TT W/ MR & Lipo(flanks)! Finally!

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My surgery date was on Monday May 21st. I wasn't...

My surgery date was on Monday May 21st. I wasn't nervous but was excited to finally get this done. I'm 33 yrs old 5'3" and before surgery I weighed 175 pounds. I'm so glad I found this site! It helped me be at ease knowing I wasnt the only one experiencing all the emotions and struggles that come with post op. Before my c-section 3 years ago my stomach was normal looking. However after giving birth I noticed the skin stayed droopy and loose no matter how much I worked out. The pain isn't as bad as my c-section. I have 3 drains and a pain pump that is helping numb the pain. My only struggle during post op day 1 was getting out of bed. The hubby was able to rent me a hospital bed and it has made life for both of us so much easier! Before i went into the operating room, the nurse placed an anti nausea patch behind my ear. Which I was very thankful for! Zero nausea and vomiting! I'll try to post some before pictures and since I'm only at post op day 2 the only pics I have is my binder and drains. I'm hoping after they see me tomorrow I'll have enough courage to remove my binder and take a picture!

Post Op day 3 I was off by a day (my first post...

Post Op day 3
I was off by a day (my first post earlier should have been post op day 3). It has been easier getting in and out of bed. This hospital bed we rented is a must! I was getting really bad back pain today so I took half of a valium along with the vicodin. That knocked me out, but it seemed to work - I don't have any pain or stiffness in my back. Still no BM and I'm thinking of taking 2 stool softeners instead of 1. I haven't really had an appetite so I've just been eating oranges, jello and protein shakes and some chicken soup. Having no BM yet hasn't been uncomfortable since I've been eating really light meals. Every time I'm in bed I'm hooked up to this machine that compresses the bottom part of my legs to prevent blood clots. I love it but I think we have to return it back tomorrow when I go in for my second post op visit. I'm hoping they'll remove at least one of the drains since it doesn't look like anything is draining in that one tube.
I was able to figure out how to upload some pics (I guess you can't upload using your smartphone).
Again, I am so thankful I found this site! So much information and support! It's great!

Post op day 4 Just got back from my second post...

Post op day 4
Just got back from my second post op appt. I was hoping that at least one of the drains would be removed but all three have to stay in for now. The lipo stitches did come off today and it didn’t hurt at all, just a quick sting. I saw my new BB for the first time and I like what I see! I was worried it would look weird but my ps did such a wonderful job. My stomach is still very swollen but they said that I was healing wonderfully. I’m walking around much better and I’ve decreased my pain meds. My appetite hasn’t come back to normal yet, so I’m still eating fruit, jello and protein shakes. I’m still not allowed to shower. My ps wants the drains to be removed before I can take a real shower. So until then I’ll just have to continue my sponge baths. My back pain is still horrible but I’ve noticed taking a valium at night makes me feel better in the morning. I haven’t felt any depression like some people say they’ve been through. I guess having a C-section in the past has prepared me as to what the recovery will be like. I’ve been in a really good mood despite the fact that I still can’t do certain things like putting on my underwear. Every day is getting better. I feel so blessed that I was able to get this TT done. I just felt like I’m so young to have to wear granny panties and have to always cover myself up with bulky sweaters to cover up my fat belly. The first two days post op were rough but it gets better rather quickly after that. Happy healing everyone!

Post Op day 5 I’m getting up on my own much...

Post Op day 5
I’m getting up on my own much better today with no help. I’ve never been so happy to have a BM! I didn’t think it would take this long for me to have one! It was starting to get real uncomfortable. My appetite is slowly coming back. I had a piece of baked rotisserie chicken for lunch. My lower back is still in pain but not as bad as yesterday. I don’t feel as tired today and I have still yet to experience the blues that everyone keeps talking about. I’m just so happy and grateful that the flap and bulge are gone! I still have quite a bit of bruising from the lipo and those areas are still tender to the touch but the pain is tolerable. I’ve been using a squirt bottle that I had from the hospital from my c-sections years ago to wash myself down there after I use the bathroom. My next post op doc appt is this coming Tuesday. I hope a drain or two will come off that day. I also hope I’m more mobile and can do more than what I can today because that is the day the hubby goes back to work. I will be left home alone with our toddler and two little dogs. I will attempt to take a shower tonight and I need to find a creative way of not getting my drain sites wet. So I’m hoping someone here will have some suggestions.

