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I come from a family of heavy set females and so I...

I come from a family of heavy set females and so I never been small in size. The smallest I have been is a size 10/12 and that was on my wedding day 32 years ago. However; I have always had large breasts but a smaller back and waist until two C-Sections. My children are 33 and 23 and having birthing them my weight settled between 200 to 220. Then something happened and I shot up to 282 and developed a few threatening health issues. I had Gastric by pass in 2002. I lost weight down to 172 lbs. After some steroid treatments for arthritis, i regained my weight back to 205. after 30 years of this I have come to the conclusion that 200 lbs is obviously where my body will remain stable. I am fine with that. So now I will just concentrate on something I can control; my arms. . My legs are very strong and muscular. However; I will need TT and Lipo for my inner thighs and stomach as they have declared war!

I am happy with me but sad that the only way to see my pubic area is to pick up the 10 lbs of apron on my lap.

I sought out a PS about five years ago and can't quite remember what happened. I think he suggested more weight lost and so I considered it a lost cause. I know losing weight would get me a much better result and I would love to but I seem to be stable at where I am.

I read lots of comments on this site and after thinking I had a feel for the cost of the surgery and getting that amount together, I was ready to go back and see a PS. So I had another consult with met with Dr. Yamahata at Sacramento Plastic Surgery Center. I read some great reviews on him and also felt very comfortable with his mannerism. I asked him about my weight and he said since I have no medical issues, I am fine. So he sent me to see the Assistant to schedule surgery.

Well, my balloon was burst! The surgery would cost $5k more than I expected. I am sure because of my size.

I have read other reviews here and there is another woman whose surgery was performed by Dr. Yamahata. She was 184 lbs and her surgery cost $5k less than I am expected to pay. I am gathering it is definitely the weight issue and so have decided to make some drastic changes in the attempt to lose 30 lbs by December. So far I have lost 4 lbs and hope this is a sign of good results to come.

Like others i have heard commented; I go through the guilt of spending this kind of money on me but as I get older and seeing how gravity is taking its course; the guilt is subsiding. I like to hike, go bicycling, trying to ride my new motorcycle and back pack in Europe. Having this apron on me have become a pain in my back, slows me down and does nothing for my appearance.

I am not vain. I just want to feel better.

I will look to this site for encouragement throughout the next few months as I start my journey to the Flat Side.

Thanks for your support!

I am not quite sure how to describe what is going...

I am not quite sure how to describe what is going on with my flat tire/flab but over the last few months it has been pressure on my pelvic and uterus. I am sure I am packing 10+ lbs in this sac and I guess, due to age, and that gravity has set in, it feels like a ton is sitting on my thighs and pelvic. Painful. I often grab it and pick it up like two sacs of potatoes and the pain is relieved. I visited my GYN to make sure nothing else was going on and she said everything was great internally and suggest that maybe I start wearing a girdle to lift the stomach up. I so need to have this surgery right away.

I am using some of my retirement money and saving up the rest of my money to pay cash for my surgery. I had gathered $8K when I went to the PS and I was so prepared for them to say the cost will be $8K and thought I would be having this surgery within the next two months. Now that I am needing an extended tummy tuck and lipo, the cost is $13K. It will take another 8 months to gather another $5K on my budget. I just sold my home on a short sale so getting financed is out of the question even though I just need another $5K. If it wasn't for the pain this weight on my pelvic is causing I would feel like its hopeless.

Anyone know of a PS in the Valley (Near Sacramento/San Francisco Area) that they can recommend that may cost less than this for an extended Tummy Tuck and Lipo?

I am working hard on losing 30 lbs. I will be very comfortable at 175-185 lbs. Once I get rid of this flab I will be able to exercise more freely so I can reach my goal.

Thanks for listening!~

Hi gang, just updating. I have been doing a lot...

Hi gang, just updating.

I have been doing a lot of researches. My major concern has been trying to lose weight, at least 30 lbs, because I wanted to. At first I thought it was odd that my PS didn't ask me to lose weight. When I asked him about it, rather I should lose weight first; he just simply said, "You have no health issues so I am fine." So, not use to not being beating up for being who I am.

I took some pics to put on here and I am still in shock that I look so deformed. When did this happened? If it wasn't for the fact that the weight of my stomach is causing pain in my pelvic, I probably would have not stopped and checked myself.

I have been viewing pics of other body images close to mine. I was checking out their results. I know no two bodies will necessarily have the same results but I wanted something to take to my PS so he can tell me if I am being 'realistic' with the outcome I am expecting. So far, I am loving this PS. Always available for questions and returns my phone calls within 24 hours. I asked him one day what he thought about me having my thighs done the same time. He said because my surgery was a 'major' one... (I understood what he meant... that my bmi is high) that we should do the Extended TT first and the thighs latter, giving myself time to heal. Yesterday I called him and told him I wanted to see some pics of women he has done that is within my body mass/BMI. He responded within 24 hrs. He is having me to come down to the office to look at some pics and talk about my expectations. Of course, this is what they should do, right? However; its nice to know he is on top of his game. I told him that I am working on losing weight. I love how this man responded. Knowing that I had Gastric bypass when I was 282+ and that I am over 50, of course, he says at this point in my life there is some things that is hard to correct. I would not be able to rid myself of my apron at this point in my life even if I lose weight. He said, wanting me to consider this, some people lose the weight, have the surgery and then end up putting the weight back on. So, I believe he is saying that knowing that my stable weight is 200-210 and having the surgery makes sense.

