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I have been wanting a breast augmentation for the...

I have been wanting a breast augmentation for the last 5 years after breastfeeding my youngest daughter for 14 months and then seeing how awful my breasts looked. Every year we said we would use our tax return for it, but other things have always took precedence. I wavered back and forth for a long time with being completly comfortable and OK with the way they looked, and then going the complete opposite. Finally, I decided that even though my husband loves them the way they are (why, I don't know, lol), I need to feel better about how I look in my own skin again. I am sure he will enjoy then afterwards as well - hahaha

5 days until pre-op... here are pre-up pictures in and out of clothes.

I have been really trying not to think about the surgery because it was such a long wait (for me, anyhow), but now that its only 5 days until pre-op and 15 days until surgery, I'm allowing myself to count down the days and get super excited. I remembered I needed to post some pre-op pics and of course I take them today, a pms, swollen, breast pain day, lol. So actually, these are big from what I am usually working with due to the swelling I get about once out of every 3 months.

The pics of me clothed (to show how really flat I look) were of me that I found in my photobooth (mac webcam app) while taking the others, but from last year or so... I still am the same but probably 5 lbs heavier right now because we have quit smoking and now I'm stuffing my face, lol.

Final wish boobs

These are my #1 wish boob pic... she is very tiny but not too-too much smaller than I am. I just love the shape, drop and projection. She has the same arpit muscle thing I do and basically the same nipples. "FINGERS CROSSED"

The "girls" while breastfeeding - looking to go back to this size...

Love the way my body looked while breastfeeding, which I did for 13 months.

Post-Op done!!!

So.... I had my pre-op! We decided today on going with 400CC on left and 425CC on right. He and I originally said 350/375, but I was worried they would be end up being smaller than I wanted. He agreed that what I ended deciding on would look the best and would give me a small D... I really wanted a DD, but he thought they'd be too heavy (I don't, but he is the expert and I learned before to listen to the MD!)

Now the final official countdown to surgery! 9 days, 9 hours, 47 minutes (3/26 @ 8a)! I could not be anymore excited. My breasts are still pretty swollen and tender from "that time of the month" but glad that they will be back to normal next week so I won't have any added discomfort.

I got my blood work done right away and turned in my 5 rx's - one thing I wasn't prepared for was having to pay for the full surgery amount today!!! We haven't gotten our taxes back yet and waiting on 2 paychecks. Luckily I had my AMEX card with me and it had enough credit line left ... not that we have debt, but I wanted to pay with cash.

Another thing I didn't know is that the implants come with a warranty - haha - I thought that was worth a chuckle!

The 1 week countdown!!!!!!!

I am getting more and more excited every day.

I have been waiting for this 1 week mark for over a month now - its been tedious, lol. My mom took the day off for my surgery and to take care of the wee one (shes 7 and eldest is in a advanced high school in AZ so isn't here to help). God is funny though... we've been stressed out because as soon as we decided to go full speed ahead on this, my husband got laid off :( He is usually laid off in bad weather months, but its not so we were unprepared. On top of that, our tax return came in 1/2 the amount as usual because I was on disability for almost 6 mos last year and he was too.. Anywho... We have been able to manage by refi our house and skipping those payments and then him working with me to get side cash.

The point of this (shesh, sorry - short story made long) He has been able to go to all my appts, help with the kids and will probably be off next week to help out and keep me from having to leave the house for a few days.

No matter the struggles, God is good and always has a plan for us :)

oh... side note - Its been 2+ weeks of quitting smoking. Withdrawal has been a little tough. It kinda like pregnancy symptoms for me... extreme fatigue, dizziness, headaches, fuzzy brain... but its worth it.

This was the before pic...

Didn't download with the other for some reason


I got up way to early I fell because I wanted to sleep as much as possible because I drink water so much that I have to have at least 16 oz. Anywho...

We went with 400cc on L and 425cc on R. Its a little strange right now though because the L side seems more swollen and larger than the R (which was the bigger implant. I am also worried that they wont be in the D cup range. I originally wanted just a full C, but looking back at my old "girls" before and during pregnancy is what I wanted back. I shrunk down to an A cup... We shall see, everyone tells me that they look great just off the bat and I have to agree!!!! Dr. Hause is the best and always goes for the most natural look possible - another reason why he doesn't bind the breasts

I am sore, but in "pain" so much. my husband missed my last pain med dose by and hour and its still ok. I have been trying to sleep as much as possible, but sleeping on my back elevated is not comfortable for me at all as I am a side sleeper. Anyone out there who is also a side sleeper? If so, how long before I can again.

Ok, here are the pics, day of surgery

Day 2 photos

did a little too much yesterday. I had my wonderful appointment and then afterwords someone told me about some snap front sports bras so we went to Walmart and got about 10 of them, lol.

