19 Years Old, 120 Lbs, No Kids, Very Athletic Body Type - Sacramento, CA

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Having grown up in a family with small breasts, I...

Having grown up in a family with small breasts, I knew I wouldn't grow huge boobs, but also didn't know I wouldn't grow any at all.... I've been told I'm done growing and there's basically no hope in growing larger breasts & therefore, I want a BA. I want clothes to fit better, find a new confidence, and just feel good in my own skin. My surgery is scheduled for December 2016, around Christmas so please follow me on my journey and learn from my experiences :-)

Hey guys! Need help ????

I really want to find a doctor that I feel comfortable with and feel comfortable sharing such a life changing experience with. If you guys know of any great surgeons in the Sacramento/davis, CA area please let me know!

Front before

All I can think about!

There is nothing on my mind but my operation. I almost feel angry that I can't have it sooner.. Haha 5 months..

Some wish boobies

Wish boobs from some real women I have found on realself


Made some 350cc (maybe?) rice sizers

Getting closer!!

Had an appointment with Dr. Kaczynski and I am excited to say that my surgery date isn't set in stone but it is almost certainly December 27th.. a little Christmas gift to myself!

Getting closer..

It's crazy how the time goes by so fast yet so slow.. hoping I get some important questions answered at my upcoming pre op appointment

Today's the day!

Day 1: Had an AMAZING experience. Absolutely love Dr. Andrew Kacksynski and staff. Didn't feel nauseous or any pain. Just super sore

Day 5 post op

The FIRST surgery went really well, but the follow up appointment the next day I was sent into immediate surgery for a huge hematoma in my left breast. That has slowed recovery quite significantly and I've honestly been so drugged up I haven't posted until today. Everything is healing well and I honestly just can't wait for them to drop and to cut back on this stupid medication.

I absolutely love Doctor K. And his staff and appreciate all of their efforts to make sure I was as comfortable as I could be in that situation.

Day of surgery

Obvious hematoma in my left breast.. much greater swelling and bleeding

Feeling SO much better

Decided just to get some no-wire bras to wear so I don't have to wear the grandma recovery bra all the time. Of course I went a little crazy and tried on 10+ bras.. lol looks like I'll be a small D at the end of all of this jazz

One week!

Still super super tight because of my muscles prior to surgery.. riding a little high but also totally normal for my athletic body type. I got my stitches out today, starting massages now, wearing steri strips and I'm cleared for any type of bra and sleeping position. Feeling 100%!

Day 9!

Feeling good! Still high but hey what's new. I woke up on my stomach this morning and was a little worried but remember I was told that sleeping on my stomach will actually help soften the muscle!

Day 9 bruising

Here's the bruising picture again because maybe someone reported it???


Just past 2 weeks!

Sorry for no photos, I'm going to wait for my 1 month update or maybe 6 weeks. Nothing is really changing so that's why I haven't been posting!

Back to working out!!!!!

A little over one month post-op and I couldn't be happier. Completely proportionate to my body! I am back to doing heavy legs and light cardio but refraining from any upper body workouts.
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