I don't think he was discouraging me from losing weight. I am still going to aim for 180 because I know it will make my investment worth it and me feel better. I believe he also meant that in losing weight or making the changes in my diet will have to be changes that are permanent and consistent in order to maintain the weight loss.

I love me and I will love me less with this apron on my tummy and thigh. Can't wait...

I am ready to make my deposit on my journey. I am hoping to get scheduled in December.

Questions??? 1. Tightness: Can someone be a...

1. Tightness: Can someone be a little more detailed about the feeling of tightness? For example, is most of the tightness in the upper abdomen or mid and below BB?

2. Incision: When you try to stand up does it feel like you are pulling the incisions loose?

3. Did anyone have to pay for the EKG and Blood test and if yes, how much did it cost you?

4. I am large in breast size (over 40DD). Is there anyone who is over 200 lbs and large in breast size that already had the surgery? I would like to see your pics so I can imagine what my outcome may be like.

5. I am planning of taking 2 1/2 weeks off for surgery. I have a desk job. Is this realistic?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Will be seeing my PS tomorrow with a list of...

Will be seeing my PS tomorrow with a list of questions. There has not been many reviews where one was disappointed in their results but one is enough when you are spending a lot of money. I am taking a photo of another patient with my body type who also had the Extended Tummy Tuck and asking if I can expect the same results or better.

I have lost 4 lbs this week so I should be at my goal of 180 before surgery. I have made some serious correction to my daily eating habits. Ones that I knew was sabotaging my weight and just had to come to terms to let it go. I also jump started my exercise program. I've got four months but need to be stable by then.

No one seems to want to share their story about the cost of their EKG and Blood work. I am sure there may be a reason. But If there is someone and you just do not want to post it publicly, please send me a personal message. I just want to be able to add up the cost of what I am doing so I can have all my finances by December.

I study the reviews here everyday; seeing everyone's results, how wonderful they are. This helps to remind me why I am going to spend $13k and how I am worth it. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with us.~

My journey begins! Surgery scheduled for December...

My journey begins! Surgery scheduled for December 27th!!!

Today I had another appt. with my PS. Funny, I have been calling him my PS before I truly selected him. I was going back and forth with the idea of rather I should have interviewed other plastic surgeons but I was comfortable with him from the very beginning and like the fact that he was honest and thorough and is all about my safety; so after taking a list of questions to him today and getting comfortable answers.... I decided to make my deposit on the surgery.

Oh soooo Surreal!~

Oh..., and I got great news! I asked the doctor why I needed an EKG and he said because I am over 50 and that no 'GOOD' anesthesiologist would perform on a patient over 50 without an EKG!. He is confident in his staff and it would not be allowed without knowing I am in good health condition and that requires an EKG! See...! He won me over again. It was all about me.
And to make things even better, when I told him I can't find anything under $700.00, he smiled and said, talk to my assistant and she will tell you where to go. The EKG costs $75.00 and the Blood work around $30.00. But first, he asked, will your insurance company not pay for these? He said it is frequent that though they will not cover cosmetic surgery, they will cover these and even better, my PS informed me that my primary doctor most likely can do an EKG right in his office! Now, WHY didn't I think of that?!? Boy, was I relieved.

He showed me before and after pics of other faceless patients and what I can expect my results to me from where I am now in weight and size. I seem to have the body of two separate patients, one split low belly and one wide round belly... I am a mess. lol. He said if my upper waist is wide then I can expect a wide waist length. Well, I am working on that now. I told him that since I last met him I have changed my diet and am losing weight. So far I have lost 6 lbs in one and a half weeks. Hopefully, this is a good sign and by December I will have something better to work with. I have come too far now not to get something better.

Now, I can only hope all stays well or get better between now and December. I am jazzed!

Any way, thanks for listening and thanks for all the encouragement and information. Now, back to my working out...~

OMG, has anyone experience this pre-op?!? As a...

OMG, has anyone experience this pre-op?!?

As a WLS patient, I have been dealing with this oversized panniculectomy but as I continue to try exercising and losing weight, recently I have been having pain where the apron is pulling down on the old caesarean scars and adding pressure on my groins. Even the nerves in the skin over my vaginal area hurts and the doctor has now prescribe me nerve medication. Has anyone else experience this?

Four years ago my doctor requested a Lipodystrophy (removal of access skin) and the insurance company denied it. Today i went to the doctor in tears. It has been over a year and I can 't take this pain anymore!

I am writing an appeal to my insurance company. Please pray for me. :(

Well, its been one week since I mailed in my...

Well, its been one week since I mailed in my Notice of Appeal to my insurance company because four years ago they denied my doctors request for a Panneculectomy/Abdominplasty surgery. You asked why did I wait for four years? well, they denied it claiming the pics my doctor sent in and my medical record at that time did not show i was experiencing skin problem or chronic problems due to the excess fat on my stomach. Who does not have skin issues from flab hanging over their hips? Well, that was four years ago.
I exlpained to them that since that letter I tried it their way and since then I have gained 45 lbs (did not note pounds in letter) because I now developed chronic pain in the hip and groin area from this flab. My gyn told me the only thing I can do to assist with the pain is basically wear a belly sling shot. My primary care has put me on nerve meds to help with the pain in the groin area and states there is nothing I can do for the back pain. My marriage is shaky as my sex life is non existing due to all of this and I frankly had to let them know this was not what I expected when I made the sacrifice in getting the weight loss surgery.

