Facelift and Necklift with Dr. Quiroz - 8/27/2013 - Tijuana, Mexico

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My last few days at home before I leave for...

My last few days at home before I leave for Tijuana and surgery with Dr. Quiroz. I am having thus far: Facelift, Necklift, Browlift, Rhinoplasty, fat transfer to lips, possibly dermabrasion for upper and lower lip/chin area. Maybe a lower bleph for each eye. I will have a final consultation wth him the day before surgery and decide for sure what will be best for my face.

Well.......I did it and it was FANTASTIC!!!!

I cant be happier at this point!

More information:

I need to post my pics and I will do so very soon. Today is Saturday, August 31st and I am five days since my surgery and everything is going so well - I am overwhelmed how different I look. I think I had a face transplant!! He took decades off of my face and it shows. I had a brow lift, rhinoplasty, facelift, necklift, fat transfer to both lips and both naso folds and major dermabrasion around my ENTIRE mouth area. I had so many lines there and he said dermabrasion would be the best and he is so right. I showed him a profile picture of Sofia Vergara's nose and said, "I want a nose like that with a little upturn on the end and - voila!!!! He did it!!!! I have wanted my nose corrected for over thirty years when I had my deviated septum corrected and it flattened out the bridge of my nose. All these years I waited - what a fool was I!!!!
I was forturnate enough to meet Dr. de la Fuente, the dermatologist and he gave me such much advice and samples of advanced creme to clear up a pre-cancerous skin lesion on my nose. He was going to do Fraxel laser surgery on my face and back of my hands but I opted out because of the rhinoplasty and they would be putting my IV in the back of my hand but I am returning to Cosmed in a month to start Fraxel laser with Dr. de la Fuente on my enlarged pores on my nose area and brown spots on the backs of my hands. It is amazing how beautiful your hands can become again! I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Quiroz and his skill - I am in awe of what he has done for me looks. Do not fear dermabrasion - it is well worth the slight discomfort for the few days. Another thing - DO STAY AT THE RECOVERY BOUTIQUE! It will be your "safe spot" or your cocoon from which your new face will emerge. The nurses are nothing short of amazing - thank you Miriam, Marta, Perla and Leticia! 24 hour care with great cooked food and everything you need. Some nights I would wake at 3 am and I would go and watch tv and talk to the on-duty nurse and in English. You need their care after surgery - they make sure you get your prescription, help with showering your hair, even will cook oatmeal for you at 3 am (as I requested).
Tijuana is a wonderful city - before my surgery, I was out at night, walking down the street, shopping at the local stores and eating wonderful Tres Queso sandwiches and coffee at the Starbucks around the corner from the clinic, which is cool, modern, elegant and very chic. I've been to many PS offices in my city and NO ONE has an building like Dr. Quiroz and company.
Back to the shopping: Don't worry about money - there is a money exchange down the street (next to Starbucks) where you can change your dollars to Pesos in a split second and shop to your hearts content. Right there is a small shopping center called the "Hippodromo" with mid to upscale stores and even a Wal-Mart. Now Wal-Mart in TJ is wonderful selling delicious Mexican pastries, breads - all the things of a local Panaderia along with Tamarindo and Mango Tang! I did buy a few things to bring home and I am glad I did. I am already getting my shopping list ready for the next trip next month.
I arrived on Monday the 26th and was met by the extremely personable driver of Cosmed named "Eddie." Eddie is Cuban and speaks great English and knows everything about TJ and the places to go to shop and eat. He is a great resouce and will get you over the border without any problems. Eddie was my life saver because I brought an old, expired passport that I had reported lost years ago but somehow found it later amongst a pile of junk (how does that ever happen? ). Well, the American border agents put us threw the paces and Eddie was a great help. Finally, I told them my recent passport was at home and I guess he looked at my recently surgeried face and said, ok, go on your way and get rid of this when you get home! Duly noted, sir!!!!
I am scheduled to have Kaiser remove my stitches next Friday, the 6th, and I hope the nurse doesn't pass out because I have LOTS of black stitches that need removing!
So far, nothing irregular has happened to me during or after surgery. I never needed any pain meds after the surgery (I know, high threshold) and I would just sleep and eat and I got the new face began to take shape. Pics soon, promise.
Not to sound like a cheer leader or some paid advocate, but I was nervous about going to Mexico by myself and undergoing surgery and you know what? I was so amazed by the compassion, care, comfort and nurturing spirit I found in the people of Tijuana. Viva la Tijuana! I have a new found respect and envy of the people and their warm and loving spirit. Dr. Quiroz and staff are so wonderful - have faith in yourself and what you want to accomplish and convey that to the good doctor. He is more than capable of bring your dreams and desires to fruition. Have faith - not fear!!!

My pre-op peofile

Day One Post Surgery

Day Two

Day Four - Back Home

Day Five

Day Six Post Surgery

Just wanted to show the progress on day six. I put on a little lip gloss and a small amount of makeup on bruises below both eyes. Of course I am very pink around mouth but the healing is progressing nicely. I am very, very yellow in my entire neck area. Can't wait to get stitches out because with healing comes a "tightness"

Day 23

Here's my latest pic. Still tons of swelling

Not day 23!!!!

The last pic is 16 days post op - can't wait for the 23rd day.......

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