Make Me over Breast Augmentation & Tummy Tuck - Sacramento, CA

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My goals are to have the breasts, I've dreamed of...

My goals are to have the breasts, I've dreamed of having. I've always had small breast, so I've been in the itty bitty titty committee all my life. Having 4 kids all you get after that is flubber for a tummy. I am 55 years old and I think it's time to get my body back and enjoy the rest of my days. I have been trolling this website for a while and have read so many stories, some that scared me and some that inspired me to get the surgeries I always wanted. My surgery is schedule June 6, 2016 with Dr. Jeffrey Sweat, MD at New Body MD. I don't know if I'm brave enough to share pictures of my old body, I might be willing to share pictures of my new body. (LOL) . I started researching Drs. and using this site as a guide. I feel I have chosen the right DR., to do my surgery. Looking forward to a new me and checking off my list in preparation to surgery.

One week away TT & BA here I come

Prepared and ready to go. My room is set up downstairs in the guest bedroom with a recliner, I have all my supplies missing one thing an adult coloring book. Everything is in place. Question what do I tell my teenage sons LOL. I say nothing but my daughters say you need to explain? I'm not working right now so I don't have to worry about taking time off. I did tell church members that I will be taking a vacation for the month of June as I do work in a couple different ministries. I'm curious to see their faces when I come back with big boobs. I mean what do you say because I sure didn't say what type of vacation I was taking. I will be posting again June 6th.

10 Days PO

Today is the day to regain my strength. I am a athletic person so I become bummed out when I'm not able to do some form of exercising . Today I walked around the backyard for 10 minutes and light stretching. I am trying to stand a little taller, that hunched over feeling I can't do because that makes my back hurt more. I'm writing this for myself and not trying to make anyone feel some type of way about their progress. Listen to your body and do what you need to do. Everyone heals at their own pace. I thank Dr. J. Sweat for telling me not to be stuck on the couch and his suggestion was to walk the day of my surgery, which I did. I'm going to push forward gain my independence back. I am happy with my results so far and one day I will be brave enough to post a picture, I promise. I have an appointment this Friday hopefully my 1 drain will be removed and if its removed I might try to dance my way out of the office. Things I do to help Yoga breathing, meditation and listening to lifescape music of ocean breeze to go to sleep. Eating a high protein diet and drinking plenty of water. Wish me luck on Friday appointment NO MORE DRAIN

12 Days PO

Yes my drain was removed today, what a feeling and step forward to processing to the next level. I have go ahead to wear Spanx and get out the recliner . Tonight will be my first night in my bedroom which is upstairs ready for the Challenge . Have an appointment next week. I was told to massage my Girls they still haven't dropped from BA. Pleased with results so far AKA Flatside Nice set of TWINS

Getting brave

My before and after pics. I finally getting brave. It's just skin right . Share day 10 days PO Now my drain is out as of today

2 week check in

No drains . TT update my stomach is still tight at times walking with a slight hunch . Continue to wear Spanx, trying to do more each day still taking naps. Still not doing household chores. Hubby is great . BA update boobs haven't dropped yet Dr. Said to massage breast and not to wear sports bra. Overall not a bad experience just know it's a long process.

On the flat side

4 week PO check in. Things are getting back to normal. Still have the tightness in my stomach but I take that as a sign of healing. I go back to work 7/11 hope I can make it. Happy with my results of my TT and BA, again thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Sweat.

6 weeks PO

Feeling like my old self working out water Aerobics, walking and 5 lbs weights. Tummy still tight especially if I sit for a while still a little swelling. Need to work more on eating healthy and drinking more water. Happy healing to all

I met with Dr. J Sweat, MD, and found him to be very relaxed and professional. He gave realistic expectations .He had a pleasant smile he answered all questions he showed me the operating room and recovery room. I know that I will be in good hands with him and look forward to establishing a good relationship with him and be a good patient since this is a lengthly process of continuous follow up appointments. The entire staff is friendly and helpful and I enjoyed meeting all the ladies that work for him.

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