5'5" 105 lbs, 32A to 32DD - 250cc Sientra silicone under muscle, Moderate+, peri-areolar incision

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I had always been a small B cup and was fine with...

I had always been a small B cup and was fine with it. I am 5'5", usually around 110 pounds, and they worked for me. But after breastfeeding my 2 kids, over the last 10 years, I lost a cup size and then some. They were small but still didn't really bother me. I still liked how I looked in a bikini and could pad my bras to look normal, though I do have to tailor some tops to fit.

Then just recently, I lost 5 pounds, which doesn't sound like much, but wow, that was IT for my girls. They really bit the dust. One day I glanced in the mirror at myself wearing a sportsbra and thin t-shirt and gasped-- I looked like a boy. And it hit me-- I could have them done! I could be one of "those" women I never thought I'd ever be!

So I'm scheduled for less than 2 weeks from now and starting to get nervous. I found a PS whose before/after photos look great and he has a solid reputation. The good thing but unnerving thing about him is that HE makes the final decision about the size. He told me to bring photos and we talked a bit about it, but I am worried I didn't communicate properly and I'll wake up unhappy.

I said I wanted a solid B, small C. We talked about 225-250cc, silicone, and at first we were thinking moderate plus but when I tried on sizers, I didn't like how they made me look wide across my chest. So now he's thinking high profile. I want a natural look but I also want them more in front, not wide across, so can I have both those things at the same time?


DID IT. I went yesterday at 6:30am and was home by 11 . The surgery itself was a piece of cake. He put in 250ccs, moderate +., under the muscle, under the nipple. It felt like it took 5 minutes. When I woke up I was dressed somehow. When my DH picked me up, he was shocked by how I looked. He said I looked like zombie, not at all like myself.

Driving home wasn't bad at all. It's a 45-min drive which I slept through. No nasusea which was a relief because usually I get sick for anything. At home I went right to sleep and then when my boys came home (10 and 13) they sat on my bed and we chatted. I felt fine. They brought me Sunny D's and Saltines and told me about their day which I unfortunately keep nodding off throgh. Later we had dinner together at the table (DH cooked!) and then got back on my bed to watch Wheel of Fortune together. I was actutally having a great time. Everyone was so sweet and I was eating it up.

Then I went downhill Suddenly I got a bladder infection and everthing hurt. It was so small feat to get to the bathroom and on top of it, I felt like I'd been beaten by 10 baseball bats. I could not get comfortable.. I also couldnt keep my eyes open and I was whimpering and moaning in pain. This was annoying because I pride myself on my high tolerance for pain. In the middle of the night I started crying from being so frustrated with the pain and no relief from it. I had been taking my Norco, Valium, and antibiotics religiously but nothing was helping . On top of it, I had to keep getting up to pee even though nothing was coming out.

Now it's 8am and I'm feeling groggy and very slow, kind of like in a dream, but much, much better about the pain. I'm sitting here typing and drinking coffee! I called the dr. and they said my antibiotics should kill the bladder infection.

DH had been soooo sweet, setting his alarm at night to wake up and give me meds, bringing me food, keeping my excitable and confused dog away from me. And my boys, especially my 10 year old, are so nurturing that it makes my cry. Maybe the meds are making me extra emotional?

I haven't been able to take a deep breath. Oh I just one now, ahhhh.


Day 3

I had been nervous about teling my parents, which is riduclous considering I am 44 years old, but I'm a private person and my mom is the opposite, asking every question under the sun which I was not looking forward to . Howver, when I noticed the norco & valium were giving me this wonderful "oh so what" attitude, I realized this was the perfect time to tell them. So I called and told them both and it went fine. They were excited for me and supportive and just lovely. My dad said, (jokingly I hope) "So when's the unveiling?" to which I answered, "There will be none!" So now that's one more negative thing I don't have to worry about.

Pain was still bad enough to make me cry yesterday. I called the on-call doctor and he suggested taking a Benadryl and walking around more, which actually did seem to help. My husband set his alarm to feed me pain killers through the night and this morning I woke up feeling not terrible. The bra itches and rides up and I can't wait to take it off. Today is my follow-up so I have that to look forward to. I still have NO idea what my size is. They don't look especailly sexy to me but hubby thinks they look good already. Then again he is smart enough not to even hint at anything otherwise.

