28 Year Old Mom of Two, Getting my Boobs Back - Sacramento, CA

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Im a mom of two, I'm very active and love working...

Im a mom of two, I'm very active and love working out. Since losing my baby weight and weaning my youngest, my breasts have turned into sad little skin bags! It's time to fill them back up! have scoured realself for the last 3 mos learning about breast augmentation. I had consultations with 3 surgeons in my area, and ultimately have chosen Dr Yamahata to do my surgery. His resume is incredible, and his bedside manner is amazing. I knew he was the one I wanted from the moment I met him.

1 month until D-Day!

I'm exactly one month out from my surgery! I'm so excited, but getting oh so nervous! I freaked myself out last week by googling the negative things that can happen during surgery, and sent Dr yamahata a huge email full of questions. Not two minutes after I pushed send, my phone rang. It was him! He called to answer my questions rather than doing it by email. He explained all of the answers he gave me, and reassured me and calmed my nerves a bit. He's just amazing. My pre op appt is on Nov 14th, so I will update again after my appt!


Here a few wish pics

Before pics

These are my boobs now, post pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Found more wish boobs!

These are exactly what I want! If my results are even close to these, I'll be a really happy girl

Pre op appt today!

I have my pre op appt this afternoon, and I'm so excited! Taking my mom with me so she can meet Dr Yamahata and the RNs(she's a flight nurse, so naturally she has a bunch of questions for them. I thought it would be best that she came with me to meet them so she would be more comfortable with the whole situation...she's not thrilled I'm getting my boobs done lol.) I'll update later after my appt!

Pre op went well!

Pre op went great! Paid in full and so excited! Tried on 375-500cc sizers...I'm going with 500cc! I cannot wait to get my new boobs!

5 days until DD-Day:)

5 more days until surgery! I'm so excited! I'm pretty sure I've looked at more boobs in the last four months than most dudes have seen by age 40???????????? lol. I'm starting to get nervous, but definitely excited!

T-minus 1 day!

My surgery is the day after tomorrow, and I've been getting my house ready so I can take a solid week off without worrying about anything. I made freezer meals for my husband and boys this morning. Each meal should give us about two days, so that's a win! Oven meals
And crockpot meals= way less work for my husband while he's wrangling the kids for the week! I'm getting so excited about my procedure, but I'm getting really nervous as well.

Day of.

I'm hurtin. This is no joke. My implants are 480cc, silicon under the muscle. Surgery went great. I remember the nurse giving me Ativan, while laying on the table, the she gave me zofran and dilauded then I was out. My doc came in and said hi to me and went over the procedure one more time before I went out. I did feel the needle stick in my rib cage when he was administering the "rib block" but it felt like a stick and burn, not too painful. I did feel my body try to turn away from it. Then I could hear them talking, I don't know what they were saying, just knew they were taking. I felt him brushing the Betadine all over both my breasts, and I felt the pressure of him shoving the implants in both sides. No pain, just pressure. Next thing I remember I was in recovery. It was the weirdest experience! I've been taking my norco and Valium religiously, because my chest hurts like a mofo lol

Day after. Post op appt

Doc said everything looks fantastic. Now we wait for the to drop. Sutures out in a week.

Pics didn't upload

2 days post

I cannot say enough good things about my surgeon or his office staff. They are amazing. The evening of my surgery Dr Y called me
To check in on me and see how I'm doing. That alone made me love him even more. He genuinely cares about his patients, and I cannot recommend him enough!

My nausea was pretty awful the day of
Surgery and yesterday. I'm doing much better today though. If I keep up on my norco and Valium(I've been taking half a Valium each time) the pain is bearable. If I miss my meds
Though, holy shit. Worst pain I've ever felt, and I'm not a wimp by any means. It was worse than my two unmedicated births combined, hands down. The nurse called to check on me today said it should start getting significantly better in the next two days or so. Here's a pic of my
Girls this morning, can't wait to see them change in the weeks to come :)

Just a good pic

LOVING my boobies!

