38 Years Old, 2 Young Sons, and Finally Ready for Some Boobies! - Sacramento, CA

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Hi Ladies, I'm just starting this journey and...

Hi Ladies,

I'm just starting this journey and your reviews have been very helpful, so I thought I'd pay it forward and add one of my own... I'm 38 years old, 116 lbs, 5'6" and have two young boys (4 and 2). I've always had very tiny breasts, but since I have a petite build and my little boobies were perky, I was fairly ok with it. I also always knew it was important to me to breastfeed my children, so I never even considered an augmentation and admit I was slightly judgmental about those who did (the old I get the more I learn to NEVER JUDGE ANYTHING you don't completely understand). After two pregnancies, and 3.5 years breastfeeding, my breasts have become a disaster. I have zero breast tissue, but the skin still manages to sag, and my nipples are elongated and bend downward. I am so uncomfortable that I won't let my (loving, and supportive) husband see or touch them at this point. Even though I feel a bit old for this whole thing, I realize I still have a lot of living to do and I really want to feel comfortable with my body, as I always have before.

I have been to two consultations at this point, but don't feel like I've found the right fit and have a third scheduled for this coming Monday, March 28th. The first consultation was with a female PS in the small town where I live, and while she seemed great and her training was impressive, she is a new doctor and I wasn't comfortable with her level of experience. The second doctor I saw in Sacramento was extremely experienced and actually did the breasts of one of my dear friends 11 years ago. I know he would do a good job, but I ended up feeling a bit rushed and unheard. I really do not want large implants, I'm looking for a perky b or small c, and I felt like he had an idea of the ideal in his head which wasn't quite me. He recommended 310 cc round silicone implants which seemed a bit large to me. I want one more consultation to see if I find a better fit for me. After spending a fair amount of time on this site I've determined that I probably would feel most comfortable with about 275 ccs, with 300 seeming like the largest I should go. I am terrified of waking up and feeling like I don't look like myself.

I'll post before pictures once I muster up the courage. The first PS cooed at my little breasts with sympathy as if I were a child showing her an owie when I opened my shirt - can't blame her because I feel the same way!

I am really grateful for this site, and for all the ladies here supporting each other. I will continue to update you all on my journey.

Best wishes!

Itty bitty titties

Feel like I'm exposing a dirty little secret with these pictures. I'm literally sweating. Onward and upward!

Found my Doctor!

I had my third consultation yesterday, and for the first time everything felt right. Dr. Kaczynski was an absolute gentleman and I really felt like we were of the same mind about what would look best for me. There was absolutely no pressure to go bigger than I'm comfortable with and he was also very firm in his opinions about the type of implant and location of insertion that would be best for me. He has almost 30 years of experience and I trust him. He thought I should definitely go round and the incision should be under my nipple. I was leaning toward an incision under the fold, but he said the scar can be a major issue, especially with a smaller implant, and it's very hard to predict when this will be the case. His said we will focus more on sizing at the pre-op appointment but he initially said he's thinking between 250 and 275 ccs, which is exactly the range I had in my head. Hooray. I'm feeling much more at peace with this whole decision now that I've found the right doctor. I'm going to call tomorrow to schedule the date - Hopefully June 8th. It's so strange to be so excited and so freaked about something at the same time!

Oh No. Here come the fears...

Did anyone else start reading the "Silicone implants and illness" thread and then start freaking out? I know there are risks with any surgery, but have been assured by doctors time and time again that the implants are safe. Thoughts? Anyone wanna give me a pep talk?

Surgery scheduled!

Surgery officially scheduled for Tuesday, June 14th. I decided that the emotional benefits of this surgery outweigh the possible risks. So I'm going to focus on the positive from here on out. Dr. Kaczynski doesn't have you try on sizers until the two week pre-op, so of course I'm obsessing about sizing. I think I'm going to make some rice sizers to get a better feel for the difference in size between 250 and 275. Did you ladies who tried rice sizers feel like they were accurate and/or helpful?

250 cc rice sizers

I have been experimenting with Sizer's and I think that 250 that's the most natural for me. Any thoughts? I clearly have a booty that I would like to balance out a bit!

Wish boobs!

Pre-op done and size confusion remains!

Hey ladies. I had my pre-op yesterday and am feeling more confused than ever. I had an appointment late in the day and I felt a bit like everyone was in a rush to get out of there. The doctor took pics and told me he felt that my range should be somewhere from 250-300 ccs, but felt that I might be happier on the higher end of the range. He has never actually measured my chest though, and this makes me a bit nervous. After going through all of the details about meds and the day of surgery, the nurse brought in sizers for 250, 275 and 300. I had been feeling pretty settled at 250 based on the rices sizers I made, but the actual sizers seemed way smaller and this completely threw me for a loop. 250 seemed too small and after trying them all on the nurse recommended 300. I was confused because I really didn't think the 300 seemed as big as I thought they would, but I seriously have a mental block against them and settled on 275. I wish I had been able to spend a lot more time and only tried on one of my own tank tops. Ach. I'm so confused. I still have time to switch, but I don't feel like I can make an informed decision without the sizers. I really don't want "big" boobs, but I also don't want to feel like I went through all this without getting some nice breasts out of it. Ideally I'd like to be a nice full b, or a small c. It is so confusing looking at other ladies profiles because the results for similar sizes are so varied. I am 5'6" and 117 lbs. I have a long, thin torso and a definite booty. I would love to hear thoughts and advice. I took a couple of pics but I don't feel like they are even worth posting...

