Second Time Around for Breast Reduction. 13 Years Later Hopefully Getting the Size I Want (36DD/DDD to C) This Time. - CA

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Like most of you, I developed early and was teased...

Like most of you, I developed early and was teased and sexualized at a young age. I was a size 4/6 most of my life, with large breasts. I didn’t like them. They were hard to dress. Exercise was difficult. And worst of all was the continuous neck, shoulder and back pain. The shoulder grooves, the occasional rash, the usual suspects. I don’t know what it is like to not have that pain ALL THE TIME! I noticed in the before pics that were taken that I lean forward when I stand. It’s no wonder! After having 2 children and nursing them, they grew and drooped even more.

In 2003, at age 47 I had breast reduction through my insurance. I choose an older, experienced surgeon who was a friend of my cousin. At that time I was a 34DD/DDD. Left was very obviously larger than righty by one cup size. I told the surgeon I wanted a small C, and that I wanted them even. I brought a bra in to show him the small C I wanted. My insurance required a minimum of 300gr removed from each breast, which I told him. To my horror, he only too 300gr out, leaving me a D/DD, with them still uneven! I asked him why he didn’t make them as small as I wanted and he said he felt I was too young and attractive to have them made that small. I was neither, but that’s beside the point. It was not his decision to make!! I asked why he didn’t make them even, and he said he didn’t remember that I told him they were different sizes. It was obvious! You can see from the post-op pics that one was larger than the other. A good surgeon would check them for uniformity. He said he just took the minimum 300gr from each side like the insurance wanted. He also got my permission to have another doctor (who I assume is being trained) “help” him during the surgery. I stupidly said yes, which I will never do again. He probably told the other surgeon, let’s each take out 300gr and call it a day!
Needless to say, I was crushed and very upset. He said that he wouldn’t do anything with them for a year so they could heal, and at that time we would consider making an adjustment on left to even them out. When I called in a year, he had retired! He probably already knew he would be retiring when he told me that. All that time, pain, money, and I end up with basically a lift and barely any reduction (probably mostly skin weight), and all of the same problems.

To compound the problem, menopause started shortly after the reduction. I did not know that at menopause they would grow due to hormonal changes! If I had known that, I may have considered waiting. Fast forward to 2015 and menopause is over, and I’m left with a 36DD and a 36DDD and an extra 20 pounds on me overall. They are probably larger than that – I just haven’t gone bra shopping because I’m so frustrated with them. I lose weight, and they stay big. At one point I lost the 20 pounds, tried on size 6 and 8 dresses, and there was still no room for my boobs. They are dense, and probably don’t have much fat in them.

For the last 3 years, as menopause slowed down, I have wanted to get the reduction. I thought that insurance wouldn’t cover a second reduction, but I learned that if it is medically necessary it doesn’t matter if it was done before – the medical problems exist. I have Blue Shield of California, and they approved me! I found an experienced doctor who recently left a group and opened his own practice. For a short while he accepted insurance as he built up his practice. I am very lucky to get into that window of time and I’m very excited about having him do the surgery.

Surgery is December 29th. A little over 2 weeks away. I have been reading Real Self for several months now and appreciating everyone’s stories and pictures. Having been through this before, I know what to expect for the most part. This site has helped to refresh my memory and get prepared. So wonderful to have supportive people who understand. The people in my life that I’ve talked to about it for the most part don’t understand the need or have something stupid to say like “well, don’t make them too small.”

I’ve been singing “All I want for Christmas are my two little boobs, my two little boobs, my two little boobs.” If all goes well, I will get my wish!

Before Pictures

Before Pictures.

Calculating bra size - could I really be an H?

After posting my initial "review" I realized that I should try to figure out my actual size. I used an online calculator. My ribcase size, under the bra, is 34 (I buy 36 bras to get the larger cups and have them taken in around the band). Measuring over the bra, is 42.5 inches. Allow .5 inches for the bra itself. According to JC Penney calculator that would make me a 34H! Changing the calculator to 36 ribcase, it changes to a 36DDD bra. I've been buying 36DD and spilling out. There is only one brand that I can fit in that - others are way to small. I guess I should change my review to show the correct size. Am I calculating this right?

Surgery in 7 hours. Wish me luck!

Can't sleep. Skipped the nausea patch as the side effects were frightening. Hoping it all goes well.

Surgery is done. Look to be a full B.

Thanks everyone. I made it through though immediate recovery was tough. Was at surgery center for 4 hours after surgery. Lots of nausea and some vomiting. Hypersensitivity to everything. Eventually I came out of it and had a pretty good night. Couldn't keep any food down until 930pm when I could finally take a Norco. Post op today and got to see them. The shape is a bit odd, rather puffy on top and not filled on lower half. I hope they settle down. One is still noticeably bigger than the other, so I'm worried about that. They are a bit smaller than I wanted but it may turn out to be just right. I sure look different in my pajamas without all that Boobage on my chest. I look more like I've always wanted.

Lots of lipo, I'm bruised on the back of my shoulders which is curious. Why was the canula up there? Maybe some of the back fat was lopoed. That would be great. My sides look much better. Happy with what he did there. Will post pics when I can get on desktop computer to upload and crop them.

Day 2 to 4

Here are pics from day 2 to 4. I had 557 grams taken from left, and 457 taken from right, so about 2.5 pounds. Still, they are asymmetrical, which is very upsetting to me. Two breast reductions and they are still uneven? The doc said something to my Mom (she can't remember exactly) after surgery that one side may need a revision. I assume this is what he's talking about. Not sure why it wasn't done at the time of surgery. Right now they seem to be a C and a D. Still too big for me, though once they settle perhaps the right one will be a fine size. I know they are swollen, though not as much as I expected them to be, but still you can tell one is definitely a size larger or more than the other. The right one seems to be lacking in tissue in the lower area. He pushed them up a bit to give fullness at the top. I already had fullness at the top, so didn't really need that. They feel a bit upside down, but perhaps this is the newer style of making them almost cone shaped to keep from falling as much later. I just want my boobs up to my chin anymore, and have to have clothes altered. I wanted all that gone.....

He did quite a bit more lipo than we had talked about, and my side/back is very brusied but i'm happy to be rid of the boobage fat around my underarms and the bra roll. Took 450gr from each side, so almost 2 pounds.

I've had very little bleeding. No drains thankfully. Very little pain. Took 2 Norco, then a few 1/2 caps, then didn't need any more. Recovery the first day was rough, as I wrote about before. My body just doesn't like anesthesia. Anyone else have the anesthesiologist put the mask over your face while you were awake with face stinging gas? It was strange. I think he was mad because my surgery was delayed by 2 hours. I've only ever gone to sleep with whatever they put in my IV.
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I am totally satisfied with the results from my breast reduction. One breast was larger than the other and it didn't fully get corrected during surgery. We waited a year and Dr. Sweat adjusted the size of the larger breast. I now have very even size C breasts and I am extremely pleased with them. Dr. Sweat did a beautiful job and I appreciate all of his efforts to obtain these results. His staff is always very nice and accommodating.

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