Revision Rhinoplasty (Closed) and Revision Chin Reduction - Saint Charles, IL

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My original/primary surgery was performed by a...

My original/primary surgery was performed by a different doctor in October 2014. The other doctor performed an open rhinoplasty and chin reduction , leaving me with undesirable results and scarring . My nose was collapsed almost immediately after surgery , and the tip is even more bulbous from before , along with a new big scar . My profile still isn't perfect , and there are some other technical issues with my nose that are beyond my comprehension . My chin was not reduced enough , asymmetrical still , and left me with a "scar knot " maybe from a hematoma .

Dr Todd Hewell performed my breast augmentation revision (primary augmentation was also performed by the same previous doctor and I was left with complications and unsatisfactory results as well ). Not only did Dr Hewell give me an amazing price , but he gave me great results !! He is such a great guy , I totally and completely trust him with my face . When I left his office the other day for my facial revision consultation , I was so emotional that I almost wanted to cry because I couldn't believe how reasonable my revision was . AND that I only have to do it under local anesthesia !!! He has seriously been a life saver throughout my nightmare of bad plastic surgery and shady plastic surgeons . He's amazing !! I would recommend him to anyone , especially anyone in need of a revision .

Revision surgery yesterday went well

My revision surgery with Dr Hewell was yesterday , and so far so good!! The surgery was only about 2 hours , and my recovery is going smooth . No nausea at all , and pain is minimal . Recovery is 1000x better than the original surgery with a different dr . I saw Dr Hewell this morning to remove some bandages , but I don't see the full results til Wednesday . Wish me luck. !! Xoxo

Revision surgery was worth it!!

So to recap- my nose and chin revision surgery with Dr Hewell was in October. I was almost immediately pleased with my results.

One thing I did not mention was that I added a few additional procedures (lol .. but i really wanted to do fat transfers to my face and some dermabrasion on my one cheek to accelerate my acne scar treatment results..)

Ok, so I'll break each part down!!

Nose Revision-
Dr. Hewell did a cartilage graft to fix the side of my nose that collapsed from a previous nose job. He also further reduced the profile hump that was not fixed by the previous surgeon. He refined my tip as well. The results were great!! Nose is straighter, and profile is more attractive as well!!

Chin Revision-
My chin was complicated, but I am pleased with the final results!! Ah ok I'll start explaining everything he did to it. FIrst off, the main revision was to reduce my chin size even further and to correct symmetry. That was done well! Symmetry has improved greatly, and my chin is smaller. He ALSO reduced my cleft by making a fat graft out of some of my stomach fat. I have an overactive mentalis muscle, so he also altered that muscle to give me a smoother look. Another thing he has to do, was remove some of the excess chin skin. This was all done conservatively, and looking at before and after pictures its hard to tell I had more work done!

I had dermabrasion performed on the scar my previous surgeon left from my poorly performed nose job. I also had dermabrasion on my cheek to better my acne scars. Both treatments seemed to have minor improvement.

Fat Transfer from Stomach to Cheeks
These results ended up being good as well, but I had a few minor issues with this.. I had fat transfer to my cheeks not only to add cheekbones, but to correct some asymmetry in my face. I felt like my right side wasn't as full, so I had more transfer done on that side. Well, one of the fat injections right by my upper molar blew up possibly from a tooth infection and had to be drained.. ew.. Just my luck lol… But even after all that, my results are still good LOL! I have nicer cheekbones and my face is more symmetrical.

So wow, that was all in one time going under the knife!! Not gonna lie, although recovery was easy, having so many procedures at once is not for the weak lol… But to me, it was still worth it!! I'm taking a little break from plastic surgery because I had to do all those unexpected revisions… but i'm sure ill be back ;) lol

Nose is better after revision ,but still totally regret ever messing with my nose !! Beware of rhinoplasty

So I had my rhinoplasty revision about a year ago to fix what another doctor totally messed up. My original doctor I found on groupon in the Hoffman estates , Illinois area . Beware because he has tons of fake good reviews on this site as well as yelp . My nose was crooked and worst looking after surgery and he left me with an awful scar on my columna :( I've had scar reduction procedures since , but it's so deep it still shows .

I decided to see dr hewell bc he has been doing this forever (beware of young doctors , they haven't had much time to build a reputation and that's the dr that ruined my nose in the first place ). Anywho , he straightened my nose out and it hasn't collapsed again yet , but I do occasionally get more congested on one side .

I just want to warn anyone considering rhinoplasty to think long and very hard . Once someone screws up your nose , it can be very difficult to fix . And there are so many scandalous doctors out there with fake reviews who are just dying to take your money in exchange for bad work .
Saint Charles Plastic Surgeon

Dr Hewell is amazing and a life saver !!! He performed my breast revision augmentation , and I am very happy with the results . He is incredibly reasonable and could have easily charged me a lot more . I completely trust him with my face revision !! He is a great plastic surgeon whom I would recommend to anyone and everyone . Especially revisions !! And he's nice and personable , wait times are like nothing compared to other doctors . His facility is great , and he's very experienced . Thanks Dr Hewell !!!

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