Mommy Gets Her Body Back After 3 Babies - Sacramento, CA

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I decided it was time for a little refresher....

I decided it was time for a little refresher. After having 3 boys, the youngest being 1, it was time to get my body back. Going for a breast lift and augmentation as well as a full tummy tuck. I have severe diastasis recti (muscle separation) and an umbilical hernia. My tummy pooches out so much and doesn't fit my body. I'm 5'1, currently weigh 118 pounds (10 pound over prepregnancy weight). I try to work out as much as I can fit in with having a husband, 3 kids, a full time job and being a full time student. Although I would love to get to the gym more frequently it usually ends up to be only 3-4 times a week. I just can't seem to get my stomach to go down and decided surgery was the solution for my stretched out skin and muscles. And my boobs although still pretty big (34D / 32DD in VS) were not as perky as I would like them to be, as well as being asymmetrical (left is bigger then right). Anyway, after eating right and working out I found that my body really wasn't bouncing back to its pre pregnancy size and decided to do something about it now, rather then waiting for another year of my life to pass by. I'll be 33 next month and I want to be able to enjoy my body while I'm still young. So here is my experience and my journey. Hope it will help me along my journey and hopefully help someone else who is searching for similar results and expectations. After my consultation I set an apt for a breast lift and augmentation as well as a full tummy tuck. I thought about getting lipo on my hips and flanks as well, but Dr. Sweat said he didn't think it would be necessary. I'm so excited for surgery as well as nervous. I will be just coming back from our family vacation in Hawaii and will be off from work for the Summer. I will have class to attend 6 days later so I'm hoping for a speedy recovery. I will need to be back up to normal activities 10 days later as I have clinicals for school starting up the following Saturday. Any info about length of recovery from a TT and BA would be appreciated. I plan on getting an electric recliner for the first week after surgery as well as embrace tension dressing for my abdominal scar to help minimize scarring.

Pre Op appt tomorrow, really excited to talk with my surgeon again.

I find myself spending a lot of time on this site now, and it has been very helpful. I'm glad this site is here and I feel much more prepared on what to expect post op as well as some things to talk with my doctor about before my surgery (which is right around the corner !!) I wrote down a bunch of questions I wasn't able to ask in my initial consultation. And I'm making the 2 hour drive to the Sacramento office versus the Stockton office so I can see my doctor. Some things I plan to ask are his input on my implant size. He really wasn't involved with it the first time I tried on implants. He made it seem like it was more of a personal choice then for him to decide. I feel differently now after reading on here other doctors saying it's good to get the surgeons input since he is the expert. I have some wish pictures on my phone I plan on showing him and am interested in what size he will suggest. My initial idea was to go with 325cc on my left and 375cc on my right. Now I'm thinking maybe more like 375 left and 400 right. Also want to get his input on the type of profile he is going with for me and ask about using sizers on the table and making the decision himself at that point, knowing in his head the look I'm trying to achieve. Also want to ask about textures versus smooth gel implants. No saline for me. There is so many different things to focus on with both the TT procedure and BA. I'm sure I'll feel much better after all my questions are answered by him tomorrow. These pictures are all wish pics I liked. Hopefully it gives him a good idea of the size I'm looking for.

My doctors lollipop lifts that I love.

Seeing his work on these pics convinced me to go back to my original plan on doing a full lollipop lift instead of the donut lift.

Today is the day

Gonna be heading over to the surgery center in a few minutes. As much as I tried not to think about all the what ifs and tried to stay positive I am feeling a little nervous now. I know I will be fine it's just my nerves. My tummy is a little uneasy not sure if it's from the slice of pizza I had last night or anxiety. Had trouble falling asleep last night got to bed late. Anyway here are some last before pictures before I head into surgery for my new body. Wish me luck!!

5 hours post op

Wow I was not prepared for the amount of pain I would be under from the moment I work up from surgery. Made a huge mistake and took only 1 norco. That didn't do much. Then took the Valium an hour later. Still not much relief. An hour later took the other norco. Finally starting to feel more
Pain relief after the second one kicked in. Next time I'm taking two at a time. It also seemed to help to get up and move around a little. Can't wait for tomorrow to get a glimpse of my girls and hopefully have a little less pain.

Tape under right boob uncomfortable

Since yesterday I have been having a lot of itching under the tape on the inside corner. I noticed some clear drainage also coming from there. Tried to put some gauze to cover it but it is very uncomfortable and itchy. Not sure if the incision is open there and the tape is not long enough. I think I will call today to ask them.

Right Brest tape coming off

Pic of my girls

They are really big but I love them. And I know some swelling will go down. I had a lollipop lift and 385 cc smooth silicone implants. This was a few days post op. Will post full body pics soon.

One week post op BL, BA and TT

I just wrote a review but looks like it didn't post. So here it is again. So far loving my results. I know it will only get better with time. With that said o was not prepared for this long recovery process. Very anxious to get back to my active lifestyle and running around with my 3 boys. Last night was a busy day. Went to Sacramento to see my dr. And then sat in class for 4 hours. Had a lot of upper abdominal swelling when I got home. What helps for this? I put my legs up and tried to ice it a bit not sure if that helped. Anyway not really looking forward to my 10 hour clinical day I have in the NICU on Saturday. I will try to take as many breaks as possible, hope my instructor is understanding. Well until then lots of R&R. Here are some full body pics right now. Still lots of healing going on.

So happy!!!

7 weeks tomorrow

Just wanted to up date. All my minor complication from healing have pretty much resolved. I am super happy with my results and am loving my new body. I get so many compliments about my youthful appearance. I am also doing Embrace scar therapy on my TT incision. I figured if I could do something to improve my healing what was a couple hundred more dollars, totally worth it. I am seeing an improvement on the scar already. Doctor just cleared me for exercise and tomorrow I'm going back to my gym, yay!!!! I'm the picture the embrace silicone dressing is a tension dressing that relives pressure off of the scar so it causing wrinkling around the clear dressing. That's the wrinkling you are seeing it's not when I remove the dressing.

Almost 3 months PO

For atleast the last month I have been back to the gym and feeling completely like myself again, well actually better then myself. I'm loving my new body and I don't regret it for a minute. I had some complications along the way with the healing process all of it normal just unexpected. I'm really pleased with the work my surgeon did and know in time my scars will fade even more. Thinking of keeping my profile up for just a year because if I can help anyone else out there like this site helped me then it's completely worth it. I learned so much during this process from others on this site. It was a huge asset to me. Take care RS community.

Dr. Jeffery Sweat was really nice and down to earth. I felt comfortable with him right away. We were totally on the same page with what procedures we both felt were necessary to achieve the results I am looking for. I'm looking forward to my pre-op appt at the end of this month. I want to find out if the size I have in mind will be right for my desired look. Initially I was thinking of going with a smaller implant. But after looking at more before and after pictures I think going with 350-400 cc will be a better choice. Looking to get gummy bear silicon implants, under the muscle.

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