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Hello all, Im writing because im 10 days post-op...

Hello all,

Im writing because im 10 days post-op and have been feeling very down the last several days. I must say the first week was absolute hell mainly because of body suit thing they had on me. It made it hard to breathe after a few days because i puffed up sooooo bad. I was very tired and slept a great deal but also made sure to do my walking around to avoid blood clots.

I couldnt wait for my first week post op with my Dr. because i got to finally breathe and see what i was working with. Well first thing first, my breasts looked amazing! Lifted and almkst dropped but just amazing. When i saw my shape in the mirror i was like WOW, huge inciscion but to be expected. Now one thing to mention is i had no drains. My Dr. opted out of them i believe because of my age and the physical shape i am in. The first thing i noticed though is my skin on my upper abdominal and how it was like tucked into itself. Kind of hard to explain, but mainly from the body suit thing being so damn tight. I did as well notice right around and below my new belly button a lot of puffiness. Didnt like that but of course, to be expected.

My doctor however was extremely excited and pleased with my results. He told me that the swelling will go down in time there but if it doesn't they will drain it. I asked, what would that mean. And basically it meant, sticking a needle in there and draining. Lol. At this point, im ready for that because i hate looking at it. Its been 4 days now and the puffiness around my entire body had subsided a little but since i went in at 148 and 5'4 i feel i look about 185 pounds so its hard at times being patient.

I think that part of the reason is i see so many results from women on here less than 1 week post op and their tummys look WAY different then mine. Im convinced its because i had no drains though.

At this point im of course happy i did the surgery and thankful my boyfriend did this for me, i am just i guess nervous about my tummy flattening out like i see in others results. And i will attach pics so you can sort of see what im talking about.

I love my breasts as well because i have never had perky breasts before and they project forward unlike my first ones that were all the way of either side of my chest. Great improvement and helps with feeling like a women especially being as active as i am.

Im not sure what else to write right now but i thought getting this out would help get perspective and that there may be someone out there that didnt have drains like me. I also want to share im 28 and at 18 i was at my highest weight, 262. Over about a year and some months i lost a total of about 130 pounds just through exercise and healthy eating. Working out is a lifestyle for me and so not being sble to be in the gym or active to get back fown to size is of course difficult but not worth messing up anything my doctor has done.

Ill try to post more pics as i progress and hope to hear anything thats helpful, advice or anything. Thanks so much!

2 wk post-op, slowly seeing the results...

Hello! Well yesterday was my 2 week check up with my Dr. and it went well. My Dr. thinks im healing well and im def. feelin better as far as letting things heal and allowing time for the results to show. He also told me that because my skin was folding on my upper and lower abdominal that i can just wear my binder or compression garments during the day and let my tummy relax at night. I was a bit apprehensive only because i figured i would swell up over night but when i woke up i saw a really big difference with the line and the swelling so thats why i had to show you guys. Im still swollen but its slowly going down thankfully! As well my right breast is doing great and has pretty much settled, which is im told common since im right handed. My left however hasn't dropped and it still very swollen as you'll be able to see in the pictures. I know that once it settles they are going to look amazing so its exciting and im massaging away to makw that puppy settle! hehe.
My inciscions as well i think look good. When i replaced the ones on my breasts me and my boyfriend were both amazed at how thin the inciscion lines are and im pretty sure im going to scar on the lighter side so thats exciting. My tummy inciscion, its a bit too early to guess what thats going to look like but its low and progressing as it should so im happy.

The pictures im attaching you can see a difference in the swelling and honestly it didnt look like that yesterday so im glad i did what my doctor said. :)
My energy level is going up, thank goodness!!! Ive been walking outside and so far im up to 2 miles so im just working on walking faster and keeping my postier upright which is hard but im so happy i can do a little activity because im usually in the gym 5-6 days a week, so im missing it. But im alao smart enough not to overdue it. :)

I also wanted to post a couple things that i wish i knew before the procedure:
1. I cant laugh! Lol. I literally cry when my boyfriend says something silly or just being us and then i want to giggle and i can't. It hurts soooo much! I wish someone had told me this before hand because i love to laugh. Hopefully that goes down sooner rather then later. :)
2. I didnt realize that one breast could settle before the other. My left one hurts sooo much and its like i cant figit using my left side without feeling a huge pinch or rip sort of feeling. So just be aware, it takes time!
3. It takes a LONG time to get comfortable at night to go to bed. Even being at a 45 degree angle its just difficult. I also didnt realize i wont be able to lay on my sides for a long time. Probably dumb on my part but i miss it because thats how i fall asleep normally.

Well i guess thats all for now. I just want to say thank you for all the support i got when i first posted. I never imagined i would share my story but im sooooo glad i did. You all lifted my spirits and helped me get through my lapse of sadness so thanks so much. Ill post again soon! :)

Almost 3 months Post-op! Soo much better!

Hello all,

Its been some time since I last wrote but im happy to report that thibgs are getting better im a couple weeks away from being 3 months post op, which is crazy to me. After looking at my last pictures posted i can say that being patient and letting my body heal has been key.

Im able to workout 5-6 times a week like before and have been for a good month now. Im also able to lift as much weight as before and on my legs im getting stronger which is super exciting. Im also able to do more crunches which is nice. I do mostly roman twists with weight an toe touches but shoot a month ago i couldnt so im progressing.

Im also happy because i can sneeze...AND IT DOESNT HURT!! Yay! Hehe.

