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I have been wanting an BA for about 7 years now......

I have been wanting an BA for about 7 years now... I have been wearing a 34c bra, knowing it doesn't fit that well but refusing to go smaller. Always thinking I would finally do it then I talk myself out of it thinking there's gonna be a better time in my life. I just recently got engaged and decided I will go for it as our wedding will be in about a year. It's either now or never. So I took the plunge! Had my first consult with Dr. Hause last week. My best friend got hers done by him a couple years ago and she loved him. They are running a special right now so I jumped on it and scheduled the soonest I could which is May 6th. I'm a veterinary technician which means I have a pretty physically demanding job, it's not just a desk job, I have to wrestle big dogs on the ground and restrain all size animals with my arms and chest. I have been trying to find any info on other vet techs or anyone else with physically demanding jobs to find out how their recovery went but haven't found much. I asked for a week off of work and then another week of light duty when I come back, hopefully I will be okay after that. I'm so excited!! My pre op is on April 30th and I will get my lab work and everything finalized at that time. I knew the last thing that was holding me back from doing this was I was worried what other people might think. Certain family members or friends. Then I got a clue and remembered that I shouldn't/don't care what anyone else thinks, this is for me!! At my consult, the doctor confirmed what I didn't want to know.. I'm an A to small B cup :( we initially decided on silicone gel 325cc and 375cc as my left is slightly larger than my right. Dr. Hause has a computer simulated program to take a pic of me and it can show me what I'll look like with what size larger. It was really cool!! I will let you know about my pre-op soon! In the mean time if there are any fellow veterinary technicians out there that have had this done, knowing how your recovery experience was would be very interesting to know.

Pre BA photos

I thought I'd put my pre-op pics up here. Currently about a 34b but quite honestly I don't know.. I've been wearing a 34c for so long I refused to actually get sized because if I pull them up just right the 34c fits, but after they fall down there is definitely a gap... Sigh. I have been so obsessed with reading all of these before and after stories and it has been so helpful as far as generally what to expect, so I figured I would contribute and hopefully my boobie journey will be helpful to someone else!!

Wish pics

At my initial consult, Doc said 325cc on the left and 375cc on the right. Hopefully this will be what my result looks like. I will talk more about size at my pre-op on April 30

Two weeks from now!

Two weeks from now I'll be home with my new boobies! My pre-op is one week from tomorrow where I guess we will go more into detail as far as size and shape since we didn't really talk at all about that for the initial consult. I kinda think because he does free consults that maybe he just tries to spend a minimal amount of time which I can kind of understand. Of course he asked me if I had any questions and at that moment I didn't because it was a lot of information. Oh well I guess that's what the pre-op is for too. I'm getting soooo excited!!!

I originally thought I wanted more natural looking tear drop profile but then I realized the whole reason I want this surgery is mostly for the shape not necessarily volume, so I already don't have like any shape on the top and I feel like the tear drop will just look like what I have now only bigger. I would rather have something like moderate-mod plus profile to get a little more up top. Definitely don't think I want HPs. Definitely unders though***!

This surgery is literally all I think about I just still can't believe its gonna happen in 2 weeks!!!!

I have an event on May 31st that I'm a little nervous I'm cutting it a little close. I hope I can find a dress that covers and doesn't make it obvious that anything is different as I will have family there and I don't really want them knowing.

Getting close!!!

I told a couple more people today about my surgery, my grandma and one of my close friends, and they were both very positive and supportive so that made me feel really good. I know it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks, but it sure is easier when you have people around you who support you! Less than a week and a half til the big day!!! :)

Pre op complete!

So I had my pre op today! Yay! Everything went well... Paid and everything. Got my prescriptions called in. I have a total of 5- norco, robaxin, some kind of sleep aid which is similar to Valium, antibiotics and nausea patches. I was a little confused because the doc never talked to me about profile options initially and he never really asked me and kind of just told me what I should want and I totally trust him to make the right decision. But I asked him today because from what I've seen, I didn't want the anatomical or HP or even more so XHP. He said he only uses moderate to moderate plus which was a perfect answer because I thought that's what I wanted. Yay! Got my lab work done... As long as that comes back ok which I don't see why it wouldn't, I'm good to go! 325 and 375cc mod-mod plus round smooth mentor gels are soon to be mine!! So excited! Countdown is on!

2 more sleeps!

Ahh I can't believe it! Got all my supplies for post op today. Neck pillow, ice packs, snacks, ginger ale, arnica. Got my house super clean so I don't have anxiety about cleaning during recovery. I have to pick up my meds tomorrow since someone dropped the ball and didn't call them in last week so when I went on Saturday to pick them up they had no record of it. Very frustrating!! Especially because I'm supposed to start tomorrow night with my nausea patch cuz it takes a while to start working. I still can't believe this is happening. I'm getting really good support from friends and the family I have told, so I'm happy about that. 2 more sleeps and the girls will be here!! I guess I should enjoy them before it gets a little difficult for a while!!

One more sleep!!!

One more sleep and I can't sleep! I drank a whole gallon of water today so I'm extra hydrated. I have to be there at 9am tomorrow! Got everything done that I needed to. Put my nausea patch on behind my ear so I should start to get sleepy soon! Wish me luck!! Can't believe it's happening!!!

