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Hi RealSelf! This is my first 'review' on here and...

Hi RealSelf! This is my first 'review' on here and this site has helped me sooo much during this process! I thought I would write one to help give back to you guys, and because I am in need of some support myself. This will be my first cosmetic procedure. Ever. A little nervous only because I've read stories of cc and I hope everything will go smoothly for me pre during and post! I started to look into BA after I lost about 50 lbs last year. Prior to weight loss, I was a full C cup. When I started to lose more and more weight, the smaller my boobs got. Now I weight about 118 lbs and I can't even fill an A cup! The whole thing was just hard for me because I worked my butt off to get my body to where it is; the plan was never to lose the boobs just the pooch! So, I decided to research and find a surgeon. After almost a year of looking, I felt like every surgeon I met was just trying to "sell" me on things and it was all so "la la land" and superficial for me. I do have some health issues so I wanted to find a surgeon that would be skilled enough in both traditional surgery/medicine as well as an experienced in plastic surgery. With all this is mind, I found the perfect surgeon for the job. Dr. Yamahata in Sacramento, CA. He was honest with me about my options and took all my health history into consideration. I went to the consultation with my boyfriend(been together 3 years, doesn't think I need surgery but supports my decision) and my mother. They were impressed with Dr. Yamahata as well; it was all clear signs with him, unlike my previous consultations. My surgery isn't until May 17, but it feels so close for me! Until my surgery, I plan on keeping myself in shape because I won't be able to work out for a while afterwards, and plan and prepare as much as possible! I was prescribed an antibiotic, Valium, and norco. Did these medications work for you ladies? I scared I won't remember to take my pills and I will feel lots of pain! I also don't know what to do as far as scarring and what I should have ready for after my surgery! If anybody has any suggestions please let me know! I am paying for the surgery myself and I worked very hard to get here(financially and physically) and just want everything to go as smooth as possible! Thanks again RS, this site has really helped me not feel bad about my decision :)

Wish pictures

Talked to my surgeon today...

Talked to my surgeon today; went very well :) I felt bad because I was just bombarding him with questions it felt like, but he reassured me it was not a problem!
He and I decided on an under the flap incision. He said because my breasts have a bit of sag to them that the scars won't be visible/noticeable. I will probably go with a Mod Plus profile, but Dr. Yamahata will make the decision on what looks best during surgery. When I went and tried on sizers, I decided on a frame of 275cc to 300cc. I want to be a full C at the largest. He said to bring in wish pictures the day of my procedure and he will see what cc size looks best on me while referencing my photos. It is still 5 or so weeks away but I'm getting so excited!!

So grateful for RealSelf -

Just wanted to share my appreciation for RealSelf...
RS assisted in my selection of surgeon, in addition, it is a safe place to share your journey :)
Plastic surgery isn't the most comfortable thing to freely talk about so I love that I can come here for my questions. I can also gain some support from those who have been thru a similar journey.
No one really knows about my BA because I don't really have anyone I can fully confide in(besides my mom and boyfriend) so I love that I can come here! Some positive support from such sweet people has really helped me through this process!

ONE MO. TO GO!!!! Needing advice!

So my BA is scheduled one month from today! I'm getting more and more excited the sooner the date comes because the more real it becomes. :)
I'm hoping some ladies that have gone through this procedure can help me a bit with preparation. So I notice some surgeons say to avoid vitamin E prior to surgery, if I take a daily multivitamin should I stop because it has vit E value in it?
I am also starting a list of things to have before/after surgery...what else should I add!?
I do know for sure that the one thing I'm looking forward to buying is a cute VS tracksuit for surgery as a way to kind of treat myself. Lame I know! Haha
Any advice is appreciated. Thank you RS! Xx