I know it was a long shot to even appeal but I am hoping they come to reason and help me with this cost. Though one way or the other, I must have this surgery. I know i am only dealing with 8 to 12 lbs here but I look like I am nine months pregnant and can feel every bit of this fat sitting on my lap. Being heavy breasted and having a short waist line, my breast is compressing the stomach fat against my lap. Ugh!!

I finally was able to stream line my diet from 1700 calories to 1200 calories over the last month but because it is so painful to walk I have only lost 7 lbs! This is so discouraging. I literally sat in my primary care's office and cried. Ok, I am over it. At least I lost some, right?

Often, I see other women in my condition and worse, at my age and younger, and I see how limited they are, and I just do not want to be that way. I love to hike. I want to ride my Harley more. I looooove walking. I love to travel. As it is right now, and I know I am not as bad as some, I don't mean this to sound vain, but i feel... deformed. Is that the right word?

Not everyone can afford to do this and I am grateful to God that one way or the other, I will have this chance. If I become a millionaire, I am going to help some of my sistahs in getting this opportunity! A simple thing for some of us such as eliminating this sac, seems transforming. Of course, I am only speaking from what I see and read from you all while I am still waiting for my big day.

Well, thanks, for letting me vent! Thank you all for posting your comments. I swear, this should be a frickin' soap opera. I vote for Cherribabi to be the Star! That girl cracks me up!

Well, the insurance company denied my request for...

Well, the insurance company denied my request for the surgery again. They said I only had 365 days to appeal the first one and that was ten years ago. Oh well, I tried. Its a good thing I kept on saving my money for the surgery.
I am so happy to have this site because every time I start thinking about spending this much money on myself for something like this, I want to back out. Then I read your reviews and look at your results and say to myself..."Heck, yeah, I want to look and feel that good, too!"
I have made changes to my eating habits that are good but I am still not losing any more weight. Of course, I am not exercising now but I am practically only eating 1000 to 1200 calories a day. The weight should be lowering some even without exercise. I asked my doctor what he thinks is wrong. We had already check my thyroid and it was ok. My doctors says one thing is I am not exercising enough but he believes the main thing for me is that I am not getting enough rest. He was right. I am only getting about 4 hours of sleep. I definitely need to work on this.

Two and a half months to go!~

Hey Ladies, I was wondering if any of you here...

Hey Ladies,

I was wondering if any of you here know of anyone who had their surgery done in another country? I was reading about Dr. Dra Walkiris Robles in the Dominican Republic and was looking at her website. Her price is very good including the hospital, room and board package. Air fare is not expensive. I read some reviews from four other ladies and would like to hear others.

My surgery is costing me $13K here in California and the prices I am hearing for Dr. Robles is as low as $7K.
I am very curious.

Holla back, please, if you have any information...

Forty-eight days is still a ways and I have been...

Forty-eight days is still a ways and I have been busy getting the rest of my funds together. Things have been busy at work so to keep me distracted.
I read some posts where some of you have been fortunate to meet a TT Buddy in your area. That is a good to have. If anyone is here from the Sacramento, CA area, give a sista a holla. I am sure I would like to know there is someone near by that can relate to what I will be going through.

Happy healing~

Well, 28 days to go before changes. I have been...

Well, 28 days to go before changes. I have been going through a little selfish vs unselfish emotional roller coaster again this week. I was trying to get a promotion on my job, but it did not happen. It would have allowed me to go into another position and work another two or more years. Now, I am having to look at retiring early as the present position is too stressful to continue another year. That being said, I was looking into purchasing a home that my retirement would allow me to be comfortable. Needless to say I took a look at all the money I just saved for this surgery and thought to myself 'I just saved up enough money to purchase a home!!" The battle was on. Aggh! I know one has to think about what is priority right now. I am so leaning towards the surgery. Pray for me.

The weeks thru the holidays has been a roller...

The weeks thru the holidays has been a roller coaster. I changed my surgery date to June 2013. I ended up using the surgery money to purchase a home to live in when I retire this year. I great deal came open for us and we just could not pass it up. Now I am saving the money all over again. I don't regret my decision. I love our new home.

I still need the surgery and now will schedule it at the end of my retirement. That way I will not have to worry about rushing back to work. I am looking forward to it.

So, now, here I go again...

Hi everyone, just checking in. Lots going on but...

Hi everyone, just checking in. Lots going on but still hopeful about having my surgery.

Thanks for all of your updates. It gives me hope.

A second chance - Sacramento, Ca - April 2014

Here it is I get a second chance. I had saved my money for the surgery and just then a offer came up to buy a new home so I took it but God is giving me a second chance. I am $5K away from the what I need for surgery unless I can find a doctor near by for less.

So, here we go...

55 year old female/ Tummy Tuck and Lipo (Sacramento)

This is my second attempt to get a tummy tuck surgery. Now having the financial blessing to do so... I am within reach of a long awaited adjustment. I have taken over a year to review this procedure and after reading many posts from others who have went down this road, it is comfortable to know that you guys are out there and willing to give support.
Being a middle age women, 210 lbs, I would definitely also like to hear from women in this age and weight bracket on how it all went for them. My average weight have been 195-215. My highest ever was 272 lbs and I lost a few pounds through surgery but I seem to always settle at 195-215. So, I am not trying to be Miss America nor am I unrealistic. I just want to get rid of the apron that hangs on my lap and have been causing me rash and open flesh and redness in the crease of the fold of the skin.
When I first met with Dr. Yamahata (Sacramento) we discussed an extended TT. I believe this was to include repairing the muscles. I am reconsidering just doing a TT with lipo on the back and flanks. I know a muscle repair would give me a smaller waist line but frankly I am not so concerned about that; especially hearing about the pain one must recover from doing a muscle repair.
I Would love to hear from those who have done this and how much that particular surgery cost them. I know it is based on location and the doctor and the procedure.
I have hopes to have this completed within the next two months so anyone with the above information please respond.