Not having any pain just soreness and it feels very very tight as if I just got my milk supply in.

3rd day

i've been sleeping a lot today and they're still very swollen a little tender... That's my armpits and my biceps area as well as my stomach is all flabby feeling and looks bloated.

I heard it's common because of anesthesia and the general swelling and all the fluids that they pump and you so I hope this goes away cause I normally have a very tiny small waist.

Day 4

I ended up doing too much (again) yesterday and paid for it today. I had dent been keeping up on my meds every 4 hrs and also slacked on icing. I must stress that taking you meds on time is crucial... Icing as well. Here is a list of issues I've been having as well as good stuff:

1) my back and neck are KILLING me fro having to sleep on my back. I already have sciatica and upper neck issues, ugh

2) stretching... Because my upper back/neck are tweaked, I have to stretch it out - not a good idea but have to. Today, when I was stretching, I felt a "pop" and the. Bad pain on my left breast by the sutures... I think I popped one.

3) I know we all have the dreaded swelling and tightness, but I learned today that a lot of it is due to muscle spasms... After I heard that, it totally made sense why they would go from feeling "ok" to a tight bag of rocks.

4) my doc doesn't like compression bras but I have learned that I do need them at certain times... When I sleep and when they start to spasm. $10 for 2 pack of front closure sports bras at Walmart... Highly suggest. I got 5 pairs, lol

5) last night and then this AM, I noticed bruising which I had not had yet. Worse on the right side with the bigger implant.

6) today started feeling sharp needle like pain on the outer side of the right breast... Happened when I stretched.

7) Hardly have eaten since surgery and still no pooping (sorry if TMI)

8) gained 5lbs immedatly after surgery and have only lost 2 of them so far.

9) ITCHY boobies, lol


1) I LOVE how they look and kinda wish they would just stay how they are, just soft and normal.

2) Pain has been minute, except when I do something I shouldn't.

3) Having an excuse to really not have to do anything because they hubby wants good results as much as I do

4) Have normal nipple sensation.

5) I can already tell I will be a D cup, maybe even back to DD.

6) My asymmetry is already drastically better

7) my husband who is a butt man (i have plenty of that) is anxious to test these babies out!

Days 5-7... Good and Bad

Not much change. It actually seems like my implants got higher and that may have been because I didn't 100% listen to the doctor and started wearing tight sports bras and he requested that his patients don't wear anything that's compressing. I've stopped and now just wearing tank tops with the little built-in shelf support.

I also didn't listen to my doctor or my husband and didn't take it as easy as I should have (soooooo hard to be a mom and not clean or play and just sit and sleep all day and do nothing)

I've been having a lot of back pain because of having to sleep on my back and I already have sciatica and upper neck issues, I went to stretch my back a couple times and in doing so I pulled my left pectoral muscles. There was a couple times that I felt the kind of pop and that is saying in that breast but that was it but two days ago I did a really big twist and felt like a ripping feeling. I'm thinking that's when I actually pulled a muscle and when I woke up this morning I was in more pain than I've been in since day one of surgery.

Luckily there's no bruising or bleeding under the skin, nothing wrong with the incision site it's just a little bit more swelling in intense pain underneath the implant and the chest wall area if I breathe deep cough or twist.

I have to stress to anybody that the first week you really have to treat this like a major surgery and listen to the doctor for whatever he says to do because they all are different and literally take it easy and don't twist raise your arms up, pick anything up, pull/push!!!! Don't be like me or you will be back to square at one week postop.

Photos... day 5-6

they wouldn't upload with update

Let's try again

1week pics

i didn't take any pics today due to being in such pain from the pulled muscle I mentioned before. If there is any significant changes I will update, otherwise nre pics will be every Thursday on the "week" mark. I will be on here daily though checking in on all of my RS ladies progress and answer questions and read comments :)

having hard time getting update posted

i have all my weekly pics to post and I need my RS girls to help me out on some questions but it's taking forever for me to get these uploaded. Hopefully by tomorrow!

2 wk po pics - FINALLY

Not sure how I forgot to take 3 wk photos, but I was super busy last week so it must have slipped my mind. Here are my 2 week photos and will take 1 mo pics this week!


So I am officially at my 1 mo mark. I had an ultrasound appt on Tuesday (love the free treatments my PS office wants me to have). Did anyone else have this? It feels so good and reduced my spazms (I have very strong and developed pec muscles due to previous fitness comp trainings YEARS ago, lol.

They still want me to take the muscle relaxers at night but then denied my rx refill - whaaa? LOL. Oh well, I am so ready to not have to take anything anymore.