Post Op day 6 New swollen picture posted! I feel...

Post Op day 6
New swollen picture posted!
I feel really swollen today! I also have a little gas and feel bloated. I took some gas meds earlier so hopefully that will help me out. I can’t believe how much easier it is for me to get in and out of bed now compared to a few days ago! The hubby has been great holding down the fort while I’m recovering. My toddler misses playing with me but understands that mommy isn’t feeling good and has been holding up well. I wish I could say the same for my two baby doggies! They’ve been staying next to my bed on the floor the whole week and will not leave my side (only to eat or go out for their walk).
I’ve placed a small pillow behind my lower back and that alleviated some of the back pain. I’ve also cut down on the pain meds. I think today I will be able to get by with just plain Tylenol. I still have a few more doses of antibiotics to take and I still plan to take ½ of a valium tablet at bedtime. Have a great weekend tummy tuckers!

OMG! What an ordeal! I attempted to take what may...

OMG! What an ordeal! I attempted to take what may have resembled a shower this evening! With the help of the hubby, we managed to pull it off! We used those plastic lawn chairs for me to sit on in our tub, plastic wrap over my drain sites, and a budgie cord around my neck to clip the drain bulbs to! What a sight we must have looked like! He was able to help hose me off and soap me down with a wash cloth while I held on for dear life! It feels so weird to not have the binder on. I’m just glad it’s all over with. I do feel much better! And we were successful of not getting the drain sites and stitches wet! Some of the tape over the incision started to come off (not from being wet) so I was able to take a close up picture of it. I’m very happy with my ps work! He did mention to me that his way of suturing his patients takes more time but leaves a very thin line of a scar and no ripples.

Post Op Day 8 Wow! I’ve made it and survived...

Post Op Day 8
Wow! I’ve made it and survived the 1 week mark! I just got back from my 3rd post op appointment and was thrilled to have one of my drains removed! What an experience. It was the weirdest feeling! I took a valium and one pain pill before my appointment anticipating a lot of pain since I know that the tube goes in real deep inside! The only pain I felt however was right after it was removed right at the drain site. It didn’t last long just a pinch/sting feeling like a hair or two was plucked! Then it was gone! The nurse put gauze over the hole and said it would take about half a day for the hole to close up. I go back tomorrow to remove the other drain and then again on Friday to remove the final drain. She told me that after the final drain is out is when I get to wear that body suite girdle thing that goes from above my knees all the way up to under my breasts. I can’t wait because this binder I have on keeps riding up! I’ve also been walking much better today with less back pain. I think after this week my ps would like me to start slowly walking more upright.
After my appointment today the hubby went back to work after taking time off to be my nurse! So far so good being home alone with a 3 year old and two doggies… Happy healing everyone!

Post Op Day 11 Yay! DRAIN FREE!!! I’m now...

Post Op Day 11
Yay! DRAIN FREE!!! I’m now wearing the full body girdle which feels better than the binder. However for me, it feels even better wearing the girdle with the binder over it. I have a ton of swelling right now maybe because I was out and about and may have done too much today so I’ll try to take pictures after resting and the swelling goes down a bit.
Happy healing everyone!

Post Op Day 14 I can't believe a whole two weeks...