Black Swan~

Here goes!!

I will try to journal every step of the way. After three years of researching and several consultations with Dr. Yamahata, who by the way is a very thorough and patient man, I am in.
I have watched several vidoes of the procedure of Youtube to help me to understand 'what' will be happening and 'why' the pain I will be feeling is there. I think once I understand the pain, I would bear it better.
Muscle repair is very important to restructure. Dr. Yamahata eased my fear on what he uses to help lessen the pain but I know that is as much as he can do. The rest I will have to cross that bridge when I get there.
I will need to also have another surgery on my back once I recover from this surgery. He does not suggest I temp both surgeries at the same time as the TT will have me hunched forward and the back surgery will cause me to lean back pulling from the front. I am grateful he explained that.

So, Ladies, I need all the milk you can give me. Twenty-seven days and counting!
Thank God I work at home so I can take my time and heal.
What do you recommend I do to prepare myself in these three weeks?

Abnormal EKG! Anyone else had this to happen?

Got my tests done for my June 29th and just had my EKG done today and saw that it read Abnormalities in EGG or something like that?

11 days and counting to the flat side...

I have been reading everything I can on this site preparing myself for the upcoming surgery. Even though you read and read nothing is as real as the real experience itself. I just want to have a realistic expectation.
I have done my labs and EKG. Paid for my surgery in full and stocked up on my supplies. Except my toilet seat riser.

I have heard people talk about nausea right after waking up from surgery. I have vertigo and often eat homemade ginger I take for motion sickness. I think I will start taking this a day before surgery and have the nurse give me a nausea patch before surgery.

My doctor recommend that I do not have both the Extended TT and the lipo on my upper and lower back at the same time as the TT will have me humped over and the back lipo will have me pulled back. Yet I hear some people have both at the same time. Ouch! I was quoted $7K for the lipo on my back. I am thinking of looking elsewhere for a lower rate. Has anyone have just lipo on the upper and lower back done? If so, who, where and how much?

I am ordering a hospital bed to be delivered two days before the surgery. I have decided that I am turning my living room into a hospital room for a month. This way my husband can sleep on the couch near me at night. That will be so comforting to me.
I am also making out a menu as I have been reading that much of what one try to eat right after surgery contributes to the 'tight' and the 'swell hell' period. Though I understand it will happen because they say the anesthesia causes bloodiness/gas but I really am not looking for the tight feeling other than having to readjust the size of the compression garment. So, I have my gas-x tablets ready!

So, I am going to start drinking my cucumber water and taking stool softeners a day before surgery.
No high sodium foods. Fruits, lefty green veggies (spinach). Apple sauce. Jello. Protein shakes and nuts. Plenty of water/Cucumber or lemon water.

I have been preparing for this surgery since 2012 and now I am ready to get it over with and start living my life without this apron on my lap. I am looking forward to continuing with weightless after this. Without the apron, I am hoping the pressure on my small hip frame will be so much better.

9 days and counting...

After 3 years i believe that I have done all the research on this site that I can do so starting today I will just begin looking beyond the dream. I am on my way to Las Vegas for a few days. I will clear my head and when I come back I will prepare my no sodium vegetable soups and set up my in-home hospital room and prepare to start a new beginning.

I've decided to take the next nine days listing all the reasons why I want this surgery... So, here goes..

After the two caesareans of my daughter and my son, it seems since then I have been wearing what I call a kangaroo pouch. That was 37 years ago. I would love a new beginning; another chance. I love walking and hiking and carrying this extra 8-10 lbs on my hips and thigh has now become unbearable. I want my body back!

Day six to surgery...

Six days away and I have gone speechless...
But I started countdown down on day 9 giving 9 reasons why i want this surgery and was too busy on day 8, and 7 to check in so, here goes,

#8. I have developed Fungal dermatitis under the fold of my stomach and above the pubic because it is no getting any air. The extra skin need to be removed

#7. I feel this removal of hanging skin and flank will allow me to continue to work on my health and exercise to continue to lose weight.

#6. I want to feel attractive...

5 days and counting...

Woke up this morning in tears thinking about the surgery. Just wishing all I have done over the last 15 years to lose weight would have gotten me my results without having to have this surgery. I Was feeling disappointed in myself.
So I am focusing on the 'after' and all that I intend to do to get to goal because I know that this is not a weightloss procedure. So...
#5. not having the hanging tummy will allow me to freely exercise.

4 Days and counting....

4 Day and counting...
I am so thankful for having such a great support team. Some many excellent advice from the Vet-tucks. Thank you. And so much encouragement from those who are right there with me getting ready to go thru this. Thank you. I went today and got the female urinal. I also went to the goodwill store and got some old comfortable tops as someone suggested that I can wear so if they get stained dong the first week or two. So...

#4. The reason I want to have this surgery is to feel 'womanly and sexy' with my size instead of looking and feeling like an eight month pregnant woman.

3 days and counting.... help!

