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I had my consultation with doctor clutter last...

I had my consultation with doctor clutter last week. I chose to meet with him because two friends of mine had referred me many years ago and i liked his work. I had met with a few other doctors before meeting with Dr Clutter but as soon as I spoke with him I knew he was the right doctor for me. He was very nice, didn't waste any time and got straight to the point. He asked me what I wanted and then told me what he could do for me. I feel very comfortable and confident in his work because I personally know two people who have had great results and I hope I do as well. He also told me he performs around 100 rhinoplastys a year whereas the other doctor I saw performs about 3 a month. I chose to go through with scheduling the appointment on June 8th and my pre op is tomorrow. I am very excited for this journey as I have been wanting to do this procedure for years but I am also very nervous because I have never had cosmetic surgery and the nose is front and center which makes it very scary if something goes wrong...ahhh! But I am trying to stay positive because I am more excited than anything and will be praying everything goes okay. Because I know i'm in the hands of a great doctor I feel more comfortable but with any cosmetic procedure there are always risks which is scary but hopefully it will be worth it :)

Pre Op

Six days away from surgery!! I had my pre op yesterday with Dr. Clutter. He went over again exactly what he was going to do to my nose (shave down the hump to make it straighter with a slight slope and narrow it as it is a bit wide now.) He took the before pictures as well, went over the prescriptions I will need, and gave me a list of instructions for surgery. I asked to see before and after pictures but they kept them at their Folsom office so Dr. Clutter had his nurse email them to me which was really nice of them to do. I also received an email today with a rough sketch of what they would be focusing on changing with surgery which was cool. Overall I am feeling very excited and can't wait for my new nose!!

Day 4 Post Op

I had surgery on Wednesday morning and everything went well. I was planning on updating every day but the first two days of recovery were really rough on me. My eyes swelled up so much i could barely open them but yesterday the swelling began to slowly go down (on the 3rd day) and today is a little better as well. I have a lot of bruising on my eyelids which I found weird because people usually have the bruising under their eyes. I bruised pretty severely, I don't think I have seen many pictures of people with as severe swelling and bruising as mine but I can't complain since I am getting a little better every day. My upper lip was also swollen the first two days because my doctor released a muscle near my cupids bow (im not sure of the exact location) which caused my lip to swell up. I only took my pain meds the first two days and have not needed them since which is good. My doctor has been really great, the day of surgery he was very comforting and made me fell a little less nervous. He called me the night of my procedure to check on me and the following day, his nurse also checked up on me as well. He told me he was very happy with my results so that made me excited. My post op appointment is Wednesday morning and im very excited!! Dr. Clutter told me if there is still bruising he will have his nurse laser it so it breaks apart and go away faster. Even though my recovery was pretty tough the first couple days I am happy I chose Dr Clutter so far and I hope my results will be great too.
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