34 Years Old, 1 Child, Breastfed Six Months, Deflated 34 Barely A - 325ccL-350ccR saline moderate plus unders- Sacramento, CA

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I have always been small chested and after...

I have always been small chested and after breastfeeding my son for 6 months, 12 years ago, I have been so self conscious of my boobs. I don't like my husband seeing them and I always wear padded bras. I am 5'5, 130lbs. I have always been really small in the upper body but I have a booty and hips that I never felt that my chest was in proportion to my lower body. I am very active and am working out almost everyday. I am pretty much set on 350cc to get me to a large C or small D. My surgery is set for 11/25 and I can't wait!! I will upload photos when I can.

Made it to the other side

Everything went well. Not in too much pain, just lots of pressure. I'm mostly taking the muscle relaxer and not the pain meds.

Day 2

Not a whole lot of pain, just stiffness. Had some nerve pain on my right side near my arm pit, but took a muscle relaxer and it seemed to help. I haven't need to take a lot of the pain meds so that has been nice. I've been able to use the bathroom as normal. I had very little food for thanksgiving since I haven't had any nausea. Besides thanksgiving, i've been keeping it to applesauce, crackers and ginger ale. I am a little frustrated by having to sleep on my back because I am a side sleeper and it's killing my back already not being able to move much in bed.

Day 4

Feeling great! Off pain meds except at night. Minor nerve pain on my right side but nothing too bad. Took my first shower last night and it was not the most comfortable thing, but I got it done. Nothing much has changed in the boob department, still up to my forehead. Haha! I have my first post-op tomorrow and I'm also goin g back to work tomorrow, but the husband has to drive me until the Dr. releases me to drive. My mobility is good for being so soon after surgery. I'm not a back sleeper but we have a split king adjustable base bed and that has been a life saver for sleeping and getting out of bed on my own.

Day 5

Post-op today. Went very well!! Dr. said no bruising at all and no abnormal swelling. I found out that he did 325cc on my left and 350cc on my right with a moderate plus saline implant. He did exactly what I wanted and made sure that it fit my frame before finalizing the surgery. So far, I am very happy with them and feel they will fit my frame very well. I get my sutures out in 1 week and look forward to them looking more normal. Nothing much has changed, so I'll post pics in a couple days. Oh, and I went back to work today but my husband had to drive because I hadn't been cleared yet, but I'm good to go now!!

1 week post-op

I am feeling great! No meds except the muscle relaxers at night to give my boobs a rest from working all day. They are SLOWLY starting to drop and look more round. Sutures are coming out next Monday. My mobility is better than expected, although I still don't push it. I can't wait to get back to working out.

Day 8

I know it's only been a day since my last post but the picture I uploaded yesterday was a quick one while at work. I took some thins morning at home and decided to post them.

Day 9

I am doing great! Getting tired and winded fast but no pain at all. They are looking great for being less than two weeks post. Sutures coming out Monday 12/7.

15 days post

Doing great! They girls are dropping and looking more like boobs and not blobs. Got my sutures out on 12/7 and just have to keep medical tape over the scar so it doesn't heal weird. I got measured at VS and they have me at a 32 DD. Not upset about that at all. I was shooting for a good C cup but I'll take bigger. They don't look like DD's and they look great with my semi- curvy lower body. I bought a natural fitting bra from Target last night so I can have something besides my surgical bra to wear. I posted a picture so you can see how they are looking. I forgot to take pics at VS in the bras, but I'll do that some other time.

3 weeks post

Well, yesterday was my 3 week "boobiversary" and I couldn't be doing better. They are feeling great and looking even better. My husband is so happy with them. My mobility is still limited and can't reach too far above my head, but if that's all I have to complain about, I'm ok with that. I still have a ways to go as far as them dropping but I think they are looking wonderful, so far. The tape is to allow the scar to heal flat and to minimize seeing it down the road.
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Yamahata is a wonderful Dr. I was referred by a friend who got hers done by him, also. He is thorough with the information and made me feel really comfortable through the whole process. I will continue the review after my surgery.

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