Well, the nerves have kicked in! My surgeon's office called to confirm my surgery. I ask them why the doctor chose to give me the pain pills (horse size looking pills) verses the liquid Vicodin. She said, I don't know, then she paused for a minute. I guess she took another look at my file. Then she said, "the pills he gave you are stronger than Vicodin. You are having a lot done. Oh, a lot and you are going to want those pills."
Well, that did it for what little bit of calm I had left. I need your prayers.
I took several more pics of me today so I can have it to look at it after the surgery. I pray I don't have a 'What did I do to myself!' moment but if I do I am going to look at them over and over again to remind me of why I had this surgery. I looked at those pics over and over again.
I recall many saying the first few days are very rough. I have done everything to prepare for Monday. oops, except get cucumber and ginger for water. I keep tearing up because all I can think of is I am going to find myself waking up in so much pain and I can't turn back. So, I need your help. Can some of you share what it felt like when you woke up and your first thoughts in the few hours after that?

2 days and counting...

I can almost smell the anesthesia! So close. So Close. When I am able to exercise I will start working on my arms and back fat. I read that push ups help tighten up the arms. I am not a 'gym' girl but I will even start going to the gym to continue investing in myself to get the image I want in me. What exercise have you guys tried and was successful in tightening up the flabby arms?

So, my second most important reason i want this surgery is because I am looking forward to wearing attractive summer dresses!

Day 1.....

13 hours and counting....

Even now I am on this site getting information and preparing myself for tomorrow morning. I truly want to thank everyone for their help. This has been a tremendous help to me reading your stories. As much as I would love to say that i am hoping to come out of this with a bottle-glass shape, and skinny, this is not why I am having the surgery. If this is my outcome in addition to the hanging flab disappearing, it will be awesome. I still have to get my back fat worked on to get rid of the rolls so this can have a better outcome but first thing first and I appreciate Dr Yamahata not encouraging me to do it at the same time. It lets me know he is concerned about my heath.

So, it seems like the most important pieces of information that i have gathered to prepare myself is:
1. Be realistic.
Having the hanging flab removed is as realistic as I can get.
2. Look forward to the healing:
Pain will be there and definitely some discomfort but each day gets better.
3. Take your pain meds ON TIME!
Many of the posts I read about pain was when one didn't take their pain meds on time.
4. Don't rush things!
Ok, this is where I need prayer. I am a terrible patient. I am not a 'sit-still' girl and I know I must be one for the next two to three weeks. Pray for me.
5. There may be a roller coaster of emotions but remember this, too, shall pass.

That is it for now.

I will try to post before I go in to surgery in the morning at 06:30 a.m.....

Thanks everyone!!~

Most recent pics day before surgery.

Most recent pics day before surgery.

Today is the day. Going in. See you on the flat side...

Time to look forward to the healing. I have everything ready. Instead of getting the electric bed. My husband had his team mates to make a wedge w/cushion for our bed so I hopefully can sleep next to him. Love that man! I have been eating light the last three days with low sodium meals and low carbs. Shaved above my vajayjay though I should have done it two days before surgery.
TMI... Did an enema last night and one this morning to help with upcoming constipation from anesthesia and Meds. Read the side effects of my Meds and highlighted so I can know what to expect and when to be alarmed. And post it next to my bed.
I am a herbal girl because I don't like how Meds control me though I appreciate its purpose????.
So, I am giving myself permission to allow the Meds to relax me and control the pain????.
In the last few days, Every time the quilt came, everytime I second quested myself about why I am putting myself through this, i stood in front of the mirror and I lifted my top and looked at the flab. Then the confirmation always come when you are laying in a tub of water and the flab actually float to the top of the water! ????
I am getting ready to go to the surgery center. I am slightly nervous and excited both.
Thank you all again for getting me ready for this day. I thank God for blessing me to be able to have this surgery and I thank for the Grace that will take me through it.
I will try to post details as soon as possible and as much as possible so that it can help others like it helped me.
See you on the flat side! ????????

The I.V. Is in...

Kissed my husband and said 'see you later.'
Margaret the nurse,36 yes here, led me to dressing room to put in gown, cap, booties, and one size fit all paper panty.
Then I walked into surgical area. Margaret weighed me and checked my blood pressure. . I am 4 lbs Down and my pressure is up 133. Can you say 'nervous?' Bs he said its normal to be nervous. She also checked my temperature which is 97.4. Well, the room is kept chilled, in here, thank goodness.
I was laid in the bed across from the operating room where I see them setting up for me.
Margaret, the nurse then covered me with a warm blanket while we went over my medical history and finished signing papers and she later put in the I.V. And gave me some antibiotics in my IV.
Now I am waiting for the 'Happy Juice' man which gives me me a few minutes to text .

I am on the flat side!!!

Surgery went welt went went
Fine. I am in recovery room. They are trying to find the driver of the truck that hit me! ????
Very sore but I can breathe.
To God be the Glory!
Now 'moving' will be another thing... Will text more later...

4 drains

11 hours post up. Feeling great!

Inspire extreme soreness front repair I can't believe how wonderful I feel.
I've got two great nurses, my hubby and grand daughter who are doing a great job!
Sleepy now. Will text more soon...

3 days post up. Feeling good.

I am walking almost straight up, and am able to walk around for about 5-10 minutes before getting out of breath. I have four drain tubes. My numbers are below 25. I pray that is good.
I am seriously swollen and have not peeped under the garment yet. I'll wait until tomorrow. I have my first appt. but it is still surreal and from what I can see the flab is gone!!
I'll take pics tomorrow after the appt.

