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I am 27, 5’10, 153 pounds. 3 years ago I...

I am 27, 5’10, 153 pounds. 3 years ago I developed Cushing’s disease because of a brain tumor in my pituitary gland. A year later I had my adrenal glands removed to “cure” me of the disease. However during that time period I had gained 40 lbs in 2 months. (155lbs to 195lbs) Some pictures I submit, you may be able to see 1 or more of 8 scars all over my belly, however they have been fading. While I was overweight I developed larger breasts quickly, and then lost them.
I have always wanted larger breasts. Ever since I was younger and saw my friends continue to develop when I stopped. I also want to fill my droopy, Cushing’s diseased, skin-bags back up to a nice size.
I am dying in anticipation.

How big to go????

I forgot to say I am planning on 450 silicone, smooth, high profile(per Dr. Melek's suggestion) under the muscle. When I used the rice Sixers vs the silicone testers at the office, I swear they were larger. I've been told by a few co-workers that you will always want larger. I think I need to go back in and try out the 500cc. I will post pics to get opinions......also I said 36 B and I am defiantly a 36A. Opps I tent to get 36 over 34 because my breasts set farther apart. I typically wear them as tight as they go to fit right.

450cc or 500cc

I went into my PS's office today to try on different implant sizers with different bras and tops. I'm getting high profile round smooth, but the sizers are shaped differently so that they will be more like your post-operative results. I tried 450cc and 500cc round and shaped. Which size should I get? All I hear is, "I wish I went bigger". I'll post and label each and the mess I made with all the Sixers and what they look like.

3 weeks left

Three weeks left until surgery, I'm going in with either 500cc high profile, or 530cc ultra profile. I haven't had my surgery officially approved by my endocrinologist yet. It's the one of the only steps I have left.

7 days

Husband has given me hard a time about wanting to go through with the procedure($$$$ not cheap). I was quick to point out that we are both covered with other body modifications. Do we not have many tattoos and support them? What about other things we all do, aren't implants just modifications with a higher cost? ....pause....he said, "oh, alright then".

Only 24 hrs until I go under

Tuesday night I started getting really achy and tired. By Wednesday I had a fever and bad sinus pressure. From the moment I started feeling bad I was downing all kinds of fluids and remedies I could think of. I still wasn't feeling good late last night so my husband told me I needed garlic. I researched it, to put it simply the compound that emits the smell produces an acid in your body to fight like an antibacterial. Raw garlic was noted as the best and claims garlic pills are worthless. I'm not claiming garlic has made me feel better, but that's not going to stop me from munching on a clove when in done writing this.

24 out and feeling better....just need to get laundry done.

Beautiful , loving them already

I was called in early, Dr Kayser works efficiently. He has to be the nicest Dr I have ever meet with. He is so sincere, and is always giving comforting touches. Like a two handed hand shake, and patting my husband should reassuringly. He was full of compliments about my breast prior to surgery, and made me feel so beautiful. He drew my pre-op lines in a manner that displayed lots of experience all while talking about my cc choice to my husband( who was nervous about my implant size choice, he used to work in a medical facility and was shocked about 1000 cc total going into me). My implants hardly appear that they need to drop. They just look like they need to soften up. I received 500cc moderate profile(I think they are moderate at least) with glued incisions. I've noticed this is used a lot in this hospital. I've had other medical issues(cushings ) where they used glue.
I don't have to wear a bra all the time, no compression strap, I can shower in the morning.....I feel a bit sore, but not bad at all. I have a feeling Dr. Kaiser is gentle, because I don't have any bruising accept near my incisions and I bruise easily. I am wide awake, which also means the anesthesiologist did his job well. In fact all the staff at St John's Surgery did an excellent job. They were all incredibly personable except for the larger, male anesthesiologist. He was unprofessional in the operating room. I asked him if he had just released something into my IV because it was burning and he didn't answer me. I don't speak quietly at all so I know he heard me. I asked what I was receiving again and he just told me I wouldn't know what it was anyways. Before I could say much more I feel asleep. I thought , how could this guy assume I wouldn't know? I was rather disgusted and so was my husband. Very unprofessional....anyways here is what I just received.


I just looked at my "device identification card" I have 500cc style 20.....meaning smooth shell, HIGH profile.

Best Dr. Everrrr

I just received a really nice bouquet of flowers from my doctor and his staff. They have gone above and beyond my expectations. I could not be more impressed with Dr. Kayser and his staff.

One week post

Had a post operative visit on Wednesday, and Dr. Kaiser said everything was great. I love that he used glue instead or strips or seen stiches. They are hardly bruised anymore ,and unlike many I have seen they are not high in my chest. They are however positioned differently from one another. On one side my chest wall is flat, and my other side is sunken in a bit. You can see the difference it make with the implants. Before surgery you could hardly tell. They feel the same, but if you examine them one looks obviously different. I wish my doctor would have foreseen this and adjusted accordingly. ....but you can only see the difference when I'm naked.

3 weeks

Still uneven looking......just playing the waiting game I guess. My husband made two good points. When I was obviously frustrated about the size difference and starring at myself in the mirror he made to good points. First he reminded me that my breast were not perfectly the same before the surgery and almost all natural breast are not identical. I felt that was rather helpful.....but then he made his second point. He said if I am putting this much money, effort, and going through pain to have a more "perfect" set of breasts then shouldn't they have been done perfectly? He has suggested I ask about a revision to my right implant if I am still bothered by my 5 week appointment. I feel Dr. Kayser should have foreseen this and made an adjustment to the sizes. I speculate that to achieve a more even look I would have needed about 40 more ccs

8 weeks post

I feel they are a bit uneven, and I'm nervous they are dropping too fast. My husband said I'm too judgmental and they look great. Hmm only time will tell. Two weeks ago I was given the go ahead to wear what ever I wanted or didn't want and back to full activity with the only restrictions being no flag football. Also still no full on stomach sleeping, which has truly sucked since I am mostly a stomach sleeper.
Detroit Plastic Surgeon

Everything about my experience has been wonderful. The first consultation went as such: greeted by a friendly receptionist and asked to wait in what looked like an expensive l living room. I was offered a beverage, and took a Diet Coke. I was taken through the beautifully decorated office (although felt like a warm welcoming home) to a room with many mirrors, a blue screen, a table, a small dresser of sizers, a bathroom, and chairs. A woman named Denise came in and asked me all about myself, what I did, what I hoped to achieve, if I had heard of sizers, if I had any images...and was very friendly. She asked me to change, and she an the doctor would come right back in. Then Dr. Kaiser came in and he was fully informed with what I had told Denise. He measured me, standing up and laying down. I tried on sizers, and we talked about what I liked. He said if I wanted to think a bout my choice then come back and try them again that it would be helpful in my own size choice. I got dressed, then went into his part of the office. He explained different types of implants and which were best for each situation. He explained different incisions and placements, and again when each would be used. He explained a natural slope, crease, and where nipple placement rests with different implant sizes. Then we looked at my case and he suggested smooth round 450cc implants placed submuscular through an infamammary incision. He printed off my images then I went into Denise's office where we talked about setting things up. I grabbed my dat 4 months ahead and set payment. I did return a month later to double check my size. I ended up liking 500cc a little more since an acclimate of mine said everyone wants to go larger. I have also seen this on realself. So I have 500cc moderate profile and 530cc high profile being ordered for me to have at Dr. Master's disposal . He is g o ing to make the ultimate choice for what looks best. I love everything about this experience , and would recommend Dr. Melek Kayser to everyone.

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