Tummy Tuck - 27 Yr Old with 2 Kids - Saint Clair Shores, MI

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I had my consultation today with Dr. Kayser. The...

I had my consultation today with Dr. Kayser. The office was beautiful and comfortable. All his staff were amazing and friendly. Denis was wonderful and made you feel like family. At first Denis greeted me and took me into an exam room and discussed which procedures I was interested in. Then Dr. Kayser came in to measure me, take photos and give his professional opinion. When it comes to being naked i am a shy person but I felt totally relaxed in such a vounerable situation. After getting dressed I was taken into an office to discuss pricing and financing with Denis. Dr. Kayser came in to fully explain the procedure and let me ask him a million questions! After we finished talking I was walked into Denis' office to talk hospital info and scheduling. When I left I felt I was in good hands with Dr. Kayser and his team.


I called Dr. Kaysers office back yesterday to ask a few more questions because this process is VERY emotional and overwheling (at least for me - I'm very back & fourth). Price depended on which hospital I chose, we ended up going with the hospital they highly recommend although it was more $$. Cosmetic surgery is not the thing to price shop for. So I have scheduled my tummy tuck (no lipo needed) at St John's Surgery Center - 16 weeks and counting! I was a little bummed that the week I wanted to schedule my surgery (in order to have 4 weeks off work) Dr. Kayser would be on vacation. So I had to schedule it for the week after therefore ill have 3 weeks off work to recover - hope thats long enough. I have 2 kiddos at home, one in double digits so she should be VERY helpful and then I have a 2 yr old toddler - definitely kills me to think of not being able to cuddle him (he loves his mama). My husband will be home with me for the first week for sure but is trying to get away with taking 2 weeks. I will probably join a gym and start working out to lose some weight. Im 27 yrs old, non smoker, am 5'3 and weigh 130. But doc says there's nothing more I need to do but wait for surgery day...

5 days post op

Hello! Just wanted to let anyone know that's following that I'm 5 days post op, I had my surgery Tuesday 7/19 at 730am. Everything went well! Since surgery I haven't had any pain, just LOTS of tightness in my abdomen. I have 2 drains on both ends on my incision.. They don't drain very much. I've been sleeping a lot in a recliner, today was the first day I could start to feel the discomfort in my lower back, either from walking hunched over or from sleeping in the recliner. I've showered twice since surgery, everything looks good! The incision is low and I have a nice round open belly button! He took 1 lb off during surgery. Showering definitely takes a toll on my body. When I take my binder off, it's like I have no security and can't breathe. Also since surgery, I haven't ate much. I basically just eat snacks when I have to take my meds. My husband has been amazing and patience! Definitely couldn't go through this without someone to help you. My first post op appt with Dr Kayser is tomorrow!

Day 5

Pic - day 5

Details of Surgery

The day of surgery 7/19. I was scheduled to arrive at 6am with a surgery time of 730am for an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) with muscle repair (no lipo). I was not prescribed to take any meds the night before but I did take a stool softner. When I arrived that morning at the surgery center, I was taken back to pre op alone. I had to pee in a cup (pregnancy test), change into a gown, was given an i.v and got blood pressure taken. Then the nurse brought my husband back to pre op to wait with me for my surgeon. Once my surgeon arrived he drew markings on my tummy. I kissed my husband and the nurse wheeled me to the o.r. , She wheeled me right next to the o.r table where I just hopped over and laid down on (still wearing the gown). The anesthesiologist placed a face mask on me and told me to breathe in and then I fell asleep. When I woke up the nurses where wrapping my binder around my abdomen (can't remember if I was still in the o.r or in recovery). I do remember asking for my husband and feeling like I couldn't breathe, at one point I was trying to unvelcro my binder because I really couldn't breathe (i was drugged up though). Little did I know, that feeling was normal and my oxygen levels were perfect. The feeling of not being able to breathe was because my muscles were pulled together very tight, which is what you want. In recovery, it was just a lot of waiting for me to feel up to getting dressed and going home and removing my i.v. I think I spent maybe a whole hour in recovery and then we went home. I did feel a little nauseous on the drive home (30min drive). Once I got home (around 1pm) I went right to sleep for most of the day. I quickly got into a routine .. I would sleep for 2-3 hours, wake up to pee and take my meds then back to sleep. This was my routine for the first 3 days. After those 3 days I slowed down with my meds and was more active.

I would have to say the muscle repair is the most "painful" part of this. My muscles feel like they are "burning" when I laugh or really strain to use them. Otherwise when I'm resting they are relaxed, a little tingly but not painful at all. My sergoen put a few sutures (skin/abs) so there isn't so much tension at the incision when I stand. My long incision has dissolveable sutures on the inside and glue on the outside. I had 2 drains, one on each side of my incision. I'm 6 days post op today and my drainage output is very low. I seen my surgeon today, he said he could remove both drains but said if fluid did build up in my abdomen that hed have to drain it with a needle. I hate needles! So he only removed the right drain and will remove the left drain in 3 days (thursday). Not going to lie, drain removal HURT!!

Day 9

Just some random info..

