Very Happy with the Results - Would Do It Again!

I'm 38, and in very good shape. I weigh only 105...

I'm 38, and in very good shape. I weigh only 105 pounds but had terrible mushy saddle bags on my outer thighs. I had liposuction done on May 2. So far, I am very happy with the results. I have none of the horror stories that I'm sure many of you have read about. I didn't have any bruising at all and very little drainage. I didn't take one pain killer after surgery, and only need Extra Strength Tylenol the second day after surgery. I was quite sore by the second day, but not horrible. I needed to walk slowly and had a hard time sitting down on a hard chair. I

faithfully wore my compression garments 24/7 for three weeks, and I still wear it each evening. My saddle bags are pretty much gone, I'm pretty sure that I have a little bit more swelling, so I'm hoping that they will be completely gone by week six - only time will tell. I told my surgeon that I absolutely did not want ripply, uneven, sagging skin after lipo, and he explained to me that this only happens when too much fat is removed. So far, so good with me. I go back to my surgeon on June 23. I'm curious to find out if my results will get even better. I am so glad I went through with lipo - after reading all of the horror stories, I almost chickened out. I may change my overall satisfaction to Excellent if my thighs continue to get smaller.

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