Size decision made. At peace (for a moment!).

Hi Ladies, I have been obsessing over size and looking at as many reviews as possible. I've decided to go with 250ccs. I just couldn't make peace with anything larger. My goal is a b, and I feel confident that this will get me there. If I were younger this might be different, but I just can't imagine suddenly stepping out, at almost 40, with a pair of big boobs, no matter how lovely. I might regret not going larger, but I don't think this possible regret would compare to the discomfort I would feel about having breasts that seem too large. I'm not short, but I'm very petite (other than my booty), and I don't want to feel like Jessica Rabbit (remember her?). The receptionist thinks I'm insane, and clearly didn't approve of my choice when I called, but I'm the one who will be living with these boobies. Exactly two weeks until the big day!!! Hope you are all doing well.

Hello from the other side!

Hi ladies! I have boobies ????. They are snug in the surgical bra and sill have drains, which I get out tomorrow. When I had my final meeting with the Doc and nurse they were firm that they thought 275 would be the best for me. I decided to trust them. I can only see the top, but they certainly don't look huge, as I had feared. I'm second day post-op and I refused the pain meds. I've only been on Tylenol... Not gonna lie, it hasn't been a piece of cake, but for those of you with bad reactions to pain meds it is totally doable. The doctor and nurse even came to my hotel room yesterday because my mom was concerned about the amount of blood draining out. All is fine and I feel so luck to have a doctor who cares so much. Thank you all for your support through this process. I hope everyone is happy and healing. I'll post a picture of my new boobs as soon as these drains are gone. All best!

Loving the size!

So here are some pics from day 3. The doc and assures me that the nipples will start looking more normal soon after the stitches are removed. Overall I am really happy with the size. They certainly aren't big but that is not what I was going for. They are already pretty soft and don't seem very swollen. Yay for boobies!

Titty Ditty

My dear friend just sent me this silly little booby poem that I thought I'd share with you ladies. My nickname is Bop/Bopper:

Once upon a time there was a girl named Bop
She always looked good in her itty bitty top.
She swung her hips to the left and to the right
And thought it would be swell to have a tank top feel tight.
She birthed two baby boys who sucked her nipples dry
Her husband loved the way she looked, ‘cause she was pretty fly.
But Bopper wanted boobies to jiggle up and down
And smoosh up in Wonderbra and rock a strapless gown.
She wanted to lose crumbs in the cleavage of her titties
And be the target of construction worker ditties.
And have you seen her? Raise your hands!
This vision of mammary glands?
She was perfect before, I have to note
But now she can handle a motorboat.
That makes her Bopper: The next model up.
My friend, my sister, my lovely C Cup.

8 days post op

Here are some pics from today. I'm clearly not a selfie expert.

Emotional roller-coaster

Hi Ladies. Sorry that the above photos are so dark, my mirror setup clearly isn't ideal... So, I will start by saying that I am grateful for my new breasts and am overall very happy with them. That said, my feelings about them seem to change on a daily basis. They still seem huge to me, and sometimes I look down and think, "dear lord, what have I done?" Other times I think they are absolutely fantastic. I think a lot of it has to do with how I'm feeling physically. I'm still very, very tender and feel really vulnerable. I think this is largely due to the fact that I have two young sons crashing around and constantly needing me. The first few days my husband took them camping while my mom cared for me, and I was able to treat myself as gingerly as I wanted... now we're back to reality. It is really hard not to be able to pick them up and be physical with them the way I usually am, and I end up carrying things and doing more that I probably should at this point. At the end of the day I feel completely exhausted and my breasts ache terribly. But I need to remember that this is all temporary. They will heal and my normal life will resume. It is really easy to start overthinking everything, obsessing about the size, worrying about the healing, but today I've decided that I'm just going to love them. I have them, them were done beautifully, and they are certainly a hell of a lot better than what I had before. Here's to loving our brand-new boobies! Yippee!

5 weeks post op

Here are some photos at week five. I will elaborate in a new post momentarily.

Hello Ladies (5 weeks post)

Overall my breasts seem to be healing nicely. I have been really impressed with how clean and hidden the incisions under my nipples have been from the very beginning. I am still experiencing a ton of nipple sensitivity, some areas of numbness and some very sore areas. I try not to let it freak me out, as I know it all takes time, but I think I did expect to feel a bit more normal at this point in the game. Immediately after surgery I began to have sharp, stabbing pains in the top of my right breast, near the armpit. The pain has lessened but it still aches regularly and if I bend over, or invert that side in any way, I get a terrible throbbing pain. Has anyone else experienced this? That is my dominant arm, so I'm hoping it just still has some healing to do. And I still have a lot of pain when I first wake up. It's almost like my breasts are full of some stinging poison that fades as I start to move. Very strange.
Emotionally this whole thing has been much harder for me than I anticipated. I don't regret that I did this, and I know it is still fairly early, but I don't think I've fully bonded with the boobies yet. They seem a bit strange and foreign - and big! I know that objectively they aren't especially large, but my body feels so changed. It's a bit hard for me to get used to. I look different in clothes and end up feeling like I want to hide them most of the time. I think I should've probably trusted my gut and gone with the 250, but I'm not going to obsess over that. I think it's just taking me longer to adjust than I expected. I do think I'll get there. I am grateful to have my new boobs, and I think I might even fall in love with them eventually. My husband certainly already has - not sure why this surprised me!
Hope all my booby buddies are happy and healing!

Before and After

These arrived in the mail today. Looking at these sure erased any lingering doubts!

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