My inciscion is flattening and the sorta dog ears i had before have totally flattened. Its almost like we saw a difference over night arouf month 2. Im using a fadibg cream with vitamin e for my breast scars, tummy and sides from the lipo. Its showing a great difference which is exciting. I also wear a sorta like body minimizer i found at target. Its by maidenform and its great. I wear it all day and some nights too but it holds you in without suffocating you. And it was no more then like 20 bucks so i bought a few! :)

As far as my breasts i think the left one has finally fell into place and my sides are no longer swollen from the internal bra that my doctor put in since my previous pockets went out to the sides so much. I went and got a bra fitting at 6 weeks and i was shocked to learn that I am a 34 DDD! Crazy! But they fot my body well and i think they honestly just look like nice boobies. They look pretty natural minus the incicsion marks, hehe. But no soreness able to squeeze and jump around and have fun with them...my boyfriend too! ; )

Im trying to think of what else has changed since i last wrote. I can pretty comfortablely sleep on my side although my breasts are sometimes a little heavy. I can finally lay flat on the ground too. Before if i tried it literally felt like i was going to rip open, scared the crap out of me. I tried running the other day and with my girdle thing on it felt ok, but i couldnt rub too long. I definetly cant run without it on though, it feels weird. But i am able to do my other cardio on the bike and eliptical and i feel fine.

Oh, bloating...its pretty good unless my diet is off. I honestly eat pretty clean but some weekends inover do it and if i eat too many carbs i bloa right up. As far as day to day its pretty good. I dont wear anything at the gym gym but if i work out in my complex gym i wear a binder sorta thing. After i work out im sometimes a bit puffier but before the surgery the same thing happened to be honest. My little trick is baths. I take baths sometimes up to like 5 days a week to get a sweat out. I stay in for a good hour or so and it always makes me feel better and helps with the bloating.

Im going to post some pictures in a couple days since im on my period right now. Id rather they be posted when im not menstrating so you can see the results.

I hope this helps those who are around the 3 month mark. My attitude is so much better and i think because im stonger and able to do majority of what i did before im happy! I wish everyone luck an patience on their journey and ill try to post more often! :)

Almost 3 months PO pics

Hey all

Here are a few pictures i took today. I dont have the best lighting so the pictures dont do the actual results justice but im still happy! ;)

Take care and ill try and continue to post pics.

Feeling sad and discouraged about my swelling...

I know i just posted but today i woke in good spirits and just finished working out for almost 2 hours and it was great. When i got home though i was sad because im unhappy with how my upper tummy looks. I have searched and searched through pictures to see if anyone else has experienced the sort of creasing i have but i have yet to find anyone. :(

I contacted my doctor and hw thinks based on the pictures it edema/swelling. I just wish it would flatten out. And its too early to fix anything so its just like, i feel embaressed. I had a friend over yesterday and i showed her but afterwards felt embaressed cuz its like it doesnt look like a normal tummy.

Im trying to hold off on going to the doctor unless it gets worse but in the meantime its like puffy and skin which is what i had before. Just makes me sad.

Does anyone relate? : /

So its been a year...

I know its been a LONG time since I last posted but i've received emails on my results and wanted to share what i'm looking like since its been just a few days short of a year...

As far as how satisified I am...very! I looked at my old pics on here and I can see a huge difference. Last time I posted I mentioned possibly doing the additional inciscion down the middle of my tummy because of the skin folding and I decided in Feb. to do it. Best deciscion, for myself of course. My doxtor got ALOT more skin then we thought and now i feel like I am where I was meant to be. I can be honest and say the scar was pretty gnarly at first but I had to decide was having a scar that would fade in time more uncomfortable or would the extra skin...well because the whole purpose of the surgery was to get rid of the skin and how uncomfortable and self conscious I was, I went with the scar.

It has now been 6 months since the second surgery and its healings well! My belly button and right about my "cookie" it sorta tore a lil during the healing processes so its going to take time to even out and I will see my doctor again next Feb. to see if we wanna nip those two area to flatten them out.

Still have some numbness in those two areas but its not bad at all. Bloating happens sometimes but its maybe when I have consumed too much salt. I wear my binder still at night, i think its just a comfort thing for me, feels nice a tight in the mornings so i like wearing it. My workouts have gone back to 100% as far as intensity. Sometimes if I do planks I feel a lil nausciou but I am able to do everything I was before and some and don't feel self conscious because I dont have the skin bouncing around or hanging down. Its great!

Oh and my boobs are great! My right boob is a bit tighter, the implant. My doctor said this sometimes happens with the scar tissue and if I massage it could soften but likely it wont. The left feels sooooo natural and so I wish the right did too but they both look the same and even and im super happy!

Overall after a pretty life changing year of both my personal life and body wise I am happy where I am. Im the most comfortable in my skin as I ever have been an I will be 30 in just over a month, I figure a great way to start out my 30's, with confidence I have never had before! :)

I hope everyone is doing well and I hope my pictures help. Sometimes they don't do the real life results justice but I'm happy I can share. :)

Year later pics...

Here's some pics from May and
August. :)

Year later...

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Perry is AMAZING! From the first time i met him he made me feel do comfortable with a flaw on my body i truely never thought i would be able to fix nor afford yo fix. His beside manner before and after surgery was flawless. He asked all the right questions and allowed me to ask as many as I wanted. His excitement in helping me gain the results of all the hardwork i have done over the years finally show, I could truely never be thankful to him enough. :) In addition, his staff is incredible. Each and everyone i spoke to and worked with made me feel so at ease and confident going into each appointment and as well the procedure. Everyone makes you feel like they care and that to me just made a world of difference and made it soooooo easy when deciding to go with Dr. Perry.

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