Operation: new nose!

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I've been a member of this site for over a year...

I've been a member of this site for over a year now and I can't tell you how valuable it has been for me. My story starts like most rhinoplasty stories begin... awkward puberty years, nose started getting bigger & crooked, constant embarrassment, lack of self esteem, etc. etc. In my late teens I started modeling and I learned my angles and learned how to pose for photos in the most flattering ways. This has been a life saver and a curse at the same time... I know I am hyper-critical of myself and I am constantly aware of cameras and where I am at in relation to the picture-taker. I have un-tagged probably hundreds of photos on social media- lol. Most of you can probably relate ;)

My profile is awful. Straight on, there's a definite curve to my nose- it points off to the right. People only notice if I say something about it so I learned to stop doing that a long time ago. I have a big bump on my nose, and I feel that my nostrils are too long and my nose should be deprojected. I think that is my greatest fear about the surgery. I want to know that my Doctor can shorten the length of my nostrils while deprojecting my hose without ruining the tip. I actually like the narrowness of my nose and the way my tip looks.

I plan to consult with a few Doctors locally. One is a referral from a girl I went to H.S. with, and the other is a Doctor I have seen mentioned on here a few times but who keeps more of a low profile. I plan on scheduling my consultations in January and feeling it out from there.

This journal entry is my first big step... it is such a small one but it makes me feel like it's really going to happen. I am blessed with a supportive husband and as long as I feel comfortable with the surgeon, I know this is the right thing to do. I am SO TIRED of feeling self conscious about my face.

I'll update when I get my consultations scheduled, and I will add some photos as well.

Consultation scheduled

It's been a year since my first entry and I'm finally taking a step towards my new nose: I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Clutter in Folsom for next Tuesday. I feel excited and nervous all at the same time!

The reason for the delay in scheduling is a happy one; a few weeks after I posted my first entry I found out I was pregnant! In September we had our little boy and he is wonderful. I am breastfeeding and plan to for at least a year- so I anticipate a realistic surgery date of sometime next October (maybe I can just be a mummy for Halloween? ;)

I've been reading articles about "what to ask your plastic surgeon" but I still feel overwhelmed. How many surgeons should I consult with? How will I know who's "the one"? How far out should I set a surgery date?

I will update after my appointment. So far he's the only one I have a consult scheduled with but there's one other surgeon I would like to talk to for sure (Dr. Kaniff)

Posting a couple of pics now so you can see what I'm working with (ugh)

Great consultation with Dr. Clutter

I had my consultation with Dr. Clutter yesterday and it went really well! His office is beautiful and the members of his staff were very friendly. I didn't have to wait for my appointment which I appreciated since I had my 4 month old with me :)

We addressed the issues I have with my nose- overprojection, dorsal hump, how it veers off to one side... I also told him what I do like about my nose- the width and the tip. He basically told me "Don't you dare let ANYONE alter your tip, regardless of who you choose for your surgery!" I totally agree with him and I'm glad we had the same vision. Regarding my nostrils (which I think are too long), he explained that nostrils cannot be shortened without visible scars and deep creases where they meet the upper lip. I definitely don't want that! He told me that with some of the other things we would be doing, it would create an optical illusion of shorter/smaller nostrils.

So the plan would be:

shorten the nose a couple of millimeters
remove the dorsal hump/ create a slight slope
deproject the nose by a couple of millimeters
straighten out the nose to align with the rest of my face

Overall I really loved his approach- he doesn't want noses to look "done"- they should look natural and like the nose you could have been born with. I am a very tall girl (5'10) so I would look strange having one of those cute, sloped little button noses. On the same hand, my nose on a shorter girl would look completely ridiculous! ;) I feel extremely confident in Dr. Clutter's abilities and I have felt from the beginning like he would be the Dr. I choose. I do want to meet with at least one other surgeon though, just to be sure and to have something to compare to.

My husband is so encouraging and knows I have wanted this done for so long-- when I told him about how well the consultation went he told me to book it! All along I have been planning on a fall surgery, but he keeps saying "Why don't you get it done before summer!?" I just feel like getting it done in the fall would make healing easier... does it matter? The summers are soooo hot here and I think it would make swelling even worse if I got it done in the spring. Am I overthinking it? Part of me does want to just book it and have it done ASAP!

Surgery date scheduled!

I scheduled my surgery for November 11th! Seems like an eternity from now but I know time will fly by. I feel so confident in Dr. Clutter and what he will accomplish withy surgery. I can't wait!

Second meeting w/ Dr. Clutter

It's been 7 months since my consultation with Dr. Clutter. My mommy brain has kicked into high gear and I basically forgot everything we spoke about back in February, so I asked for another sit-down meeting to discuss. His assistant was super sweet and didn't make me feel ridiculous for wanting to meet with him -again-! ;) So I'll be meeting with him on the 17th to go over the procedure, expectations, and I'll show him some simulations I've made since our initial consult to see if they're on track for what I can expect. I know he's not a fan of simulations and doesn't provide them, soooo I don't know what he'll say about my photoshop skills! haha!

I really do trust this doctor- I love his work and I cannot wait to get on the operating table and get this over and done! Bring on the healing! I'm already making a list of shows to watch on Netflix while I'm holed up in my room avoiding my children so as not to terrify them with my bruising and bandages. Hope my husband is ready to be a full-time nurse AND stay-at-home-daddy! He's the best ;)

Any other Clutter patients out there? Also- if anyone is looking for another rhino resource- check instagram! It's been enormously helpful. use #rhinoplastydiary to find a ton of other people going through this experience.

Cast is off!!!

I haven't been updating - but I knew I needed to now that my cast is off. I could not be more thrilled with my results. Dr. Clutter and his entire staff are absolutely amazing. I am blown away with what they were able to achieve with my nose, both aesthetically and functionally.

I had my cast removed yesterday on POD8. I have some swelling going on, but even if nothing changed, I would be 100% satisfied. I almost cried when he handed me the mirror. This was the best decision I have ever made and I am SO glad I decided to go with Dr. Clutter as my surgeon!

I have put up a couple photos so you can see my before & after. I'll update in a few weeks when my nose has settled into its shape a bit more. But again, WORTH IT. If you are considering rhinoplasty and you're in the general Sacramento/ Northern California you need to at least consult with Dr. Clutter. :)

Another before/after

Meant to upload this one too. My new profile is so cute!
Folsom Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is the BEST!! I am SO thrilled with my results. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful experience.

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