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I'm 31 years old, 5'7" about 120 lbs. I wear 32C...

I'm 31 years old, 5'7" about 120 lbs. I wear 32C Victoria's Secret "Very Sexy" bras, but knowing they do vanity sizing, I think I'm actually a B cup. I've hidden under padded push up bras since I was 15 and I've always felt very uncomfortable, vulnerable, and exposed without them if anyone could see how little of a chest I really have. For maybe the last 10 years, I've idly considered getting breast implants, but I've always had reasons not to. Now that I'm 31, financially secure, and in a healthy and supportive relationship, I've decided the time is right. I had some really difficult things happen in the last couple of years and now that I've come through the other side and things are so much better, I feel ready to do this for myself. I fixed my crooked teeth with Invisalign, why not fix my flat chest with breast implants now that I have the means to do it?

I started really doing a lot of research in earnest about two months ago, mostly by reading everything I can get my hands on, from reviews here on RealSelf to medical studies, and talking to friends who have had this procedure done and have had fantastic results. Once I felt that I understood all of the risks, I set out to find a surgeon that I trust to manage and minimize those risks.

I met with Dr. Andrew Kaczynski today in Sacramento, after reading quite a few reviews from his patients and watching all of his videos on YouTube - which I highly recommend if you're considering getting a breast augmentation. His videos are kind of like a short college lecture, replete with whiteboards, teaching the viewer all about breast augmentations, risks, and techniques. I've looked at tons of pictures, of course, and I feel like his pictures are the most consistently excellent, whereas there seems to be more variation in outcomes for other doctors. I studied both art and science in school, as did Dr. Kaczynski, so I really appreciate that he has an artist's eye. He also has something like 30 years of experience and continues to study new techniques to continually improve his patients' safety and results. His staff are also very nice and didn't make me feel pressured at all.

I did go ahead and schedule my procedure, because I felt that confident. My fiancé was with me, and he felt comfortable with everything too. He was definitely protesting when I told him I was considering this a couple months back, but doing research with me and talking to Dr. Kaczynski put him at ease and he's fully on board. I made him watch the YouTube videos with me, haha.

Now I just have to anxiously await my surgery date in August!

Some before photos

So here's what I'm working with now. I'm 5'7", about 125 lbs. I currently wear a 32C super padded Victoria's Secret bra but I know they do vanity sizing, LOL, no way are these C's!

Inspiration photos

I've been looking at pictures of Olivia Munn and Kaley Cuoco. I don't want it to be obvious that I've gotten implants, so I'm trying to zero in on a realistic target.

Pre-op appointment

I just had my pre-op appointment this morning. I went in a little before 8:30, signed paperwork acknowledging risks, costs, etc. I met with one of the nurses, who was extremely nice and helpful. We talked about what I'm starting with--I wear a very padded 32C, vanity sized (Victoria's S), most likely closer to a small B--and what my goal is (natural looking fullness that won't be obviously fake). I brought some pictures of what I hope to look like, and based on that, the nurse had me try on 275, 300, 325, and 350 cc sizers. I probably should have taken pictures, but I went more by how they felt than how they looked. Gel sizers in a surgical bra are more droopy and pointy than my actual implants will be. I felt like the 275 was identical to what I have now, with a bra on. 300 was OK, but my fiancé and the nurse agreed I would wish I had gone bigger than that. 325 and 350 seemed almost identical, and I know there's only a couple tablespoons differentiating those two sizes. I'm leaning towards 325, which is what the nurse told me she has, but I'm thinking about 350. Everyone says to go bigger, and 325 seems like it's probably what I want, I'm just torn. I have until next Friday to think about it. The nurse said they need about three business days notice prior to surgeryif I change my mind in order to guarantee that they'll have the exact implants I want.

Update: Day 2.

My surgery was yesterday morning, which was great since no food or even water was allowed after midnight the night before. I got really nervous when they were starting my IV and I fainted (not that unusual for me) and then cried and asked my fiancé if I was making a mistake. He and the anesthesiologist were wonderful. They each held one of my hands while the meds were being administered. My fiancé even put on a hair net to make me laugh. The surgery wasn't long, maybe an hour plus recovery. Yesterday I was extremely foggy. My vision was blurry and forming complete sentences was hard. Today is more uncomfortable because the local anesthesia has worn off. I took my first two doses of Norco/Hydrocodone yesterday, then cut that out and now I'm taking Valium, Tylenol, and an antibiotic. I had my first post op appointment today and they said everything looked good and gave me the ok to use ice packs, which really does help. When I sit up straight or stand up, the weight of the implants pushes down on the bottom of the pocket, and my boobs kinda look like they're trying to escape through my armpits, but the pain really isn't bad. Lots of muscle soreness but no sharp pain. My incisions were in my areolas and I don't feel any pain there at all. I was able to have a bowel movement today, thank goodness. I had weighed myself the night before surgery, then again on the same home scale after surgery, and I was up about 9 lbs! What the heck?! IV fluids, i guess. I've been drinking tons of water and trying to get the anesthesia flushed out of my body. I do have drains, which my sweet fiancé has to clean a few times a day for me, poor guy! Those will be removed tomorrow.
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kaczynski has completely put me at ease. I believe he is the most qualified surgeon to minimize risks and keep me safe while helping me achieve the look I want.

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