I got them! 350ccs under muscle, 28, no kids, Sacramento CA

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Right now I'm searching for the right surgeon. 3...

Right now I'm searching for the right surgeon. 3 consults scheduled within the next month and another in February. I have been lurking on here, researching in most of my free time and looking at so many before and afters. What did we do pre- internet? I also made a list of questions to ask the PS and played with the rice sizer boobies. I have been thinking about a BA for 8+ years, but these past few months I have really committed to actually doing it. Ideally I'd like to schedule surgery early April since hubby with have time off to take care of me. Just need to find the right PS.

Dr. Christa Clark

Had a great consult in Folsom with Dr. Clark and her technician, Sam. She answered all my questions, took measurements and then we tried on sizers (photos). Made them a tad uneven, but you get the idea. My friend and I first laughed at them on because it's such a change to see me with boobs. Unsure on my desired size, and don't want to be too big, but unsure how big is "too big." I have a few more consults, but Dr. Clark seems like an excellent choice. She said I could email her any more questions I come up with. She also has many before and after photos and they all look really good.

consults, sizes and stats

Impatiently waiting for my next two consults this coming week and next week. While I'm really happy with the first consult I do want to get a few additional opinions before choosing the surgeon. I have a feeling it will be a tough choice.
In the mean time I've been obsessing over size.
My current stats
28 years old
No kids
32B in VS, but I think really A cup
33 bust
28 rib cage
26.5 waist
36.5 hips

Aiming for a 35 bust as that seems to be standard dress measurement for my waist and hips.

I've also been looking at breast REDUCTION reviews on real self. This has been extremely helpful because I was falling into the boobie greed and "go big or go home." But I don't want to be the gal with big boobs. I want to be the gal with proportional boobs and no upper back problems.

Will discuss sizes at my next two consults and report back.

Surgery date set!

After my consult with Dr. Yamahata I knew he was the doctor for me. The other 2 surgeons I consulted with were professional, talented, and had great portfolios too. I just like Dr. Yamahata's style of teaching, mannerisms and of course, his work, the best.
I have my pre op on the 14th of March and surgery on April 1st. I still need to decide on size range and fill. Which has been a hard decision.

Horrible first night

Siri is typing this for me because every time I try to type it comes out looking like Klingon.
Surgery itself very well and I arrived at 6:30 preop and went into surgery about 7:30 zip remember the nurse put warm blankets and booties on my feet and then putting compression cuffs my legs to help with circulation and she gave me an IV as I had IV sedation. Next thing I am waking up and dresses in the recovery room. And can hear an other patient taking about her lipo. And my husdand took me home. Don't remember the ride in wheelchair to car or getting in bed. The night was really rough got me. I think because I was trying to take the minimum dose pain meds. Take the Max dose! It will be easier for you and the person taking care. Sleeping elevated it was probably the worst part and made my back hurt so much. Partway through the night husband discovered putting a yoga mat under me with a pillow between my butt and my knees kept me from sliding down and after that it was much easier since to sleep. Taking my full dose of have pain meds probably help as well. The nurse called this morning and after speaking with her about my rough night she promised me it will get easier. I also have bruises on the sides of my ribs that she said are from holding my body in place during surgery and that is normal. Post op Friday and hopefully ever tuning will be okay. Post more when I have more energy.

Day of surgery

Pain meds barf and straws are your BFF

Ok, maybe a full dose of norco was bad idea. I slept much better, but once I ate around noon with 2 norcos I got very sick and barfed. Felt better, went back to sleep and barfed again about 2 hours later. Trying to sick with Tylenol now. As throwing up was the most painful part of these process. I guess you don't realize how interconnected the body is until you are immobile. On a plus note I today I feel like I did a million bench presses- not really bad pain just extreme discomfort. And my Dr just called to check in on me and say everything went well and my recovery should be easier now. See him on Friday for 1st post op. Drinking from bending straws has made things much easier too.
Another positive: I got a vs gift card from my BFF, boobie cookies from coworkers and books from another friend. My SIL also offered her services when I'm ready for company so it nice to know I have a wonderful support system. And of course my husband had been amazing. I'm glad we have barfed in front of each other before because that made it so much easier!

How do you girls do it?

