a lot of pain. I ha a horrible night's sleep it felt like anything I did just irritated my left breast more. Remember that's the one that I pulled on my fall the previous Saturday. Anyway, I got up to do my morning routine and it felt like deep behind my left breast was a spasm that wouldn't let go no matter how much massaging I did. So I jumped in the shower to see if that would help and it seemed to feel better. Well it was time for my weekly update pictures and when I reviewed them, I totally freaked out. My left breast looked high and constricted. It looked nothing like how it did earlier in the week for my check up with Dr Mills. I am do to go out out of town again on Sunday for work and it would be 3 whole weeks before I would see Dr Mills so I needed answers. I called the office and spoke with one of the amazing nurses who told me Dr. Mills wasn't in today however Dr Boschert was. Dr. Mills and Dr Boschert were my #1 and #2 picks for surgeons so this was absolutely fine. They told me to drive carefully but come straight away. I always think the worst so I am thinking I have Capsular.... Anyway I get to the office, I am immediately taken to a room and I only waited maybe 6 mins. From what I could see Dr Boschert had a few other ladies in other rooms and I could her him being briefed outside my door. This practice is amazing! He and the nurse came in, I told him about my fall and what has been going on. He said my breast felt very soft. And the right is dropping nicely. He also said my left was the larger implant so that one is definitely go to do its own thing for a while. He told me breast don't often do the same thing at once and are distinct individuals. Recommended I stop looking at them immeadiately because the change so rapidly in the first couple of weeks/ months out of surgery. He had me lift my arms and he told me exactly what was going on. I have Mondors Syndrome. Apparently it happens in about 10% of BA patients (lucky me) it's an inflammation of the veins. It's something really only time can heal, with the help of ibuprofen and heated compresses.
So I am back on round the clock pain meds... Ugh. I went home and took another shower and behold my right breast decided to play along and if felt like a guitar string was being plucked in my breast. On top of my left still felt like it was being pinched from behind. Sure enough I lifted my arms and I could feel my vertical veins right beneath my breast.
Anywhoo, I slept with my heating pad across my chest and sweet relief, had a perfect night of sleep.... Only to wake up to the need for more painkillers. They're seriously not joking about round the clock ibuprofen!
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

I have a short list of Drs that I am working my way through. I didn't realize how emotional just interviewing these surgeons are. Yesterday was my first visit with Dr Paul Mills and I sat in my car for 20 mins having a panic attack. Dr Mills is on my short list due to he has a lot of experience with reconstruction. I do not need reconstruction but I figure reconstruction is very delicate work and sometimes they have to build something from very little. So my logic is that his eye for detail would be very specific. The good news is upon first meeting, everyone from the receptionist to financing was fantastic. Dr Mills is a compassionate listener and answered every one of my questions without getting frustrated. Even in exposing my body to him so he could get measurements, he took the time to put me a ease. He is an absolute gentleman and a doctor. I am also getting some lipo on my lower abs that is resistant to working out and was worried about my hips. He told me that he wouldn't do them because with the BA my hourglass shape from filling out the top would taper the bottom. He showed me with the lipo he would minimize the numbers incisions and place them in areas that are easily concealable such as the panty line. I have many Drs to review before I find the perfect one but DR Mills set the bar very high.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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