4 days post-op. 1st post op dr appt today

Well, besides from the itching I a doing fine. Pain is totally controlled by Meds. Appetite is coming back.
Dr said drains looks good but need to be in one full week to make sure all is well. I've added some pics that I took in the doctors office today. Lots of swelling. Lots of swelling. But I can see need to be in one full week to make sure all is well. Checked all my stitches and put my binder back on . I go back in on next Thursday to have the drains removed.
I've added some pics that I took in the doctors office today. Lots of swelling. Lots of swelling. a change. I can see my hips and area of my vajayjay.
I am feeling good and I am standing straight up!
Thanks again everyone. Well wishes to all that is having your surgery this week.

Day 5 post-op... No BM yet!

I am getting a little concerned as its five days without bowel movement. I've passed the gas and no BM came after.
My Dr recommend that since stool softeners are not working for me I am to try a suppository next. I don't want to get toxic.
I will try this.
On another note the swelling is going down and the drains are annoying and I think the itching comes with the Norco but other than that I am grateful for what I see so far.

My hubby...

Is almost bringing me to tears. He is taking such excellent care of me.
He even made up his own little chart to keep track of all the things I am taking so we can see what is working and what is not. He wakes up every time I need something and chart my info.
He is already the cook in the house but he just got thru cleaning and vacuuming the whole house, doing a second load of laundry and now fixing me some lunch.
I have had to move from the bed to the recliner because the bed got too uncomfortable and hubby slept on the couch next to me.
I am so grateful because I see there was no way one can take care of themselves right after this surgery without probably causing a problem.
I am swollen and that's ok but I can't get comfortable in this binder with these drains. But this, too, shall pass.
Thanks for listening.

6 days post-op pics and very very swollen

I know that this will get better each day. I am very swollen From the TT and Muscle Repair.
I am happy the sag is gone and I didn't remember having hips! He took off 10lbs!
Everyday from here just keeps on getting better.
I am trying to walk when i should and I guess it's a good time to continue the light diet to loose more weight. Looking forward to more exercises.

Week 1 post-op / Two of Four drains out!! Yeah

It makes a huge difference not having to walk around with the extra drains. I was draining 20,-5,-5,10 so she said they feel it's best not to remove all at the time.
Still having tightness but my pain level is better so I cut back the Norco and am taking two Tylenol instead. I feel great.
I went to the doctor at noon and had the tubes removed and when I came home I was so sleepy. I felt like I coup stay awake.
I woke up around 5pm no tightness but swollen which I expect would be the story for the next few months. The healing process.
I got the green light to get out and walk as much as I can. No driving yet.
I am looking forward to the change.
Happy surgery to all who are going into today and tomorrow!


Today was a very good day. I am so bless how smooth this all went for me. I was expecting to be the girl with all the problems but God is good.
I have a ways to go to get to where i can be happy with my outcome. It was almost immediately I can tell I need a breast lift and upper back lipo to make this TT worth it. T
his is a conversation my doctor and I had before surgery. I wouldn't attempt to do it until I am totally healed from the Extended TT. I pray that this swelling do go down a lot. I didn't expect that i would come out flat like most but I am looking for flatter than I am now. Time will tell. It can be up to four months before I know what it will be.
I go back to my doctor on Thursday where I expect to have the other two drains removed and maybe I will be placed in the cg. I am still in the binder right now.
I am so wanting to curl up in my bed next to my husband and sleep on my side. That can't happen right now but I can't wait. I am pretty much tired with the recliner Though I am grateful to have had it!
I am no longer taking the Norco. I am taking EX strength Tylenol instead.
I know I shouldn't have but I had to get out of the house today. I drove to the corner coffee shop this morning. I needed to get out of the house. I needed to feel some normalcy. Then I later got back in the car and drove to the bank and when to pay a bill, then had my nails filed then picked up dinner then came back home; took two tylenol and crashed out on the recliner. By then I was tight and swollen.
This binder is a little bit of a bother but I rather have it on to serve its purpose.
Because of my need for the breast lift and back lipo, I am not so gun ho about going to try on clothes. Especially because of the drains and the swelling. Oh, wait a minute, this sounds like I am going through my moment of depression!
I took lots and lots of before and after pics. I look at them every chance I get to remind me that though I didn't come out looking like Beyonce', I no longer have the flab hanging down my legs and I am not where I was.

Anyway, I guess there is no way to skip this moment of feeling sorry for yourself. The good thing is I know it will pass.
I am praying that all who is are going to have surgery, have a safe, and painless recovery.

Two weeks post-op / 2 swollen ankles

Got the third of my forth drain out today. Omg, what a difference it makes! Not having four drains.
I can tolerate the remaining one which might be gone this Thursday.
However; two days ago I had a 100.8 fever which subsided within 24 hrs, praise God! But this morning I woke up to two elephant ankles!
I had to go to the dr anyway and they checked me out for possible developing blood clots.. I am not having any pain so it's so weird.
It appears my electrolytes is low and I am a little dehydrated. And I sat for a constant two hours without moving from my office desk the day before. Bad combination.
So, Gatorade, water and walking, it is.
Still swollen but having only one drain makes me feel a little normal. A little like myself.
I am not the TT poster child for this procedure but I am not what I was. I know it can be one or two months before the swelling goes down but I am good.
I hope everyone have a happy healing and stay hydrated!

Updated pics. Still swollen but...