Feeling shy

Don't get me wrong, as my BA date gets closer, I do get excited. However, I always grow a bit more nervous about the whole thing as the days go on. I would say I am fairly on the modest side when it comes to my appearance. And in general, I have a pretty shy/quiet personality. I am nervous that my procedure will be super obvious and that others will judge or question me. I'm afraid that people who are fond of me now, will think I am superficial once they find out about my procedure. Other than my boyfriend, mother, and a few friends no one knows that I am doing this; I just never really talk about it. I am happy I have my mothers support...I didn't tell her at first, I left paperwork out in my car and she saw when she was visiting my bf and I. Caught! Lol. My parents are divorced and don't speak so I am not worried that my dad will find out about it. My dad and I are very close though and I am very anxious for after my surgery. I'm hoping he will not notice(hopefully not, I try to wear padded bras every time I see him) that I had this procedure done. If he does however, I don't want him to think poorly of me. He is very protective of me as I am his only daughter and I just don't want him to get upset with me or judge me. *siiighhhh* I am just hoping people will be happy for me if it is a noticeable change and just be polite about it. I'm just sensitive and don't want to be talked about poorly or looked down upon. It's my life and I'm allowed to do what I please! Anywho! On top of all my stressing, im trying to get everything sorted before my BA. My bf and I are trying to move...still haven't found the new home just yet. We applied with two different housing managers and are still looking for the perfect place. We have lived in our home for two years now...I'm going to be sad leaving it :'( But I don't want to settle, I want our new house to be just right so I have no problem waiting :) Sounds lame but I want my dog to be accommodated too...she loves her yard now so I'm hoping to find her a house she will like too ;) Calling my PS tomorrow for some last minute questions..that I'm sure will just lead me to more questions lol. I swear..my to do list grows each day! Hopefully a good long run will help clear my head, until next time. Xx

2 weeks

I put in my two weeks notice for work this past weekend. It's getting closer & closer, sooner & sooner! :)

I have set this up in my head of how I would like things to go; let's see if things go as ideally as I anticipate!
I am a student and am approaching the end of the semester. When my two weeks is up at work, my surgery will be exactly one week away from that date. I figure this will give me time to get myself all set up for post surgery. In that week prior to my BA, we are moving houses. If I pull this off as I have planned, we will be majority moved in to our new space and I will at least have my rest station set up(bed pillows tv etc), pg&e, and cable/wifi set up before my surgery. My boyfriend will then move in all the heavy stuff(moving furniture is boy work anyways lol :p) while he lets me rest up in our new place :)
I'm so excited! Excited for quitting my job(finally!) so I can find a more reputable business to work for, excited for our move and our new home, and then lastly my BA! Things seem to be falling into place- hopefully it stays this way :)

Apart from all these life changes, regarding the BA, I'm thinking I want to go a little bigger than I originally anticipated. I already had my pre op but I am going to call today to see if I can come in just once more before my surgery! My surgeon has been helpful and so sweet throughout all of this so I'm sure he won't have an issue accommodating something. Here are some newer wish pics, just a touch fuller. Hard to tell if she has a big cc size or just plays them up?
Overall I am just excited for 'My Time' to come; gets more real as the days pass ;-)

Blood work today

Nervous hope the results come back okay!

Holyyyyyy sh*t

15 more days. This is so happening!

14 DAYS TO GO!!!!

I'm getting so excited! A little nerve racking if I think about it too long but this is a first time thing for me so I understand that's normal! As I stated previously, my weight loss of 50 lbs is what prompted me to research getting a BA. Right now 2 weeks pre op I am weighing in at 118 lbs. I'm spending these last two weeks tightening up as much as possible before the surgery! Hopefully I can make it to 115 lbs by then and tighten up these abs! Lol I'm having another pre op apt with my doctor on Monday the 16th right before my surgery on the 17th just to talk out the final details. I'm thinking I want them to look a little fuller so I have wish pics to show him! Let the countdown begin :) I started taking vitamin C yesterday...anything else I should do to prepare? I already plan on getting scar gel, pineapple for swelling, and ice packs! Thanks! Xoxo

Castor oil? Oh & 10 more days!

10 MORE DAYS! I'm so excited..its finals week and I can't even focus! Haha Another RS user has suggested the use of traumeel drops for swelling. Has anyone tried traumeel? Im wanting to get it prior to surgery for post op care and swelling. Im also going to start rubbing coconut oil on my breasts leading up to surgery as well...don't know if it will help or anything I'm just paranoid about stretch marks :p I have also purchased various sizes of ice packs and a couple bags of frozen peas as well to help with swelling. As far as "arnica gel/pills," have any of you ladies used this product for your post care routine? I've seen a couple ladies on here mention it I'm just not entirely sure as to how it helps. I do have quite a generous amount of Castor Oil at home which I think I may be able to use for post op healing. Hint ladies**! If you are having trouble growing brows or growing out your lashes, apply castor oil! I swear it does wonders and actually does promote hair growth! :) So I buy the castor oil for beauty purposes, however, during this process it urged me to think, "what actually IS castor oil?" LOL So I was actually reading that castor oil can be used for achy muscles and as a natural laxative!! Have any of you ladies had experiences with castor oil? I need to find a laxative anyhow so I may just use this! It really is crunch time! I feel like I have everything prepared and nothing prepared all at the same time. If anything helped your healing process, please share. Thank you :) XO!