Day of pics

As I'm sure you can imagine I wasn't up to doing a whole lot yesterday but I did take a pic with the bandages on. I just got back from post op appointment and the nurse and doctor both said how good my results are going to be! Yay!! The pain is really manageable and the only time it actually hurts is when I'm trying to get up out of bed. Maybe I'll try propping myself up a little more since our bed is so squishy. I didn't even use my sleeping pill last night. I figured if I need it them I'll take it but I didn't need it. I really would like to not use the Norco if I can help it.. I'll continue to take the muscle relaxers as I think those help the most. Started my arnica tablets today. The ice bags (frozen baby corn) are money! 20 mins on, 20 mins off and it helps sooo much! I liked the corn better than the peas because they are smaller pieces and I can really shape them the way I need. I would have thought my right side would hurt more since there's the bigger implant and I'm right handed, but actually my left one has two areas that I've been getting slight sharp pains (lateral breast crease and medial top corner) I thought maybe I did something to then yesterday learning how to sit down without using my hands but doc wasn't too excited so that makes me feel better. This is a pic of first day, I will post today's pics later.

Day after surgery pics

These aren't the best pics but I'm trying to only get up if I have to, because every time I get up it hurts and I don't want to mess anything up! They are definitely swollen today, I tried for a few hours to not take the norco and just use muscle relaxers but I ended up giving in. I just wish I could take some ibuprofen, but I'm not allowed to take it for a while due to a potential bleeding episode. I'll take more pics tomorrow. The meds are starting to get to me and I can't keep my eyes open!

Oops more day after pics

2 days post op

Doing pretty well, really tired of taking the norcos and how they make me feel so I'm going to try to get away with just plain Tylenol and the muscle relaxer. Hope that works, I'll feel better faster if I can get off of those things. It is funny though, I have noticed everyone's day of/ few days post op there are a lot of typos haha! Those dang drugs! So I apologize if there are a whole bunch! Can barely keep my eyes open again so I'm done for now.. I'll check back in later! Happy healing everyone!

Mild fever 2 days post op?

Anyone else notice a slightly elevated temp during the first few days? I feel like the pain is either the same or better but def not worse so I don't think I had an infection but my fever is between 99-100 tonight and of course I'm concerned. I've heard this can be normal which makes sense, inflammation would cause that. I just hope it doesn't get any worse. Fingers crossed! I would be devastated if something was wrong!

Day 2 pics

3 days post

Feeling better today... No more fever! Having more range of motion all the time. Last night I had my fiancé help me take a shower. That was tough haha. I'm no longer taking any Norcos. Last time I had one was yesterday morning. Now I'm just taking 1000mg Tylenol , and 1 muscle relaxer q. 6 hours. Seems to be doable and it makes me feel much more human. I've also been taking arnica tables but was a little confused on how to take them. I haven't really had the best appetite and done typically have constipation problems but I hadn't had a BM since the night before surgery. I've been taking 1-2 colace caps per day and finally had a BM this am! Already makes me feel a little better! I'll post some pics later. I was worried because initially my left side was more painful and sore even thought my right side has the bigger implant. Now the left side barely hurts at all and the right is super swollen and giving me problems like I expected from the beginning. Ugh.. I'm just ready to be done with this now! It's been fun but I'm ready!

Starting to feel so much better!

Post op day 4 and this is the best I've felt so far! Yesterday started out pretty well, it was the first day I was on my own as my fiancé had to go back to work. As the day went on I started to feel more pain. I haven't had any norcos since day 2 post op and I'm just using Tylenol and muscle relaxers. Towards the end of the day my right breast just started hurting more and getting tighter and tighter to the point where I was getting a little worried. Especially the area of the breast crests even though I had periareiolar incisions. I kept monitoring my temp and it was normal the whole time. When I went to go to bed I got so upset because I couldn't find a position that didn't hurt in some way. My back and neck are killing me because when I lay in a position where my boobs don't hurt, my back hurts, and when I lay in a position my back doesn't hurt, my boobs hurt! I was just so frustrated. So I decided to take the max dose of my muscle relaxers and just went for it. I woke up feeling really good today. Right breast still feels tighter than the left which it should a little because that one has 375cc and left has 325. Oh and I'm not sure if I mentioned yet, but the surgeon ended up going with moderate plus profile implants I finally looked at my implant card. Yay! I attached some pics, one was from yesterday (3 days post) and the rest are today.


Took the twins out on the town for the first time today! They are starting to look like real boobs! Instead of crazy looking lumps on my chest! Feel so much better today, barely any pain just tightness. Going back to work tomorrow... I feel like I'm gonna be worthless but we'll see!

One week and one day post op!

Got my sutures out today. I was scared for that part but it went okay. The incision is still tender and now the the steri strips are off and the incision is exposed, my whole nipple area is real sensitive! Not enjoying that at all. I hope that passes quickly. Getting more range of motion every day. Off all meds now. Can't wait to be able to sleep in my normal comfortable position. Sleeping is a little tough still. Sometimes I take my muscle relaxers at night just to be able to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Happy healing everyone!

2 weeks post op

Not much is new, only feeling and looking better and better every day! Still sore but not to the point of it being too restricting of my every day activities. Hope everyone is doing well!


Couldn't help myself today while I was at the mall, I stopped into Victoria's Secret and they had bras on sale... So I grabbed a couple sizes and tried them on. I suppose I could have them measure me but I wasn't in the mood for that today I just wanted to try them on and be surprised... And I sure was!! I knew that my 34c bras (that previously were too big) are now too small... But when I put that first 34D on it was AMAZING!!! Then I tried on a strapless push-up 34D and it was actually TOO SMALL! At this point anyways... Maybe when them drop more and are more squishy it will fit but at this point anything that is a push-up is gonna be a 34DD!! Can't even believe it!!! Best day ever!! This bra that I bought is a 34D very lightly lined with an underwire... I know I'm not allowed to wear it yet but I will just save it in my drawer until I can!!

4 weeks post-op!

Feeling pretty good! Still some deep soreness but overall feeling great! Can't wait to be able to resume my normal activities and workouts!

Final post op appointment!

Had my final post op appointment yesterday with Dr. Hause. He cleared me for doing any of my normal routines! Yay! Said they looked good and that they are softening up well. So happy with the results!
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