Post Op Day 14
I can't believe a whole two weeks have passed since my surgery! Recovery has been great! Other than the annoying swelling part, everything has been going smoothly. I've stopped taking Tylenol. I did start taking Vitamin B Complex, Zinc and Vitamin C. I'm noticing that I'm walking more upright and my lower back tightness and pain is almost nonexistent. I'm wearing a full body girdle which makes me feel like I can move better than with the binder on, however, it's a pain to remove/put back on when I need to use the bathroom. I know it has an open crotch but (T.M.I) I wash with water down there every time I use the bathroom so it must come off! The itching has started on my stomach and I'm not sure if it's the material of the girdle or just things healing (I've read people going through the whole itching phase). It's not that bad so I'm not planning to take anything for it.
Thanks to realself member LostinTranslation and her tip on cucumber water (but I juice mine whole) my swelling has gone down and is not as bad as the 1st week. I've also lost 3 more pounds on top of the 8 I lost right after surgery. I can't wait to start scar therapy in a few weeks. I plan to discuss this with my ps during my post-op appointment this week.
I haven't reached any lows yet and I'm not sure I will (fingers crossed) because I'm just so happy that I have a body I am no longer ashamed of and I feel so blessed that I was able to even do this. Happy Healing Everyone! I hope you all have a great week!

I've read on

B-Complex Vitamins:
The B-complex vitamins play an important role in your body's metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fat, which is required to produce the energy needed for wound healing. In addition, the B-complex vitamins aid your body in the synthesis of new body tissues, such as muscle and skin. According to "Nutrition and Wound Healing," the B-complex vitamins are involved in all three stages of wound healing: removal of dead tissue and bacteria during the inflammation stage; promotion, formation and interlinking of new collagen, body tissues and blood vessels during the proliferation stage; and strengthening scar formation during the remodeling and maturation stage. You can find B-complex vitamins in a variety of foods, including meat, fish, eggs, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds and dark green vegetable

Post Op Day 15 Just a quick update... I don't...

Post Op Day 15
Just a quick update... I don't know what it was but I had the worst case of insomnia last night! I didn't sleep until after 4 am! I only slept for a few hours and now I have the biggest headache! Anyone else experience this? I'm hoping it's just a one time thing! Other than that not much has changed... everything is going smoothly. I go back to work next week (not looking forward to that lol). I only scheduled myself for one day just to see how it goes! ahhhh the benefit of working for a hospital! Happy Healing tummy tuckers!!!

Post Op Day 17 Wow! I guess insomnia is a normal...

Post Op Day 17
Wow! I guess insomnia is a normal thing to go through (according to my ps) after surgery!
I had another post op appt. today with my PS and I was able to drive myself for the first time since my surgery! Feeling good about that, but man, today wore me out! I felt more tired today than the other days.
He said everything looks good, BB is healing well. I had a ton of questions for him today LOL.
One thing that stumped my PS for a quick second was my question about my Pap test scheduled for next week. I asked if that was okay and at first he said yes he doesn’t see a problem with it, but after I reminded him that they do press down hard on your abdomen, he thought for a second and said yes, you’re right. So now he asked me to reschedule my Pap test and move it up to next month.
He said I can start using Mederma on my scar and BB. I asked about kelo-cote and/or any silicone sheets or gel-zone and he said at this stage it isn’t necessary and to just use the Mederma for now. I trust him because I’ve seen after pics of his other patients’ scars and they all looked great 3 months post op. I’m still not allowed to mop, vacuum, lift anything heavy or do anything strenuous. The hubby is developing some great housekeeping and laundry skills! I can get use to this! LOL! I noticed I’ve been thirsty quite a bit lately and drinking plenty of water is always a good thing anyways.
I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow. Happy Healing Tummy Tuckers!!!!

Post Op Day 18 Wow! I can't believe I'm almost at...

