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I am a 45 year old mother of three boys (two teens...

I am a 45 year old mother of three boys (two teens and an 11 year old). All of my boys were large babies (my first born was over 10 pounds), and I had three c-sections. Because I am 5'2" I had enormous pregnant belly's even though I only gained between 18 and 23 pounds for each of my pregnancies. Now that the boys are getting bigger I'm ready for my clothes to fit better and to feel healthier and more confident. Can't wait for my liposuction procedure in 41/2 weeks!

Pre-Op Appointment done and now the countdown begins

I had my pre-op appointment today. Felt a little stressed out going into it because I didn't know what to expect. First, signed papers and met with the nurse. She went over all of the meds that would be prescribed to me and what they were for. I was also measured for my compression garment. I appreciated being walked through the office and shown the back door where I would enter the morning of my surgery. Then I met with Dr. K and he answered any questions that I had. he then took several pictures of me in the paper underwear. I'm assuming these will be to compare to after pictures. I took my lab paperwork and headed upstairs to get lab work done and then I was heading home. I will update and post pictures after my lipo on September 23rd.

One week count down!

One week from today until surgery. Really can't wait to get this over with. Planning out the last of errands, cleaning, veterinarian appointments, etc....

Just a few more days!

I have three full days left before my procedure. Tomorrow I plan to wash all the sheets on the beds and start a grocery shopping list. Saturday I'm going to clean all the bathrooms and floors. Sunday I'm scrapbooking all day with a group of girlfriends. I will then take pictures and post them as my pre-surgery picts. Not feeling too nervous yet. Just excited to get this show on the road.

Two more days!

Why is it that the closer I get to my procedure date the fatter I feel?


I had my procedure done this morning. I showed up at the Dr. office at 7:15 and was immediately checked in and asked to change into the lovely paper underwear, hospital gown, hairnet, and booties. The anesthesiologist hooked me up to a drip, and Dr. K came in and drew on my stomach. I was then wheeled into the surgery room and asked to lay face down on the table. I was covered with a blanket and then I was out. I woke up in recovery covered up with blankets and a machine that had big tubes blowing heat under my blanket. It felt wonderful. Now I'm home in bed and just ate a piece of toast and took a pain pill. Not in any pain yet so I'm trying to keep it that way.

Oh, we took before pictures yesterday and I will post once I have an after picture too.


slept through the night but woke up extremely stiff and sore. I don't get to have a peek at the results until tomorrow.

Feeling better!

Woke up feeling much less stiff this morning. Not having any problem getting in and out of bed. I did throw up (no idea why) but now I'm feeling much better. I have an appt. with my PS this afternoon. Drains will be removed and the bandages. I'll actually get a peak at what my body is looking like. If I can get pictures I'll post before and afters.

These are my before pictures

Feeling a little better every day. Mostly just really sleepy.

After pictures

These were taken this morning. It's been about 72 hours. No dramatic changes yet, but I realize there is still a lot of swelling going on.

After picture

Feeling better every day!

Every day I feel a little less sore and stiff. I continue to be quite sleepy most of the time. It almost feels like my body has shut down in order to repair itself. I have little bursts of energy followed by an overwhelming need to lie down and rest.


Busy Saturday ahead. My kids have soccer games, dentist appointments, and Homecoming! I also have friends coming for dinner (fortunately they are also bringing the dinner). I really just want to sleep! I will rally and get through it while thinking it could be worse. It could be 100 degrees instead of a beautiful 84 degrees.

One Week!

It's been one week since my procedure and bruising is pretty much all gone. Feeling better everyday and mostly just sore on my flanks/hips. I swear I'm still just as swollen as I was a week ago, but my shape seems to be slowly changing.

One week!

My Back Is Killing Me!

Did anyone else have problems with their lower back hurting after their procedure? From day 1 this has been my most painful area. Today, after deciding I needed to get out of the house and do something I enjoy, I walked around a book store and then did a little shopping for my son at Urban Outfitters. I probably was only shopping 45 minutes to an hour. By the time I got back to the car my lower back was aching and stiff and I had to go home and take a nap! When I woke up I gathered my children from their schools and returned home to put on p.j.'s and take a pain pill. I've turned into a very crabby person dealing with this constant soreness and trying to be patient with my pets and family. O.k., mostly my children.

