25yrs Old, No Kids, 32AA Sentra 465 - Sacramento, CA

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I'm 25yrs old turning 26 the day of surgery....

I'm 25yrs old turning 26 the day of surgery. Yayy!!! 32A I think :/ 5'6, 115lbs, very slim.
I've always been self conscious about my chest just like most ladies on here. This website has helped me a lot to go forward with this procedure because of the self confidence I will have. I love my life, my extremely supportive bf who has never judged any decisions I've made, my friends and family. All I'm missing is BOOBS!! I'm excited and nervous on this new journey from being a girl to a woman. It's nice to finally share my story after reading nearly all the good/bad reviews.

I had my consultation march 17. I feel like it went good. I love Dr. Yamahata. He was very informative, took measurements and explained everything from start to finish. I totally blanked at the end and had no questions to ask but he was very sweet and said I could call him anytime if I had any questions or concerns. I always make eye contact when speaking to someone. Dr. Yamahata never took his eyes away from me while speaking which, to me, says a lot about a person.
If you ladies have any suggestions on what you did to prepare for after surgery, like what you bought or used to get thru the first couple of days and scarring!! I would greatly appreciate it. :D I'll be posting before pictures soon but for now, WISH BOOBS...

Before pictures

Finally got around to taking a couple photos of my super flat chest. Bra is slightly padded. Kinda bad lighting but you ladies can see how flat it is.

Before pictures

I'm so excited!!

Less than 2 weeks out. Trying to get everything ready for after surgery. I did order a bunch of things online but I still feel like I'm missing things. I think the hardest part is not being able to smoke!! I haven't came across a post where any of the girls smoke but geez!! I need to SMOKE!! I've had crazy mood swings and I feel bad for bf who has to deal with it.
Anyways, I've talked to my PS and we are doing Sentra high profile to try and achieve my wish pics. We never discussed how many CC's because I'm so small and he will use whatever looks best on me during surgery. So I'm not stressing it. I trust him to give me what's best for my body and close to what I like. I'm not a very picky person. I feel like, I had nothing before so whatever my PS can fit I'll be happy with. I am however nervous about post op and the healing process. Who isn't right?!
Overall, I feel like my experience so far is totally different from everyone I've read on here. I didn't do half the things that other people were able to do like try on sizes and having options of how big I can go but I'm glad!! I don't have expectations of what I need to look like or be disappointed if it doesn't come out as planned. My PS is great and I'm sure he will be perfect!!

Due day!!

I'm a couple hours away from having my girls ???????????? where are the nerves?! Maybe when I get there I'll be nervous. Who knows. But either way, I'm freakin excited. Happy birthday to me & wish me luck. I'll update more when I get the chance.


Everything went great. My best friend and boyfriend helped out a lot. I feel great. Just sore but nothing seriously. I'll be posting pictures soon. Been trying to relax and recover.

Brief update on stats

I am 5'6
Between 110-120lbs
Before 32AA
Ended up getting Sentra HP 465

Recover was pretty much a breeze. Day of treatment I needed help up to my room and in bed. Didn't take my mess regularly. But I had great friends and family here to help move around. They did celebrate my birthday without me lol.
Day 1 I woke up with morning boob. It was such a pain. I slept pretty much all day.
Day 2 was pretty much a breeze. Went in for for post op appt and Dr. Said it looked great. Still no BM but I'm used it too. Stop taking norco and started my Tylenol. Still some soreness. Very high still with sponge bob square boobs. Idk, maybe I was lucky cause I expected the pain would be worse. My incisions stung every no and then because my surgical bra. Oh yeah!! I'm able to left my arms over my head!! Woohoo!!!
Can't wait for it to fully heal. I'm glad my Dr gave me everything I wanted. He listened to the little things that I wanted. Anyways I'll updated more in a week or so.

More pictures

Tried on my new sports bra.

7 days post op

Before I had surgery, I was expecting the worst. Everyone has different pain tolerance. It's been a week and throughout the week I was able to shower after day two (doctor gave me the ok) I was able to wash my hair and shower normal. I was out and about all week running little errands. But I did take lots of naps and laid around the house just so I don't over exert myself. I do have minimal pain on the side of my boobs, under my armpits. Tiny bruising. I haven't seen any changes to the way they look yet. Still high, numb but skin isn't so tight like day one. I'm glad I didn't have to lay in bed all day with lots of pain. I still sleep sitting up and a travel neck pillow is MAGIC!!! Wouldn't be able to do with out. Return my back heating pad because my back was never in pain. Can't believe how good I feel and my high tolerance for pain. Guess I just have an amazing doctor. I'll update again in about a week since I'll be busy all week with life. Hope you ladies enjoy my journey and have a speedy recovery yourself!!

Boob greed

Guess I have a little boob greed. Even tho it's only been 12 days I feel small. Even tho I'm not lol. 465CC is pretty big for my slender frame. Just trying to be patient and wait for it to drop and fluff. I am although happy that I've had a pretty easy recovery so far. I'll update pictures at 2 weeks.

2 week post op pic

Dropped a little. Not much has changed. Feels great. No soreness just incisions hurt every now and then

24 days post op

Idk. I don't feel they are dropping and fluffing but I guess that's where patients kick in again. I just noticed a little bruising on my upper left breast. Nothing has changed really. Started work and it was pretty rough since I have an active job. I'll update more soon.

VS bras!!

Bought a couple bras from VS semi annual sale!! 34D woohoo. Haven't worn it out yet but hopefully soon. I just love my sports bras and spandex material bra thing haha. Healing is going great. Been sleeping on my side since week 2. Just waiting patiently still for these snails to move downward. Everyday is looking a tad bit better.

Bras I bought last week.

Idk how I feel about wearing bras. I'm so used to sports bras that when I have a bra on it feels uncomfortable. Like its digging in my ribs. Anyways, I boobs feel like they haven't dropped or soften up at all. It kinda worried me because sometimes it's soft and sometimes my skin feels tight and stiff. Any suggestions on what I can do to soften the girls?! I read on another journey that she used vitamin E pills.

Left is slow

Left side is driving me nuts ladies!! It's so stubborn. Still a bit high and it's making my nipples look lopsided. It looks worse in picture. I'm about 86 days post op. My 3 months is coming up. It has dropped a lot from my last post and softened up a little more.
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