4 days pre op

I can't believe something I have been planning for an entire year is literally 4 days away.. Don't get me wrong I'm excited but my nerves are starting to get to me as May 17th creeps up on me. I just hope I'm not in too too much pain afterwards and that I have a smooth recovery. Crossing my fingers for no post op issues! The pressure is just really getting to me. Only a few days to go.

High impact sports bra for Recovery

Well a sporting store in my town is going out of business so I thought I would go grab a nice sports bra for after surgery. I chose a Champion sports bra: MAX support. Originally $50 bought for $30! :) I'm usually a size xs - s, so I thought a medium would be my best bet for after my BA considering I'm going for a C cup range. How many days after surgery did you ladies wait to switch bras? I figure this bra will be my go-to until I'm cleared for actual bras. Thank you! 2 more days!!!! :) can't wait!

Pre op pics

Just some before photos.. Tomorrow is the day!! So nervous. If anyone has any tips or words of advice don't be afraid to share please!


Well I did it!!!! I officially have boobies(:. He went ahead and went with Mod Plus Mentor saline with 300ccs on both sides. I am so excited and have A TON to tell you all about my BA experience/what I wish I knew/etc. I would post now but I'm feeling my prescriptions at the moment making it hard to type haha. Talk tomorrow RS (:

The Day of my BA (Official Post Op Day 1 will be a separate review)

Hiiiii RealSelf (:

So today I am technically one day post op, but before I get into those details, I thought I'd share my experience the day of surgery and what it all entailed first. I will write another separate review for my day one post op(which is today) a little later on this evening.

So let's start with the morning of:

My boyfriend and I made the trip to Sacramento (my mom lives in Santa Cruz so she met us there) so I could have my surgery done by Dr Yamahata. This choice of procedure/surgeon took me at least year, but when I heard stories about him and his superb skill..I knew dr yamahata was the one :)

The day before surgery:

My boyfriend and I stayed in a hotel the night before just because we don't really know how long I won't be "available" for, if you know what I mean ;) lol

Day of surgery:

my arrival was at 6:30 am. When I arrived, my mother and boyfriend were both there to comfort me and be there for moral support. We walked in to the waiting room where a nurse met with us and told me to come with her. I asked if my mom and boyfriend could come with me just until I went into surgery but she said no :/ She even suggested that since it was going to be longer than a typical doctor visit, that they may want to go grab bfast etc. I said my goodbyes to them, I was sooooo nervous/anxious I wanted them to be there with me. Even if they couldn't be back there with me, it would have been nice to at least know they were in the waiting room lol.

While I was in surgery:

I arrived at 6:30am and did not leave the surgery center until 10:45am. During that period of time during my procedure, my sweet boyfriend went and checked us out of our hotel and grabbed all of our things. He also went to the store and got me some good food to eat post surgery(like lean chicken, gluten free bread, yogurts, hummus, and some natural green smoothies for vitamins to help settle my stomach. He then brought all of our stuff to my grandpas house(my Gpa lives less than 5 miles away from the surgery center so we figured that would be easiest on everyone), and set up my recovery station by the bed and him and my mom had ginger ale, my prescriptions, and my bed etc all ready for me to just come home and knock out. They all definitely made me feel like a princess :) After they set everything up for me, they went back to the surgical center (around 10 am) to wait for me to be released.

My experience before I went under and when I woke up:

So when I got to the center at 6:30, I was already nervous which kind of escalated to anxiety cuz it was just me and a bunch of nurses in the OR area; they just were nice; just not my mom or bf lol.

