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I went to a few doctors and interview them before...

I went to a few doctors and interview them before I made my decision with Dr Kaczynski.. I've been doing a lot of research for the past two years on breast augmentation so I knew that I wanted a more natural look Dr Kaczynski went over all of the pros and cons with me he was very informative. By the time I left his office I was very confident and knew that I had found the doctor to do my procedure. I finally found a doctor that made me feel safe and I could trust with my life in his hands. Knowing that he is an artist and a surgeon was a bonus. I look forward to my surgery a little stressed and worried but I will keep you guys updated.

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One week before surgery

Today I'm going in for my post-op appointment hoping that's correct because I don't know the lingo. I'm a little scared in some ways I feel like they're going to find some reason to not proceed with my surgery even though I know I'm healthy and I've never had anything wrong with me I've never had a broken bone stitches and I've never had surgery not even when they took my wisdom teeth. I don't like having my blood drawn but I know if I have a lollipop I'll be okay. I am a week and one day away from the big day so hopefully sometime from now to then I'll muster up the courage to post before pictures. I do know that I am very confident with dr. K and I know he will do a wonderful job and make me feel comfortable.

Before pic

So I have 3 days till my big day on Tuesday and I will no longer be part of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. I mustered up the courage and posted some before pictures. Needless to say I am nervous very very nervous but I know that I am in good hands I will keep you guys updated after Tuesday on how everything goes. And by the way anybody who's reading this nobody told me and I didn't read anywhere that I was going to have tubes coming out of my breast and that someone has to clean them. Fantastic right not looking forward to that part. But I have my mama bear and my husband will be here to help me and I am blessed to have them.

4 days after

So I decided to go with 350cc that puts me in a c-cup brains now I just have to get used to my size and in a few months they will drop and look normal right now they still hurt and Friday I finally got to take a shower thank God that was Heaven

Maybe my bikini is to small??

Got my stitches out yesterday

So I got my stitches out yesterday it didn't hurt too bad. I'm off of my medication yeah. I ask the doctor when are the twins going to settle into their new home. Dr. Kay laughed and said we call them sisters here and they will settle in about 3 to 6 months. It's good to know the doctor has a sense of humor makes you feel better about who I had picked to do my procedure. Now I get to rub the hell out of my sisters and help them settle in a little bit sooner.


4 weeks after

I'm off all my meds and healing is looking great. My sisters are starting to settle in their new home and I'm am very happy with the out come of how they look...

Finally I can rock a sun dress strapless

Finally feels really good to be able to put on a strapless sundress and not feel like it's going to fall off very happy with my new boobies

Can barely see my scars

Hello ladies just giving you an update I can barely see the scars and I have healed perfectly I'm very happy with the outcome of my surgery I can finally Rock sundresses and bathing suits that I've never been able to it feels damn good.
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