46 Year Old Who is Finally Doing It - Sacramento, CA

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I met with the sales counselor at Sonobello...

I met with the sales counselor at Sonobello October 22nd 2016 and was very clear, I needed my procedure completed November 25th. I would be off of work and have time to heal. No problem she said. Dr. Griffin was working that day and he had an opening. We even joked about it being Black Friday and how i was going to miss the early bird shopping. I was scheduled, paid the deposit and was so excited.
I received a call on November 8th, telling me the doctor was going to have an emergency on the 25th and they would need to re-schedule my procedure. I asked, the doctor knows 17 days before that he will have an emergency?? I WAS OUTRAGED! I asked, what is the procedure to refund me my costs. I was told, that because I was within 14-biz days of the procedure that the penalty I would have to pay was 1/2 the cost of the procedure. I asked how-so. I am fulfilling my contractural duty. Sonobello is the one who is not. Round and round we went and I finally caved in. My procedure was moved to 12/2. I am going to post before pictures shortly. I wished I would have read their reviews to committing.
Anyway, I am having my upper and lower stomach done; and my inner and outer thighs.

1 week and 2 days away

I am sitting here realizing, I'm not going to have a support person through this. I'm am going to reach out to some friends in the area where I am having my procedure. I live 60 miles away and plan on staying in a hotel room afterwards. I am toying with the idea of using Lyft/Uber as my transportation. I did not plan this part out right and am truly annoyed.

Has anyone had any surgery and cared for themselves, successfully?

I took some before pics to remember why I am on this journey.

Today is the day

I am excited and scared. It is 5:10am, my surgery is scheduled for 11am. I have been up since around 3am and all I can think of is I have everything for the next couple days of recovery. I have a sizable hotel room. Yesterday was my meeting with the surgeon. I felt comfortable with him and his nurse. He said I may have to come back to final up my procedure. Urgh, any better way to say I have obtained a lot of fat. I have picked up all of my meds. The doctor added a blood pressure med because my pressure was a little high. That was new because I have never been told that by my primary physician. Guess I will look into this with her. My ride is secured. Just hope he remembers. Not much in the way support from friends and family and that concerns me. Of course, I have only told 3 of my friends who are not close, in location, to me.

Sitting here going over my notes from yesterday.
The doctor said recovery will take 6 months. I will be somewhat healed after 3 months. I can start working out, lightly, after 1 week. But, if I have to come back to have my procedure completed, then that pushes out. After looking at the before pictures that were taken, I am going to be more diligent in my diet and exercising.

Pictures of before Lipo

It's been over two weeks

And I really like how my stomach has flattened. I don't think my thighs changed much, which is a bummer. I need more time to describe how my body has changed. But here are pictures.
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