I was then asked to go into a little bathroom and change into a robe with a hair net and leave on just my socks and underwear. Right after I suited up for surgery, I was escorted into the operating room immediately; which I was kind of shocked out to be honest. I just assumed I would be wheeled into a waiting room prior to going into the actual OR. While I was in the OR, I was getting extremely anxious because i was instructed to immediately lay down on the operating table! Instantly nervous! While I was laying there I could see the big operating lights over me and all the nurses around me getting all the tools ready to basically cut me open lol. I am very thankful for Margaret however, one of Dr Yamahata's nurses, she was as sweet as could be. She really helped calm my nerves. It was like once she was there talking to me calming me down, the chaos of the other nurses wasn't bothering me at all. One thing I was surprised about, was that I wasn't going to be completely asleep during surgery. Margaret said they were going to give me a heavy tranquilizer that would basically make me super drowsy and fall asleep. This initially made me nervous, but after the IV was hooked up and the drip started...I did fall asleep *poof* I was out!!!

Recovery room:

After my surgery was completed, they all told me I did a good job and everything went great. I was so excited!!!! I remember before I went under, Margaret said we were gonna go with a 275cc range and go with what Dr Yamahata thought would be best. So when I could think straight(kinda sorta not really lol), I asked like three seperate nurses what size I went. They said 300cc!!!!! I was so excited!! I hope this makes me at least a C!!!! Fingers crossed!!

After the excitement of my new additions wore off, I started to become fairly emotional lol. My surgery was completed and I was in the recovery room by 9 am. I remember dozing off a Couple times. Around 10 am, when the majority of the tranquilizer wore off, I was getting ancy and just wanted to go home. Either that, or for my mom and bf to come see me. They were explaining that since the recovery room and ORs are right by each other that they could not come visit me. Considering I was emotional and just wanted to see them, I started crying. Not bawling, just crying like a baby lol. One of the nurses, (I hate that I don't remember her name!! She was wearing a nurse top with flowers lol), was literally my saving grace. She was so sweet to me and I felt like she was the only nurse that wanted to help me and calm my crying down(besides Margaret) haha. She gave me some medicine and water and called my mom to come pick me up. She helped me get dressed and was telling me "you're okay" the entire time which I appreciated.

Leaving the recovery room:

I was wheeled out to the passenger loading zone by the nurse with the flowers on her shirt, haha I wish I remembered her name bc she was awesome!!

And this is where It gets foggy for me so this is what my boyfriend and mom told me: I guess when I was wheeled out to the curb I wasn't saying anything, just whimpering and teary eyed and my mom asked if I felt nauseous and I said yes(even tho I don't remember being nauseous at all) so the nurse ran inside to get a barf bag and an anti nausea pill which I took right away before getting into my moms car. I didn't puke however, I guess I was just feeling like I was going to.

On the way home:

Considering my Grandpa lives very close to the surgery center, it did not take long at all to get there to rest up. I don't even remember the drive home, I just remember waking up in his driveway. Time was going so fast! Haha

Beginning of recovery: (after the hospital drugs wore off, my boyfriend and mom became my little nurses)

Let me start by saying- HOLY COW recovery has been SOOO good to me so far. KNOCK ON WOOD!!!! Feeling very fortunate right now, I really am! I am in very mild to moderate pain and I feel like I'm doing well :)
I've been staying on top of my meds so I don't feel an OUNCE of
Pain. Eating regularly just with lots of protein, vitamins, and ginger ale/green juices. Still taking my daily multi vitamin pill, vitamin c pill, and vitamin d pill to help support a good immune system :)

For my day of the surgery(extra shocked because this is my first surgery ever), things have been going fairly well :)
I am just getting excited for the healing process to fall into place. To be honest, I'm not in any hurry for them to 'drop and fluff.' I want them to be beautiful and will do whatever it takes to ensure that that happens; no matter how long it takes. My body will accept things on its own time (:

I will post my "Post Op Day One" review a little later this evening. I just wanted to say how things yesterday after surgery went to keep you guys updated. If you have ANY questions let me know. Don't be afraid to comment whatever or private message me. I'm an open book :) I want to give back to you ladies, as you all have helped guide me through this!

Again, to all of you RS supporters out there, I want to let you know how much you have truly helped me throughout this process. The only ppl that know are my mother, Gpa, and boyfriend and I am sooo beyond grateful for that.

However, it is nice to have support from people who know what this experience entails. So, thank you thank you thank you thank you. This experience was definitely not as bad as I thought it would be, and I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat!

