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So I finally did it. After a year of planning I...

So I finally did it. After a year of planning I scheduled my mommy makeover for December 4th. I am happily married and a mom of 2 kids (6 and 3). I am 5'5, 124 lbs and very athletic. After my two pregnancies I reached an all time high of 190 lbs and have lost all the weight 2 years ago. I decided to do this mommy make over to remove the skin that has been left over and bring my breasts back to a fuller size. With all the weight loss and pregnancies, they deflated greatly. It is not a weight loss procedure for me, as I have reached my goal through weights and cardio. Many people don't understand why I am doing this. Some people think I am vain and getting too catch up in imagine from the gym. I have thought long and hard about it, and although I sometimes go back and forth on spending so much money, my husband and I believe this is a good decision for me.

Getting excited and nervous

I wanted to post some before pictures. I had my pre op a few weeks ago and decided to go with 375cc. I want a full C but need to discuss with my PS. Can't wait for my new body. My almost 3 year old wanted me to hold him all morning. It made me sad that it will be a while for me to do that but I am preparing for a lot of snuggle time on the couch.

More before pictures

Here are some more before pictures.


I totally feel like I am nesting. Am I the only one that feels like that? I want the house cleaned, laundry done, dusted, etc. I was able to put up all my Christmas decor which makes me feel good. Now I need to get all the essentials. Here is what I have so far:
Multiple pairs of draw string pants
Whey protein powder
Protein bars
Facial wipes
body wipes
no rinse shampoo
Bio Oil
2 new bras
daycare for the kids for the first few days when I am home
friends staying with me for the first 2 weeks when hubby is at work
I think that is everything. I'm trying to drop a little weight before the surgery. I was trying to get to 120 but I don't think that is going to happen. I think I am nervous eating and keeping my weight at 124 even though I am busting butt at cardio. Oh well, I will have a life time of working out when I am heal. I just need to make sure I don't gain a bunch of weight as I am laying around. What was your experience? Did weight remain the same, increase or decrease during the healing process?

I have also been spending countless hours reading forums and savings pictures of TTs and BAs that I would like. I understand that TT go from hip to hip, but what are some intensely curved up and some are straight. I prefer the straight scar. Something I need to ask my doctor on Wed, but at least I printed some pictures of what I like to bring with me.

Tomorrow is the big day!

I am so excited and nervous. I can barely contain myself. I have been pacing the house all day and currently snuggling with my kids. I'm trying not to think of how much pain I will be in. Bye bye skin. Hello boobs! Praying that my scar won't be too high but it will be better than skin. Ready to do this!

I'm home!!

The surgery went well yesterday according to the doctors. No more stretch marks and my scar is really low. Lower than the skippy underwear I brought. I brought in a picture of kourtney kardashian's boobs. They are a full C. I needed up finding out he out in 350cc instead of the 375cc I chosen. He said the smaller fit me better. I love that!!

As far as pain, it was brutal. My tummy tuck is so sore. I can live with the pain from my boobs but definetly need to stay on top of my pain meds. Last time I took it was over 7 hours ago so I'm not feeling to hot. I still haven't looked at my boons but they feel tight and stretch. Getting out of need has been a challenge. My husband and I are trying to master that. That is pretty painful. Hopefully each day that goes by will get better.

Slight boob preview

He is a pic on the operatin table trying to sneak a peak at my boobs. They feel hard as a rock. I'm not sure I could handle any larger.


I apologies in advance. I do most of this on my phone and there are typos everywhere. I need to start using my laptop. The mobile ap sucks. Bare with me :)

Feeking much better

So I am still very dizzy from all the meds they gave. The first day was brutal, yesterday was bearable, and I just woke up today and feel great! I moved from the bed to the couch with a recliner which helps and I am sleeping a lot!! My boobs don't feel as heavy. I feel like I turned a corner. I do miss my kids. They have been at grandma's, then they are going to my sisters for a few days. I don't want them to see me until I can get a long a little better. My PS personally called me yesterday which made me feel good. He said the 350cc looked better on my body type. It was more natural. I hope I don't end up with boob greed, but thy feel sore and stretched to the max so I trust his judgement. He also said all stretch marks are gone. I am so excited to finally see everything. I have not even looked at my boobs. My first post op appt is at 10:30 am today so I will get a sneak peak! Overall I feel good, but dizzy and medicated. I have it nailed down that every 4 hours I can 2 norco, on the next 4 hours I take 1 norco, 1 antibiotic, and 1 muscle relaxer, followed by 2 norco the next 4 hours. I am so thankful for my hubby keeping track of everything for me. He has been taking track of when I take my meds and my drain levels.

As far as eating, I am pretty much back to normal. Yesterday I had some greek yogurt and an English muffin, then a Quest bar, then some beef jerky, and a cup of frozen yogurt. I think today I may try the milk of magnesia.