Post Op Day 18
Wow! I can't believe I'm almost at 3 weeks post op. I start work this Monday and I'm a little reluctant to do so since it's noticeable that I'm not walking completely straight quite yet. I'll be working on trying to stretch out more over this weekend. I didn't tell anyone I was getting this done hehehe... but if they ask I guess I'll say so (since I'm so proud of my new stomach). I still have swelling as you can see in the new pics but I can deal with it and it's not so bothersome. I'm sending the hubby out to purchase some Mederma so I can begin my scar therapy! Yay! The scar and BB are starting to scab over... ewww! LOL
I've also noticed that I can't eat as much as I normally did before the surgery. I feel full faster (maybe thanks to the muscle repair?) Either way it's a good thing! I ordered a full order of a Waldorf Salad from California Pizza Kitchen and could only eat a little less than half of it. This was a surprise to me... that's my fav and use to be able to eat the whole thing! I mean, it's just salad right? Anyways the nurse weighed me during my post op appt yesterday and I'm down a whole 13 pounds since the surgery which is a bonus for me on top of everything else! Every morning I have a protein shake and whatever fruit I have on hand, then for lunch it's whatever like hard boiled eggs, salad etc etc. a few days ago I was craving Middle Eastern food and sent the hubby out for some kabobs. Then I just have a light dinner, but lately it's been weird because I've been craving oatmeal with dried cranberries so that's what I've been having for the past 4 nights LOL. Most importantly is WATER WATER WATER!!! My PS said that will help with the swelling as well and those who've read some of my updates know I've been juicing the cucumbers whole and then mixing that with water and drinking that all day long.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Healing!!!!!

Post Op Day 20 Good morning fellow tummy tuckers!...

Post Op Day 20
Good morning fellow tummy tuckers! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I started applying the Mederma to my scar yesterday. It smelled nice (I thought it wouldn’t) and it dried pretty quickly. It’s nice that they have a new formulation that is a once a day application (the old one was like 2-3 times a day) so the tube will last a bit longer because you don’t need much when you apply it. I found a 20g tube at Costco for about $17 behind the pharmacy counter. I looked online and other drug stores and the average costs was $23!
I’m still debating if I should try the kelo-cote gel. I’ve been reading up on both Mederma and Kelo-Cote and I’m torn!
So I’m hoping someone out there can share their experience using either one! (I’ll also try asking in the forums). I’ll try to post my 3 week po pics tomorrow! Wow! I can’t believe how time flies!
Happy Healing Everyone!!!

Post Op Day 21 - 3 weeks post op (technically day...

Post Op Day 21 - 3 weeks post op (technically day 22 it's passed midnight hehe)
My first day back at work today... it was very challenging. I was crazy to think that I would be "fine" working a full shift! Thank goodness I'm off tomorrow and I also took the whole week off! I wore the spanx like garment but by the 4th hour I felt that I needed more support and got my wrap around binder in the car and put it on. I guess since I'm only just 3 weeks post op the spanx (for me) is not enough support. I was told by my ps to wear my full body girdle 24/7 anyways... it's just so hard because it was in the 90s (degF) out today! I've been using the Mederma once a day for the past few days (as expected no change for now). Even though I'm no longer on the narcotics I still need the help of the stool softener to have a BM. The one day that I didn't take the Dulcolax, I didn't have a BM! I wonder if anyone else is having this problem? I eat plenty of fiber (I have a salad and fruit everyday) so I'm not sure why this is. It's not like the laxatives where you develop a dependency on them after prolong use... I'll have to ask my doc about it I guess.
Anyways... just wanted to give everyone this quick update and post a comparison picture! The before pic was taken the night before my surgery and the after pic was today at 3 weeks PO before I left for work. The pants in the picture are the same ones! I still can't believe it!!! It was very weird for me at work today to hear people tell me how thin I looked - I thanked them (no one asked why or how and I didn't say). Now, time for a midnight shower! Happy Healing everyone!!!

Adding a Before side view pic w/out the pants on...

Adding a Before side view pic w/out the pants on (I realized I didn't post this one up).

Post Op Day 26 I had a dental cleaning today and...

