27 Years Old, BF 2 Kids, 32A, 5'3", 115 Lbs, 12 Bwd, 425cc HP Mentor Unders

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One day pre-op and boy am I getting nervous! I've...

One day pre-op and boy am I getting nervous! I've wanted this done my entire life- LITERALLY! It's a running joke in my family because when I was about 4, I was sitting on my gpa's lap and when he asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I shouted, "I want long hair and big boobs!" Lol. I always thought they'd come in naturally since my mom has very large boobs. It wasn't until I was about 18 that I realized my moms were actually implants. Talk about getting your hopes up! *thanks mom!

Fast forward almost 10 years, a husband and 2 kids later, HERE I AM! About to fulfill my lifelong wish.

Here are my starting stats:
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115 lbs
BWD: 12
Size: 32A

My PS originally recommended I go with 325cc ModPlus to keep a more natural look.. I went home and talked to my closest girlfriends, mom and sister and all of them were floored that I'd even consider it since I've always wanted BIG BOOBS. I knew they were right so I called back first thing in the morning and said, "Go big or go home! I need to up the size of those puppies!" I went in the following day & my PS said he can take me up to 425cc HP, but it's a little bigger than my BWD (0.5cm). Guess what I ended up going with?! Lol 425cc HP!

I only have 1 pic of my sad, sad, baby boobies, but I will definitely take more today and share. My profile pic (I guess i will share it below as well since that will be changing soon) is actually me about a month postpartum. After my supply came in, I was obsessed with the size so I snapped a pic for later- literally knowing that one day, I'd share THAT pic with a PS for boob inspiration.

1 MORE DAY DOLLS!!! Eeeek!

More before pics

With all the excitement yesterday, I forgot to upload more before pics. Here ya are!

I did it!

I'm so stinkin happy with them! I don't remember anything from this morning and I've been awake since about noon just hanging out around the house (really modeling for myself in every. single. mirror). There is NO pain, just some tightness up top. They do sit very high right now, but I know they will settle after a few months.

1 day post-op

Well, I totally dreaded today & tomorrow because everyone says day 2 & 3 are the hardest. Lemme tell you something ladies- it's not even that bad! It really feels like engorgement without the possibility of a let-down. Lol if you've ever had babies and breastfed, it's pretty comparable to the heaviness and tightness you feel when you first wake up with massively engorged milk makers. On a 1-10 scale, I'd say the pain is probably a 3.5... super minimal.

Attached is a pic from this morning at my post-op appt with my doctor. They definitely feel like boulders.. super heavy, super high, and super hard! So glad I went with the 425cc over the 325cc though. I can't wait to see them begin to settle. ????

Day 2 Post-Op

The pain is still pretty manageable. Either I've gotten really good at sitting up by myself or it's just hurting less. I haven't taken any sleep medication, but I do set alarms throughout the night to keep me on schedule with my Norco & Robaxin. I also rest an ice pack (wrapped in a thin towel) on the upper part of my cleavage throughout the night. Still falling in love with them every time I pass by a mirror. lol I can't wait to start trying on clothes!

No more meds!

It's been 5 days with my new additions. I haven't been taking any pain meds during the day since the pain is very minimal. I do take a muscle relaxer before bed to help me get a thorough nights' sleep. I have been sleeping propped up (hoping gravity will do its magic overnight). They are still very tight, but starting to soften up. I get my stitches out in 6 days, which I am so excited for!

5 days Post Op - Forgot to post progress pics

At this point, the only real pain I'm feeling is when I first wake up. My chest is feeling super sore from breathing with these heavy things all night. They feel a little awkward when anything touches them only cuz they don't feel like they're MINE yet.

11 days Post Op- Stitches and Steristrips removed!!!!

Ugh. I couldn't wait to have the steristrips removed since I was having a reaction to the adhesive. My stitches have also been removed which I am very excited about! My boobs still feel very hard, but they are definitely softer than they were in the beginning. My doctor recommends wearing no bra to help them settle. At this point, I have zero pain in my chest, but ALOT of tenderness in my torso. My ribs, abdomen, all the way to the top of my undies- feels like one, massive bruise. Its not unbearable, but it's definitely there.

13 days Post-Op with LOTS of bruising still

Starting to get concerned because my left breast still has a lot of bruising underneath. After surgery, I was told not to wear anything for support and to let them fall naturally, but I wore a sports bra to sleep because it helped with the pain. I'm hoping I didn't mess something up. Other than the bruising, and tenderness still in my torso, I feel great! Both breasts are still super high, but they're softening and slowly moving into place. It's been less than 2 weeks and I already feel like they look way different!

Sorry it's been so long!!

Well, my apologies for taking so long for an update! The girls are definitely dropping and softening up. They actually move when I skip down the stairs now! Lol the bruising has officially gone away, still zero pain. I am experiencing two strange feelings (or lack thereof) though.

One would be overly sensitive nipples. If I'm not wearing a tight shirt or sports bra, I can hardly stand it. The feeling of anything brushing across my nipples literally feels like a cheese grater. It is the most awkward feeling I've ever experienced.

The other would be numbness across both of my breasts. It's the strangest thing. I will have an itch on the side of my breast, and when I go to scratch it, I can't feel my fingers touching my own chest- but the itch is still there! Definitely something I will be bringing up to my ps next visit.

Anywho, pics attached.

5 weeks post-op

Geez lo-weeeeez! The boobs of my dreams ???? They still freak me out because they are so dang numb, but I am in LOVE! Every day, they drop more & more, and become softer. I haven't started anything for the scarring, so I know I am def lacking. Progress pics attached.

6 months post op

Hello! Well, I'm 6 months post op & my right breast hasn't dropped. A small amount of asymmetry doesn't bother me, but this is pretty intense. I've been very patient, hoping this would resolve with time, but am starting to worry. My right is clearly more full up top & sits much higher on my chest. Hopefully, my PS can offer a quick fix so I can enjoy bra-less tank/bikini season! :) (side note: RS isn't letting me post pics, I will add them in a separate update)
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