30 Years Old, No kids, 5ft5in, 140 lbs...545HP-Saint Louis, MO

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Hello Everyone! I am a 30 year old woman ready for...

Hello Everyone! I am a 30 year old woman ready for change! I always considered myself flat chested (32B) and felt self conscious about this. I am 5ft5in and 140lbs. I had my consult on 7/14 with Dr. Prada and I was amazed at my potential! He is a very kind and patient man who took his time and answered all of my questions! Surgery is scheduled for 8/24 and I am ecstatic!

Before Pics

I thought it might be best to upload some before photos in case I forget. We've decided to go with 485cc Mod Round Silicone implants. Only little over a month to go for surgery!!

One Month To Go!!!

Today marks 30 days until my surgery!! I'm getting so excited I can barely control myself. I've learned a lot from this site and I'm happy I found it. Just a boob inspiration pic attached....


I came across this beauty in Target....I'm taking if as a sign that this is a good choice for me!

August is finally here!!!!!!!

Even though I just had my consultation in the middle of July, I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER! August is here now, only 23 more days to go....

Before pics

Just in case I forget....

Wish Pics....

Only 8 more days until my pre op and 14 days until my actual procedure! But who's counting?!

Oh Boy.....

So, I've reached the period before surgery where the only medication I'm allowed to have is Tylenol....but my allergies have decided to declare war!! I feel like I've been hit by a truck, there's grass growing in my throat, and my eyes won't stop running. Why me????!!

Pre Op Complete!

PreOp went great today. I got to meet with my assigned nurse and Dr Prada again. We went over a lot of paperwork, discussed the procedure itself, what I need to be prepared for afterwards, tried on sizers again, and picked up prescriptions. This entire office is very kind and supportive...including Dr Prada! I'm a ball of nerves and he remained calm the entire time. I'm so happy I made this decision! Now if the next 5 days could hurry up.....

Asymmetry Exposed

I thought about not discussing this, but that's what this site is for....honesty. I'm getting this surgery because I've always felt bad that I have two completely different boobs. My left (your right) is a C cup, and my right (your left) is a B cup. It's haunted me for quite some time now. Dr Prada assures me it's very common and he can fix it. Only 3 more days.....

Only Hours To Go....

Well, here we are! The day before surgery! I'm excited, nervous, exhausted....I can't help but worry if I'm going large enough. PS says we will either go 485ModPlus or 525HP, whichever looks best tomorrow. Time to do one last cleaning session at home, wash my hair, and pick up a few supplies. Hopefully the pain pump will help with their "rapid recovery" approach and I won't need the prescription pain pills, I really don't want to take those. Have a great day ladies!

Surgery Day!!

Hello Everyone! I've made it to the other side! My experience this morning was pleasant. I arrived at the surgery center around 530am since I was scheduled for 7am. The nurses took me back, I changed clothes, took a pregnancy test, went over important medical information, gave me a patch behind my ear for nausea, and just waited for Dr Prada. They started an IV and be made his drawings. My blood pressure was all over the place due to the meds and my anxiety. Once I was in the operating room Al I remember is switching to the other table and then waking up! I drank some water and they let me go. They encouraged me to speak with my normal Dr about my blood pressure and I left a message for them. I didn't get to see Dr Prada, so I don't know what size I have but I will let you know once I find out. Feeling pretty good though, most of that is the pain pump, just going to take a nap now. I'll update again soon.

Alarms are important!!!

So, even though I have a pain pump, I was still instructed to take my muscle relaxers as prescribed. Well....I slept like a new born baby on its Mother's chest and totally skipped a dose. BIG MISTAKE!! I was using an app to remind me to take my pills, but I'm switching to an alarm on my phone. Otherwise, I'm feeling great. A little sore under my arms but that's it. Didn't hear from my PS office yesterday, so maybe they'll check up today and I can ask some questions. I'd really like to know what size I ended up with. I've included a pic of my pain pump which is my new best friend lol

Just a peek....

The surgery center called to check on me since I had some blood pressure issues yesterday. The nurse was worried about bleeding and asked me to take a quick look at my bandages to make sure blood wasn't pooling under my tape. I checked and they seem fine. I snapped a few pics and posted them for you all. This is day 1.

Shower Time!

Well, the nurse called to check on me and I let her know my pain pump was almost empty so she walked me through removing it. It was very simple, it almost tickled. After I disposed of that she told me it was safe to take a shower as long as I kept my back to the water. It felt AMAZING! I put some antibiotic ointment on my skin where the catheters were and put my post op bra back on. I'm still feeling really good and I'm pleased with what I see! I anxious to see how they develop over the next few months.

Bruising Concerns...

I have bruising on both of my breasts at the bottom outermost corner. It's red, not black and blue like normal. Dr isn't sure if it's an allergic reaction to tape used or blood pooling. I'm also still seeping from my stiches so they aren't staying dry. I'm headed into the office to get checked out. I hope it's nothing major :-(

Still in Shock

Di's suggestions helped yesterday. I slept with a cotton tank under my bra and my irritation is looking better. I have to keep wearing my band all day until Monday. A small amount of fluid is on my right stitch, but nothing major. I'm totally off all pain meds and muscle relaxers and I feel fine. I'm still in shock that I actually have breasts now!!! Happy Friday Everyone!

Bigger Bra...?

I believe I will spend my Saturday morning purchasing a larger surgical bra. Swelling is gone but my new girls are taking off already! When I button my current bra all the way AND wear my strap I feel like I'm getting a mammogram! All things considered, I feel great. Dr Prada is a true artist! Happy Saturday Everyone!