Post Op Day 26
I had a dental cleaning today and boy was that not fun! Laying down flat and almost tilted slightly back for almost an hour I mean… The only way I could get comfortable was to position my legs as if I was about to perform crunches and pressed down on my stomach. It was just very uncomfortable. I have not lain flat ever since I had surgery (I’ve been reclined on the rented hospital bed). I regret not keeping up with my cucumber juicing since I haven’t had issues with swelling. However, after this past Monday, at 3 weeks post op, going back to work for that one day, caused me to swell up for the rest of the week! It’s very uncomfortable and is truly “swell hell”. I can’t believe that one day of working is taking me a full week to recover from! I’m planning to send the hubby to the store and get me a bag of cucumbers! LOL. It will be a full 4 weeks this coming Monday so I plan to take more pics (swollen and all). I was having weird pains in my stomach area last night that I haven’t felt before (I’m blaming the swelling for it). I took Tylenol and fought my insomnia and finally fell asleep. I’m still applying the Mederma religiously (once a day). I did order Kelo-Cote and will get that soon… I forgot to order the silicone gel sheets, which I also want to try. I’m still trying to see if buying GelZone is more economical and worth it over the sheets. My scar isn’t horrible and is quite thin so I’m in no rush.
I am still not walking completely straight and I am hoping that I will be able to soon. I’m trying to straighten out as much as I can without it being too uncomfortable. I’m getting impatient and tired of how I’m walking! I look like someone who is about to take a s****! LOL
A big bonus on top of everything else about this TT is that I can no longer eat as much as I did before. I was bad and ate a burger the other day and could barely finish half and didn’t even get to touch the fries that came with it! My hubby who was blessed with a fast metabolism was happy enough to finish off my burger. LOL (I’m down about 15-17 pounds po depending on what time of day I weigh myself) YAY!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend & Happy Father’s day (especially to those single Moms out there who play both roles!).
Happy Healing tummy tuckers!!!

Post OP Day 28 (new pics) 4 WEEKS Post OP!!! Yay!...

Post OP Day 28 (new pics)
4 WEEKS Post OP!!! Yay! I really can't believe it (I know... I always say it but it's true... can't believe how fast time is flying by).
I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm feeling extra happy today! LOL I know yesterday was Father's day but today my hubby surprised me with a Las Vegas trip for my 34th birthday!!! OMG! I told him back in May, when he was writing the check for this surgery, that this would be my birthday gift, anniversary gift and Christmas gift! LOL!!! So I'm super surprised that I'm getting a Vegas trip and we get some alone time! He said he can't wait to "attack" me because he knows by then my PS would give the okay he's been waiting for hahaha... TMI sorry... feeling really blessed to have him (and my child) in my life! We've been together since high school!
Okay... now for my real update...
I'm still about 15-17lbs down from my post surgery weigth! I still have a lot more to lose, so I can't wait to start working out and get back down to 135 pre-prego weight!
My swelling has gone down quite a bit form last week. However, you'll notice in the pictures that my left side has not gone down. That's how the whole lower area around the incision looked all last week, so you can only imagine how I looked! It was very uncomfortable! I'm happy it's gone down and now all that remains of that horrible swelling is the left side. I'm still using Mederma once a day, taking vitamin B Complex, Zinc, and started juicing cucumbers again (they really help with swelling). I wish I posted pics when the swelling was really bad so you can compare what happened after the cucumber juicing w/water did after only a few days. So I guess just picture the bulging on my left side all the way around my incision area.
Lately I've been having sporatic pains in the front area of my stomach and I wasn't sure what they were so I called my PS. He said that the nerves are repairing themselves and it could also be muscle spasms. So he told me to start the Valium again and see if that helps it because taking the Extra Strength Tylenol didn't really do much for the weird feeling/pains I was experienicing. I see him next week but if it gets too painful I should come in right away... I'll wait to see him! Overall I'm feeling really good. My stomach still feels really tight and I still cannot stand up straight!!! VERY FRUSTRATING especially when I'm out in public! It's ALMOST stright but still not quite. Trying hard to straighten myself out but when I do, there is a point where I feel the incision will separate! I know it's crazy but that's the feeling I get! It's so tight in the front.
Still waiting for the kelo-cote to arrive but I'm also thinking of ordering the Silicone Sheets. Looking into: Scaraway, Scar FX, or the Rejuveness sheets. Has anyone tried any of these? I think I'll try the forums again in a few days to see what peoples' experiences are with these sheets.
I hope everyone has a great week and Happy Healing!!!

Forgot to mention... for the 1st time after...

Forgot to mention... for the 1st time after surgery I put on makeup and was able to flat iron my long, curly hair (it's been up in a bun this whole time) even that one day I went back to work! It feels so good to be more and more "normal" again as the weeks progress!