Still Swollen!

Feeling Good!

O.k. probably just feeling really good because I took a pain pill before my appt. at my PS's to get my stitches out. But, I'm now in a Stage 1 garment (I was told way too much swelling for a Stage 2) and no more lipofoam! I was told that I'm doing great and I made my next check up appt. for mid-November. Also, I'm down 5 pounds from my pre-surgery weight even with all my swelling.

Day 10

Feeling the best I've felt since my procedure. Can feel soreness in my hips while walking around (they are the most swollen). Have had a busy day cleaning and organizing my house. I also ran errands, got my car wash, and had a pedicure. Now I feel ready for a nap before I need to make dinner, help with homework, and be the driver for soccer practice.

Still so swollen!

Really tired of all this swelling.

Weight loss

Has anyone on this site ever used Phentermine for weight loss? I'm considering it because I would still like to be about ten pounds less than I am now. I'm still quite swollen and I'm not sure if that means I'm going to lose more weight when this swelling goes away or not. Should I wait and see or should I ask about Phentermine?

The only reason I'm considering this drug is because last year I did weight watchers and it took me about 3 or 4 months to lose 7 pounds and I felt so hungry!

Trying to be patient

I had my procedure exactly two weeks ago. I haven't seen any changes this week. Still a lot of swelling. Started measuring my waist and hips in the morning at night so I could track my swelling and know when it starts to decrease. The last couple of days my waist has been 34 inches in the morning and close to 36 at night. I just want to start seeing some changes!

Still trying to be patient.

This swelling is making me crazy. I haven't posted pictures in a while because I really haven't seen any changes. I will have my husband take some of me on Sunday and post them (changes or not). I have worn a couple pairs of my pre-surgery jeans and it is nice not to have fat roll over the top of them when I sit down. I also wore a more fitted shirt yesterday and a friend told me that she could see the changes in my shape. Also, hard to get dressed (if I want to leave the house) in clothes that don't show this stupid garment. The legs come almost to my knees, so no shorts, and between the shoulder straps and it being black, very limiting. Other than that, not a lot of discomfort in my abs but my hips and lower back are still very tender and sore. I'm thinking of trying yoga on Monday, but not sure how that will go.

3 post-procedure

The view from my back is where you can really see the swelling. There are dents on either side from where the middle is so swollen.

comparing before and after

more before and after

and still more before and after

lets repost these before and after pictures


Today I went to a med-spa and I now have a prescription for phentermine. I'm starting with just half a pill a day. I want to lose ten pounds and hope this will help. Also, I have a recommendation for a trainer at the gym my family and I belong to so I need to set up an appointment and begin lifting weights.

I had planned to start back at yoga yesterday but my lower back and hips are still quite sore and swollen. Just couldn't bring myself to do it. Did anyone else start back at the gym while they were still having pain and sensitivity?


I had a lymphatic massage yesterday. It felt really good and I hope it helps speed up my healing process. I guess we'll see.

My waist has shrunk nearly four inches in the past two weeks. This is pretty much all swelling from the procedure. I certainly haven't dropped a pants size or anything. I am enjoying my new shape and am looking forward to seeing how I progress in the coming months.

Still Healing

I had my first workout with a trainer this morning. I feel very out of shape and I'm dreading how sore I'm going to feel tomorrow. Maybe when I see changes in my figure I will appreciate it more. I had a weigh in at the Med Spa and I've lost four pounds!

Physically I'm continuing to heal. I feel fortunate that I haven't had any bumps. lumps, dents, waviness, or unevenness. Still have swelling and quite a bit of numbness especially in my lower back and hips. I don't feel like I really look any different from the last time I posted a picture so I think I'll wait another week to post.