They showed the 4 'specific' massages that they want me to do 1 times per day for 15 min. They are a little different than others I've researched or seen gals do on here, but there is a reason. The procedure my MD does is very specific I guess. At my appt I asked why no compression, no bra for 2 mos, etc. I guess he does a LOT of internal suturing and basically sets the implant exactly where it needs to be and does a sort of internal bra. He just wants them to drop naturally and not mess with them. I love that!

Anyway - enough rambling. Here are my updated photos and I added some of me in 2 new bikinis and some older that no longer fit :) The black one is a pic I submitted for a tattoo magazine modeling gig (official photoshoot next week)!!!

My implant card...

Did everyone get this? I am wondering why the L sticker is different than the R. Should I be concerned that I might have 2 diff implants?

Non Boobie update...

So I know that I don't have the extra cash to treat myself to a pedi every week so I wanted to share a great soak I made (out of the blue with stuff I found around the house). If anyone is interested, here is the recipe...

Warm/Heat water on stove with:
Epsom salt (mine had eucalyptus)
EVOO (olive oil) - or Coconut Oil
Baking Soda
Vanilla Extract

Once its hot enough to tolerate, just soak feet/foot in the pot you boiled it in. You can reheat as much as needed and then pat dry or use pumice while wet with oil to help with 'flip-flop feet' :)

It's cheap and my feet are baby smooth and it's hard to get my feet soft because I am bare foot ALL the time.

Oh, and I am moisturizing my breasts with the coconut oil only - no lotions. I swear by it.

5-6 wk update...

I wasn't able to post last thurs (5wks) and probably will forget this week so I am doing my update today for 5-6 wk po.

I am getting really happy with them. Scars have started to diminish and they are basically done dropping, just need to fluff. I still get spasms and hardness in both at times, but mainly my left.

Also, I been having PMS symptoms since surgery but no period until today. I asked my MD and he said its normal, but I don't seem how. Anyone else getting this??? I am tried of bloating, being irritable and mood swings. I have NO energy... I sleep in... I'm not myself - Oh, and another wonderful side effect is my weight literally fluctuated 5-6 lbs DAILY! I weighed myself last Monday and freaked out because it was 148.5 lbs - haven't been that heavy since I was pregnant. Then 4 days later, 142 lbs (normal weight is 135-137 lbs) I am trying to snap out of it but I can't control it and its getting old. Beyond all that mess, I feel great, LOL.

Sorry for the long review but thought you gals might want to know whats going on in all facets and maybe can relate (I'm hoping, LOL). I posted pics of me in the same bikini's as last time for comparison of the changes.

Bra shopping, getting sized and outcome

So I went to Nordstoms after the suggestions of my PS office and a lot of ladies on here. I had my 1st bra fitting ever... The girl who fit me thought I'd be a C and I thought 36D. Welp, after the measuring tape was put away and trying on several cup sizes I ended up in a 34DDD!!! So crazy... And here I was thinking they looked small and wanted bigger, lol (and I still probably would go larger... Ugh. Boob greed)

I am more wide set rather than projective so I guess it can be deceiving. My husband did the whole... I told ya so shpeal.

At this point, I do not plan on going anywhere else for bras, not even VS unless for something "special" and not for normal wear. I got 4 bras and was in sticker shock. Good bras are not cheap, but well worth it. I've never been one to wear bras... Like ever except when pregnant and breast feeding. They are usually so uncomfortable especially when your an A cup. These 4 I got are awesome.

I am trying to upload all the pics but the site is being a jerk right now and keeps giving me errors... Stay tuned :)

Last weeks bra shopping pics of final bras

Trying to upload last weeks pics

Late review - pics from today... just past 8wk mark!

Happy 2 month b-day boobies! Sorry I haven't been on in a while. It's been for several reasons. Iv'e felt fat, I haven't been really "in love" with the girls and most recently, have had the stomach flu.

I am still pretty sure that what I originally wanted was a great ideal and I really should be happy with my results as its what I asked for. It's just that they look 'too real' if that makes any sense. I don't have ANY upper pole fullness which I thought I didn't want, but after seeing them so perky for so many weeks, I feel in love with the way they were and now they are nothing like in the earlier weeks.

I did ask for the most natural look and to stay within a certain size. Had I known (hindsight), I would have opted for at least 50cc's more (more like 100ccs) and would have gone with high profile to obtain some perkiness and more cleavage. My husband is very happy with the size and how they look as he hates the fake look so that's good. I don't have much side profile projection and have to have something super tight to get cleavage (but that's my anatomy).

All in all it was totally worth it and am WAY more happy than before for sure!!! Anything is better than flat (to me anyway), lol!

Before vs after comparison pics

To get a better idea of the progression from before until today ;)

I will be getting my procedure done by Dr. Hause at Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery. I was very pleased with his sense of humor and matter of fact attitude. I work with surgeons so I "understood" everything he was telling me so it made our appointment VERY fast.

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