Post Op Day 35 (5 weeks! Yay) New Pictures...

Post Op Day 35 (5 weeks! Yay) New Pictures posted!
Well... I'm still alive and haven't exploded "yet" from all this swelling...
I miss the rented hospital bed! We returned it after the month was up. Yes... I got too spoiled! I've been sleeping on my bed, propped up with several pillows - it's nice to sleep next to the hubby again. I'm still waiting for my period to arrive (I should have gotten it some time last week), however I understand our hormones are all out of whack! There is no way that I'm pregnant... knowing my luck it will decide to show up during my camping at the lake for the 4th of July Holiday! So either show up now or don't show up until next month! I've read some women not getting theirs until after 2 months post op! I went shopping yesterday and bought a few things to wear at the lake. I am so excited! I haven't worn a two piece since in years! Shopping this time around was fun for me. I was still in the habit of picking big loose fitting clothes and found myself having to grab smaller and more fitting outfits! I see my PS tomorrow and I hope he will say I can at least dip in the lake water - we'll be there for almost a week and that would suck to not be able to get into the water! LOL I get spasms and cramps here and there so right before work I take an Extra Strength Tylenol. I get home really swollen and stiff. I can't wait to be off and spend some time with family and friends! I hope everyone has a great week! Happy Healing Tummy Tuckers!

Post Op Day 36 First off, I wanted to say a BIG...

Post Op Day 36
First off, I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for all your ongoing support, kind words and encouragement! It really means so much to me! I'm so thankful to have found this site and all of you!
Just a quick update...
I saw my PS today and got the okay to be in lake water... BUT! No swimming, no treading water, no riding on the boat (riding over a wake can make it bumpy), definitely no water skiing or wakeboarding, and no riding on jet skis! Grrrreat! So excited for the lake now! LOL! Well my comedian of a husband came home today with those blowup tube things you wear around your waste and told me at least I can float around near the shore and watch them ski by... har har har... whatever! LOL
PS said that scar is looking great and absolutely NO SUN on the scar and I MUST wear sunblock on it at all times. He told me to continue the Mederma and I MUST wear my CG. I brought a one piece swimsuit with tummy control and it seems tight enough (keeping fingers crossed). I can always wear my CG at night while we camp. Still no period and this is supposedly "normal" so the waiting game continues.
Okay ladies! that's it for now. I really do appreciate each and everyone one of you on here! I don't know how I could have gone through this without all of you! Happy Healing Tummy Tuckers!!!

Post Op - 6 weeks! Yay! I'm getting there ladies!...

Post Op - 6 weeks! Yay!
I'm getting there ladies! Counting down the weeks till my PS removes all of these restrictions! I saw him last week and he still doesn't want me to vacuum! (great for me...not sure about the hubby! LOL). Being at the lake and not being able to ride on the boat or do any of the water sports that I love... was "ok". I still had fun at the campsite and dipped in the water here and there (we camped right next to the water). I was able to wear a two piece for an hour or so but then it started to feel uncomfortable so I changed to the once piece I bought and found that gave me enough coverage during the day and at night I wore my CG. I was very swollen at night but by morning I was okay again.
All in all, I'm feeling great! I'll post pics up soon. I hope everyone (here in the states) has a safe and fun 4th of July holiday!
Happy Healing Tummy Tuckers!!!

Post Op Day 51 New Pictures Up! (few days past 7...