*RANDOM SIDE NOTE:* like I mentioned before, only my Gpa, mother, and my boyfriend know about my BA. I know My father and my brother(who are both extremely close to me), would not fully support me so I have opted not to tell them about my BA at all. -

Anywho, my boyfriend and I saw my brother last night(THE DAY OF MY SURGERY) to switch our cars and my brother did not notice. LIKE, AT ALL. Not a teensy bit which I was sooo stoked about! Mind you, I was wearing an extremely oversized zip up hoodie but still! It Gave me reassurance that I can hide them when necessary :)

R- 300cc
L- 300cc
Mod Plus Profile

I'll post another review today about how my official First Day Post Op went with more pics :)

Talk tonight ladies!! Thank you :) HUGS! Xo

Post op day 1

Feel really good on meds. I feel like I might be doing much activity wise because I feel so good from the meds. Going to try and stay in bed more, I'm afraid something may happen. Still very little pain, just sore under my armpits and ribs. My first post op apt is Friday and i cannot wait to get these stitches out . Thank you ladies for all of Your sweet messages. I appreciate each and every one of you :) xo Advice: stay on top of you meds! That way you won't feel any pain or tightness!

Post op day one - night time

Well, I felt GREAT after my BA and the day afterwards as well. However, I woke up last night several times due to discomfort. I woke up around 1 am to throw up...the worst part of that was that my body literally woke me up to vomit. Which hurt because I was clenching my chest muscles the entire time which is no good. After my episode, I felt very hot...almost like I had a fever hot. Which instantly scared me cuz I thought something may be wrong regarding my breasts. Eventually, after laying down for a bit after my episode I dozed off back to sleep. Then I woke up again around 3 am and I had to use the restroom. I haven't had a BM since Monday evening, but I definitely made up for that last night!! Lol Waking up @ 6:15 am I feel better. Not as well rested as I should be, but I don't feel hot or sick anymore. Fingers crossed things stay this way. I have to go to my csu campus today with my mother to speak with a counselor regarding my financial aid. I hope things go well with that. But even more so, I hope I don't get sick anymore and that I can be fully engaged in what's going on. I felt so good...maybe I need to slow my roll. *siiighhh** I really hope things get better..

Post op Day 2 :)

As I stated in my last post, I did have a rough night last night. My chest felt really tight and it was hard to get comfortable, I got sick to my stomach, and I had to run to the toilet in the middle of the night. I did drink lots of water afterwards before I attempted to go back to sleep and I felt a lot better when I woke up this morning. I woke up at 6 this morning...wide awake strangely enough lol. The best part- I wasn't in ANY pain! My mom slept with me last night (I felt 5 yrs old again hehe) after she heard me getting sick. When we got up this morning she even said "Wow you look a lot better today," which was a relief to hear because I felt better too!! I had a good bfast of a green smoothie with fruit, broccoli, and kale and a slice of gluten free toast with a bit of hummus spread on top. After I finished by bfast and water, I took my daily multivitamins. Just to be super safe, I had a little bit of low fat yogurt before I took my first antibiotic for the day, which seemed to be ok because I feel fine! As of today, I have not taken one Valium or one norco. Just sticking to my vitamins from here on out and finishing the antibiotics I'm required to take until gone :) I'd say in general, I don't eat too poorly and I usually stray away from heavy foods. I prefer to take the natural route if possible regarding my basic health, so I think the strong pain medication may have been a bit of a shock to my tummy. Went to my csu campus today to get everything figured out with my enrollment thanks to the help of my sweet mother which was a relief. I feel a lot less stressed about that ordeal, phew!! Then we went out to a nice brunch. Now we are just at home relaxing until dinner time! I'd say, what happened last night *knock on wood* will be the worst of it. I feel great today. Back to my daily vitamin regimen and staying away from the heavy pain meds! I have my first post op apt tomorrow with Dr Yamahata and I'm so excited to see him and the nurses! I feel like I want to give them all a BIIIGGGG hug! I might even bring the office some cookies or something, just to show my appreciation :) lol I'm pretty sure I get my stitches out tomorrow too! Yay! And I think I will be able to change into a sports bra afterwards and shower! Finally!!!! Hahaha Just posting from pics from day 2 post op. As I keep looking at them...I hope they are going to be big enough on my body. Bloated now but I'm usually 115lbs and I wanted to be at least a full C cup..let's hope I achieve that :) But I trust my surgeon!! Regardless, I'm still obsessed with taking pics of them ;) lol xo thank you ladies for all of your sweet wishes, RS is my safe haven because I don't talk to anyone about my BA but this site let's me get it all out. you girls rock. HUGS! PS- I forgot to mention. Tuesday, the day of surgery one of the nurses called to check up on me which I thought was really sweet, even tho I hardly remember the convo lol(heavy pain meds). And Dr Yamahata called me yesterday, Wednesday, and asked how I was doing which I thought was very sweet :) I waited a long time to find the perfect surgeon and he and his staff have done everything to ensure I made the right choice; they all make me feel special and cared for 0:) Now, nap time!