Forgot to include the pic of my girls busting out of my current bra! I'm using the last hook on every option available :-/

The "Strap"

Starting tomorrow I only wear the strap when I'm sleeping and I'm looking forward to that!!! I'm in love with my new additions and excited for their development. I can't wait for them to soften up and feel more natural. I can feel the "boob burps" everyone talks about and that is one weird sensation..... Happy Sunday Ladies!

Happy One Week to my Girls!!!

Today marks 7 days since my new additions. I was cleared to remove my clear tape over my incisions and make sure I use antibiotic ointment on them twice daily. All things considered, they look pretty good. They're dark, but Dr Prada's nurses gave me another product I can start using next week to help them fade. The area under my nipple is still numb, and the bottom portion of my breast is pretty firm but that should change. They're softer at the top and I only have to wear the strap while I'm sleeping starting today and I'm happy about that! I've included a pic of my incisions for you guys. All things considered, I'm happy with my decision and I can't wait for them to develop.

Just because......

Feeling a little blue lately. Not sure if it's the meds, being in the house for so long, or the slow progress even though it's only been a little over a week.....I did some online shopping.

Sports Bra shopping...

Starting on Monday I'm supposed to wear a regular front zip sports bra. I went to Sports Authority and was shocked that I needed a 36DD to feel comfortable! It's supposed to feel supportive without being too tight. This is going to be interesting once they drop and fluff....I'm barely at week 2.

Two Weeks Today!!!

I almost forgot since it's a holiday, but my girls are officially 2 weeks old today! I'm feeling very good, basically back to normal apart from my PS restrictions on lifting and working out. I took a pic in a bralette to show my progress. Swelling has disappeared, now I'm just waiting for the "drop and fluff" process to start....

Scar update....

I forgot to include scar pics. The top is the right side and the bottom is the left. The scab is starting to come off the left side faster. I can start using fade cream after two more weeks. They're really straight and they won't probably be noticeable at all.

I'm Free!!!

So, I talked to the nurse today and I don't have to sleep in the strap anymore!!! Praise God! Those things are an instrument of punishment!


Zingers are real! They strike at inconvinent times and you have to hold your face straight. Good to know my sensation is returning near my incisions. My nipples are super sensitive so I started wearing petals to help with that. My second post op appt is in two days, looking forward to Dr Prada's feedback.

3 Week Post Op Visit

Hello Everyone! I had my 3 week check up with Dr Prada this morning. He says everything looks great. He gave me my card with implant info, I can start applying my scar treatment twice daily too! Starting next week I can start massaging, return to normal activity, and wear a regular bra as long as there's no underwire. I'm bigger than I thought I would be, but he says they're still a bit of swelling to go down. Can't say I'm in love with them yet, but I'm definitely fond of them. He did an amazing job and once again I would recommend him to anyone considering a BA! They were also nice enough to give me a gift certificate to use at the Med Spa for a free facial or massage! How nice of them!?!

Boob Greed is Real!

Most of my swelling has gone down at this point and I'm only 2 days away from wearing a regular bra again. I feel like my girls are getting smaller. I know in my mind that it's all part of the process, but I'm still feeling a little down today. I took some photos in old bras to help cheer me up.

Bra Shopping Complete!

The girls at VS were very helpful. I ended up with a 34DD. One of the ladies had a BA herself and thinks I'll end up with a 34DDD by the time they drop and fluff. We will see. They're sizes are known to run small, so I'm not so sure about that. Almost one month post op....

Scar Cream Update

I've been using the scar cream for two weeks now. Top pic is before use and bottom pic is from today. It seems like it's trying to even out my skin tone, the pale portion from my scar is gone. I'm going to stick with it for two more weeks before trying anything else.

6 weeks...

Well, my left boob decided to join the party and they're now even. I'm happy about that. The scar cream wasn't really helping so I've switched to Coca butter, that's never failed me in the past. My nipples aren't super sensitive anymore either. All and all I'm happy with them.

Scar Update...

Well, they're very thin. Still pretty dark though. My girls are still settling into their proper place, so it looks like they'll end up right in my crease. If they're dark, at least they'll be well hidden!

8 Weeks PO

I'm finally 100% in love with them. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster?!?! My scars are thin but still dark. I massage them daily and I'm going to stay optimistic about them fading.

9 Weeks PO

Things are normal now. I'm measuring at 34DDD at VS. I can wear underwire periodically but Dr Prada doesn't suggest making it an everyday thing. I've attached a pic of my underwire bra.

10 Weeks-I'm in love!!!

Have I mentioned how much I love Dr Prada's work?!? Seriously, he gave me exactly what I asked for. My girls look so natural it's scary. I can also push them up when I want a more augmented look. I'm pleased past any expectation I ever had!

A Masterpiece!

When you go in for your 3.5 month check up and your PS says "Well aren't these just a masterpiece?!" you should be happy!! I love my new additions and Dr Prada is beyond amazing. Apart from designing exactly what I wanted, he is genuinely a nice guy. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation!

4 Months

Hello Everyone. Today marks 4 months and 1 week. Things are back to normal. There's pretty much nothing that's off limits. I love my girls and I've finally adjusted. I've included some pics, and my scars. They're still dark, but they're flat....

Almost 5 months

Hello everyone! Just checking in...I'm nearly 5 months post op and I'm still in love. I feel like they aren't changing as much and I'm enjoying the opportunity to wear items I never dreamed I could. Dr Prada is amazing!

Still in love!!!!

Just a follow up pic of more than one year post op. I love them more with each passing day.
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

I can easily see why Dr. Prada is ranked in our top 50 Docs! He is by far the nicest physician I have ever met! He is so patient and makes you feel comfortable almost from the instant you meet. His staff are all very pleasant and you can tell they take pride in their work. I look forward to working with all of them.

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