Post Op Day 51 New Pictures Up!
(few days past 7 weeks po)
I have been super busy these past few weeks and have not have been able to log on here until now. I miss all the ladies on here :)
I hit 7 weeks post op this past Monday and I feel great! I'm walking straight, although it still feels very tight in the front so I do have to make a conscious effort to straighten up when I walk. I still get swollen by the end of the day (mostly after a day of working - I don't have a desk job) and if I walk for a long time my stomach starts to feel real tight. I'm still applying Mederma to the scar once a day but I alternate with the kelo-cote silicone gel and the silicone strips I purchased at Kaiser for $19.00. The scar is healing well and I'm not sure which is working... the Mederma, kelo-cote gel and/or silicone strips LOL.
I meet with my PS next week for my 2 month post op. For my 1 month po visit he told me - still no working out, no vacuuming etc. So I haven't done any of those until he tells me otherwise. It's amazing how some people here are given the okay to workout at 4 weeks post op. I guess every PS is different. Even without working out I have lost a total of 22 pounds as of today from my pre-TT weight. I find myself eating more often but little meals throughout the day since I feel full so fast. I hate the pain that goes with the MR but loving everything it does! hehe...
My PS still wants me to wear my CG 24/7 (I think he said until I'm 8 weeks po). It doesn't bother my as much anymore since the lipo sites are no longer tender and sore. They only feel sore right when I get out of bed and then goes away by the time I'm brushing my teeth. I am able to wear my jeans again and most are even loose! I forgot to take pics with them on... I'll have to remember to do that!
For those thinking of doing this surgery...
If you do your homework, pick the right surgeon, are mentally and emotionally prepared knowing what recovery will be like, having a good support team, and last, you are doing this for YOU... This surgery is SOOO WORTH IT!!!
I have no regrets and would not change a thing!
Happy Healing Tummy Tuckers!

Post Op Day 52 (Picture update with new pant...

Post Op Day 52 (Picture update with new pant size!!!)
OMG! I am all smiles today! I've dropped down several jean sizes! I usually buy Guess, 7 (For All Man Kind), Bebe jeans to name a few and after pregnancy would wear a size 31 or 32 depending on the brand with spanx or a girdle and would still need to cover up the big hanging belly roll w/a loose shirt but usually with a thin zip up sweater - even in the summer time! I was a size 12 or higher in Gap jeans. Before I was pregnant I was wearing size 29 or 30 (and 10 in Gap) jeans.
However, I can now fit into size 28 Guess and Bebe jeans and a size 7 in Gap and may even go down another size because I can pull down the size 28s without removing the buttons! I'm soooo happy!
I tried on my old size 29-30 and they were loose! Yay! It feels so surreal to me that I am fitting in these sizes now!
What a big self-esteem boost! I'm looking forward to more surprises as the weeks and months go by and my swelling continues to ease up and I get the okay from my PS to begin a workout routine!
I also can't wait to engage in on of my all time favorite sports.... Shopping!!!! LOL!
Again... one of the best decisions I've ever done for myself! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Happy Healing Tummy Tuckers!

Post Op Day 54 Minor freak-out (yesterday)! I'm...

Post Op Day 54 Minor freak-out (yesterday)!
I'm also posting a picture. I noticed that there was a very small spot of blood on my tank top and when I looked I saw that there is a tiny hole that opened up! For the past few days, while applying Mederma, I noticed feeling little sharp things on the very front center of the scar. I didn't think anything of it... thought maybe it was just stubble of hair etc. Well I called my PS since I freaked out after looking at the scar in the mirror and they said that the dissovable stitches sometimes start to surface & the wound on the inside may not have healed enough before the stitches dissolved. The stitches that are "poking out" are not long enough for me to trim with scissors. The "hole" is smaller than my drain sites and it isn't bleeding out or oozing anything foul smelling. The amount of blood that does come out I see on the gauze is the same size of the hole and is a very small amount maybe a drop size. They told me to clean the area 3 times a day with peroxide and put an anti-bacterial ointment like neosporin and place a gauze over it and also keep it dry (not sure how with neosporin on it LOL). It is not warm to the touch, fire red, or have a foul odor (a sign of infection they say). But OMG! has anyone experienced this? I've been reading up on this like crazy and have seen some posts and questions about this issue this far out post op... again, THANK GOD FOR THIS SITE! I mean, I completely trust my PS but just hearing others that have experienced this and reading some of the answers other PS gave regarding this, has put my mind at ease. PS told me if I wanted to, I could come in (yesterday) just to look at it but I after hearing what he had to say I didn't think I needed to drive all that way and for him to tell me the same thing. He have me all the warning signs to look for and to call again if it doesn't improve, gets worse, or I change my mind...
I have a regular post op appt next week so I'll wait till then to see him (unless things don't get better).
So just wanted to share... just in case anyone out there is going through this.
Other than this everything is going good, my swelling is improving but it's the weekend and I've been taking it easy!
Happy Healing Tummy Tuckers!!!