Leg compressions

I forgot to add. They sent me home with leg compressions. They are a god send!!! They feel amazing like massage and it's supposed to help with blood clots. Ask for them. They also help take your mind off the pain. I love them!!

First Pre Op Appt

I am healing perfectly! They took out the pain pump and want me to start walking 3x a day. I get the drains out next week. One book has dropped lower than the other but it will take more time. So happy with how low my scar is. My boobs will end up being a full C. Excited about next week to remove these drains!!

Another post op pic

One boobs needs to drop a bit more but otherwise healing nicely

I feel wonderful!!

I feel wonderful. I still feel drugged but overall amazing. I get up from the couch and totally mobile. I need to start walking 3x a day. This is a great feeling!!! Can't wait to put on actually understand and see where this scar actually is!! So far, this has been great and worth it.

Feeling Amazing

Well today is my 3 day post op. I feel great. I am getting off the couch and doing everything myself. Still sore but it's not bad at all. I walked down the street and back, then my back started hurting. I still have not had a BM which scares me. I am taking all sorts of meds for that so I imagine that will happen shortly. My drains are barely draining so those will be out soon. I am feeling really good today and hoping it will just get better. The only bad part was I was drinking some tea and it went down the wrong pipe and I started coughing. BOY DID THAT HURT!!!. I have been off my meds but after that incident I took some. Every day that goes by I get more excited. My kids are with my sister and I am missing them dearly. Trying to use this time to get caught up on school and some work. Tried on a bathing suit I wore last year. I will upload that in a min.

Bathing suit

Same bathing suit top. Before and after.

Feeling great!

So it's been 5 days since surgery. I feel great!! I am still taking the antibiotic and the Hydrocodon every once in a while. I went on a walk yesterday for a half a mile. I was tired when I was done. My appetite is coming back. I have been eating Quest bars daily, taking stool softeners, and drinking milk of magnesia. My first BM and every one after has been easy. So ready for my tubs to be out. I am draining about 15-20 in a 24 hour period in all 3 drains. They said I get one drain out on Wed, one on Thurs, and one on Fri but I'm hoping all of them will be removed on Wed. We will see!!!

I feel like my recovery has gone really good. I'm still sleeping on the couch. I have a hard time in my bed. At least on my couch I can recline and put pillows under my feet and behind my back. This surgery has not been as bad as I had imagined.

So I finally took off my CG. My stomach is scary swollen. I hope its normal. I read around this time is when the swelling is intense. The pictures are not showing good results but I'm happy with my doc. Still so excited with how low my scar with be. Can't wait to try it on with undies.

More photos. 5 days PO.

Major swelling. Not looking too good

Done up pic

Looking forward to dressing up and going out with my hubs once I am fully healed. A nice dinner out will be needed!

1 week today!!

So it's been a week. Feeling better everyday. Still getting tired easily. Loving my naps. I am able to get around and do stuff around the house. Good thing my legs are in good shape. Still not really taking pain meds. I am loving my boobs!! They are big and I can't wait to go bra shopping.

I got the first of my 3 drains out today. Hurt like crazy. All you women who say it doesn't are liars lol!! But the excitement to have it out makes up for the pain. The second comes out tomorrow and the last drain comes out the day after (Friday). My swelling is great. The nurse said my water intake and walks have helped. I can't wait to wear a garmet without tubs and try on underwear to see how low my scar really is!! This surgery is totally worth it so far and the pain is not nearly as bad as I thought. Excited for future weeks. I'm still not standing straight but getting better.

Second Drain out yesterday, Last today!

So yesterday I got my second drain out. Yes, still hurt but I took 2 pain pills before. The nurses at the Roseville doctors office are so wonderful and that is an understatement. They are sweet, caring, social, and tender. I was pretty confident with my surgeon when I chose him but always wondered if there was a better one (not that anything has gone wrong but just wondered to make sure I chose right). It further confirmed my decision when my nurses said most all the girls in the Roseville post op care only go to Dr. Yamahata. My nurse showed me her tummy tuck scar and it looked wonderful and low. They all love Yamahata. That made me feel so good (remind you there are 5-6 surgeons in the office who work together and can be chosen from). I also forgot to mention, my nurse who was getting me ready for surgery in the Sacramento office said she was saving for a TT and BA and only wants Yamahata. Oh what a good feeling.

So I have one tub now and tried on underwear. My scar is way above it!!! But all is okay. My nurse assured me that once I heal and the swelling reduces, it will drop lower. How comforting!! I also noticed my scar is crooked and goes up higher on one side. That could also be from major sweeling, and the way my body just heals. That is the least of my worries. Once this scar drops a little I will be so excited!!!

So I am going in for my third and final tub removal in a couple hours. I only took one pain meds yesterday (before my appt), went shopping, baked cookies and dinner, and went for a walk so my back is killing me this morning. I may take another pain med just because I hate these tubs then after that I'm done! It will be nice to shower normally and wear a different yet less bulky garmet. Maybe I will try on some jeans!!!!

