34 Yr Old, Wanted Min. Downtime from Procedure, Hoping to Get Real Results - Saint Joseph, MO

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I went for my first treatment of Kybella @ 11:30...

I went for my first treatment of Kybella @ 11:30 today. The procedure was less painful than I expected, though I am sore and swollen now. I am managing with ice and ibuprofen. I return for my 2nd treatment in 5 weeks. I paid $1200 and I plan on returning to work tomorrow. I am expecting minimul results from the first treatment and am looking forward to the second or third, if necessary.

Day one

I am super swollen. It looks like I have been stung by a bee or put on some major lbs. the pain isn't bad but I wish I would have been able to take off work. I've told everyone I work with about this but I think it's going to be hard to explain that it is not an instant gratification kind of procedure and I will look worse before I look better. I hope there's not as much swelling with round 2. The pain isn't too bad, just the swelling.


Day 1. Have to go to work and look like I've been stung by something. I am really red and swollen. Hope to look better in a few days.

Seems to be going down

My husband noticed first thing that I wasn't as swollen as I was yesterday. It feels just like what I had previously read (numb in spots, like a glob, wiggly) I feel a tiny bit sore, but only if I touch. The pain portion for me has been a breeze, and if the swelling goes down ASAP, I will be so happy.

Day 2 is much better

The swelling has went down a lot. It's still noticeable to me, but it's definitly reduced.

Go tomorrow for round 2

My chin area is still a little numb. I can't tell if I see improvement, or if I'm just back to normal. My husband and coworkers say they can see some improvement. I hope the swelling isn't as bad as round 1.

Swelling sucks

I got round 2 done and am already swollen up. My mom went with me and the doc held up before pics. They could see a bit of improvement @ 5 weeks. I scheduled an appointment for 6 weeks out, just to see if I need a third treatment. I am hoping that I will only need 1 vial instead of 2 for the 3rd round, if any at all. I can't wait to see results!

This was 4 weeks after 1st round

The results are minimal after the first treatment, which I fully expected. I will post a pic of the swelling from the 2nd round and then hopefully some progress pics in the next few weeks.

Ignore bad photography

Before and @ 4 weeks post 1st treatment

Differences from first round

This go round, I am more swollen and have some bruising. I did not have any bruising with the first. It seems to be going down after icing and I notice some lumps, which means it's working? I'm hoping, from the other reviewers experience, that the swelling subsides quickly!


I couldn't really tell how much my chin improved, until I looked at this photo. This was at 4 weeks out and I think it's even improved more since this pic. I am very pleased. I want to do another treatment because it is not totally gone. I have received "have you lost weight?" a few times now. I am happy thus far. I will post more pics soon.

3rd round today

Had 3rd round today. Only needed 1 vial instead of 2. Hopefully this is the last. I will post pics soon????


My gullet has shrank, woo hoo! I am very happy with my results this far. I will post another pic a month from now and note any changes. I am so happy I did kybella and would highly recommend it to anyone who feels a bit insecure about it. No knife required!

Decided on 1 more

Today, I go in for another treatment. I've made it this far, I may as well finish it off. There is just a bit left. I should have done 2 vials instead of one at my last treatment. I will post complete pics later.

Finally a pic

Dr. Amy Horner

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