47 years old~Sientra 250cc implants~Great Result

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47 and finally doing it...

47 and finally doing it. After over 20 years over going to consultations. I'm 5'8" 123 lbs. Currently a 34 A or even AA. Don't want to be big jut have something!! Going with 250cc silicone unders. Went to sizing appt today and paid in full! Anxious as hell!! Any words of wisdom ladies?

prep work

Went to have my blood work today. Also need to go pick up the man RX's waiting for me. I'm feeling super anxious. Ive never been under GA before and I think that's what has me so worked up. Called to discuss size choice with the RN who I loved. She told me how great she thought my sizers looked. Made me feel allot better.

Medication Ready...

Had all my RX's filled for this Tuesday the 17th. It's a little scary but I'm trying to keep my eye on the prize. I keep reminding myself I pushed a baby out of my vagina at 40 with no epidural. I can do this! I think my biggest concern really is not being able to do the day to day tasks etc. I've decided that regardless of how good I feel after surgery I will really try to rest the remainder of the week. Just going for walks here and there. The idea of filling out clothes a little better is exciting. :)

All done

Had my surgery on the 17th. 250cc silicone unders. I'm pretty uncomfortable. Surprisingly upper back pain bothersome the most.

Professional Gentleman.

This Doctor and his staff are amazing. Dr. K is both classy and confident. His only interest is in providing a beautiful result that is befitting each individual patient. In past consultations with other doctors I felt as if I was being "sold" something. This man is a complete pro. A caring and wonderful staff too.

I will return to Dr. Kaczynski for any other procedures I choose to explore. He is top notch. I'm so grateful for the care I received from him and his amazing staff.

3 day post op and couldn't be more pleased

Only taking extra strength tylenol and feeling so well. Rest, water and good nutrition I feel are very important still. Fabulous experience. Wish I'd done this sooner

3.5 days post op

Hard to get a balanced pic holding your phone. Makes things look out of balance but they're not. They're great!!!

5 days post op feeling well and happy

Breasts are already dropping. I still get morning boob, but got that even befor augmentation. I'll be thrilled when more swelling goes down. These pictures are a bit deceiving as there is quite a bit of projection you can't see from straight on. My incisions are so minimal they will be invisible. My doctor is a true artist.

1 week post op

A week has already passed. Its hard to believe. I am taking no medication at this point. Suture removal appt is tomorrow and its amazing how incision area has already healed so well. I have a very sick child and a am happy that I have the energy to take care of her. My best post op advise is take antibiotics until gone as directed. Drink lots of water. Eat well. Wear post operative bra as instructed by MD. I hope everyone is doing well and are happy with their results!!! And most of all... if you have questions or concerns call your Doc's office. They are there to take care of you. :)

One week post op pics. Very happy

Minor skin irritation from bandage adhesive on my sides. Just very minor tenderness at this point when I over do it. I'm so satisfied!

Day 9 post op

Still a little soreness now and then. Nothing Tylenol can't handle. I'm really happy so far. I do need to go bra shopping. Doing my massage as instructed.

A word to the wise

As good as you feel post surgery take it easy. My surgeon cleared me for light cardio with lower body only but said don't get over heated or attempt it in the heat of the day. Yesterday I went on a field trip with 90 first graders on an easy walk/hike in our area. It wasn't the exercise but the heat that got to me. It was only 2 hours but I felt like crap the rest of the day. No new breast pain just fatigue. Take care everyone. Still love them!!!

Sick n kinda sore

Got my daughters stomach flu 10 days post op. No fun. Been sick for 4 days now. Boobs still a little tender. Tomorrow will be two weeks.. Wondering how everyone else is feeling at this point?

2 weeks post op

Slowly but surely :)

16 days post op

Took surgical tape off of incision sites last night scars are already fading. My nipples are extremely sensitive and a bit sore so I put a cotton cosmetic round in my bra on each side. Still getting used to them. Minor soreness here and there.

18 days post op

Forget. They are there much of the time. Still being mindful not to over do use of upper body strength etc. incision site vanishing much faster than I ever imagined.

3 weeks post op exactly

Moving along. Back in the gym for lower body only. They're already very soft but still somewhat tender. Looking forward to summer!! I need a tan :)

4 weeks this Tuesday

Feeling pretty good. Still some soreness and burning nipple sensitivity. I feel like there is still healing to do.

4 weeks post op exactly

Things are healing well. They are very soft and I'm massaging all the time. Nipple sensativity slowly diminishing. Still slightly tender. I won't attempt laying on my tummy for a long while. In the gym every day but not near my normal workouts. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Best compliment ever

Had someone ask me today if I lost weight because I look great, something different. I told him no, that I may have gained a pound. So happy that my enhancement isn't a huge change. I'm still me. Just what I wanted.

Almost 6 weeks post op.

Had my one month post op appt a week and a half late. Thing are great. Doc said I can now wear any bra I choose and go back to my heavy workouts. I can also swim again and take baths in the tub :). He told me he believes they have found their resting place and will now only get softer. They're pretty soft already, I'm constantly massaging. I thing my fast healing is due to the small implant size. Only bummer is I still get the sore boobs before my period like I did before surgery!! That's no fun in recovery but now I know what to expect. I'll post nakeds later. ;)

6 weeks post op exactly

So happy with my result. Getting lots of compliments but people don't know what I did. They just say I look great. Only mild and occasional soreness but slowly diminishing. I can jump up and down with no soreness at all. Still sleeping in my surgical bra because it just feels good. I'll still use cation for a while. Better to be safe than sorry.

7 weeks + 1 day

Things going well. Softer every day. Still massaging all the time. Finally feeling like they're me. No pain or discomfort.

10 weeks + 1 day post op

They feel like part of my body now. I can lay on my belly and not feel them at all. Back to full running and hard workouts. I still avoid push-ups and weight training my chest. Occasionally I have over done it and panic but things are great. I got the exact result I'd hope for. Almost like putting back what I had naturally many years ago. Added my official before and after from my doc.

13 weeks post op

Things are moving along. Mostly back to normal. Definitely still internal healing and changing happening. My left had always been the more sore of the two, now it's my right. Not bad at all but occasionally tender. My doctor is extremely responsive to me allowing my to come in at no charge when I want to. I still do massage several times a day. Always when I use the bathroom and have privacy. So if you work, drink more water so you can use the bathroom more often. Win win!!! I'm over all very happy will my result. Will be completely happy when the occasional soreness etc goes away. :)

Today is my 6 month boob birthday!!!

I had my surgery on March 17th. That's why we call them my Irish twins! I chose 250 cc Sientra round silicone, under the muscle. my fabulous dr placed them with a small incision under my areola using the Keller funnel. I have no visible scars and have not lost any sensitivity. I am tall with a very thin build. This size choice looks incredibly natural. I am able to do everything I did pre surgery. I can even wear the bras and bikinis I had, they just look 100% better!!! I now measure a 32B.

8 months post op 250cc Sientras

Always had super tender breasts around the time of my cycle. Nothing has changed. Maybe a little worse but doesn't last long. 34B now and in proportion to the rest of my body. 5'8" 122 size 4. Scarless too :) happy with my result.

One year post op

One year post op.

13 months post op

Still getting used to them. Firmer than I thought they would be but I had very little tissue to start and lots of muscle. If anything I might have gone smaller! Looking forward to Summer and less clothes ????

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