Day late: Post Op Day 3 (First Post Op Apt.)

Sorry about not following up with you ladies. On my post op day 3, which was yesterday 5/20, was a little busy for me. My mom and I had to do some things with my csu admission and sign up for orientations/meet deadlines etc. Basically, all the unnecessary things colleges make necessary. I feel like a lot of the college process is just putting up with constant little paperwork/bullshit lol. The courses and exams aren't even what's hard, it's the damn csu system itself with all of its deadlines and getting things turned into them. It seems like graduation is: "Okay, we gave you the run around 30+ times and you stuck around, so congrats here's your diploma" lol. Anywaysss, sorry for the little rant - moving on. After all that, we went to my first post op apt woot woot!! I was escorted into the back, I asked my mom to come with me. Not like the nurses/staff were by any means rude or short initially, but after coming in for a POST op apt, the staff was even more welcoming and even sweeter than before lol. It definitely felt 'safe' in there, like I was in good hands, which was nice. When we got into the exam room, The nurse, her name was Kathy I believe I could be mistaken, helped me out of my long sleeve and my zip up hoodie...it was surprisingly cold on Friday? Lol. She asked me if I took off my surgical bra at all since the surgery and I replied no. She was genuinely surprised! Hahah she said, "Good girl!!! Usually patients just can't wait and they tend to take a peek." I just want my results to be as pretty as possible so anything I am told to do, I do...to the tee haha. When she took my surgical bra off, it was seriously like the biggest sense of relief. Not even because of the breasts themselves necessarily, but getting that damn bra off felt so good on my skin haha. She then took out my stitches, which I was scared about but I actually didn't even feel it at all! After the stitch removal, she put surgical tape over the incisions. I didn't want to look at them (just because I've seen some incision sites on here and I didn't want to be freaked out lol), so I had my mom look at them for me before the nurse put the tape over them. My mom said she was surprised- the incision sites didn't look as bad as she or the nurse thought they would at 3 days post op. There is a bit of bruising, which is normal, but definitely not as much as I thought there would be considering I'm very fair skinned. Dr Yamahata then came in and examined me. I was so happy to see him!!! He seemed really happy for me too which was a good feeling :) He just gave me some basic instructions to follow from this stage out- He said for the first month, so until June 17, I need to be wearing a bra AT ALL TIMES. Either my surgical bra or a sports bra, just something with no padding/no underwire. After my one month post mark, I can wear regular t shirt bras with padding and a sturdy band, just NO underwire still. He said at about my 3 month mark(Late July-August), unless he tells me otherwise, I can then start to wear underwire bras, sexy bras, fun bras, etc haha. I'm so exited! He said to limit my activity for at least a month and I can then gradually go back to normal activities; I just need to listen to my body. He said they will look good at one month, better at three months, and that they should be about fully dropped and fluffed in 6 months which I can't wait for! He said I can shower as normal now and to not mess with the surgical tape over my incisions and that they will fall off on their own. I did ask about icing my breasts and he adamantly was against the idea, so I'll refrain from that. Dr Yamahata said things look great and