Week 5

It's now been 5 weeks since my procedure. Had a weekend away and wore spanx instead of a compression garment and came home with some weird swelling on my lower abdomen. Wore my Stage 1 garment yesterday and all night and swelling is much better today. I'm heading to Florida on Friday and refuse to wear a garment on the beach! I will pack them and sleep in them if nothing else.

Starting Week 2 with a trainer. Hope I'm not as sore this week. Also, I weigh in again at the MedSpa after my workout this morning. I think I lost a pound or two despite my weekend away, pms, and having two children have their birthdays this past week!

Still Recovering

Just got back from vacation. Still having lots of swelling. When wearing my compression garment I can keep the swelling down, but without it I swell up like a balloon. I have a check up with my ps this week so we'll see what he has to say. Happy with my shape, not so happy with the swelling.

7 Weeks!

Wanted to update my photos. I don't feel that my shape has changed too much lately, but I've definitely lost inches and my clothes are fitting better.

Dr. Appt.

Today I had a check up with my plastic surgeon. He said that I am still swollen everywhere and I need to continue wearing some sort of compression garment 24/7 until the swelling stops. He said that it could be up to six months. He also took some pictures and showed them to me next to the pre-op pictures he took. What a dramatic difference in my shape! Dr. K called me the incredible shrinking woman. I have another appointment in February and my ps said I will be even smaller then and he will take more pictures.

will take more pictures then.

Getting Better Every Day

It's been a very slow process fully recovering from this procedure. Still have some swelling (everywhere) and numbness in my lower back and hips. I also still wear a cg most of the time although I have started to sleep without it. I'm working out with a trainer 3 mornings a week and hate it, but can see an improvement in my muscles mass and I do like that. Also, I've lost ten pounds through dieting and weighing in at a medspa. I'm enjoying my new shape and how loose all my clothes are on me!

Feeling Great!

I just got back from a family vacation to Sydney, Australia. I had lost ten pounds before I left and it was great feeling confident in a bikini on the beach and all my summer clothes fit perfectly. I still have a little bit of swelling left, but it doesn't really bother me.

One Year Anniversary!

I just had my one year check up with my plastic surgeon. He says that I look better than he predicted I would. I continue to be thrilled with my new shape and think it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I do still have a small mother's apron above my c-section scar that my ps would like to remove. He said that it could be done under local anesthesia. I haven't decided if it bothers me enough to undergo another procedure or not. Also, I'm waiting to find out the cost.

Mini TT

O.k. made an appt. today (November 10) with my ps to have the extra skin removed from my lower abdomen. It will be done under local anesthetic (with happy drugs) and should take about an hour. My ps said it will be much like having a mole removed. A big mole. Oh, he's charging me $1500 for the procedure.

Mini TT Date Change

My mini TT date has moved to December 18th. I forgot that I was on vacation the week of November 10th! Hopefully by Christmas I'm feeling perky and ready to have fun with my kiddos.

Mini TT 10 Days Away!

I realized that I had put the date of my surgery as December 18th. It's actually on the 16th. I'm feeling apprehensive about this surgery! Most of my anxiety is because I'm having it done with a local and mild sedation. My ps knows what a wimp I am and assures me that I'll be just fine. I don't have a lot of skin to remove so the whole procedure should just take an hour. The other reason I'm apprehensive is because I'm still recovering from having my gallbladder removed two weeks ago. I'm not really in pain anymore, but I'm nauseous a lot of the time. Which is a normal reaction to having a gallbladder removed. I just have to wait for my body to adjust to living without it. Even though these surgery dates are so close together I'm not willing to change my mini TT date because it works out so well with my 3 boys going on Christmas break. I'll have two weeks to recover without having to make lunches, get kids ready for school, driving kids to school, homework, etc….

Mini TT Done!

Everything went great. I was so drugged all day that I have no memories of the day. I took before and after pictures, but I can't seem to remember how to load them onto this page from my iPhone. I blame it on the drugs because I used to do this just fine. I'm totally happy with my results so far and I'm not in very much pain. I'll have my husband help me with pictures when he gets home from work.

Day 1 of mini TT

Having this extra skin removed was much easier than having liposuction was. Can't wait to see what it looks like when all the swelling goes away.

