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I've booked to do nose surgery with dr Shahidi on...

I've booked to do nose surgery with dr Shahidi on 27th of November at North shore hospital. I'm opening this review to gain feedback from the people that have already done it with him. I would like to know in advance if there is anything that I need to get prepared for (ie: medication, hospital, recovery..etc).

Getting a rhinoplasty with Dr Shahidi

I've had a broken nose for many years and have always wanted to eventually fix it.

Recently, I have taken the initiative to consult with a few Dr's in order to make my final decision and I have made up my mind to operate with Dr Shahidi whom I found I was more comfortable with.

I'm kind of nervous cause I've never done any operation before and sometimes I ask myself (how about if I don't like my new nose??). But I think this is a normal feeling and I'm sure everyone goes through it when considering a rhinoplasty.

I've uploaded a computer generated image done by doctor shahidi on the consultation day so please feel free to give any feedback. I will also upload additional pictures after the surgery is done which is on 27th of Nov 2013.

Need ideas on which style to choose for my nose..

I need some ideas on which style looks better..I'm kinda liking photo 2 but I think the tip is a bit high..it'd be appreciated if I can get some ideas on which style to chose weather 1 or 2.

New computer image which includes two styles

Less than 8 hours to go......

Feeling a bit nervous as my surgery is tomorrow morning...can't wait to get over and done :(

After I woke up from surgery

Feeling normal but have a sore throat..

After I woke up from surgery

Feeling normal but have a sore throat..

Summary of 7 days after surgery

Summary of 7 days after surgery:
- Day one (Surgery day): felt ok after surgery and spend most of day sleeping at home and just trying to get used to breathing from mouth. No pain at all.
- Day two: felt ok as well but had a sore throat and spend most of the day sleeping as well.
- Day three and four: all I can say about day three and four,, a total disaster..I literally wanted to take the cast off myself...couldn't stand myself and couldn't sleep at night too.
- Day five, sex and seven: it was ok overall but was feeling dizzy every now and then as I couldn't eat properly and spend the whole seven days eating soups,,drinks..etc.

Also felt sometimes like having a fever and sometimes a pressure on my top as if there is something cold covering my nose.

I didn't use pain killers at all but had to sneeze couple of times. It feels exactly like having a flu but this one a bit more uncomfortable.

Tomorrow is my eighth day if you include the surgery day and have an appointment with Dr Shahidi to take the cast off. Hopefully this will take some pressure out of my face and at least sleep properly at night.

18 days post op!!!!

The cast was removed a week ago and my nose looked fat and big but I know it's cause of the swelling...it's settling now but only one concern I have is that if you look from front the left side is lower than right which is really bothering me..the side profile looks nice though... I have an appointment with Dr shahidi next week to let him know about the issue but I hope it's just sweeling :(
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