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Hello all!! So here's my story!! I always wanted...

Hello all!!

So here's my story!! I always wanted boobs and I finally had enough saved up last year and BOOM- got preggo had a baby.. So I have a 9 year old and a 9 month old.

Fast forward to now.. I figured out who I wanted after interviewing about 4 or 5 surgeons! He was amazing, informative and I felt beyond comfortable with him.

So, today is Day 1- I am going to try to post info day by day, or around that time.

I am 5'1, 140 lbs and got 500 cc gel implant under the muscle.. Surgery was great- don't remember one damn thing literally, they were talking to me and then the next thing I remember wheeling me out..
The pain is not as intense as I thought everyone described it to be. Not moving, I am a 0/10 on the pain scale, moving I am about a 5 or 6 or so.. I was prescribed Valium and Norco.. There is a squishy water noise in there.. I read that everyone hears it, probably the extra fluid..

I am very exhausted, keep waking up and falling asleep.. My little baby wants to be held but I have to hold her from a distance..

Overall, I'm feeling pretty damn good!!!!

Day 2!!!

Here's to day 2. Still only moderate pain when I am getting up and out of bed. Nothing else!!

Went in and he looked at them, said they look good and told me to come In next week for a checkup on Friday!!

Day 3

Pretty easy day! Was basically able to do almost anything. Still haven't picked up my princess but I did carry my purse around and I went to go meet my new niece at the hospital... Here is day 3 boob shot. No pain still really, but I am as consistent as possible on my meds...

Day 4...

Well, I was a bit more active today and decided to venture out into the world. I took my Valium early in the morning knowing that I would take a nap immediately AFER.. I then took my norcos when I woke up and decided to take the kiddos to the water park. I took a shower and I wanted to see what they would at least start to look like in a bathing suit and let me tell u I am beyond pleased. They are everythjgn that I wished for and more. I have also being icing consistently and my right side is a little higher than my left. I read that could be from my muscles because that is my dominant side. Here is my day 4 progress photos!!!

Day 5!!! Not much change, got some brusing though...

Well, good news is, they are not as hard as they were before. I am constantly icing them. I went to Walmart to try to find a bra, because they only give me black ones and almost all my clothes are lighter colors and surprise surprise they didn't have one. So I am having my girls go search for one at another Walmart. I'm feeling good, no pain at all again- not even getting up now- a little when I reach back into the back seat or soenthjng buti think that may be more my incision than my actual boob.. I am attaching a pic just so you can see but the progress is minimal.. I am doing this daily in hopes that some women can view my story and see what the typical week to month recovery is so they know what to anticipate and what to prepare for. I still have not picked my angel baby up, but I have scooted her across the floor and she can lay with me now without me being acared to death. My son and my aunt have been a GOD SEND from above helping me through this process and so have the Valium lol.. If I could choose one, Valium would be my choice haha!!! Hope you have a great day ladies and congrats on your deciisons to make your breast larger and your life and confidence better!!

Day 6!!!!! It's early but I'm busy for the rest of the day

They are actually a little more sore than they have been but I have been taking one norco instead of two cause I know they're addicting lol and I have takin half a Valium too because I want to somewhat function during the day!! They are looking beautiful tho.. But today is the most sore I been since I got them :(

Day 7

Well once again not much of a review or update. I didn't take any pain meds today at all and I am doing fine. I did try to ice the right side since it isn't settling as well as the other but they look beautiful and I am in love with them. I am wearing my sports bra religiously!! I only take it off to shower or to take pics to be conceited lol.. :)
I would have to say this is one of the beta decisions of my life- but just as an FYI I have been crazy insane emotional like way more than I usually am cause I am not even sensitive so I am not sure what that is a side effect. I am planning on taking the Valium every evening before I sleep because that thing knocks me out and makes me feel incredibly rested!!

Tomorrow will be officially one week since I got my surgery, technically day 8 cause I counted surgery day as day 1 lol.. But I'll post another pic even if there isn't a real difference!!!!

31, 2 Kids, Breastfed Babies!!, 510CCs Silicone

Had surgery on 7/21. Barely remembered the surgery outside of asking are you giving me medication?? Haha!!

Literally slept the majority of the day on day 1. Post op Day 2- I was able to move around better but still get tired super easy and wanted everything done for me day 3- started icing these bad boys and kept my medication schedule very strict Day 4- able to get out the house and venture around for a while but super exhausted Day 5- feeling better, Valium really kicks my ass and makes me sleep Day 6- they're slowly starting to drop or maybe it's my imagination but I'm in love. Day 7- I haven't taken any meds today. Waiting to take norco and Valium tonight so I can sleep extra hard!!


First Followup

So it went great right side is still slightly higher but he said with massage it should be good. They are healing perfectly. Asked for some more norcos and they said no take Motrin, that sucks cause that crap doesn't work with shit for me. They are more sore now than they were before unfortunately. :( but I am so happy with how they look!!! I am going to massage the right more than the left due to the increased size. He said massage it daily 4-5x for 10 minutes and if it doesn't go down in two weeks we are going to wrap it up and try to see if that will make it go down further. I'm thinking massage is going to work though honestly!! I am so happy.. I have been emotional tho.. More so yesterday than today, I'm feeling better and not like a freakin psycho cry baby!! Haha!!!! Well here's my pics!!! ??

One more pic

This is me standing up straight so u can see them sitting high
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Good bedside manner, professional respectful informative!!

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