58 Years Old, Facelift, Necklift and Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery - Sacramento, CA

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My surgery is 1 week from today and I am really...

My surgery is 1 week from today and I am really scared about how much pain I will be in and how I will end up looking. I'm also afraid of how bad the scars will look. I have a high hairline so I know the scars will be easily visible. I don't want to look different, you know like someone else, just rejuvenated. I just had cataract surgery and no longer need to where glasses. I'm hoping people will just think I look different because they haven't seen me without glasses for 15 years.

Photos 6 days before surgery

Post of pics and update.

Thank you so much everyone for your concerns! Until today I just wasn't up to getting on the internet and posting pics, etc. I do have so much to share, though First, my husband was absolutely fabulous and has been taking such wonderful care of me. Also, my surgeon and the nurses at uc davis med center were the best, too. So far the worst part was the first day when my eyes had swollen so badly that I could feel the stitches scratching my eyes every time I blinked or moved them..extremely painful. By the next morning it was much better. The second worst thing was the horrible side effects I had from the norco, itching, pounding headache and feeling like I was going to come out of my skin. When I went back to see my surgeon on thursday to remove the drain he prescribed me valium and tylenol with codeine and also said I could start taking ibroprofen. I started feeling better immediately. I was finally able to sleep, too. I go back next thursday to have my eye stitches and the stitches along my face removed. I week later he will remove the stitches behind my ears. As you can see by the pictures I was pretty bruised to begin with but that is quickly going away. I have been taking arnica montana so I don't know if its from that. My face is still pretty swollen and last night I did have a fever of almost 101. The ps on call said to take ibroprofen since it was probably due to having my drain removed and the swelling/inflammation caused a fever. It seemed to work because by morning my temp was back to normal. I can't thank everyone on here enough for your support and kind words. You gave me the courage to follow through and knowing that I would improve quickly. Thanks again everyone!!!

3 weeks post surgery

Its hard to believe its already been 3 weeks! I am feeling almost like my old self again. I still have some numbness although most of the tightness is gone. I also still have some faint bruising about an 1/2 inch under my eyes in the shape of a crescent. Other than that I feel pretty good. I'm still not real happy about my upper eyelids so I'm pretty sure I will go with the enhancement to pull my outer brows up a bit more. My pc will discuss this more with me when I see him at 6 weeks, 3 weeks from now. All and all I'm pretty happy and have not regrets whatsoever in doing this. Here is a pic I just took of myself (with no makeup)

Almost 8 weeks since my surgery and 1 week since my enhancement

Hard to believe its almost been 8 weeks. I did have my enhancement done to help raise my eyes a bit more. Today is our wedding anniversary and my husband took these pics. I am so happy that I had this done and am extremely happy with my doctor(s)!

Enhancement anwer

I had a few people ask me what kind of enhancement I had done. I originally had a temperal lift and I still had a little excess skin above my right eye so my ps extended the left by an inch or so. It was done in his office with local anesthetic. It was completley pain free and since I took a Xanex I slept through it all. I am extremely happy with the results.

Before and after enhancement photos of eyes

Not sure if you can tell the difference, but I can and am very happy with the results.
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wong is so nice and he makes me feel very comfortable. I have heard he is an excellent plastic surgeon, too.

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