that they looked as good as possible for it only being my Post Op Day 3 :) YAY! Before I left, he gave me a compression wear bandage to strap around the top of my breasts to encourage them to not necessarily fall into place, but to help the implants not ride so high. I didn't think he was a surgeon to provide a compression strap so I'm happy he gave me one. He also gave me an extra surgical bra to wear during the first month of recovery that's a bit tighter than the first one I got if I ever feel like I need to hold the ladies more in place lol. As for me personally- I'm going to be sleeping on my back as much as possible for as long as possible. I used to be a stomach sleeper and I see a lot of ladies on RS that have issues making the adjustment to sleeping on their backs, but I feel like I'm adjusting pretty well to it! Not sure if it helps or not, but I do rub coconut oil gently on my breasts 2x daily on the side of the breast area under my armpit and the top of the breasts to help keep my skin soft and not so tight. I also plan on still taking my generous dosage of different vitamins every day as well as my green veg/fruit smoothies. But that's something that will probably never change, regardless of the BA ;) We did not schedule another post op apt yet... I do know that if I do not see him before June 14, then that will be the date I see Dr Yamahata next. Is that too long to wait? When did you ladies have your second post op apts? Yesterday, I was in no pain, however I was sore like no other in my ribs and armpits. I think it may be my muscles relaxing or something that's why i didn't feel that extent of soreness until three days after my BA. My breasts also felt a bit tender. I have been wearing my compression strap 6-8 hours on, 6-8 hours off....how often did you ladies wear your compression straps? Since my first post op yesterday, Friday, I have just been resting watching tv. I was staying at my gpas with my mom the first couple days after surgery just because he lived close to the surgical center but DAMNNNNN it feels good to be home :) All nestled up with MY blankets and MY pillows and MY tv with all my recorded shows to watch lol. My Gpa had no wifi and no cable...good thing I was asleep most of the time!! Haha It feels nice to finally be in my own space and relax comfortably. I'm happy to see my doggy too, she is my babbyyyyy. Hardest part is not being able to cuddle her, we usually sleep together every night haha. But it's like she know her mommas had surgery, she gives me kisses on my face and lays at my feet just to be by me. Considering I have been taking things easy and just relaxing/lounging, starting tomorrow, I am going to go back to the meal prep diet I was on pre BA. Don't get me wrong, I am still going to be relaxing and resting fully to recover, but I don't necessarily want to grow a little gut in the meantime ;) I feel great, I'm off the pain meds for the most part so I think it's time to try and return to my usual health routine. Even though I can't exercise quite yet(which is driving me crazy!), that doesn't mean I can't try and get my body back to what it was by eating right! (: Sorry for not updating for a couple days or so! I will post pics from my post op apt and from my post op day three. I will post my review for my post op day 4 later this evening or tomorrow, or do post op days 4 and 5 together. AGAIN, thank you for all of your sweet responses guys! I am the biggest worry wart around so you all have noooo idea how much all your reassuring words mean to me!!! I'd enter a bunch of hearts here if I could!!!! Haha. It is so nice to have such constant support :) Lol. Hugs and I hope to hear from you ladies! XO