Day 2

Feeling remarkably well after my miniTT. I'm sure it's because I didn't have any muscle repair done. Because of how big my apron of extra skin was I do have an incision that runs hip to hip. I wasn't surprised by this nor do I really care. Even with some swelling going on my stomach looks so flat! Also, I get to take a shower today and I can't wait to feel clean again.

Can't Believe It's Only Been 3 Days!!!

I feel great. I don't really need pain meds but I take one before bed just to make sure that I can sleep through the night. Have to keep reminding myself that I just had surgery so I don't do too much.

I'm coming to terms with not having any memories of the day of my surgery. I had arrived at my ps's office and was taken back to an exam room where I put on my hospital gown, slippers, hair cover, and was given 6 pills. I know that there was 2mg of xanax, tylenol, and an anti-biotic. Dr. K came in the room and drew on my stomach and handed me a couple of magazines to read. I remember looking at them and starting to feel the drugs and thinking I hope I don't pass out and fall off this table. That's the last thing I remember. At my follow up appt. I asked the nurse about it and she said when she came to get me I was sitting and reading magazines and I walked with her to the operating room. Apparently I kept complaining that I was too awake and was given one more xanax. I don't remember any of this. Nor do I remember getting dressed, going home, or the rest of the day. My husband said I kept getting out of bed and roaming around the house. I also kept unwrapping my binder on my stomach and asking him if he wanted to look at it. It's sooo crazy not to remember any of this!!!! Anyway, I'm getting over it.

Before Pictures

I took these just before my surgery on Tuesday.

Day 4

Here's a picture of my incision that I took this morning. I only had my foam and binder off long enough to take a shower and I already felt like I was swelling. Such a weird feeling.

Day 5

Yesterday I had so much energy and was bouncing all over the place. I even went out to dinner with my husband and stayed up until midnight watching a movie! I slept in until 9 am and have been dragging all day. How could I have had so much energy yesterday and none today?

Day 7

Was up all night again. I napped way too much yesterday and ended up being awake all night. Now I'm super sleepy but don't want to make this schedule a habit! On a positive note I took a couple of pictures this morning and I'm happy with my mini TT.

Day 10

I had my stitches out three days ago and at that time my ps said that I no long had to wear my binder. Although it feels great not to wear that annoying thing I have been a little bit swollen. I find myself rubbing my rounded tummy like I was pregnant! I'll take a picture of my scar once the tape falls off. Overall, I'm feeling good. I still get tired pretty easily and my stomach is sensitive and I occasionally have sharp pains on my sides but I'm recovering quickly.

Day 13

I'm feeling really good. My stomach is still a little tender especially on my hips. I've been treating my scar twice a day so hopefully it will just fade.

Day 22

It's been three weeks since my miniTT and I'm feeling great. The tenderness around my scar is fading and I'm feeling almost back to normal. There's still swelling in my abs and it's more noticeable in the evenings than the morning. My scar has faded a lot so I took close up pictures to try to show what it looks like now. The two small scars on my upper abs is from my recent gallbladder removal.

6 Weeks!

It's been 6 weeks (today) since my mini TT. It's gone so fast it's hard to believe it's been that long. I feel great. I still get twinges around my hips at the ends of my scar. Treating my scar with scar cream every morning so hopefully it will keep fading. Yesterday I took my first yoga class since surgery and I'm super sore today. I've really gotten out of shape!!

8 Months!

I haven't added an update in a long time so I thought I would write something now. I'm very happy with my lipo and mini tummy tuck. When I look at my pre pictures it's hard to believe that it was me. After having three surgical procedures in the fall I did gain ten pounds. I'm now back on track and working on losing them. I joined the fitbit craze and have been walking my 10,000 steps a day and it's helping me shed these extra pounds. I haven't taken any pictures lately, but will try to add a couple soon.
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

I have only met Dr. Kaczynski at my initial consultation. I found him professional and personable. He gave me his opinion on what he thought I should have done and what results I could expect from my liposuction procedure.

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