Post Op Day 57 - 2 month po pictures up! (Yay! a...

Post Op Day 57 - 2 month po pictures up!
(Yay! a whole 2 months and 1 day post op!!!)
Hello everyone! It has been such an amazing & exciting 2 months of recovery! I officially don't need my cg! However, I'm wearing a high-waist body shaper made by the creator of Spanx called Assets. I found it at target & way cheaper than Spanx. There were different "slimming levels" I got the ultra. It's nice to put on when I'm out running around doing errands or working because I still feel sore and swollen at the end of the day but not any where near as close to as before. The hole that opened up closed but for whatever reason I decided last night after taking a shower to apply neosporin on it and this morning it opened up again and bled a bit. Ugh! So I called my PS and he told me I could come in today and they could pull out the dissolving stitches that are poking through and that should speed up the healing of the hole or I could just wait till my appointment next Monday. I had so many things to do today that I will just wait since this doesn't seem to be a serious issue. He also told me (and I've found some info online) that this is sometimes called "spitting stitches". Once they surface they will no longer dissolve and I need to trim them or have the PS remove them. I wore jeans out today and they were literally falling off! I don't own any belts (I know strange.. but they never looked right on me). So the jeans I tried on last week that were the smaller size that fit right, are now even too big and loose to wear! I'm very happy about that! It's funny I have the same problem as before my TT when I'm in my closet. I can't find jeans that fit right but now it's because they are too loose! I could really just cry with joy!
I had my pap smear test/exam today and my OB/GYN was so impressed on how flat my stomach was. She was also careful not to press down hard on my stomach. The exam went well with no pain while she pressed down on my stomach thank goodness! I also discussed possibly getting an IUD put in. I don't want to take any chances of getting pregnant especially after what I've gone through and how much this surgery costs! LOL
That's it for now... Happy Healing Tummy tuckers!

Post Op Week 12 New Pictures UP! It has been a...

Post Op Week 12 New Pictures UP!
It has been a while since I've done an update and thought since I'm at the 3 month mark, that now is a good time to do one. I am no longer wearing my CG. I have gone down several pant sizes. I haven't lost anymore weight, but I also haven not gained any which is wonderful! I am still applying Mederma on my scar. It looks a bit darker now which I hear is a normal process of scar healing. I have a very slight bulge on my left side (it doesn't seem as tight as my right). Maybe I'm being too picky about it... I don't think it's that noticeable now that I've taken a picture but I'll bring it up to my PS at the end of the month during my po visit. I've seen what dog ears look like and I don't think that's what it is; I'm unsure. My BB is great and I love how it looks. I know I had my va-jay-jay pulled up since it was bulging pre-TT but I'm starting to not like the scar I have right at the center. It curves up instead of down like most people. When I wear low rise jeans it covers the scar but sometimes the very top part of it will show. Other than those small little minor things, I am VERY HAPPY with my results! My swelling is almost nonexistent and I have started the Insanity Workout (daily) and also resistance workouts every other day. However, I've been so busy with different fam events that I haven't had time to work out. That's why I'm so thankful that I have been watching what I eat and that I haven't put on any extra weight. I spent my 34th b'day with friends and the hubby in Las Vegas and it was so nice to be able to wear a swim suite and lounge around poolside and not feel uncomfortable or insecure!
I also decided to get the IUD Mirena put in last week. I hate having to take BC pills everyday and make sure I remember to take them! Now I don't have to worry about anything!!! I love it! I chickened out a few months back because of all the horror stories I read online, but I know a few who have it and they love it so I decided to give it a try. No problems at all (knock on wood)!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Happy Healing tummy tuckers!

Wonderful Doctor! He listened and understood all of my concerns. After my first consult with him, I knew he was the the one. The staff is also very caring and friendly. Made this whole process for me wonderful and stress free.

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