No complaints here! Other than the fever and the swollen feet and the frustration with the four tubes, I had no pain beyond the first few days. I am not on any meds. Praise God. Still swollen but as I stated before, considering the mass the the doctor removed, having to deal with swelling for a while is ok with me. I can breathe now and I can move freely.
I thought I would take some updates. Not as swollen but still I love my progress.
Happy healing to everyone!

Drains out!! Binder gone!!

Drain out! Binder off! Compression garment on! I can now take showers and can sleep in my bed and a little on my side.
Oh yeah, and Death to the Recliner!
Thank you all for getting me to this point. Now for the next phase!

New pics w/CG. (Still Swollen)

Trying to get use to the CG and the 'draft' area.
Been on my feet for four hours today so swell hell is here.
Last drain had some puss but dr says nothing to worry about. Soreness is almost gone already.
He says things are looking good. One side of the lower part of my tummy is flatter then other. He said its normal that both side are not shaping at the same time. Boy, that's good to know!

Don't trust the 'Swell!' Have this ever happened to you!

I wrote this earlier but do know what happened to it so here goes again.

OK, this is something I think only a RS sister can tell to another RS sister.
You know how we are trying to lose weight. Well? this morning I went to the neighborhood market to buy some meat. I was Looking all sexy and all in my pump High heel shoes and strutting real slow. Feeling good about that ten lbs I lost.
Well, as I'm walking out of the double doors, to cross over into the parking lot to my car... my beautiful lace gray panties that fit just fine when I put it on this morning, slipped all the way down to my ankles!!
How embarrassing is that!?
But this was unforgettable!
I should have just stepped out of them, picked it up and keep going, but no...
I let go of the cart with my grocery which went flying across the parking lot while I creeped slowly behind it as I am trying to pull up my panties!
A man in a big black SUV coming down the lane trying to park, that saw the whole thing, stopped and didn't move. I think he was in shock! Thank God I also had on CG.
That ended my day with a bang!

Back on antibiotics

Last Thursday when my dr removed the last drain there was some puffy stuff that can out. He didn't think it was anything to worry about so he taped it and sent me home. I had no extra seating from it other than it was the one drain that was always swollen and hurting.
Well, ever done Thursday I've been running a low grade fever 99.9-101.3 and feeling a little funky. I called the on-call dr yesterday who I really appreciated. He said I am passed my red zone and it sounds like a virus. I was happy to hear that except for every thing I was taken for a virus wasn't working. Unbeknown to me, he called my surgeon any way for extra precaution. They discussed the puss and felt better to put me back on antibiotics.
Anyone had this happened?

Feeling better - Fever Gone...

Thanks to all of you who gave me encouragement while I was fighting that infection. You guys are awesome!
I love my doctor, Dr Yamahata. Even the weekend on-call doctor exceeded my expectation. Even though they checked me over and over and over and couldn't find no signs of infection, they didn't take any chances and placed me on antibiotics. When the fever and chills didn't lessen in 24 hours, Dr Yamahata added an additional antibiotic and now insist seeing me twice a week until I am back on track.
Finally Thursday morning the fever broke.
But here is what I also realized. I am a very very bad patient!!
I was blessed to have had little pain with this surgery and was able to stand up straight the second day post-op. These false signs made me feel like I was able to do whatever I wanted. I even got to the point that I pushed myself passed the 'out of breathe' point' and I would keep going.... Until pain hits. I am a bad patient.
Dr said to do nothing strenuous. I looked at him wanting to ask if he can give a hamster-on-the-wheel a detailed list of what that might be because I am already an overdoer.
But I managed in this critical situation to realize I was trying to do too much too soon.
I cut what I was doing in half and rested more. And now I am feeling better. Fever and chills are gone. Most of the yucky feeling is gone; at lest 95%. Thank God the antibiotics are working.
My doctor gently reminds me that I had a major surgery and a large mass removed. And I'm only 3 1/2 weeks post op. This reminder helps me to accept that its okay to take it slow.
I hope this helps someone like others have helped me.
Thank you.

5 weeks post-op pics (Feeling great!)

Praise God for this awesome opportunity to have had this surgery. I am not the poster child for a Tummy Tuck nor did I intended or hoped to be. I just wanted the 10 lbs of hanging fat off my stomach and to look better in my clothes and my prayers has been answered. Even with some swelling I look much better in my clothes. My skirts and pants are too big (you read my earlier story of my embarrassment in public) but I refuse to buy new ones just yet so I pin it to fit under my tops. Lol
No pain. The infection has pretty much dried up but still drips every now and then so I am still on antibiotics for another two weeks.
My hubby can't keep his hands off of me and others have been complimenting me about how I look in my clothes.
I lost a total of 17 lbs.
I can sleep in my bed on all sides except my stomach.
This surgery was so worth it. I feel so free!
Thank you all for all your support! Your comments truly helped me to get thru this!
I pray my comments helps others as well.
Will update more later.

New Pics 5 1/2 weeks post op

Just adding some new pics. Really loving my progress. Still a little swollen. I know I will be for a while.
Feeling really good. Infection dried up. Having no pain. Sleeping in my bed comfortably. Started exercising lightly. Lost 18 1/2 lbs so far. Still don't really have an appetite which is great for me right now!
I've been standing straight up since day two. I am truly blest.
Thanks again, RS, for all your support!

Loving clothes, again!

After having that embarrassing moment of my underwear falling off of me in public after surgery due to the shrinking tummy; I finally broke down and went shopping this week, 7 wks post op.
I didn't think the swelling had went down enough but low and behold, with the 18.5 lbs lost, I went from a pants size of 20W to 14!! Omg! It is surreal!
However; since I didn't get the BL with my surgery, my sisters says I have a bit of a 'Dolly Parton' (sp?) look. I don't mind that. I love my boobs. Wish I could get it lifted but I'm grateful.
This surgery was so worth it!