Post Op Day Three (1st post op apt. Stitches out!) Photos

Post op day 1 vs. post op day 4

Day 9 PO Update!

So I guess I am officially 9 days post op now :) As of today, things are going great! *knock on wood* lol. I don't notice too many changes pain/nerve wise since like 4-5 days post op. However, looks wise they are changing day to day; in a good way! I know I've only had them 9(I guess 10 lol) days and I already am in LOVE and couldn't imagine my body without them now. I feel like everything looks so much more proportionate and I finally feel my age! I don't feel stuck looking like a 16 year old! ;) Around day 3-4, I experienced what I believe is referred to as "sloshing" lol. I would like push around the implant a bit and feel little air bubbles and they would kind of make a little toot sound when pushed on lol. I don't know if that's freaky to people but I thought it was weird in a funny way haha. I am in no pain now. My incisions can ache sometimes if I'm walking around a lot but they seem to be healing very nicely. I have been able to run errands, laundry, and I even went out with my friends last night. I have still managed to keep the steri strips on them, which I imagine is ideal but who knows. I am to keep them on until they fall off, they will fall off by themselves. I can only see my right incision quite fairly because the steri strip is 1/3 of the way off on my right breast; from the little bit I can see...it looks nice and not irritated :) Another thing i noticed- I've read a lot of women say the implants feel "foreign" to them for a bit. For me however, I would say I never experienced that? I mean, I understand I have implants in my body but they don't 'bug' or 'irk' me...they just feel like mine already haha. My nipples feel tender sometimes but definitely not as bad as some of the other girls I have read on here. I feel like as long as you stay on top of the meds, take all your antibiotics, sleep on your back with your elbows up, and take it easy...the BA wasn't bad at all and I wouldn't totally do it again!! The weirdest part- I am alwayssss running cold. It could be 80 degrees and if there was a breeze I would be arguably 'cold' lol. Whenever I'm outside and it's nippy for me...my boobies get soooooo cold!!! Hahah it's so weird! I thinks it's because they aren't fat and they aren't part of me, they're just bags of water! Lol I haven't posted since day 4 I believe..I got my period(perfect timing Mother Nature) and didn't feel 'cute' so I didn't want to take pics lol. The pics attached will be from day 4 to day 9 post op, I'll caption them all too :) **sidenote*** I would love some input from you ladies regarding my bellying piercing! lol. I've had it since I was 15, so little why would my parents let me do that!!!! Lol anyways, I can't decide if I want it to close up completely, or leave it and just put in a very small and subtle belly ring. What do you ladies think? I have pics attached with me with/without the bellying, the one that is pictured is obnoxious I got it when I was like 17, okay! Haha So before surgery I was around 118 lbs. Post surgery I was weighing in at 129.5 lbs....YIKES NO THX! I've started to juice and diet again considering I can't work out yet. I can't wait to be able to run again :"( Anywho, I weighed in today at 123.5....woohooo! I think a lot of that weight was from being bloated too. But I did take advantage of my bed rest and definitely enjoyed a pizza or 2 ;) hehe. I'm trying to get to 115 lbs and I imagine it should only take me another couple weeks which is exciting. I want my waist to be slim for my boobs to look fuller..... That doesn't sound superficial or anything :) haha. I'll post a pic of my smoothie recipe which I have two times every day, I alter the veg/fruit ingredients sometimes and I add detox powder that I get from a natural health foods store. Sorry for the all over the place review! I was just writing things down as I remembered them lol. Thank you for ALLLLL the support ladies! I appreciate each and every one of you! I wasn't very vocal about my BA prior, so it was really nice to have RS. I am in love with them already and am sooooo happy I did this. If you have any questions or anything, don't hesitate to ask! Can't wait to catch up with you all, XOXO

Day 9 Post Op pics...viewing is weird?

So I'm kind of confused here about how the pictures upload exactly and what you guys can and cannot see. I plan on emailing RS customer service right after this post. I just wanted to post this so you guys could see all my photos that I uploaded to go with my Day 9 review.

So on the RS app, my day 9 PO review only displays 10 out of the 27 photos I uploaded today. However, on the app, if you go to the top of my profile and go through all of my photos start to finish, you can view all the photos I uploaded. I'm not sure why they are all technically uploaded and 'on' my review, but only 10 of them are showing up on my day 9 post; you guys should be able to see 27 there

However, if you are on the RS webpage from a desktop/laptop, all of the 27 photos uploaded correctly and are displayed with the intended day 9 post. Which is what I wanted! Lol

Sorry for the long post, hope it makes sense and that you all can make sense of my photos with their corresponding posts. Thanks, xo!

17 days post op...

17 days post op.. The more days that pass, the harder it is for me to have faith that my breasts are healing okay. My left breast is noticeably former than my right and makes me concerned that I may be showing early signs of cc. I saw my PS two days ago on Wednesday and I informed him of my concern. He felt my implants and said that everything was healing just fine....but my left breast still feels hard and looks smaller and more swollen than my right. I don't know, I'm just freaking out about the possible complication of cc and I hope I'm healing normally... I will probably see my PS again on the 13th about it. If it is cc, I hope we can treat it without surgery. I just hope everything turns out okay..

Love them but wish I went bigger... Wah :(

Wish I went with 315cc or 320cc. Hopefully when they fluff more and I get back into shape they will look fuller to me. Love them regardless.

Recap: saline, under the muscle, 300cc

Knowledgable in both traditional medicine/surgery and plastic surgery as well as extensive training in both and it shows. Very confident in my choice of surgeon. **Update post procedure: I was sooo beyond nervous going through with my BA. Dr Yamahata and his staff were so confident in their work and I could tell they all knew exactly what to do regarding my procedure and how to calm my nerves. I couldn't have asked for a better "first time plastic surgery" experience if I coordinated it myself. I admire Dr Yamahata's intelligence regarding the anatomy of the human body and how it operates, as well as his skill in performing beautiful aesthetic results. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you Dr Yamahata and staff, for everything.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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