I can't imagine how people can take off there granny bras and dressing and put on bikinis for post op pics. I get tired just pulling up my pants. Here are some positives though:
I've been opiate free for 18 hours (taking Tylenol and Tylenol pm and I had my first real BM since pre surgery morning (which is good for me since I'm normally very regular).
The pain with just Tylenol is moderate. Nothing to cry about, and they feel a bit softer- though everytimebmy husband catches me poking at them he tells me to stop because the doctor said to leave them be. He following directions to a T which is nice.

Things I'm glad I did preop

Being limited in mobility has me thinking a lot about what's made recovery easier. Here are things I'm glad I did/ was already doing pre op:
1. Stock up on easy to digest/ eat meals: crackers, applesauce, canned fruits, veggies, etcetera, benefiber, bendy straws and lots of liquid or lightly flavored waters.
2. Make Husband's favorite pre made meals in freezer (with directions) since his cooking skills are not the best and my recovery is affecting his quality of life too. Happy tummy equals happy helper.
3. Working out!!!! Especially lower abs, full back and neck to help remove stress from your chest and upper abs and ribs while sitting up.
4. If it's very difficult to sit up have you care taker grab the pillow under your upper back and use it as a sling to pull you forward. I think it better distributes pressure on the upper back.
5. Test out your elevated sleeping position pre surgery. For me the most effective way to keep from sliding down was angling the pillows (or wedge) just right and then sleeping on a (clean) yoga mat with a pillow between my butt and knees.
6. Put the toilet paper in your lap or on an elevated something within very close arms reach right in front of you
7. Wash your hands!!! Use bar soap or liquid soap in a dish because some liquid pump soaps take much more pressure to dispense than you realize .
8. I'm very lucky to have sisters and a husband who can braid hair. That has helped keep knots more manageable.
9. If you are flexible and have decent balance get creative with your feet. I've been lifting the toilet seat, flushing and picking up stuff with my toes.
I'm sure there are more little random things I'll think of, but these seemed most helpful for me and many were not listed in other articles.

Post op visit

Went to see Dr. Yamahata yesterday. He said everything looks good and I can shower and raise my arms above my head. I still need to wear a support wireless bra 24/7 so husband took me to target, but the selection was minimal so I ended up with a 34D back closure which is okay, but I'd like to look for some better options. I hear fruit of the loom had good ones at Walmart but I was too tired to go there. I was surprised that such a short trip tired me out so much.
After dinner I took the most hilarious and awkward shower ever. Told husband I wanted to try by myself, but he was right outside just incase. I felt like my implants were going to fall out the bottom of my chest with no bra on so I'd cradle them with one hand, wash half my hair and body and then do the other side. Sounds so silly, but I'm so paranoid they will somehow fall out of my body.

One more thing

I slept almost flat last night and had a horrible time sitting up. Felt like I had a really hard full body work out and it took me literally 20 minutes to slowly position myself to sit up. Husband tried to help, but I'm really trying to do as much as I can on my own. I think I overdid it yesterday with the walking and showering. Today I'm just relaxing with a Valium, cats and tv.

Maybe obvious tips, but I still want to include them

1. Though you may (and hopefully) have an easy recovery prepare your caretaker for the worst. My husband admitted to me today that the first night seeing and hearing me crying and in so much pain was really difficult for him. Which prompted me to joke that I'm preparing him for if we have children (only I imagine childbirth to be much more painful) and that kinda lightened the mood.
2. Keep a log of pain meds, liquids and food taken. This will help keep you on track and determine if anything makes you ill (too much meds/not enough food etc.)
3. Keep a barf receptacle in easy reach (small plastic lined trash can worked great)
4. Remind your caretaker how much you appreciate all they do.
5. Travel neck pillow has been very helpful.
6. "Whore's bath" can be helpful. Lol. Seriously. If showering daily is to tiring (or you don't have the okay from the PS) get some babywipes for your body and antibacterial wet ones for arm pits (I camp a lot a these really help with stinky pits)
7. Manual can openers... Have someone else open the can and transfer the contents to a microwaveable dish if you will be alone during meal time.
8. Use both hands to do things like opening car doors, the fridge, juice containers.
9. Maybe don't be a paranoid as me. Haha. After ready through my "tips" some seem slightly ridiculous, but I want to have the most comfortable healing and best outcome so I may be being extra cautious.
10. When in doubt ask your PS.
I'm seeing him today for my 1 week post op so I'll report back progress.
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

He and his staff have been great so far. Answered all my questions and both my head OR nurse and Dr. Yamahata called to check on me 1 day post op. I'm still all wrapped up, but so far I couldn't have picked a better doctor and staff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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