I'm able to shower by myself now! I've been sleeping in my bed for the past 4 days now. I'm now almost standing straight up. My right drain was removed on Day 6 and my left drain was removed today! I stopped taking my prescription medication on Day 7, I have 1 dose left (just taking ibuprofen now). I stopped taking naps on Day 7. The last few days I've been doing dishes, vacuuming and playing on the floor with the kids. I randomly decided to weigh myself today, pre op I was 132 & today I was 129. I had my first sneeze today, that was seriously PAINFUL - I think I needed 10mins to recover. I hate the numbness in my abdomen, it really creeps me out when I touch it- I make my husband change my belly button dressing. I do feel the strain in my back throughout the day, so I do have moments where I just need to sit down for a little rest. I feel like the more I push through the back discomfort, the straighter I've been standing by the end of the day. But I don't over do it and my body really tells me when I've had too much. I'm obviously not back to normal yet but I'm feeling more like myself since I'm now helpful around the house & with the kids. I've picked up my 2yr old to put him in bed and in his highchair, still can't hold him. I'm not anywhere near healed but I do love the look of my results so far and I'm glad I went through with the surgery!

2 weeks post op

Well I made it to 2 weeks post op! My husband went back to work today and I'm doing just fine on my own with my 2 kids (ages 11 & 2). I'm still not standing completely straight but by the time I put my kids to bed I'm so close to standing straight up.. Its exciting.
My back hasn't bothered me in days!
When I wake up in the morning and roll out of bed is when my skin/abs are the most sore, because I haven't streched or moved in hours! I lay ONE pillow long ways so it's under my back and head. I still have to sleep on my back because it's to uncomfortable laying on my sides.. Also because they feel bruised when any pressure is applied to that area, not sure if it is because thats where the drains were. Oh I wanted to share my comparison.. Last week when I first started sleeping back in my bed, if I layed to far flat it felt like being preganat and trying to sleep on your back.. It was just such a heavy feeling in my stomach. Although I don't have that feeling anymore while I sleep but I do still get a little of that feeling when I try to lay on my side or when I roll to my side when trying to get up after I've been sitting for awhile. Hope that makes sense!
My binder is extremely itchy, it's most uncomfortable because of the material it's made out of and it rubs on my numb skin.. but in a few days my doctor said I can go buy a more comfortable one.. So thats good news!
As a suggestion.. Breathe out for everything you do, my nurse told me this when getting into the car after surgery. Do it when you sit, when you get up, when roll out of bed, when lift a brand new gallon of milk...seriously it helps because your muscles are relaxed!
Only a handful of my family members know about my surgery.. I disnt and still dont feel like sharing. Its more of still feeling embarrassed about how i USED to look. I also don't need the judgement of how much I spent.
I have 2 more weeks off work before I go back, so that'll of given me 4 weeks off total. I'm a teacher so I didn't have to ask for time off since I scheduled my surgery during the summer. Knowing now how I feel, if I had a different job all I would take off work is 2 weeks.

I'm still no where close to healed but I'm still really happy with my results and excited for next summer. I obviously still have stretch marks on my stomach but I don't care about them. My biggest concern is finally gone and I already feel better about myself!! Which is worth every penny I spent on my surgery.

Frickle replacement!

When looking at my pictures I wanted to know how much my skin was pulled so I looked at my frickles and birth mark. I thought it was crazy how much lower my frickles are now and thought I'd share by adding this color coded picture!

4 weeks post op

I've been walking up straight for a week now. I just started wearing a different binder yesterday. I'm able to sleep on my sides but I wake up alot throughout the night to roll over. I'm still very sore/stiff when I wake up. Im obviously still swollen and of course its worse during my menstrual cylce. The skin on my stomach is still mostly numb, sometimes my incision itches like crazy. The scabs on my incision are now mostly off or falling off and I love how thin the incision is. Of course I could pick out flaws such as the insion line is higher on one side than the other, I feel like my belly button is just slightly off center and that my waist line looks different on my right side than my left ... But honestly no one is perfectly symmetrical and I ABSOLUTELY rather be oh so slightly asymmetrical than have the loose skin back. Im so happy and excited about how I look/feel that were actually planning to take a cruise to the Bahamas with friends in 5 months!! Something I would have NEVER considered before having surgery. I have 2 more weeks until my 6 weeks post op appointment with my surgeon and then I'm taking my ass back to the gym!

10 weeks!

5 months post op

Can't believe it's been 5 months and almost CHRISTMAS! The time just flew by. I have my 6 month post op appt next month. I feel really good. My scar looks good to me, doesn't really bother me. My scar is still sensitive, if my son runs up and hugs me or if I bump my hip on the edge of my kitchen counter it stings! I put bio oil on my scar, when I remember to. I'm still numb down the center of my stomach. It feels so gross and weird to touch :( But I'm completely happy with my results and would totally go through it again knowing the process and outcome. I'm so glad I did this while I'm young. My husband loves my new confidence and attitude about how I look. I'm excited to see what my surgeon thinks of my progress next month. Can't wait for my 1 year mark to see how faded (hopefully) my scar is. Happy holidays!

5 months post op/scar

Still loving it!


It's (basically) been ONE YEAR since my surgery! I have no complaints or issues. I'm still mostly numb down the center of my stomach, which feels so weird to touch. My scar is well hidden and fading A LOT. Everything is still tight especially when "stretching out." I would do it all over again knowing my outcome. I'm very happy with my results and have my 1 year apt on Monday.
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