2 months post-op and doing great

Feeling pretty good. Dr gave me the green light to start back exercising 9/1 and man did I hit the gym! I know, I know...i must not over do it.
I think I may need therapy to handle the way my husband is coming on to me now. My confidence and sensuality has not caught up to the level of his new found desire and passion with my restored figure. How are you guys handling this?

11 months post- op / Loving me!

I'm so sorry it has been over three months since I last posted. I promised myself that I would not be that girl but I am the now the woman I knew that was hidden under that mass of hanging tummy.
I have more energy and I've started trotting/light jogging now and I love it.
I have been struggling with my pants falling off because too loose in the tummy area. I was wearing a size 16. I was still so amazed that at the day of surgery I was wearing a 20W and now to a size 16. But eventually I it dawned on me that the 16 was too big. Overwhelmed and needing new clothes for a cruise I was taking at the end of November, I rushed out the night before and tried on new pants. Just knowing the next size down would be uncomfortably snug. (Old thinking). Low and behold the 14 was very very lose but not just dropping to the floor as the others so I said to myself that I can't believe I am wearing a size 14! However; these cute jeans are sagging front and back!
Here is how the mind plays tricks on you. It did not darn in me that all I needed was a belt. (So, I thought.)
A belt!?!? I haven't worn a belt in years!!!
I raced off to the store and bought one: too big, of course because I couldn't believe #1, that I COULD wear a belt; and number 2; it would ONLY be a XXL. I was on cloud nine. It got a little overwhelming when I put the belt on and it went way past the last hole!
My mind had not caught up to the reality of the success of my surgery. I sent a picture of me in my size 14 jeans and new belt to my sister. She saw it and ask why am I wearing those baggy jeans???
She said it was plain to see my size was a 12. I said no way! So I went back to the store today; tried on the size 12 and omg! Fit!
My doctor says I still have some swelling which is obvious but this was way beyond my expectations!

Can you say Dolly P.?
Now I am totally top heavy. Time to exercise more to bring down the top a couple of inches.
I've never been small and am totally fine with where I am for a woman my age. Darn Good!
Definitely do NOT regret having this surgery!

Oops! I am only 5 1/2 post-op! Not 11 months. Typo. sorry

But it feels like 11 months!

Revision: June 22, 2016

Its been a year since my first TT and now I am going in for my revision. There was just so much to remove in the first stage that contouring was hard to see. I am happy with the outcome of my first phase and love wearing clothes again. I am grateful for Dr. Yamahata going in to do the revision. He said there is still some skin to remove and some liposuction that needs to be done. It looks like another one to two pounds of fat. Dr. Yamahata says that this phase should be way less strenuous than the first one and that everything should be half less the healing time than what I went through in the first phase. So, I am rereading my notes and getting ready to do it again. I wish I could add a Breast Lift with this round.

Round 2: Going in for revision tomorrow!

I am going in for revision tomorrow. I have posted pics for my starting point of round 2. I am so grateful for even this stage as compared to the huge mass I had at the beginning of this journey last year.
Again, "no poster child and barbie doll" girl expectation here. I am all about health. But I am grateful that Dr. Yamahata is going to make this look even better than now.

Being it is my 2nd round I am not experiencing any anxiety or hesitations. Frankly, I seem to can't remember much of the 'after surgery' experience, at all. I am, however; doing everything I needed to do the first time in preparation for tomorrow. I am beginning my enema steps and will begin my stool softeners today. I am preparing my cucumber water for the welling. I can't recall much of anything else but am glad I still have my walker and will have it ready next to my recliner. I do remember that. We have rearranged the living room into a bedroom for me as I do recall not being able to sleep in the bed the first fews days/weeks.
So, once more, seasoned TT'ers, please pray for me and if there are any of you out there that are still on this site, who have had a revision done, please chime in. I can use all the guidance for care I can get. And to all who will be going in... I pray that you have an easy and smooth transition and quick healing.

Today's the day, round 2!

Well, I am in the waiting room and will be going in to put on my paper panties in 15 minutes.
I wasn't nervous until we pulled into the parking lot. Not because of the unknowing but because I don't like needles! lol.
I'm enclosing my front pic. I do realize this is where most of you begin but I had a lot to start with.
Because of my old gall bladder removal surgery the the cut into my side, it restricts what can be done in conturing. I am sure Dr Yamahata will do his best. He is an excellent doctor and I have asked the Lord God to help him.
I'm grateful for even more shaping and for having the mass removed.

See you on the "flat" side!

Feeling good/ Round two

Made it thru and feeling good minus the NorCal after effect.

Feeling a little discomfort but to be expected and of course the help of the pain pills.

Thank you all for our prayers. Will do pic soon.
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr Yamahata by website because I Was pleased with several reviews I read on his TT performance of female body types same as my own. But over the period of going through my process, I felt like I was with a man who cared about me and my outcome but also wanted me to be realistic and was willing to share how i can get to where I want to be, realistically But not at the expense of my health. I appreciated that so much. When we met to do the marking, we had a moment for questions and answers which at this point I had no more questions because he had already did a pretty good job at explaining to me in details what to expect but he was so patient and kind. I felt like it was a very fatherly and comforting moment right before going under for surgery that really put me at ease.

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