Post op update

I'm off my pain meds and just taking Tylenol at this point. Morning boob SUCKS. I will take 1/2 or 1/4 of my Valium to help ease that muscle tightness, but other than that feeling good. I get tired easily, and finding a bra that has been comfortable has been annoying. I dug my bravado nursing bra out of my dresser last night though, and OMG. Most comfortable thing ever. It doesn't rub my incisions like the post op bra I got from my surgeon's office. It's pretty supportive, but the material is so soft it's like I'm not wearing anything. HIGHLY recommend! My girls are clearly still riding high, but I'm loving them already.

Comparison picture of my first week post op.

They literally change everyday. It's weird. Sometimes they look different in the morning than they do at night, or if I go outside(it's cold as balls here right now) they get tight and look like balls on my chest lol.


My left has been giving me the most problems, and after removing the tape tonight to replace it, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looks. Both are healing well.

2 week update

I'm two weeks into having my new boobs, and I love them more everyday! Had a post op check up today, everything looks good, but doc said my pectoral muscles are exceptionally tight, so when it normally takes someone 4-5 weeks to see the implants start to noticeably "drop and fluff," it will likely take me 6-8 weeks! Which is a bummer, but it's not like they're going anywhere lol. They're MINE! Pic is one day post op on top, and 2 weeks post op on the bottom. I'm seeing some slight change, but sometimes they still look like rectangles on my chest lol.

3 weeks post op

Wanted to post a three week update. My pain is minimal. Not taking anything for pain, my incisions get tender, and my nipples and the bottom of my breasts are tender as well and get "zingers" throughout the day, which I'm guessing is the nerve regeneration. It's more annoying than anything. Top photo is 2 days post, and bottom is today at 3 weeks post.


Woke up this morning and noticed my right implant is dropping nicely! The left is still high and tight, but it's getting softer by the day, so I'm just waiting trying to be patient with the process.

Changes from last week.

They seem to change everyday at this point! Top is last Tuesday, bottom is today. Left is still higher than the right, but they are migrating out of my armpits, so that's nice.

Weekly progression

Here are weekly photos starting at 1 week post op. My right has dropped and is getting more squishy by the day, but my left is still riding higher and not quite as soft(not as firm as it was though) I have a follow up with my surgeon on the 17th, so I'm interested to see what he has to say about the left one. I had some asymmetry prior to my BA so I knew it would look a little more pronounced after getting implants, but it's hard to say how much different they will look at this point since I'm so early in my recovery phase still. Love them, and don't regret a thing! The size is perfect for my frame, and they look good with or without clothes. I'm having some discomfort in my right incision that is new, and the bottom of my left breast is almost numb from the incision site to the areola. My left incision isn't bothering me anymore though.

9 weeks post

I'm right at the 9 week mark, and still loving my boobs! My left one is still a bit higher than the right, but it's slowly catching up. They are looking more round now and not so long and skinny. They are still pretty firm and don't feel natural yet. I can squeeze them together now though, which I couldn't do two weeks ago. Progress is slow going, but it is what it is. Had my 7 week post op appt and got cleared for all activities, so I started lifting weights again, which is great. Bench press puts A LOT of pressure on my implants at this point, so I steer clear of that. All in all I can't complain! Still no underwire bras yet, have to wait 3 more weeks until I can wear them.

15 weeks post op.

Haven't updated in awhile, so thought I should! I'm still loving my boobs. They have changed so much! They are still more firm than I'd prefer, but continue to get softer. the bottoms have started really filling out and getting wider, so that's a welcome change. They look awesome in my swim suits and clothes, and I'm really really happy with my result so far. I have a check up with my doc today, so I will update again after I see him.

7 months post

7 mont post--I'm feeling fantastic and the only complaint I have is that my incisions get itchy and irritated when it's really hot out(104 here today!) I love my boobs, and somedays wish I went bigger, but most days just love them. (Don't mind the to lines around my areolas--I wear pasties to tan in my backyard ha!
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

I knew Dr Yamahata was the surgeon for me the moment I met him. I saw two other surgeons before picking him, and I'm so glad I did. During the consultation he was warm, kind and funny. Made me feel very comfortable. His gallery of before and afters is beautiful. He personalized my consultation from the beginning, and was very thorough in explaining which procedure he choose for me, why he chose that procedure, and walked me through it step by step. He was honest with me about my expectations and what is realistic/what is not.(we were on the same page thankfully!) the office staff is very kind as well.

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