Has anyone else experienced this much pain? I feel like everyone else is already cutting back their hard drugs and going to Tylenol. Could it be that I was so flat to begin with, and squishing these implants under there is more painful? I really am not a pain wimp in general. My c-section was fine, my regular child birth, fine (up & down stairs the same day, business as usual, etc.) Is it just my age? (44?) I feel like such a whiner and do not like it!!!


On my way to my 1st Appointment, I threw up in the car. Then again in the exam room, all over their chair and m favorite jeans. I sobbed and cried and my husband looked at me like I had a third eye and spat, "Are you OKAY?" Because apparently I was majorly overreacting. After the RN and PS came in ( who were much more sympathetic) the consensus was that I was too drugged and needed to stop my Valium and halve my narco. Oh, and eat something other than cake, which is what I'd been doing. (Comfort food, right?)

The good news is, pain is way better and there's no infection. Yeaaaa.

Day 4 pics

Day 4 pic

Day 6: way better

Last night I took a Valium and 1 norco before bed and slept like a baby. I woke up in pain at 5:30am so I took another norco but have only had Tylenol twice since then and it's already 4:30pm.

Today I ran some errands and showered and feel pretty darn good. I think I've turned a corner. The girls are tight and kind of achy and itchy and I feel sluggish, sort of like I have a mild cold, but nothing major. I tried on a couple old bikini tops and WOW what a difference. And I just got 250s!! I was sort of wishing I'd gotten bigger ones but my skin already feels so tight I think anything larger would have burst through.

I told my PS I wanted a small c so hopefully that is what I will end up with. But do you think that's possible, with such tiny implants?

Day 13, photos

I got the stitches out last week which did not hurt at all. They put steri-strips over the incisions.

Pain is pretty much gone but now my nipples kind of sting. I got a cute bralette but it makes it worse so I'll keep wearing the lovely surigical bra they gave me. Nothing but Tylenol since my last post.

My energy is good but I'm still not allowed to do anything that elevates my heartrate so a slow 1-mile walk around the block is it for me.

Day 21, better every day!

It's been 3 weeks. I haven't taken any pain meds (even Tylenol) for a few days. The bralette doesn't irritate me anymore. I can sleep comfortably on my left side but when I lie on my right side, it's like I can feel the implants sliding down and it hurts. My PS said if I'm going to lie on my side, I have to do it evenly, but I'm worried because in my sleep, I only lie on my left since that's what's comfortable. Will I end up with breasts that point to the left??

5 weeks in, back to normal. Pics

No pain except for some odd twinges once in a while. Sleeping on either side is fine. Today I did the elliptical for the first time and it went fine. I'm so glad I did this. Reading my past posts about how painful days 1-3 were is like reading about someone else. I barely remember it.

I can't believe that there is NO SCAR. I can't wait til they drop!

8 weeks: Pics show before, 4 weeks, 8 weeks

Here's a progression shot. They actually look bigger in person. Over the past month, the bruising has gone away and they've gotten softer. A couple weeks ago I started getting "zingers" (electric-like or stabbing pains) but they have subsided. It doesn't hurt to squeeze them but the nipples are unpleasantly sensitive to touch. I expect that will go away. I think they will end up being exactly the size I wanted.

More pics

4 Month Update: 32A to 30DDD

It's been 2 months since my last post and I would say I am 100% healed; no pain, no zingers, no morning boob (well sometimes a little).

According to Nordstrom I am a 30DDD, and I bought a bra there in that size (pictured) but since that is hard to find, I can also wear 32D at VIctoria's Secret. If you had told me before this surgery that I'd be a 32D, I probably would not have gone through with it because in my mind, that was way too big. And honestly, they are a bit bigger than my wish pictures but I'm ok with it. In the middle of the night last week I had a minor panic attack, wondering why I did this, missing my flat weightless little boobs, and thinking my new ones looked and felt freakish and silly. But in the morning I felt better :) Overall I am happy with how they turned out and would do it again.
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