I'm back to myself!!

Had my final drain out this morning. They also removed all my stitches and scar tape. What a wonderful feeling. I love my new garmet. Well, love and hate it. It is a short CG that goes up to my boobs. I love that I feel supported and it is helping me to stand up straight (which my doc is telling me to work on now). I hate that I still feel a little bulky in it. But it will be my life for the next 8 weeks.

My boobs are good. I need to quit babying them and stretch and wash my hair and lift up my arms. As far as my tummy, I need to work on slowing stretching straight everyday.

Bad news, no gym until 6 weeks. I was thinking since they are encouraging me to walk everyday they would encourage the gym cardio to. Nope!! My PS feels that people tend to push themselves in the gym and won't listen to their body so no cardio at the gym. Only outside. I'm sure that's his opinion, but it makes sense and I'm going to listen. I am one of those that will push myself.

After my appt we walked around SAMs Club and went shopping. Then I came home and got dressed in jeans!! I felt puffy in my CG but looked normal although slightly hunched. I tend to bend my knees forcing me to curve my back and pull in my butt (horrible posture). My husband keeps telling me to keep my legs straight and if needed to bend on hips. Feels better on the back too and forces me to stretch. I need constant reminders.

My need appt is in 2 weeks because my doctor is out of town. I need to start Mederma next Friday but otherwise I'm on the home stretch. Come on swim suit shopping (wait, I need to be Christmas shopping).

Overweight pic

I had mentioned that I had lost a bunch of weight and thought I would post a pic.

Swelling of flanks (hips)

So I have been a little depressed lately. My hips are swollen and I have love handles. I don't like them at all and I'm hoping it goes away and isn't actually my new love handles from not enough lipo. I am learning to trust the process and let it heal. I looked at my body with shorts and hated it. It definetly looked better in underwear. Need to make sure this goes away.

3 week update

It's been almost 3 weeks now. I have been wearing a tight spanx during the day that just covers my waist. Still trying to walk everyday but it's freezing outside. I can't wait to get back to the gym!! Other than that I think in healing nicely. Still very swollen. I see the doctor on Friday so I will get more of an update then.

3 week Doctor visit

Saw the doctor today. He said everything looks great but made it clear to take it easy. Although my body feels better, I need to be very careful. I can walk but slowly. I can wear spanx during the day and no bra at night. I'm also approved for the spa!! Wanted to get a bathing suit for New Years Eve. No working out for 3 more weeks. Ugh. I'm dying!!

I asked him about my hips and he confirmed that will go away and that it's just swelling. What a relief. He also said my breast muscle is pushing my implant down which is making my boobs look really high. Over time they will drop more and fluff out. So they won't be as high but fuller in the cup side.

As far as my weight, I am usually between 125-130. Before the surgery I got down to 122. I am currently 120. I know I have swelling and I have lost muscle and replaced with body fat from all the holiday candy. All is well because I will have a lifetime to gain muscle back. I'm very happy! I went to find a bathing suit and tried on a couple bras. I think I'm measuring a 34D but we will see.

4 week update

Not much change over the last week. I am very used to my body now. Sometimes I feel like I went small with my boobs because no one can tell I got them (since I wore padded bras all the time). But then I remember that is the whole point. I don't want people to know!!

My weight is a little up since I have been a piggy the last week. By body fat is up. I can't wait to start lifting weight again! Lets see what I can do. I am start to see definition in my abs which is great!! Recovery has been great. Sleeping on my side is the most comfortable. I have been trying to walk everyday. Still super happy I made this decision. Love love my doctor too!!

5 Week Mark

Can't believe I'm finally at 5 weeks. I feel pretty much back to normal. I don't have any pain unless I sneeze. My stomach is still a little swollen and will go down even more which I am excited about. My boobs also dropped. They look smaller but I am happy. I have been going to the gym and walking 3+ miles 4x a week. It's too cold to walk outside. Still no weights yet. I left my binder off most of the morning which felt so good!! I love how I feel normal again

As far as my weight I am low. I am around 118. It's weird how the body can fluctuate so much depending on swelling and water. I am trying not to weight myself too often because of that. I know I am losing more muscle which excites me to start working out with weights next week. I feel ready. Been trying to stretch to prepare myself.

My scar is still red but I can tell its fading. I have been keeping up with the Mederma every morning and night. I can tell it has made a difference but I have a lot way to go. I plan on providing another update next Friday after I talk to my doctor!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their recoveries!!

Sizing at VS

Tried on bras today at VS. I swear they make their bras so the size says its bigger than you really are. I am a 32DD or 34D. Although 34 is a little too big. I can't wait to start wearing pretty bra sets!!

I want to go get sized at a few other places. I'm thinking all other places will put me at a 34C or D.

A great experience by an experienced plastic surgeon. He doesn't talk much but will answer any question or concern you have. Highly recommended!! Always made me feel comfortable. The staff is beyond amazing too!! I love my new body!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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