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Whats Up Realself. A little about myself before I...

Whats Up Realself. A little about myself before I start my review/journey with my rhinoplasty. I am 22 years old, male, and eastern descent. I have decided to get rhinoplasty because I am not satisfied the way my nose looks or functions. I am a happy guy and I usually don't have much to complain about. However, this is one of those things that I can defiantly make my life better not only so I can smell/breathe clearer but also not have the extra stress of the way my nose sits on my face. I feel my nose is bad in many ways. Not only does it protrude from the side but from the front it also is way to fat. When I smile it seems like my nose is eating my face lol I would like to get the bridge shaved down, the tip lifted, and the and the nostrils closer to the bridge. Basically I would like my nose to be worked on in all angles and I have talked to a couple surgeons in the Modesto area but I was not satisfied. I feel like when I meet my surgeon everything will connect: the vibes, I will like the pictures, and the communication will be good.

My next appointment is with a ENT Surgeon named Dr. Clutter in the Sacramento area. I have herd good things about him so I will update on how the consultation goes! I really hope this is the one!

Had the consultation with Dr. Clutter!

So I had my consultation with Dr. Clutter and I really liked him. He basically dove right in as soon as he walked in the room. He told me he would shave down the bridge, narrow the bones, and lift the tip. Altogether this would deproject the nose and make my nose fit my face better. He also said he could fix my nose functionally because I do have a deviated septum and also fix the turbinates. My quote for the whole surgery is $6,850.00. The only part that is frustrating is I could not get to see any computer imaging on how I will look. I also wanted a little slope but he said that would look feminine which I agree now lol I have a couple more consultations with other doctors but right now he is definitely on top of the list!

Surgery Scheduled

It's been about about a year since I met with Doctor Clutter. After saving up and interviewing with multiple other surgeons I decided to go with Dr. Clutter. I just had my second appointment with him about 2 weeks ago and have booked surgery for less then 2 months. The reason I went with him is due to his qualifications, post-op pictures, and that and the positive things his past clients say about him. The other surgeons I met with did not listen to my concerns and justified why I should choose them over other surgeons.

Dr. Clutter was the total opposite he was very knowledgeable and has the ENT designation and lays out the facts and lets you make your own descion. He came in and told me exactly what he would do to my nose. It's super funny because I told my mom what i wanted done on the ride there and he literally came in and said the exact words I was telling my mom. I also talked to two of Dr. Clutters past clients and they had nothing but good things to say about the surgery experience. Both said he gives you the nose that was meant for your face.

The things I don't like about my nose is it protrudes, is long, bridge to wide, hump, and droops when I smile. I personally feel like it shatters my confidence tremendously because everytime I look in the mirror that is the first thing I notice. I am going to get my bridge shaved down, narrowed and he tip lifted up a bit.

Less then 45 days out of my surgery!
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